Michael Anton on the "right" to Revolution

Posted On: Tuesday - October 4th 2022 6:47PM MST
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A right to revolution? That's one of those paradoxes. No regime actually has the right to revolution enshrined into law, as that would mean that regime could be ended by officially legal means any time. But it can't be legal, as every regime has laws that would be broken by a revolution.

If you don't have that right, you sure can't vote it in. You need a revolution to do that, but then... Whiskey Rebellion, anyone?

Then again, what does the modern American population really know about Revolution.? Sure, there's that history that still taught in between the woke bullshit to our schoolchildren. There are more serious students of history, and the re-enactors must be pretty into this specific part of America's history. How many of them, and of those in the rest of the population, see that, for the States in the 2020's, such has been the patient sufferance of these States; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Feral Government? The history of the present Potomac Regime is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States. To prove this, I'd have to get a bigger server submit the facts to a candid world. [Slightly doctored, including removal of Random capital letters.]

While reading the Declaration of Independence, I've always noticed that King George III and the British government of 1776 were no-account hacks at tyranny as compared to the US Feral Gov't over, arguably, the last half-century.

An article by the writer and political figure Michael Anton was discussed by the always interesting and readable Mr. John Derbyshire here as a comparison to a weak-kneed New York Post editorial by Rich Lowry of the cucked-out National Review** Mr. Anton was known by his pseudonym Publius Decius Mus when he wrote the viral essay The Flight 93 Election in '16. He worked at a high position in the National Security Council under Trump, until Trump hired Neocon John Bolton as National Security advisor. He then took a principled stand and bolted (pun intended).

The article in question is What Does Fidelity to Our Founding Principles Require Today? In this excellent article, Mr. Anton eviscerated the "conservative" wing of the UniParty, which is most of the people called conservatives today, at least at the political and punditry level. That they conserve NOTHING, is the gist of much of the article.

After listing the grievances against the Potomac Regime that, again, make George III look like a piker, the writer tells us what these "conservatives" of '22 do when someone brings up some of these grievances:
For “conservatives,” the most heroic act of the 20th century was not D-Day or the moon landing but William F. Buckley, Jr. purging the Birchers. Hence, they’re always on the lookout for more purges. Whole careers and institutions are now made of this. Think of the Bulwark and the Dispatch—of Bill and Steve and Jonah and David and Kevin. All of these “conservatives” are now character assassins out to destroy the lives of anyone even a click to their right, many their former friends.

One thing I’ve noticed is that conservatives really get mad when you point out that people who treat you like enemies are, in fact, your enemies. Finally, the conservatives find a backbone, and righteous indignation! To refer to someone libeling you, trying to cancel you, calling for your “extirpation” and even assassination as an “enemy”? How dare you! Civility in politics above all else!

On the other hand, it's one thing to write the truth, a fairly courageous act career-wise, but another to get in the mindset and actually start planning for what might need to be done. Our Founders put it all on the line, their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Well, in this age of the Kardashians most people don't care what happens to the latter. It's probably easier to get back on one's feet or at least avoid starvation and homelessness even in these worsening economic times. However, when you think seriously about possibly losing your life for resisting the Regime, well, you'll get an inkling of how those Founders felt. History wasn't written yet, then in '76, and they had a fairly big chance of getting hanged by the King's men.

Well, that was pretty heavy for this early in the week. Go read Mr. Anton's article in American Greatness if you have an extra 5 minutes.

* I ditched that publication over 25 years ago.

** The page says that this article was adapted from a speech by Mr. Anton at a recent meeting of the Philadelphia Society.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - October 6th 2022 4:39PM MST
Hi Adam -
"As Mr. Blanc rightfully points out, rebellion does not necessarily mean violence or "illegality". There are ways to rebel lawfully."

So - ? I'd think you had some things in mind...
Adam Smith
Thursday - October 6th 2022 10:28AM MST
PS: Good afternoon,

Mr. Alarmist, it is, unfortunately, not surprising that the City of London would enjoy special rights and privileges granted in that ancient charter while most rights for the peasants have been abrogated.

Mr. Kief... Revolutionary? Me? I am but a humble craftsman who does not do business with criminals or those who would like to steal from me and reserve the right to kill me if I disobey. Simple morality really.

Not sure what else you might be asking, but thanks for the compliment!

I hope you guys have a great day!

Wednesday - October 5th 2022 6:35PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief:

A minor question: "It’s just a historical fact that violence birthed America. Granted, that violence was justified, organized, careful, and the furthest thing from indiscriminate. But the American Revolution was still a war waged against a government that considered itself legitimate."
Should Michael Anton not have mentioned the American Indians here too? - -

1. Yes, Mr. Anton should have mentioned the American Indians also.

2. Much of the violence was far from being as characterized by Mr. Anton. Some forty years ago, I came across a book which was basically a compilation of contemporary newspaper articles (both English and local). Now, granted that these articles were highly biased and lurid, but there was a good bit of disorganized local fighting of brother against brother and neighbour against neighbour.

Old grudges were revived under the cover of 'patriotism' of one variety or another. New grudges and feuds created.

Tar and feathering was the least of it. Apparently, fake 'Indian' attacks were quite common.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 4:52PM MST

Hi Mr. Smith.

Almost all of the clauses of Magna Carta have been repealed. Interestingly, the one of the three still in force provides for the maintenance of the ancient laws and customs enjoyed by the City of London (the “square mile”), which is, in the opinion of the Brits at least, the banking and commercial centre of the world.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 3:11PM MST
One more for Paglia, Freud & Co. - pussillanimity. Cute.

A minor question: "It’s just a historical fact that violence birthed America. Granted, that violence was justified, organized, careful, and the furthest thing from indiscriminate. But the American Revolution was still a war waged against a government that considered itself legitimate."
Should Michael Anton not have mentioned the American Indians here too? - -

Adam - what about your (revolutionary) strategy?
Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 11:50AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Mr. Alarmist, some people think that Article 61 of Magna Carta grants us the "right" to enter in to Lawful Rebellion if we feel that the criminals masquerading as "government" are acting unjustly or violating our "rights". It would seem that the Universal Declaration of Rights also supports the "right" to Lawful Rebellion. I would say the Declaration of Independence also supports the concepts of Lawful Rebellion and the "right" to Revolution.

As Mr. Blanc rightfully points out, rebellion does not necessarily mean violence or "illegality". There are ways to rebel lawfully.
(I think this is why those who lord over us are so eager to punish people who boycott Israel.)

Thanks yet again, Dieter, for more reading suggestions...


This is the only copy of Über das Recht des Volkes zu einer Revolution that I could find...

And, I'll post this here too...
Sexual personae : art and decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson...

Cheers y'all!

Wednesday - October 5th 2022 10:17AM MST
PS: Thanks for the book recommendation, Dieter, though right now, I've still got that "Blacklisted by History" sitting around, and now your recommendation of Cochran/Harpening is non the way.

A-G, I agree completely. At some level, which is that of any person or country that is sovereign, might makes right.

I liked that last paragraph! As to Gov. DeSantis, his family has been pretty well assimilated from being an off-the-boat Guineas (Mr. Hail has a post on his whole family background). I'm sure he'd take the term lightly anyway, but I'd call him a Gyno, Guinea (i)n Name Only.
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 10:16AM MST

Way back in High School American History class, I came to the conclusion that if the original American Revolution was legitimate, then so would one be now. I still haven't really decided on the antecedent, however.

Similarly, I believe that if we really are a democracy, where the Gummint does the will of the people, then the Twin Towers were a legitimate target for Ossama --- ignoring whether who really did what.
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 10:10AM MST
PS “Right to revolution” is an almost logically contradictory concept. “Lawful rebellion”, as Adam Smith puts it, is a pretty good rendering. “Rebellion” doesn’t generally contain “illegal” so it’s not a formal contradiction. It’s something of a Hegelian contradiction. As far as what we shall have to do: I don’t think that there will be, or needs to be, a lot of advanced planning. Our behavior will be reactive rather than active. They will come for us, and we will decide whether we’re going to submit or resist. The requirements for the latter will be pretty clear in context. That said, having stocked up on the tools of resistance will turn out to be a plus.
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 8:18AM MST
PS I've said this for years (and quite pithily, I might add!): sovereignty is always up for grabs.

I'll say it again so it will sink in:

Sovereignty is ALWAYS up for grabs.

If you get it and can keep it, you're the Father of your Country. If you can't get it or can't keep it, you're a terrorist or war criminal and you get executed.

Sovereign authority exists on the anarchic plane, not the civic plane. The civic order is imposed by the sovereign. The anarchic order is whatever the sovereigns do or agree to do. So it's good to be sovereign--you get to have all the fun! The question of "right" or "lawfulness" isn't really debatable until after the fact. If rebellion succeeds, yep it's your lawful right. If it doesn't, off to the gallows traitors.

I pointed this out on another site and one of my fellow Boomers, choking through his tears sputtered, "So might makes right?"

That's right friend-o. There is no rule of law; it's only ever been the law of rule. That's why it's good to be ruled by ornery Anglo-Celts with their libertarian notions instead of Jewish bolsheviks or stuck-up Continentals. (Well, some Frogs and Krauts are OK. And that guinea Ron DeSantis is OK too).
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 3:38AM MST
Interesting Mod., if a bit dramatic at first sight. (I'll read Michael Anton's article).
(Great book: On the People's Right for a Revolution (Über das Recht des Volkes zu einer Revolution) - by Kant-pupil Johann Benjamin Erhardt (*1766 Nürnberg - 1827 Berlin)- he also wrote Eine Apologie des Teufels (An Apology of the Devil).
Both are great texts.)
The Alarmist
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 1:37AM MST

When mostly actual peaceful protests are branded as insurrection, revolution becomes inevitable. It’s just a question of time.

Lawful rebellion? Is that like military intelligence?
No, Seriously...
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 9:59PM MST
PS: How many "rights" do we have? ☮
Fun Fact Fun Question
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 9:52PM MST
PS: How many rights do you have? ☮
Adam Smith
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 9:49PM MST

Lawful Rebellion?

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