The full Family speech by Italian PM Girogia Meloni

Posted On: Monday - October 3rd 2022 7:21PM MST
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Here is the full ~15 minute speech by the new Nationalist Prime Minister of Italy, Miss Georgia Meloni, of the Far Right Brothers of Italy party*. I thank commenter Adam Smith for the full clip that, after seeing it get canceled by youtube censors before I could even put it up, I spent half an hour not finding. However, I got no sound out of it. I also thank E.H. Hail for providing a BitChute version, which I embedded here.

There is a short discussion in that previous post with the 2-minute clip that I believe is the one that most people on either side of the Nationalist/Globalist, aka, Right/Wrong divide saw. (That's most likely due to people sending all around the 2-minute one on twitter, as 15 minutes is just too damn long for most people's attention span nowadays.) Just to make it clear again, this not Miss Meloni's election victory speech. It is a talk, albeit a vehement one, at some conference on the family**, done earlier.

Here's the deal: Those Conservatives that praise this speech are rightly happy that there's yet another Nationalist in some sort of power in Western Europe, where it's sorely needed. (A Nationalist party won a decent (20%?) share of the vote recently in Swedish elections.) OTOH, they likely haven't seen the whole thing, or they are so enamored with this lady that they overlooked her feminism.

Please watch, if you haven't already. If nothing else, you will be entertained just from Giorgia Meloni's intensity level. As I wrote last time, if there were not subtitles here, and I hadn't known who she was, I could have taken . Miss Meloni for a Fascist - this is how you get people's attention, non-Fascists! (At least they gave rousing speeches, and the trains ran on time.)

The part that is concerning to me starts just before 4 minutes in. I see that this woman's focus is on female matters, as if that's the whole family. The 60 years of Feminism has become ingrained in people. She does redeem herself to some degree from 07:15 on for a few minutes, but what she prescribes in the details will not work to solve the problem of Italy's low birth rate ... of Italians. The role of men in the nuclear family is something Miss Meloni completely left out, because she doesn't have the idea anywhere in her head. I'm a bit disgusted with this. The title of this post says full "Family" speech, but it wasn't a "full family" speech. Girogia Meloni's problem is she doesn't include the full family in her prescription for Italy's family problems.

Purported conservatives who don't understand the problems with Feminism and the Socialist Welfare State together really shouldn't call themselves Conservatives. That said, Girogia Meloni is an anti-Woke, anti-Genderbending Nationalist who cares about Italy and Italians, and she hits back hard. Peak Stupidity will forgive the feminism, for now.

PS: Miss Meloni is not married, and I am just now correcting the occasions of "Mrs" in this and that previous post. Her "partner" (per Wiki) is journalist Mr. Andrea Giambruno. They have a biological daughter, whom I assume is still a kid. This explains her resentment and some of the problems with her mindset.

PPS: I can see from the comments that the PS was confusing, so this is an update. By "partner" (with the quotes) I did not mean to imply that Miss Meloni is a lesbian. I do see how that is normally implied with this term. In this case, I just meant to point out that Georgia Meloni is not married to the biological father of her daughter.

Why are they not married? There are all kinds of possible reasons, maybe financial/tax ones or Mr. Gaimbruno is too worried about the very anti-men behavior of the Italian courts to take a chance, I don't know. I don't knock that, but it does show the somewhat un-Conservative behavior of this new Prime Minister.

* I mean, that seems to be the full name of the party, as far as I can tell from every headline and intro I've read.

** That could be easily misinterpreted, as we are talking about Eyetalians here. By "the Family", I don't mean the Gotti, DeTaglia, or Soprano mafia families. At least I hope that wasn't what the conference was about!

[UPDATED 10/04:]
Added to PS and added PPS to clarify family in formation about Miss Meloni.

Thursday - October 6th 2022 11:38AM MST

I wish I could remember who said it, but I heard someone a few weeks or so ago who was going on at interesting length about his idea that Radical Feminism has had a larger impact on men than women.

This Meloni case seems an example. It's hard to imagine a man associated with a mainstream political party even saying such things anymore, and it's not only due to self-censorship.
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 7:21PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, I'd agree that's the case for the women that are not happily married and/or have male children. Otherwise, they see only their (the women's) side of the story. That's how they are recruited into Feminism, wittingly, or (usually) unwittingly. No, they shouldn't be in power.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - October 5th 2022 11:06AM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

Lol, Mr. Alarmist. 3rd, 4th, and 5th languages aren't really my strength. Easier to read along.
I hope you have an easy time sneaking Mrs. A into Florida and I hope you find some okra recipes that she likes.

Sexual personae : art and decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson...

Thanks, Dieter!

Also, cheers to Messrs. Hail and Blanc! I hope you all have a great day.

Wednesday - October 5th 2022 9:46AM MST
PS Mod, you are correct that women value mercy over justice, and that’s fine, because men are the other way round. But do not underestimate the eternal battle of the sexes when women attain power over men. They feel that they are hard done by, and they want revenge. Not justice.
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 10:41AM MST
PS: Thanks, Mr. Hail, for that history of Eugene Debs as related to the attitude about the sexes at the time. It was a man's world then, and Socialism would have been for men, for family support. Of course, that doesn't mean I agree with the Socialist ideas of Eugene Debs anyway, but that's another story ...

Mr. Blanc, might take on the problem with women in power is that they don't like to get down to 1st, basic principles. They value mercy over justice. In the long run that doesn't work.

For example, as much as I agree with almost everything pundit Michelle Malkin writes, it's often "this Secretary of Education" is spying on our kids and doing this or that, but never "There should be no Secretary. of Education because there should be know Department of Education to begin with!"

For some reason, the Chinese have long been like that. "We just need a less corrupt guy in power, you know, a real good guy in ... absolute power.". Have they never heard the saying?! (by somebody whose name escapes me, but he wasn't Chinese, I guarantee you).
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 10:34AM MST
PS: Dieter, I think you are right about Camille Paglia and Jordan Peterson - they'd love her... so long as she cleans her room (after the ironing). I'll read your link - it was just that couple of minutes of policy prescriptions that turned me off of her family support program. I'm glad to hear (from elsewhere) that she rejects the UBI.

Ha, yeah, she sounds like fun, and I did see that melon meme picture.
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 8:33AM MST
PS Most women don’t like men very much and some of them flat-out hate us. Women who have political power will use that power, directly or indirectly, to circumscribe the role of men in society. This woman might do so in a “right-wing” rather than a “left-wing” manner, but do it she will. That is, if the global elites don’t defenestrate her within a few months.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 6:54AM MST

Ha, Mr. Smith ... you don’t do Italian? ;)

Thanks, BTW, for the comprehensive list of Okra recipes. I’m going to have to try a couple on Mrs. A after I’ve sneaked her into the Homeland.

Wishing you all a good day.

Tuesday - October 4th 2022 5:35AM MST

Moderator wrote: "Mr. Hail, are you saying that the free child nursery's, et al, are not along the ideas of classical Socialism?"

Just that it never came up. With all their frenzies activities and willingness to be be fringe or radical, still we find nothing like this in their propaganda or rhetoric at any point before sometime in the mid-20th century, and not consistently before the late 20th century.

One could search through the collected works of Eugene V. Debs and never find even one reference direct or indirect to a demand for "free nurseries" so that empowered women can work and keep men shut out and irrelevant. He never argued for anything like this, nor did any of the others. If anyone had proposed that, I am certain the classic socialists like Debs would have rejected it outright as a capitalist plot to keep the White working man down.

(The Debs group were also major backers of immigration restriction to help stabilize wages and prevent 'capitalists' from continuing to use a chain of clueless, intimidated, cheap foreign labor. This is another big way what we now think of as Socialism (in practice) does not align at all with its classic period.)

One of the leading German socialists of the late 1800s, Bebel, wrote an entire book on how feminism was a misleading ideology and the "so-called woman's question" was a distraction and a mistake to view in isolation or competition with men, and any such problems any women or men may have would be solved through the solution of the "social question" as they put it. This man, a great hero of the old socialists, would quickly be run out of any left-wing group in our time.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 5:19AM MST

PSMs. Meloni is Jordan Peterson's & Camille Paglia's shared dream of women speaking out against the snowflakey/ woke feminization of the Western world.There are a few of them now in Europe: Lesbian mother Alice Weidel and Co-leader of the AfD in Germany, Danish MP Mette Frederikson, Liz Truss in GB...
Meloni's friend and father of her daughter is a lefty***!
Like Barack Obama, she had a father who left the Meloni working class family in Rome so she grew up with "the ghost of my father", as she puts it - and she added: This was in a way harder for me than knowing that he was dead.- As so often: Very Italian, very melodramatic all that. - But hey: She gets across!In the linked article is a quote, that she rejects the idea of the guaranteed (= granted freely) basic income as something that detaches people from reality (my paraphrase).
What she also makes very clear: Politicians don't have to be role models (don't have to be married in order to be able to propose the value of marriage)! - They have to be principled. - And that is perfectly right, it seems to me.
***Dr Freud would be ablazed with pure joy to read how the two met: He interviewed her and in a brake she ate a - watch out this is the pure essence: She ate a Banana - and did not know what to do with the banana skin and he took it - and took care of it... This being Italy, millions are laughing and gesturing and phantasiszing about this story (just for those who think that the "Sexual Personae"***** of Camille Pagalia and Dr. Freud's genital symbols etc. would be utterly brainy stuff of no concern for the masses - oh yeah it is!!!)
*****a big fat interesting book by Ms. Paglia about exactly this: Sexual Personae - in high  - - and low! culture. 
One more in this vein: Meloni is the Italian slang expression for - big breasts... - and she makes fun of herself and her name too with photos, that show her presenting: Two yellow melons (=Honey-Melons!) in front of her chest... Italy is the country of the Commedia dell Arte - to this day!
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 2:03AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, are you saying that the free child nursery's, et al, are not along the ideas of classical Socialism? (I am just asking, BTW.).

No, Socialism and Feminism don't have to go together. Obviously the didn't before Feminism was really a thing.
Tuesday - October 4th 2022 2:01AM MST
PS: For Messrs Smith and Hail, yes I did know that it was *Mr.* Giambruno. I was not at all clear in the PS, as yes, normally people, including me, mean "partner" to imply gayness.

No problem about the sound, Mr. Smith. I thought first I didn't have the setting right on the youtube window. Thanks for the replacement.
Monday - October 3rd 2022 9:41PM MST

It is an interesting observation that she conspicuously avoids mentioning the family as such and fathers/husbands. Their role can be handled by the State.

I could write a lot more on how this is a good example of something that is NOT classical Socialism. The old socialists did not dream of disempowering and removing men, but almost the opposite, empowering (working-class) men so that they could lead their families in dignity, basically. Right or wrong on the arguments, that was the vision. They made no attacks on the family or calls to mass-cancel Manhood and masculinity and male-roles on mass scale. What this new thing is, is something else.

I began writing such a comment in a reply to Dieter Kief when he raised the topic of Sweden vs. USA on medical spending, but never posted it.
Monday - October 3rd 2022 9:29PM MST

"Andrea" is always a female name in America and, so I believed, elsewhere too. But Andrea Giambruno is no female.
Adam Smith
Monday - October 3rd 2022 9:20PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

Lol... My Bad. I was reading the subtitles and I never turned up the sound to notice it was missing.

Here's a new link with sound...
(It's the same video as Mr. Hail's.)

And here is a photo of Miss Meloni with her partner...

Cheers! ☮
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