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Posted On: Thursday - September 29th 2022 6:23AM MST
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Giorgia Meloni is the new Prime Minister of Italy. It's a bitter win for the feminists though. See, though Miss Meloni is the first woman PM of the country (You go grlll!), and she's a feminist, she's a also a Nationalist, or, for feminists, every single one of the ctrl-left, a reincarnation of the Fascist Mussolini, but with better hair.

I'd seen the 2-minute clip that I have embedded herein in Steve Sailer's recent post Italy.* This is very good stuff, and I'm thrilled there's another European leader working against the Globalists. Note first that this speech was not Miss Meloni's victory speech - it was from a Conference on the Family somewhere in Italy, I assume. Enjoy:

However, this 2 minute clip was taken from the full 15 minute speech at that family issues conference. I first wanted to embed the 2 minute clip here, as I finally have. Yesterday, though, after 20 minutes of trying to get from the tweet on iSteve, through twitter, finally with a search of the CassiusDx youtube channel for this 2 minute clip, I found the entire speech watched, read (subtitles), and listened to it. There was a lot more there, and the 2 minutes you see does not show the full picture of what Giorgia Meloni stands for. As much as I wanted Peak Stupidity readers to view it, by the time it came around to embedding it, youtube thought the better of this idea:

Freaking annoying, that! It's harder for me to describe the rest without referring to it again, and you all can't see what I mean. If you noticed I wrote "listened to" also, though it's all in Italian, of course. For most of this "talk", Miss Meloni spoke loudly, angrily, and rapidly. I'm not criticizing that. It's just that if you want to call someone a Fascist, well, all ideology aside, this speech was what I'd think of first. If I didn't have subtitles, I could believe she's a Fascist. She probably beat out Mussolini himself in intensity and invective. (Here's a Dwight Schrute version, as a northeastern Pennsylvania paper salesmen's version of the man.)

Of course the ctrl-left and Globalist call Giorgia Meloni a Fascist, because that's just what they do for anyone who is against them. Being a family-oriented Nationalist doesn't make one a Fascist, but that speech was something else.

As to the non-Fascist content of her family conference speech, I was disappointed that Miss Meloni has major Socialist and Feminist tendencies. (Again, I wish I could have let you listen, but some youtube asshole made this more difficult.) She brought up free nursery care, schooling, etc. I know, for Italians alone, without the ongoing immigration invasion and those that remain from it, some will say Socialism could work fine. I don't agree. The Feminism that Miss Meloni can't seem to shake works with the Socialism to destroy the nuclear family.

Looking at the 2 minutes, you'll see that this new PM is all about the Italian nuclear family, and more of them. That's great, in principle. Sorry, though, her ideas earlier on in the speech will NOT let that happen, contrary to her logic. Though she indeed noted that she supports this Socialism for married couples, it doesn't work. If a married woman has the State as a 2nd husband in waiting, he is not really in charge of his family. If a single woman has this State as her husband and enforcer of redistribution from the nuclear families of Italy, the married people pay and still can't afford big families. I don't think Miss Meloni understands the zero-sum game with the tax money of Italians (or probably, as with here, of their necessarily very small nuclear grand-children). She's not alone in this misunderstanding by any means.

A strong voice against Globalism from this new Prime Minister of Italy is a great thing. A half century of Feminism, though, has done a number on people. If you hold onto it, your Nationalist pro-family agenda will fail miserably. The people who know this the best are the Christian home-schoolers. Giorgia Meloni would be wise to learn something from that crowd. Unfortunately, they don't go making rousing speeches like this one.

PS: That's another thing: The real invective and intensity was in the speech almost up to this 2 minute ending. This part was the calm, soothing side of Giorgia Meloni! (Did youtube management censor it for that reason? People might look up Mussolini speeches next... then we'd have some honest-to-goodness Fascism.)

* That post was about Reason magazine's leather-jacketed open-borders-retard Nick Gillepsie's negative opinion of this woman and Conservatism, as argued with iSteve in the venue of Twitter. On this argument, Peak Stupidity says Conservatism and Libertarianism can learn a lot from each other.

Sunday - October 2nd 2022 5:48AM MST
PS: See? Some of us read 'em! ;-}

Funny you wrote that, as I just replied to a year and 2 week old comment from a reader named Ed under a 4 1/2 year old post about Moon Pies vs. Mooncakes. I'm pretty sure he's given up...
Adam Smith
Saturday - October 1st 2022 9:38PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

You're welcome. It should work for any video. If you're having trouble downloading from bitchute perhaps a download manager (with "resume download" support) will help?

Have a nice evening, Mr. Hail!

Saturday - October 1st 2022 5:56PM MST

(The way Peak Stupidity comments work this comment may never be seen, but)

I thank you, Mr. Smith, for the point-by-point instructions on downloading Bitchute videos.

I wonder if this works for those Bitchute videos (around 10% or 15% of the time) which get stuck permanently loading and are not accessible, at least not in the time-frame one wants.
Saturday - October 1st 2022 10:48AM MST
PS Italy for Eye-talians---who'd a thunk it
Saturday - October 1st 2022 8:58AM MST
PS: Hello again, Adam. My experience in Georgia has varied a lot among the different parts of the State. Up north in the mountains/foothills it was mostly pretty good, but with the usual excuses (can't have even the simplest breakfast at the hotel lobby, because of some local law - this was in winter of this year.

In placed in S.Georgia, a couple of the fast food joints that I shouldn't be going into anyway had their lobbies closed up STILL a few months ago. However, it's hard to tell whether it's law/bureaucrats or the post-Kung-Flu laziness and shoddiness. I wrote a post about one place.

The Red and the Blue, the good and the bad, often vary widely within States. That's why breaking up will be hard to do ... I know that's true ..
Adam Smith
Saturday - October 1st 2022 8:08AM MST
PS: Good morning,

Youtube videos aren't too hard to download. I use third party websites that, unfortunately, change from time to time as the old ones stop working...

"Florida is probably the best example. My State, which I won't mention, was not too bad."

Florida was more high profile, probably due to the higher population (or something) but Georgia did pretty well too. I don't mind suggestions from the people masquerading as "government" but "mandates" are a whole other level.

There was a little weirdness here early in the PanicFest, (the caution tape getting into walmart and the stickers on the floor being two examples) but we otherwise remained fairly normal here compared to many places.

Saturday - October 1st 2022 5:35AM MST
PS: Sorry for the long delay in reply here:

Adam, I'd had a tab up explaining saving youtube videos - never got around to it - but I gather that it's not so easy. I appreciate very much the instructions for saving bitchute ones!

Dieter, on Big Biz vs State control, well, I aways say that Big Biz has no control when The State that they use as an enforcer is too small. Though many Governors and cowardly State Legislatures unfortunately one-upped each other on the Kung Flu Panic Totalitarianism, yes, Federalism is a good thing. Florida is probably the best example. My State, which I won't mention, was not too bad. When there are long-term things like this going on, people will eventually vote with their feet.

OK, I understand the Mrs. Meloni's point was "don't lecture us" - that makes sense - I don't know much more than what I saw in the 15-minute video. Thanks.

Alarmist, that link was pretty convincing. OTOH, people do change views. Women in particular are known for changing their minds quite often, haha, with no recollection of those previous opinions... I guess we'll see, but the world doesn't have much time left to wait and see, waiting for the "good" politicians. (That's the case with the immigration invasion, anyway.)
Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 29th 2022 11:27PM MST
Mod. - when referring to Mr. Macron's African migration policies, Ms. Meloni makes one big point - and that clearly comes across to her audience: Mr. Macron, don't lecture us about migration morals!

II medicare spending comparison Sweden USA

If you don't have the state , you risk having big business controlling things. In the Covid case, states were on average better than big business. An Sweden was not only much better than other states, but also much cheaper. A huge victory - for the time being, I'm not reluctant to concede that.

As far as the WEF and stuff is concerned I am team anti-panic, as I've written here quite often. Eugyppius summed such arguments up just recently in two short articles about the WEF and Klaus Schwab's thinking and his and the WEF's role in the industrialized world's (and beyond...) public sphere.

For all those who are not convinced by what I said here before - have a look at these two short & dense articles: No. 1 "On bad Writing and Banality and Klaus Schwab" - and No. 2 The Terrifying Vacuity of Klaus Schwab ( - No. 1 ist a little bit down on eugyppius' substack page from No. 2.
Adam Smith
Thursday - September 29th 2022 8:01PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

Mr. Hail, one of the things I like about bitchute is that you can easily download their videos. (Easier than most.)

Find Video → View Source (Ctrl+U) → Find (Ctrl+F) .mp4 → Click Link (or Copy Paste) → Ctrl+S → Save As
For example...
Ctrl+F .mp4 = address of video
Ctrl+S or Save As = save local copy

Thanks, for the interesting info and perspectives Messrs. Kief and Alarmist. While reading your comments I realized that I misspelled Giorgia Meloni's name in my youtube video description. Thanks!

🍺 Cheers to a good evening. I hope you all have a wonderful (whatever it may be when you read this)! ☮
Thursday - September 29th 2022 5:54PM MST
PS: Should be " ... *don't* lead people in the right direction."

Funnily, I about made a typo on my handle, being "Moderatore". Ha! Is that Italiano for "Moderator"??
Thursday - September 29th 2022 5:52PM MST
PS: Dieter, regarding Government healthcare: Whether it's run much more efficiently by (as of yet) less corrupt, less AA'd (as of yet) officials in Sweden vs. the US., the incentives in all of these Socialist schemes do lead people in the right direction. America had almost no government involvement in the far far past - 1/2 a century ago, and that was the way, the only way. (One must separate scientific advances and new procedures from changes in the business/gov't aspect of it to compare.)

Then, there's the control aspect of government involvement - China is Exhibit A of how bad this can get and will get. Orwell's Big Brother would be totally jealous of what Xi and the CCP are doing there.

This brings up Meloni's speech again somewhat, though I do want to write that post. Yes, she is angry about a lot of thing that one should be angry about. She did bring up the vaccine passports. Then again, I read the Substack article that Alarmist linked us too. Hmmm, I don' t know..

Now, another "then again". I just watched a short clip of her on an unz thread. She is still an opportunist, criticizing France's Macron for having the cops send "migrants" back to Italy, but then criticizing the French for their poor treatment of miners in Niger. It's time to be straight. "We don't want these people here. We aren't like them, we don't like them, and they need to get the hell out!" Now, see, I'd be shouting and banging my fists on the podium like Mussolini during a speech like that! Does that make me a Fascist? I guess it does to most people who use the word generously.

I liked that she read the Chesterson quote too, one I'd never read or heard before.
The Alarmist
Thursday - September 29th 2022 2:29PM MST

Is Giorgia Meloni a WEF Trojan Horse?
Dieter Kief
Thursday - September 29th 2022 1:19PM MST
Thx. Adam & Mr. Hail!

Mod. - with regard to your criticism of Giorgia Meloni's socialist tendencies: Have a look at the cost of medicare in Sweden and the US please. Sweden - as I've said and (hopefully) linked before here, spends exactly half (!) the money the US spends on medicare - and the result is excellent. I'd say that these are practical (as opposed to ideological) questions.

In Germany, Meloni is criticised (or praised...) for being too neo-liberal, economically. - Not enough taxes, too many hardships for those on the dole etc. pp.

German left-iberal schoolmarms' Central Intelligencer (the weekly DIE ZEIT) ran a long article today by a fairly bright German essayist and literary critic and crime writer and novelist and trained opera-singer Thea Dorn (Her name being an alias, made up from philosopher Theodor W. Adorno's name... - quite an impressive move she made there in her twenties...) - well, fast-spoken and quick-minded Thea Dorn explained the Meloni-catastrophe to the liberal dark green school-marm, reading DIE ZEIT in a way that astonished me: She said Meloni is a rather poor critter, not capable of understanding much, and just profiting from the Italian's love for drama and little kids - and mothers...

All the while, Ms. Meloni's speech you've written about is excellent - and shows that she - just like Tea Dorn, is also quick-witted, has a knack for drama, but also a sense of the time and place and the audience she talks to and - she knows how to dissect the superficialities and the shallowness of the woke mindset. In a way, she does what Jordan B. Peterson (and Camille Paglia...)  repeatedly said should be done: She criticises wokeness & snwoflakeries & feminism - from a women's real world standpoint. My conclusion: Giorgia Meloni is so good at all the things Thea Dorn is good at, and on top of that, she is physiologically very close to Thea Dorn, that my idea is as follows: All these qualities of her - made Thea Dorn jealous. - And that happens rarely if at all.

So: Thea Dorn's diatribe against Giogia Meloni sounds hollow - and rather like a message from the (left) center, that does not really hold too well any longer. In summa: Giorgia Meloni is on the way up, and more mainstream now, whereas the liberal schoolmarm's Thea Dorn is on the way out, so to speak.

Two more things. Giorgia Meloni was furiously against the Covid vaccine-passport (which was a courageous act in panic-ridden Italy), and- - -  she has a perfect sister who knows perfectly well how to play the good cop. Whenever the media are trying to demonize Giorgia Meloni, she seems to be around to step in and play her silky 'n' soothing part in utter perfection and a very uplifting mood. This is core Italy!
Did I mention, that the way she ends her speech with this great and very poetic Chesterton-quote, is rhetorically as good as it can get for somebody of her capabilities (she is bright, but I have the impression, not super-bright (not quite in the Silvio Berlusconi or Mario Draghi league).

One more: She is very close and relaxed with Victor Orban,PM of Hungary. 
A bit OT but the Dollar does what it should, according to my monetary theory, which fits into a few words: Might makes not only right, but also rich:

Thursday - September 29th 2022 12:18PM MST
PS: That's the very one, Adam! I don't know how you find all this stuff!

Mr. Hail, I have gone to bitchute before (the embedding of videos is pretty much the same), but I hadn't had so much luck in the past. Thanks for doing this - yours is the correct one too.

See, I had the youtube one sitting in a browser tab for not even one day after spending the 20 minutes finding it, and then it was gone, with that censorship message, not the more usual "video can't be found" as when the poster of it takes it down.

I think I will write another post on the whole video. There's a whole lot in there. The stealing of babies or giving them up is something she's pretty worked up about. I hope she will keep talking about family matters, but with that, the immigration invasion to Italy (along with everywhere else), but she's got to drop that seemingly-inate feminism in her. I think it's been ingrained in regular Western Europeans more than regular Americans.
Thursday - September 29th 2022 10:51AM MST

Tip: search Bitchute when something is mysteriously absent or disappears from Youtube. You'll often get good results.

Second tip: It can often help vastly to change the Bitchute search page drop-down that by default has "Relevance" to "Newest First" if it is topical.

I found this copy of the speech I think you mean, uploaded four days ago on Bitchute within 20 seconds, by searching "Meloni speech"
Adam Smith
Thursday - September 29th 2022 10:44AM MST
PS: Me again,

We'll see if youtube leaves my video up or if they memoryhole it.

In other news...

Happy Thursday! ☮
Adam Smith
Thursday - September 29th 2022 10:36AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, gentlemen,

Hey Achmed, is this the video you're looking for?

The Alarmist
Thursday - September 29th 2022 7:00AM MST

YouTube community guidelines are like those reputed “European Values” that lead the EU to stand by a country whose leading party have banned competing political parties, jailed opponents, shuttered press critical to the official narrative, included people who openly identify with actual Nazis in their governing agencies and military, whose armed forces use civilians as human shields, who military deliberately target non-combatant civilians with hostile artillery, and who execute so-called collaborator civilians in recaptured territories.

Yes, YouTube and the EU are on the side of the goodies, right?

She’s for God, Family, and Country, so she is clearly a baddie in GloboHomo World.
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