We were wrong.

Posted On: Wednesday - September 28th 2022 9:30AM MST
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Hey, it took us an even 2,400 posts to get one of these, so I don't feel so bad about it.

It takes a big blog to admit when it's been wrong about something like this. It's the big story of the Ukraine/Russian war. I had decided very early on, in early March of this year - "YES" on Is the Russia/Ukraine War another piece of Infotainment?* Now, with this latest news on the sabotage** of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, I see how far the Potomac Regime, that is, the Deep State in "American" government has gone.

To give myself a break here, it's been the armchair general war strategy and tactics stuff that I've seen as Infotainment. To me, it was a distraction (for Americans at least) from the growing resistance movement against the Kung Flu Totalitarianism, with the Ottawa truckers winding down (and persecution of them beginning). Then there was the rah-rah support for the Ukraine, with the flags everywhere, even in Boy Scout parades.

Peak Stupidity did note, with anger, how the Feral government was sending 40,000,000,000 of grift-worthy bucks to support the NATO/Ukraine side. More egregious was that the Congressional spenders were shocked, shocked, that a Rand Paul would even think of adding on an accountability stipulation to the bill. Needless to say, they voted that shit down.

I did not realize how big the Potomac Regime's efforts to sanction and screw the Russians were until yesterday's news about the pipeline. Economic battles between powers are one thing, but the armament support and now actual sabotage of Russian infrastructure is another. If the US government wasn't directly responsible, it had to be indirectly involved. Big Uncle Sam, with those big borrowed bucks, still runs the show.

So, as far as US Deep State and Neocon involvement in the Ukraine-Russian war, which may indeed lead to a wider conflict, this IS a big story.

Peak Stupidity was WRONG!

(OK, PS editors, you don't have to rub it in!)

* Come to think of it, going back a month before that, we also posted Anarchy in the UKraine and Peak Stupidity on the Ukraine.

** The fact that both of them, at points far away, started leaking nearly the same time - come on, there's no way it as accidental.

Friday - September 30th 2022 4:21AM MST

The Alarmist wrote: "I dunno, Mr. Hail ... Tucker gave it a few minutes and noticed the likelihood that the Regime did it. Mark Steyn noticed it with the same angle on GB News."

My impression is the general news media has hardly covered it and that the typical person is only peripherally aware of it.

The minority that are aware of the bombing of the pipelines and the meaning of that act vaguely think Russia did it for (reasons).

But mostly it was just downplayed, and you had to really look for it. Ambiguous and thin on the ground in the "feeds" by which so many get news today. Haven't checked Twitter much since the bombings but their "What's happening" suggestions at least as of now make no mention of it, even as just now Russia directly accuses NATO of involvement in the bombing.
Adam Smith
Thursday - September 29th 2022 8:25PM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

Mr. Corrupt, Anonymous...

"Pipelines were 70 to 90 meters below water's surface. Divers can't go that far down without considerable decompression time, and can't stay down very long. That eliminates the "small boat and divers" theory. ”

While that is too deep for regular scuba, with the right exotic gas mixture a diver can go a couple hundred meters."

The maximum depth reached by anyone in a single breath is 702 feet (213.9 metres) and this record was set in 2007 by Herbert Nitsch. He also holds the record for the deepest dive without oxygen – reaching a depth of 831 feet (253.2 metres) but he sustained a brain injury as he was ascending.

Not sayin' this is how it was done (I'm sure it wasn't), just sayin'.

Mr. Moderator, I thought some more about these leaks too. A 1200km long pipe line containing 300m cubic metres of gas will likely stay somewhat pressurized for a while. Days (weeks?)(months?), depending on the size of the leak. But, I read this article...


And I noticed this...

"Swedish seismologists registered two underwater explosions on Monday – one of them estimated at 100 kg of TNT. Yet as much as 700 kg may have been used to blow up three separate pipeline nodes. Such amount could not have possibly been delivered in just one trip by underwater drones currently available in neighboring nations.

The pressure on the pipelines dropped exponentially. The pipes are now filled with seawater."

I don't know how he could know this yet or if he is mistaken.(?)
In any case, it seems unlikely that these lines will be fixed before they fill with sea water.
Seems Germany will not be getting any natural gas through those lines this winter.

Interesting times... ☮
Thursday - September 29th 2022 6:18PM MST
PS: Adam about the size of the leaks out of those pipelines. I have no idea of the sizes of them. As I talked with a friend, I thought a bit more about that, once a hole is ripped out of something under pressure like that, the sharpest of the rips will propagate a long ways, maybe splitting the thing down a whole section.*

I've studied flow through pipes and fittings, but I don't know how one calculates the resistance from a big opening like this. The q (flow) = P/R is very equivalent to the i = V/R for electricity, except that the R in fluid flow varies with q also. (It could get iterative, or one goes to the computer.). What's the R (resistance) of the big crack? I don't know.

BTW, yahoo news has this to say:

"If all of the methane contained in the pipelines were to reach the atmosphere, it could seriously set the world back.

The equivalent of a third of Denmark's yearly emissions are contained in both pipelines.".

Something's rotten in Denmark. I calculated in an unz comment that all the 11 billion ft^3 of methane would add one part in 10 billion to the atmosphere. Climate Calamity!™

https://news.yahoo.com/nord-stream-pipeline-methane-gas-151602636.html. (saving that for my own benefit, not trying to get you all to support yahoo, by any means!)

* This is why tanks (such, as, which I recall, those big Space Shuttle fuel and oxidizer tanks) are tested for weak points or qualification tested with water. Any liquid will do, but water is nearly free. Liquids are very incompressible, so as soon as a small amount comes out, the pressure has gone way down. Of course that's not the same with a gas.
Al Corrupt
Thursday - September 29th 2022 1:39PM MST

Anonymous said:

“ Interesting points:
(a) Pipelines were 70 to 90 meters below water's surface. Divers can't go that far down without considerable decompression time, and can't stay down very long. That eliminates the "small boat and divers" theory. ”

While that is too deep for regular scuba, with the right exotic gas mixture a diver can go a couple hundred meters.
The Alarmist
Thursday - September 29th 2022 11:28AM MST

I dunno, Mr. Hail ... Tucker gave it a few minutes and noticed the likelihood that the Regime did it. Mark Steyn noticed it with the same angle on GB News.
Thursday - September 29th 2022 10:54AM MST

After the explosions(four four sabotage-sites, according to the latest findings, one lesser rupture just discovered by Sweden), the most interesting thing is to see US media silence, focus mostly being on a ho-hum hurricane, which will come and pas like clockwork with predictable damage.

We also see no curiosity from the media on why did it and why.
The Alarmist
Thursday - September 29th 2022 4:42AM MST

I wonder how long before the Polish pipe suffers an accident. Same for that Norwegian pipe to the UK.

“Nice energy supply lines you have there: It would be a shame if anything were to happen to them.”
Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 28th 2022 9:37PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

Thanks for the links, Mr. Alarmist. Reality is indeed crazier than satire.

Mr. Moderator, you bring up some good points. If the gas has more pressure than the water then the water shouldn't (won't?) enter the lines. I guess it depends on the size of the leak how long the lines will remain pressurized enough to keep the sea water out. As for details, I'm getting mixed messages from the media. From a couple days ago...

"Nord Stream 2’s operator said pressure in the undersea pipeline dropped from 105 to 7 bar overnight.

The Russian-owned pipeline, which was intended to double the volume of gas flowing from Vyborg, Russia, under the Baltic Sea to Germany, had just been completed and filled with 300m cubic metres of gas when the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, cancelled it shortly before Russia invaded Ukraine."




Only 3 of the 4 lines were damaged...


And from today...

"Nord Stream 2, which is not in operation, was nonetheless filled with 177 million cubic meters of natural gas — worth €358 million at current prices — to bring pipeline pressure up to 300 bar in anticipation of being allowed to flow. Germany froze approval of the pipeline after Russia's invasion of Ukraine."


I wonder how long it will be until they run out of gas (pressure)?


Interesting times...

Wednesday - September 28th 2022 8:06PM MST
PS: What stupidity we get out of the Potomac Regime outlets now, Alarmist. They don't even try to achieve believability. Or worse, they think this is believable to Americans.

Grant Thunberg - no, I cannot unsee it, and this will probably put the kibosh on my stalking of the young lady. I've been calling her but can't get the guts to say anything*, so I just hang up.

* Afraid we may get in an argument about climate modeling and dash our budding relationship on the rocks from the get-go.
Wednesday - September 28th 2022 8:02PM MST
PS: Adam, I saw that piece of video of Biden today sometime. Thanks (as also for UnaGreta!)

About the pipeline. If this natural gas is still spewing out with a lot left to go, meaning still 100 or 200 atm. pressure, how will the sea water, at 9 or 10 atm. be able to infiltrate? At some point, when the gas pressure is way down, it will. I also read that these pipelines are lined with some material over the steel, but then salt water is pretty corrosive.

I wonder how big the holes are? They had to knock out a piece of the concrete liner (not strong, but it seems it'd slow down a blast) and then cut a hole in 1.5" (maybe more) of steel. I suppose doing this at the joints may have been the way to go.

Anonymous, thank you for that additional info on the pipelines and the happenings. I'd read something about the technical specs of these pipelines this morning.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - September 28th 2022 4:09PM MST

Did you catch the news where the US told Edward Snowden he should return to the US and face justice (and an almost certain death penalty) lest he be subject to being drafted by the Russian military. I wish I could make this shit up.

You can’t unsee this ...


The Lvov Boat


Adam Smith
Wednesday - September 28th 2022 2:58PM MST
PS: Greetings,

How do we know Greta isn't the saboteur?

More seriously though...

The economic war is against Germany specifically, and western Europe more generally.
Russia (apparently?) has not been (badly?) harmed by the economic war being waged against Europe.

If the pipelines are not fixed very quickly they will be damaged beyond repair. The salt water that has run into the pipes lying at the bottom of the Baltic Sea will irreversibly corrode them. I don't know how long they have. It may already be too late?

Wednesday - September 28th 2022 2:32PM MST
From: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/15-things-we-know-about-mysterious-explosions-severely-damaged-nord-stream-1-and-2 , which is a re-post of http://endoftheamericandream.com/14-things-we-know-about-the-mysterious-explosions-that-severely-damaged-the-nord-stream-1-and-nord-stream-2-pipelines/

Interesting points:
(a) Pipelines were 70 to 90 meters below water's surface. Divers can't go that far down without considerable decompression time, and can't stay down very long. That eliminates the "small boat and divers" theory. At that depth, I'd expect some sort of remote operated unmanned craft. Even a bathyscath would have required a support ship to loiter on-site for longer than a covert operation would want to loiter anywhere.
That eliminates most covert actors, and leaves one of the larger Navies as the most likely agent in this case. The more so since two charges were planted, one at 2:03 a.m. Swedish time, followed by a second at 7:04 p.m (about a 17 hour gap between explosions). This implies that whatever caused the explosions traveled from one pipeline to the other, and apparently thought itself to be impossible to detect. Usually covert operators prefer to be elsewhere when their devices explode, and don't like to let the devices remain on target any longer than it takes to get clear of the explosion's area. This implies some sort of silent undersea vehicle, again, something that one of the larger Navies could have provided.

As far as consequences go, the explosions' effect will probably be a bit under first use of nuclear weapons. Barring rapid repair and re-activation of the pipelines (which may not be physically possible), it means that the US is going to lose Europe's financial support, as Europe will be effectively de-industrialized thanks to lack of raw materials. The US will probably be ejected from Europe thanks to this incident, which has seriously damaged Europe's industries. The seriousness of the damage demonstrates that, no matter who destroyed the pipelines, the US got Europe into this situation and is simply too dangerous (and inept) to be permitted to lead Europe.
Note that the above conclusions are fairly robust, and are independent of who emplace the explosives.

Wednesday - September 28th 2022 1:45PM MST
PS: Alarmist. I like Mike Whitney*, with his February column that sounds very prescient as of yesterday, but I haven't agreed with Mike Hudson on finance matter, hence I don't trust his writing. I just read Mr. Whitney's column (no way to read all the 700-something comments) and part of Mr. Hudsons' named "America Defeats Germany for the Third Time in a Century". His column (also from Feb.) was not so prescient, predicting the Russians would withdraw any week now (then).

I don't know about any continuing war against Germany, at least not since WWII. There was the Marshall Plan, and then nobody had a problem with German reunification (except plenty of W. Germans, later on) - it was celebrated along with the rest of the ending of the Cold War in Russia and the East Bloc.

This is a more modern economic war, not that America has shipped off its manufacturing might to China and elsewhere. I agree with Mr. Hudson that the FIRE "industries" are much of what we have left, and they want to keep the whole worldwide operation going. Is this economic war specifically against Germany or more against Russia and the China.

Then, though the Potomac Regime does try to protect its economic ties and control, there are many who simply HATE HATE HATE Russia. Could not the (or any) Germany haters have supported CLOSER ties with Russia soon after the Cold War? I guess there was the looting to be done, which happened in the 1990s, but there were still good relations 10-20 years ago.

Anyway, when paying attention at all, I've been in favor of Russia teaching this Regime a lesson. It'd be great in the long run if America lost its financial grip and withdrew inward. However, I see a big crash first that most American are not prepared to handle, financially or emotionally. This means, there are those Communists (not any different from Germany 100 years ago) who will try to make use of that great opportunity to land the big Cahuna.

* He was very good on the Kung Flu PanicFest, as was C.J. Hopkins who lives in Germany.
Wednesday - September 28th 2022 1:25PM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, I have not heard of that one. I can't be giving an apology on top of another one - too much for one day!

What you wrote reminds me of a Monty Python skit, but I have read about the wearing of hair shirts and that kind of thing. Is it being proud of one's sins themselves, or being happy to reveal as many as possible to better show one's religious fervor?
The Alarmist
Wednesday - September 28th 2022 1:07PM MST

You’re wrong again. The War in 404 is a feint to hide the Potomac Regime’s continuing war on Germany. Screwing the Russians is a bonus.

See the “Newsworthy” section of the middle-bar, at the top of the UR main page for a few interesting articles.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - September 28th 2022 9:54AM MST
Hey Mod. - beware! - This post of yours borders on sin-pride (Sündenstolz - a sin of being too pride of one's sins - commited mostly by nuns and monks too proud of their will to follow in the footsteps of Christ, at times hurting/ torturing themselves seriously... - a core European trait, btw. - - - not so well known in Asia...).
(All this needed more and rather thorough investigations. A monography - if not a series of those - would be nice.)
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