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Posted On: Wednesday - December 7th 2016 4:45PM MST
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About a month ago the Drudge Report led me to this article about a 29,000 acre (that’s about 45 square miles!) forest fire in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest in California [ Sanctuary city illegal immigrant sparks $61M fire in national forest , By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times , October 25, 2016]. IT’s the kind of thing Brenda Walker of VDare writes about so much (California and human factors), so I wanted to point this one out.

The hue and cry from the tree-huggers has been deafening, I guess. I’m not sure, as I sure haven’t heard it—if an environmentalist protests in the forest, does it make a sound? What if the forest in question is mostly charred hundreds of years old Douglas Fir and Spruce, burned by a five-times deported (but, he’s baaaaack!!!) illegal alien Mexican who “don’t care about no steenking trees”? What if said unheard environmentalist works for an organization that is paid handsomely not to make a sound?

I do know why the Sierra Club big-wigs won’t mention the terrible effects of illegal immigrants on the huge, beautiful, preserved wildlands of America. I learned this from long ago. It’s because donor David Gelbaum gave them $100 million on the condition that “if they ever came out anti-immigration” they would never get another dollar from him. [The Man Behind the Land, by Kenneth R. Weiss, October 27, 2004] As to the rank and file dues-paying members, why do they never speak up and try to change the direction of the Sierra Club and speak some truth—as opposed to just letting their environment slowly go to ruin after 100 years of arguably the best environmental stewardship any country has accomplished? Let me throw this opinion out there: the chicks are there just for the warm and fuzzy feelings they get, and the guys are in the organization for the chicks. Maybe most of them have never even been hiking in the high Sierras, as there is no 4G cell service! They’d better go soon, as whatever’s not burned down may be owned by the Chinese soon and made into chopsticks.

Full Disclosure: I do like the beautiful wilderness and have been known to hug some trees myself, but I assure you there was no penetration.

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