Trump v DeSantis: Round 1 - Personalities

Posted On: Wednesday - September 21st 2022 6:21PM MST
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Almost 4 years back and based on a DrudgeReport* headline ("Trump Brags : 'I Blow Ronald Reagan Away'"., Peak Stupidity featured a 5-part series, Ronnie vs. Donnie comparing Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump as Presidents. Here are Part 1: Intro. - - Part 2: The Personalities - - Part 3: Foreign Policy - - Part 4: Domestic Policy - - and Part 5: Conclusion. Ann Coulter had a column about this a few months after, in particular, a comparison of the Lyin' Press treatment of these 2 Presidents - we discussed that one here. I'm guessing it won't be a spoiler of our posts for the Peak Stupidity reader when I write here that Ronnie beat the pants off of Donnie. Those 2 Presidents already have their records out there for us to analyze.

For Trump v DeSantis, we can't compare records apples-to-apples. Ron DeSantis has been Governor of Florida for nearly 4 years now, so we can learn about his time there. That's not the same as being President, if nothing else just for the lack of the full onslaught of the Lyin' Press arm of the Potomac Regime. Therefore, for now, I'll compare the personalities and abilities of these guys, not their records directly. However, we have plenty of examples of their words and actions to help us understand the former.

This may be a little roundabout, like a debate rather than a spreadsheet. Here goes:

Feelings about Americans:

I have no doubt that, contrary to most politicians at the high level, Trump likes and cares about Americans. Does DeSantis? Is he just grandstanding and nothing but a weathervane? Comments that deride him bring up his trips to Israel and his support for the usual Jewish causes. Well, first of all, DeSantis is Governor of Florida. Besides the Cubans there, the east coast of southern Florida has been heavily Jewish for years. Then too, what about Donald Trump on this score? He comes from extra-heavily Jewish NY City. We know his record too. I don't see a winner of these two on this question. Do all politicians running for high office have to do this schtick (haha)? It seems so, unfortunately. I am trying not to get into policy, just personalities, but I don't think this demonstrates that DeSantis doesn't like Americans and put America first... in his heart, that is.

Both these guys are different from the UniParty in this respect, in that they care about regular Americans.


I will explain later on the being a bullshitter, which he is, doesn't make Trump (or anyone) necessarily dishonest. For a big politician, Trump is very honest. Of course he's gonna play those games with the press and try not to show his hand (that 4-D chess, OK, no, 2-D checkers, more like). He may have very well reneged on promises, but I've never seen that this was done with every intention from the beginning. How about the honesty of Ron DeSantis? One can go to Mr. Hail's detailed background post on the man to glean something on this. I don't know. I have no reason to think the man is dishonest, but then, that's how all politicians get somewhere in the first place, making the public believe them.

I am not a Floridian (wouldn't mind being one), and I haven't kept up with all politics there so I will pass on judging DeSantis on this score.


This is not the important quality for a President, but it is a very important one for BECOMING one. It's not just getting people to pay attention and getting in those great soundbites. Being able to rally large groups of people to donate, help in the campaign, vote, and maybe even help prevent cheating (unfortunately, a necessary function now) is important in #Winning!

Maybe because he's been in the limelight in the NYC social scene and on his TV shows, Trump has charisma in spades. I've seen DeSantis speak (on youtube) just once or twice. I like what he had to say, but I don't think he'll be able to beat Trump on charisma . That's not everything, or maybe that's nothing, as I discuss this next one.


Note that this is NOT the same as honesty, the phrase "honesty and integrity" is not redundant. Trump is truly missing this personality trait. I don't think his word is good for jack squat. That doesn't mean he doesn't mean well and try, some of the time, to make good on what he's promised. It's just that often he has no way of knowing how to accomplish the actions in these promises, so basically, he's a bullshitter.

DeSantis is so much better. I have seen nothing to indicate he's a bullshitter from his 3 1/2 years as Governor of Florida. On this latest (and greatest) action**, with the shipment of a few illegal aliens up to the ritzy island of Martha's Vineyard, this was making good on a threat of his.

Adherence to Principle:

Perhaps this should go with integrity. Here's the deal. Trump has no principles. I voted for him because he cared enough about Americans to bring up the immigration invasion issue. He said he was against American warmongering, which was a nice bonus. He pushed these issues and more, such as gun rights, because he believed in them - till he was told otherwise on most of them. However, on gun rights, for instance, he let Americans down on the bump-stock issue due to media pressure after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. That shows a lack of integrity which is due to his lack of principles. He's not for or against anything due to that silly Constitution - it's the feeelz, which, luckily were aimed in our favor on the big issues, hence my vote twice.

DeSantis understands Federalism. His great job in defending Florida from the Kung Flu panickers demonstrated this. To me, Federalism, as practiced by more and more decent Governors, may possibly be America's way out of the violence that will otherwise come due to the great divisions we have. I'd like to see a guy who understands State's Rights in the oval office - it could be the first since Calvin Coolidge(?).

Common Sense:

Trump is supposed to be street smart and wise to the corrupt Big-Biz ways of NY City (the big one) real estate. Yeah, well, he's also been a rich man his whole life.

That's not the case for DeSantis (read Mr. Hail's post linked-to above). The proof I have of his great common sense was his reaction to the Kung Flu panic. Governor DeSantis of the State of Florida, with a 50 mile coastline (maybe 100 mi.) of old people on one side, and a strip of the same on the southwest coast, saw through the BS and kept things sane in the State of Florida. We have mentioned his good work a few times with the Kung Flu Stupidity topic key, but this subject deserves a whole post ... perhaps by E.H. Hail.

During that time Trump went back and forth listening to this BS and that BS from Dr. Fauci and other experts. He used no common sense in the matter, with the exception of his using this PanicFest to rightfully stop travel from certain foreign countries.

I've bitten off way more than I can chew in this post. I don't know if all the bold things are even personality traits, and I know I've missed others. However, I'm thinking of the traits that apply to the job of being a President for the American people.

I don't know if these two men will run against each other as GOP candidates. I'd read that Ron DeSantis said he wouldn't run if Trump was running. What'd be much better is for each of these men to do what they are best at, based on their differing personalities. What would that mean? It'd mean that Donald Trump would curtail his ego somehow and become the leader of the MAGA Party***, a REAL opposition party to the Potomac Regime UniParty. Ron DeSantis could win the Presidency and be the good-decision-making executive that he has been in the great State of Florida.

* Yeah, I know. We're LONG done with that guy!

** BTW, Ann Coulter's latest column covers this event. She combines discussion on this with discussion of the latest and MASSIVE financial fraud by one White Minnesotan and many Somalian fraudsters. We're talking $240,000,000 - see also Steve Sailer's post on this with the great title "They're Not Making Minnesotans Like They Used to.".

*** It's not the best name one could thing of, but then the hats have already been manufactured, so ...

Mr. Anon
Friday - September 23rd 2022 9:03PM MST

DeSantis has embraced the core of the - for lack of a better term - "Trump Agenda" (I don't like the term "MAGA"). He is a better politician than Trump is, in addition to being smarter and abler. Most importantly, he is not the preening, vain, shallow blowhard that Trump proved to be. De Santis is disciplined and able to stay on message and on target.

That said, DeSantis started as a fairly doctrinaire establishment Republican. I suspect he would stay on board with the whole neo-con-lite project (as Trump did) - that we must support our bestest little buddy in the Middle East, no matter what the cost. THat we must substitute China for Russia as the big-bad-bogeyman of the World - an agenda that seems to play into the hands of the globalist oligarch-elite, who always want to insure some kind of great-power cold-war (if not a hot-war).

I would sooner vote for DeSantis than I would for Trump (I think Trump would be a complete disaster in 2024). However, I would sooner vote for Thomas Massie than I would for either of them.
Adam Smith
Thursday - September 22nd 2022 5:04PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Blanc,

I think it would be really interesting if Harold Stassen won the (s)election.

Thursday - September 22nd 2022 11:32AM MST
PS - Yes. On Hail's site. DeSantis has hit the #literallyHitler crowd's radar screens.
Thursday - September 22nd 2022 11:31AM MST
PS Putting aside the question of whether Dissidents should bother voting, if you think that having a Repub president is a good thing, then surely Mr Trump should not be the candidate. Look what they did to him in 2020. Does anyone seriously think that they won’t do it to him again? Squared. There is absolutely no way that Those Who Rule Us can let him become president again. If you want a Repub to win, Mr Trump cannot be the candidate. That said, They are very likely going to use the same tactics with any Repub candidate, whoever he or she is: DeSantis, NImrata Randhawa, Liz Cheney, Harold Stassen. Another candidate might reduce the intensity of the fury of the Left, which might result in said candidate not being beaten as decisively as Trump was. So, if you want to be beaten less badly, pick a candidate other than Mr Trump. To bring the question of Dissident participation back into the discussion: Do we help ourselves by continuing to participate in a process that has now shown itself to be thoroughly corrupt?
Thursday - September 22nd 2022 10:08AM MST
PS: Alarmist, if he is in the middle of a term ('23 -'27) can't he stay in office as Governor if he loses? That is, if he loses, which is I guess not what you meant. How about keep him in Florida and then Florida secedes? I'd be down there in no time - my favorite part of the State is north-central, near, not IN, Gainesville, Lake City, Mayo, Steinhatchee, Cross City, Live Oak, etc.

They don't require the jab for you (I assume) as an American to come now to visit, as you are prone to do, but how about the lady?
The Alarmist
Thursday - September 22nd 2022 8:53AM MST

The problem with running DeSantis for President is that Florida loses him as a governor. I like him as a state governor, and Florida is only the better for him.
Wednesday - September 21st 2022 7:58PM MST
PS: A-G, are you talking about the "Hail to You" post that I linked to here? I didn't see comments from today, but maybe I missed them.
Wednesday - September 21st 2022 6:56PM MST
PS Interesting that two people show up to take potshots on Hail's obscure blog. The Hive Mind orders have gone out about DeathSantis!
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