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Posted On: Saturday - September 17th 2022 8:04PM MST
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For those of us whose States are being infiltrated with refugees from the Blue Zones, we may figure Californians will be the worst. They all come to get out of the mess that the ctrl-left made of the place. Many just don't understand what happened, so they become instrumental in causing the same mess in their new homes. Others, and we hope there are many, DO understand and therefore will vote and act like the "Romans" do.

Hey, California readers, don't give us a hard time. After all, you all are in the only State that has its own topic key.

This Babylon Bee video is pretty good. Welcome to Texas. Now, go home.*

* I saw this wording on a couple of bumper stickers, but it was in and about Florida instead.

Thursday - September 22nd 2022 11:57PM MST
"I guess nobody is, as in, nobody knows how it will go down."
I'm in full agreement there. In fact, the "nobody knows" idea is one of the few things we can be sure of.
While I'm not a prepper, more of a retiree, I have an unusual background and tend to take background things seriously rather than as fluff to be disregarded. Ideally, that will keep me solvent in retirement for several years. I've been amazed at the lack of attention shown to what amount to US demands that Germany and Europe deindustrialize to exert fairly minor influence on the Russian Federation (RF) in the Ukraine/RF conflict. To use the obligatory phrase, the whole world seems to be rearranging deck chairs on the decks of the Titanic (they seem to be sliding up against the deck's rails). How in the world could so many people make the same mistake? It's a lot like the title of your blog, and, being the worrywart I am, it worries me.
Thursday - September 22nd 2022 7:19AM MST
PS: Thanks for your comment, Geopolitics. I wouldn't mind this becoming a prepper site, but I am no expert. (I guess nobody is, as in, nobody knows how it will go down.)
Wednesday - September 21st 2022 6:08PM MST
PS: "I question the starvation aspect, at least for this country, though."
Well, so do I. At around 0.5 billion starvations on Earth there would be no real unavoidable physical need for people in the US to starve.
The US isn't the well off country it once was. Supposedly 1 of every 6 "households" aren't paying their electrical bills, and about a quarter of the people from 25 to 29 still live with their parents. About half the "homeless" have regular jobs, some full time, some "as needed" part time, and don't earn enough to rent. About 15% of renters are now behind on their rent. etc. As I've mentioned before, should that happen then economic conditions in the US US could worsen considerably, pushing some of the poorly off mentioned above over the edge to actual starvation. Perhaps nobody would care; in the same way that nobody cares enough to do anything effective about Fentanyl deaths.

So let's hope that none of that happens.
Monday - September 19th 2022 12:38PM MST
PS: Thank you again, Adam. I'm still getting through the M. Stanton Evans book "Blacklisted by History", but only slowly because I pick it up every week or two when traveling. The internet gets in the way.
Peak Stupidity Book Club
Monday - September 19th 2022 11:06AM MST
PS: The Wasp Question by Andrew Fraser...

Monday - September 19th 2022 10:07AM MST
PS: Thanks for the interesting and long-term take on the political situation, GP. I don't find much in there that doesn't make sense. I question the starvation aspect, at least for this country, though. No doubt there will be major economic hardship though.

I will look into Andrew Fraser's book.

Mr. Blanc, sometimes it doesn't pay to be worried about it for anybody, but then people had better make plans. (Do it without worrying? Is that possible?)
Monday - September 19th 2022 8:33AM MST
PS The New Deal marked the de-facto takeover of the US Federal Government by the urban political machines of the early 1900s. WW II left the New Deal in control of the industrialized world. The ensuring shake-out among the New Deal coalition was along ethnic lines, and by JFK's election had settled down to an Irish vs. Jewish contest. JFK and RFK died, and it was the Jewish Coalition alone until Pres. Obama's second term, when his coalition became dominant.
That's the background. The current situation is that Obama's coalition has proven unable to govern. It has simultaneously borrowed an amazing amount of money and eliminated the business activity / mineral extraction / overseas subject allies that could possibly have paid back the new debt. Further, it has so squandered the money borrowed that it is unable to support the urban areas where resides its political base. The Obama government has bee reduced to non-monetary rewards for membership in its political base, non-monetary rewards such as admission to the US, immunity from most law enforcement (up to homicide) for favored groups, and ethnic cleansing for elite groups (e.g. the Martha's Vineyard fiasco), plus asset stripping under the cover of ESG.

Accordingly, Obama's coalition is reducing its support, and people who no longer have patronage jobs, or cannot survive lifting of law enforcement, are leaving the deep blue states.

In consequence, it is quite possible that Obama's coalition will be unable to retain its dominant position (referred to as "our democracy", note that it is "our democracy" not "your democracy", emphasizing that the political machine dominates it). Unfortunately, the Obama coalition is so extremely unable to govern that there will be substantial hardship. I've seen estimates of 0.5 to 2 billion starvation deaths from the reduction in global food supply Russsian Federation / Ukraine conflict.
The low end is if all nations share food to minimize starvation, high end is if nations start serious conventional fighting over food distribution. I'll just say that so far there has been no attempt to minimize starvation deaths; announced measures have delivered almost all food to Europe, where prices are higher.

As to what would have helped historically: the US could have decided not to industrialize and shut off immigration in 1829 rather than 1929, thus avoiding the 1840 Irish immigration that led directly to the formation of the machine politics that made possible the Obama coalition's dominance. There was obviously no chance of an immigration cutoff in 1829, and some question (by the Irish, for example) as to whether it would have been a good or bad idea. I propose that we simply react to the current situation.

However, if you want a deep history approach to deciding on your reaction, i can recommend Andrew Fraser's _The Wasp Question_, 2011l. I must warn you that it is not an optimistic book.
Sunday - September 18th 2022 9:15AM MST
PS I can have a relatively happy Sunday, because I’m nearing the end of the road and won’t have to witness the ugly denouement. And a bit of humour such as that helps. Unfortunately, a lot of folks are going to live to see Texas and Florida as pozzed as California.
Sunday - September 18th 2022 6:04AM MST
PS: Nobody has the guts to mention anything like an Operation Wetback anymore. I don't mean 30 million Hispanics can be deported that way now. You just deport anyone who's not a citizen who commits so much as double parking. Most will self-deport once this is going on.

Where did we fail first? At some point, since the US Gov't was not going to help, the Florida government should have sent the Cubans home in 1980. That was a tough one, because they were thought of as real refugees from Communism - nobody told us they were hard-core criminals. (Castro v Carter: Castro wins by knockout.) Once you start getting serious, the rest stop coming.

Then you had Reagan naively trusting the US Congress to hold up their end of the deal (real border enforcement) in 1986. From there on, I think it was all just traitor after traitor - Bush I, Clinton, Bush again, the Obama. I had a lot of hope for Trump. Was his Presidency the last chance to save the country?

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone!
The Alarmist
Sunday - September 18th 2022 3:13AM MST

Rome failed because it was venal and decadent, but a major part of that was having gone soft and letting the barbarians in rather than defending original Roman values and virtues.

California Über Alles.
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