Targeted for hysteria - Aftermath

Posted On: Tuesday - September 6th 2022 7:18PM MST
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  Kung Flu Stupidity

Over 2 years back, at the height of the Kung Flu PanicFest, Peak Stupidity put down some notes about our experience at Target. Since I do go there a lot (beats Wal-Mart for me), I could compare to normal times. Needless to say, it was a real shitshow during that time, per the original post, an addendum, and then an amended addendum.

Things have been much closer to normal at that store, but not completely*. Today, the cashier I came upon was a friendly black lady. She had been BSing with the older guy in front of me. It was just annoying in that the guy had a tightly-fitted N-95 style mask (though a bit fancier), and the lady had a cloth one with a pattern. It was like trying to make out the sound in a movie about Charlie Brown's Mom. I truly could have used sub-titles - could they start displaying them on the big screen at the register?

I didn't want to be rude, and I appreciated this lady's attitude. Besides cheering up customers, she was making her workday more fun for herself. Yeah, but, really, that mask was just a bad fit. I guess the thin medical ones are better for sound passage, at least when they are tight fitting. This one was echoing. I really liked talking to the lady, but I had to tell her "that mask is echoing." She lowered it to say a few things.

Even though I'd seen plenty of other Target employees not wearing face masks, it seemed nicer to get to the bottom of this with "Are they still making y'all wear these?" She lowered her mask again to speak clearly "I don't think so anymore." As I wondered in the 2nd item in this post, what is going on here? I didn't want to even ask.

This is not a complaint really, There's no law against wearing these (though the banks have got some rules), and there shouldn't be. This is just a mystery.

We'll have some discussion on the more serious and important Kung Flu Stupidity later on in the week, as we get back on track.

* I read through those old posts, and, Holy Cow, I brought up the store remodeling, which is STILL going on! That also makes it not normal, as stuff's not where it supposed to be, dammit. (Also, quite a few things are often not there at all, or sold at unrecognizable prices.)

Wednesday - September 7th 2022 7:50PM MST
PS: Thanks to all the commenters with the masking reports, from various places and of various groups of people.

WMBA, ALDI is a lean efficient operation, I gotta say. The cashiers really move. Even before the Kung Flu Panic and its aftermath, there'd be only 3 employees in the whole store, doing it all.

Wakanda Moon Base Alpha
Wednesday - September 7th 2022 5:18PM MST
PS All comrades should have the same mask in the spirit of egalitarian equity.
No collective shirkers with unique obedience muzzles.
After all, you're with us or you're with the freedom fries, comrade!
Target? Stopped going after aggressive panhandlers and the rainbow restrooms, empty shelves/supply chain problems.
Wal-Martians can be fun and entertaining, especially if any English is spoken in the store.
The Dollar Store and ALDI are OK if you don't mind waiting in a line of 30 while the lone cashier struggles.
Meet me at the world shopping bazaar for a dose of that democracy and unity in delicious Jonestown flavor.
Forward! Yes we can.
Wednesday - September 7th 2022 12:37PM MST
PS Where I live in Louisiana it appears to me that blacks wear masks much more than others. Wh?. Who knows.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - September 7th 2022 5:52AM MST

One of those flash-mob videos set to ELO’s “All Over the World” had a scene or two set in Target. Maybe it’s time to do the WuFlu version of masked flah-mobs appropriately social distanced dancing all over the world. I guess the flash mob would have to be limited to no more than 15 persons.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - September 7th 2022 3:35AM MST
Germany will continue to ask for masks - but only for ground mass-transport, not in airplanes. - As Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff pointed out time and time again: This Covid story does have its class-aspects to it. The upper crust is scared of the bugs spread by the dirty masses.

At the same time, also in Germany: The government admits that a study exists which they did initiate but have not pubished yet...or so it looked - and which proofs that we have reached the state of mass immunity.

II = Incredibly Real II

Meanwhile in England. Bayesian statistician Norman Fenton publishes an essay in which he shows the following:

To Avoid One Emergency-Hospital-Admission of a Pregnant Women By Covid-Vaccination, Five Hundred Miscarriages by These Very Vaccinations Are Caused

Tuesday - September 6th 2022 11:40PM MST
PS: I wonder what her future kids' childhoods will be like.

(I hope she has some - she looks cute, even with that face diaper.)
Adam Smith
Tuesday - September 6th 2022 8:54PM MST
PS: Good evening,

Some people simply love their face diapers. Some people will wear them forever.

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