Dwight Schute's speech - Salesman of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Unite!!

Posted On: Friday - September 2nd 2022 6:50PM MST
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That last one was a very serious post. People on the far left like Joe Biden, or at least his puppet handlers, act as Fascists* as they lie about their opposition being fascists. The poses and background in the pictures of the speech I saw on the iSteve blog post about it look appropriate for a Fascist speech.

Therefor, I will end the blogging week with this The Office clip with my favorite character, Dwight Schrute. In the episode this 3 minute clip comes from, Dwight didn't know how to give, and was nervous about giving, a speech at the salesmen's convention. I think it was Jim Halpert who helped him by giving him an old speech by Italian Fascist Benito Mussolini, you know, as a template.

I will be busy for the next 3 days with no chance for blogging. Therefore, the continuation about the great Barton Cockey take-down of the PanicFest medical apparatus, some more Kung Flu stupidity regarding the vaccines, an extension of what was to be Curmudgeonry week, an inflation example post, and I'm sure some pop-up stupidity, will come on line when we resume operations on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend, all! Thanks for your support.

Tuesday - September 6th 2022 4:37PM MST
PS: Adam, thanks for the comparison shots. On the show, Amy Adams was a lot hotter than Pam. Ginger was the supposed hotter one, but then if Pam got to where the outfits that Mary Ann did, it might be a closer call.

Alarmist, thanks for the BB article:

""I've made a huge mistake," said Governor Abbott as the bullet-ridden bus returned to Texas moments before the engine gave out for good. "I just wanted other Governors to take the issue more seriously as they too had to share in the socioeconomic strain the border crisis puts on us. But why oh why did we send a bus to Chicago?! Forgive me!""

Haha! Their headlines are usually the best part: "Apple TV+ Announces New Show 'Clintons in CArs Killing Witnesses'"
Tuesday - September 6th 2022 4:26PM MST
PS; Dieter, I watched your video earlier today. I don't keep up in this detail, but boy is that 3rd world banana republican government! That doesn't mean anything serious will really happen to the corrupt traitors, as.. yeah, banana republic. What's it take, an American Pinochet?

In the original Constitutional Republic, per the Founders, there was to be nothing like Federal law enforcement to begin with.

"External enemies are loving it as the managed decline of Hussein's third term guarantees third world irrelevance." Indeed, they do have some things that I don't blame them for loving - the end of the warmongering post-Cold-War America is something to look forward to. However, the demise of what's left of the Republic and what comes next is perhaps not going to be something to love for the world, after a while.

They've got plenty of problems of their own, but the Chinese, for example must be "loving it".
This Ain't No Picnic
Tuesday - September 6th 2022 1:49PM MST
PS CPUSA Brandon will distract the stupidity collective with WAR footing against half of America because you're with us or against in the Jonestown democracy collective.
That gaslight will evaporate when the economy wipes out.
The Long March to destroy America is almost complete CPUSA but you can't be happy and certainly won't be able to come up with a working system of governance or economics.
External enemies are loving it as the managed decline of Hussein's third term guarantees third world irrelevance.
Dieter Kief
Monday - September 5th 2022 2:48PM MST

Something only a Dwight Schute character might have ranted about a few months ago - but now it is a FOX news clip:

Official investigations are brought forward against high ranking FBI officials plus: Hillary Clinton and - Barack Obama are involved too.

The former Attorney General of Washington D.C., Joe DiGenova, explains the case in a short FOX News-clip


What is this?! - - - "The greatest law enforcement scandal in the history of the US?!"Joe DiGenova
Skid Marx
Sunday - September 4th 2022 1:06PM MST
PS Workers of the world unite, to each according to his need.
Forward, yes we can.
Fixin' the crops, creating ten million thousand new capitalist pig jobs, haulin' azz and getting paid as the winningest winnarz evarz!
We is going to the moon after we ride to the launch pad on the people's high speed rail choo choo.
Free corn pops in every lunch box and spandex faux Pepsi logo jackets for all comrades of the glorious unity collective!
The Alarmist
Saturday - September 3rd 2022 1:16PM MST

Let’s just say that “Katy or Pam” is The Office’s version of “Ginger or Mary Ann.”

In honor of Labor Day and the mayhem that will no doubt grace ChiTown this weekend, your moment of Zen from the Bee ...

Adam Smith
Saturday - September 3rd 2022 12:14PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Amy Adams was in four episodes of The Office...


Saturday - September 3rd 2022 5:11AM MST
PS: Alarmist: Oh, yeah, that Amy Adams... then there was some other young cute one on regularly during the later episodes. Anyway, the reason I like the Dwight character his spirit and prepper mindset. Early on, he was a suck up to the boss, Michael Scott - pretty hilarious, but not admirable. They had his character change away from that after a few years.
The Alarmist
Saturday - September 3rd 2022 4:47AM MST

Dieter, define “a lot of people.”

Bottom line is that the benefits of COVID vaxxes do not outweigh their short-term risks by any statistically significant measure, and the longer term risks remain largely unquantified. I’d posit that on the short-term risks alone, these vaxxes are a losing proposition.

I’ve been shot at several times in my life. The misses didn’t hurt me. The one time I was hit, I was injured, but it didn’t kill me, and I recovered nevertheless. I don’t kid myself that bullets are safe based on that experience.

One man’s hysteria is another man’s prudence.
The Alarmist
Saturday - September 3rd 2022 2:51AM MST

I’m rather partial to Pam, though the episode where I was most conflicted was the one with Amy Adams.

Dwight is two levels of too much cringe for me. I’ve known a couple Dwights, though they had places in the Hamptons rather than farms.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - September 3rd 2022 1:50AM MST

I Modesty is understimated

II - Point in Case: Covid Vaccination

Commenting on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines, bayesian statistician Norman Fenton said he doesn’t think they are “killing a lot of people” as some would believe but argues “there are enough safety signals,” such as increased rate of myocarditis and pericarditis in young males, that invalidate the idea of giving the vaccines to healthy young people, who are at extremely low risk of dying from COVID-19. Among the older population, Fenton said the vaccines may have prevented some COVID-19 deaths, but there may also be “a little bit of evidence” that the vaccines may have sped up some elderly’s deaths “by a few weeks.”

“Certainly what I will say is there is no evidence at all that the all-cause mortality of the unvaccinated is any higher than the all-cause mortality of the vaccinated,” he said.
Here is the whole article with more useful infos:


Take that, vaccine panickers! And beware: There are real world scientists keeping track with what's up - and what's NOT up (like the prophecy, that billions (!) will die via the Covid vaccines and other - ööhh: Misleading theses of this caliber, which can be heard inside the panicker's rabbit hole). We all should try to be more modest and less prone to adding to the way overstuffed hysteria (= the feminization) of our public sphere.


Whatever the case: Hysteria is the wrong way to go.

III A Long Look Way Back

It is as so often - as the old ones said in Rome and Athens and wrote down thousands of times: If you panic in the intellectual field, the reason you do it does not help your case. It will most likely be a flawed one anyway.


(A meta-remark about social psychology: As this study above also shows: Social psychology is a ruminant of the humanities (but only if the study is good, I'dlike to add)).
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