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Posted On: Friday - September 2nd 2022 4:17AM MST
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1) At the end of the post Next: •Indian IT help v Shortwave Radio my "customer care" issue was unresolved. The •Indian IT department WAS somehow under the impression is was resolved, but it wasn't. Like many such things that induce me to procrastinate, when I finally got to it, it was nothing I should have dreaded. Was that because this 2nd help lady was in the Philippines and not India? (I asked.) That's not really about the ethnicity difference* but just that the communication was MUCH clearer this time.

It turns out I do have to start a new sequence on the PW, but the requirements are less demanding now. Got it - we're done till next time they change the requirements for the passwords.

2) This anecdote also involves poor communication. Those PanicFest face masks just aren't going away so easily. I had thought otherwise earlier this year. The lady at the fast food (I know!) joint had that standard medical style mask. She was black, so with that mask on, I didn't expect much useful communication to occur. I didn't need much though. I just didn't want onions or mayo.

Just to be friendly, though a little bit due to my amazement that this stuff is still going on, I asked "Hey, are they still requiring those?" "Muffle, muffle, what? muffle, muffle?" "Are they still making you wear those?" She understood ME, at least. "Muffle, family member, muffle, muffle, positive, muffle." "Aaah, OK, makes sense." No, not really, it doesn't, but I was trying to be nice and compassionate, yeah, and get my food intact.

Wait, she's worried that a family member that HAS the Kung Flu antibodies might spread it to her as she is off working at the fast-food place? No, she might pick up said germs without a face mask on and, ... give it to her family member who already has these germs? I was lost, so I didn't think anymore about it until this post and really still don't want to ... they say headaches are not one of the symptoms of Covid-19, but I'm not so sure...

3) Finally, this one is anything but stupid, as it involves our favorite literary pundit, Miss Ann Coulter. I just liked one particular quip of her many. Her latest column is about the genderbending nonsense - it's titled Teen Girl Enthusiasms—Twitching, Cutting and Trans.
A Nexis search reveals that the word “transgender” was practically nonexistent in the New York Times until fairly recently. In the past 18 months, the Times has mentioned transgenders 2,784 times. You have to wonder how the Salem witch trials got rolling without the Times’ active encouragement.

PS: Ahaa, maybe the fast-food joint required workers who have family members that tested positive to wear masks. Come to think of it, that's not any less stupid but ... I couldn't ask anyway, as with that poor communication, I was just lucky I didn't get onions and mayo.

* I do like almost every aspect of Filipinas much better than •Indian girls though, on a personal level.

Saturday - September 3rd 2022 6:02AM MST
PS: "You've got to learn how to fall.... before you learn to fly.
Mama, Mama, it ain't no lie, before you learn to fly,
learn hot to fall."

"Always it's the same old story,
ever since the world began.
Everybody's got the guns for glory.
Nobody stop and scrutinize the plan.
Nobody stop and scrutinize the plan.
Saturday - September 3rd 2022 5:17AM MST
PS- Not familiar with that Simon song- although “Hit Somebody” by our late pal Warren is good one; even though we don’t check.

My athletic career is a testament to the notion that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.
The Alarmist
Friday - September 2nd 2022 4:02PM MST

Most plant life evolved at around 2,500 ppm, so what I want to know is

1) What do these eco facists have against plants; and
2) What’s their plan when the drive CO2 down to levels where they start to destroy all life and turn the plsnet into a snowball?
Friday - September 2nd 2022 1:47PM MST
PS: I had to look up Hypercapnia, Alarmist. Yep, it's bad enough that atmospheric CO2 is rising by hundreds of ppm a century from all the Lincoln Navigators! I can't take my own CO2 along with it. I wonder what would be safer these days, wearing a mask all day or sucking on an exhaust pipe?
The Alarmist
Friday - September 2nd 2022 12:56PM MST

A number of young people in my company have taken to wearing masks again. I got on an elevator with a couple of them earlier this week! and the look of concern on their faces was precious. One asked, “Are you not worried?”

Me: “I’ve only used 7 of my 9 lives. Oh, and I’m unvaccinted too.”

[looks of concern turn to panic]

The only thing worse than midwits are midwits with hypoxia- and hypercapnia-impaired brains.
Friday - September 2nd 2022 9:26AM MST
PS: It's nice to hear from you here, Mr. Ganderson. I always enjoy the reports from western Mass, and not just for gloating purposes. ;-}

I'd rather see women take the masks off, as their smiles are nice to see. Howver, I do have more of the WTF (is wrong with you?) look around men with them on though, purely unconcious, I assure you... yeah...

Take it easy on the ice there, Mr. G! I do rollerblading, but I also do know how to fall - I'd taken old Rhymin' Simon to heart with that great song of his. Do you know the one I refer to.

Yes, I noticed those guys chew you out for lack of the explanation of SPLAC. I also didn't know it (OK, couldn't figure it out), but they could have asked you nicely.
Friday - September 2nd 2022 6:29AM MST
PS A couple other things: Atbthe local branch of a certain national chain grocery store owned by a large Seattle based company, the mask ratio is WAY higher, more than half. Don’t go there much, though, as you all can well imagine.

And…I went into the town library the other day- every single person except me was masked.
Friday - September 2nd 2022 6:24AM MST
PS Here in the looney 413, mask wearing is still ubiquitous- not as bad as it was in the bad old days of the summer of ‘20, but, for example, in my local grocery store about 1/3 of the patrons are masked up- very few of the staff. There’s a deaf guy who works in the deli department, masks not so good for him! My local chain bagel store has about the same ratio, but all of the staff is masked- might be a corporate deal.

The most disheartening news, and fortunately because I’m retired I don’t have to deal directly with this, is that most of the local school districts around here are requiring indoor masking to start the school year.

All three of the local SPLACs*, and the hippie college down the road are requiring indoor masking to begin the academic year; the most prestigious of the SPLACs requires masks in all indoor spaces. Only the local BSU* is not masking up, which means I can play hockey again! I’ll keep you all posted on how that turns out- 68 year old guy, never all that skilled a hockey player to begin with, resumes playing after 2 years of not…

Oh, and of course I saw several wine box aunties driving their Priuses (Prii?) all masked up.

And just to be completely sexist about it, it doesn’t bug me all that much to see the masked-up women; they can’t help themselves, mostly; but when I see men wearing the face diaper of obedience, especially young men, I just want to punch them.

* SPLAC is “Small Liberal Arts College; BSU is “Big State University “

I was taken to task on Unz by commenters Another Dad and Kaganovitch, both generally rather sensible fellows , IMO, for using obscure acronyms !

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