Dr. Barton Cockey on the Plandemic - Part 1

Posted On: Thursday - September 1st 2022 4:42PM MST
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Note: This picture is from this year-old article, which is not discussed here - I got to the article for the image, and I'll read the article shortly. it may have to wait for Part 3.

Dr. Barton Cockey is a retired (8 years back) medical doctor who has been an infrequent commenter on the important website VDare.com. At least the site (to the right, on the blogroll) is very important to Peak Stupidity, as we at our most prolific with the Immigration Stupidity topic key. However, with all that's been going down the last 2 1/2 years, Kung Flu Stupidity has been pulling up into a close 2nd.

The thing about VDare is that it's a single-issue organization. Immigration is their specialty, and they cover ALL aspects of it, pretty thoroughly. Small-"c" coincidentally, I was commenting to someone under this Steve Sailer gun control post just yesterday that the NRA is a single-issue organization. They have to be careful not to pick up additional battles on race, for example, and not piss off those who may agree with, say, me, or their writers, on only the one issue, US Constitutional Amendment II.

I have seen that most of the VDare writers, if they must bring up Kung Flu Stupidity politics when that is a basic part of the story of their articles/posts, tread lightly for those 2 reasons. However, in general they have been AGAINST the Panic*, anti-Panickers, in Hail To You parlance.

Now, VDare has Dr. Barton Cockey writing much more frequently, and he is anti-Panic and not afraid to say so - I mean that his recent posts are specifically about this, with immigration being not even a part of his last 2 articles (surprising for VDare, but they have syndicated columnists too, such as Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin, who are not bound to stick to that subject).

This latest one, Hey Biden! The Real “Fascists” Are The DIE–Big Pharma Alliance Behind The COVID Coup—Not Bumbling GOP, really hits the spot for Peak Stupidity readers! It's got it all in there, especially criticism of the whole gene therapy errr, vaccine program. I knew from the first sentence, this is gonna be good!:
In 2020, after a souped-up coronavirus apparently escaped a U.S.-subsidized lab in Wuhan, China, world governments, the Regime Media, and Leftist social media launched a campaign of fear and repression.
Just that common sense that I bolded is such a relief after my reading about and arguing against the only peripherally important virus origin theory with the brick wall that is Ron Unz's head. Yes, it's possible, that this is not what happened, but I've never seen a more common-sense argument otherwise and never read of any real evidence that refutes this.

We can all easily know this stuff: Wuhan has a complex of virus gain-of-function labs that have been working in collaboration, or one might say "for" the labs at UNC in Chapel Hill, N. Carolina, well before Jan. of '20. They were working with these particular viruses. The scientists got samples from bats in caves in Yunnan. The lab worked at BSL (Biological Safety Level) 2, when it was supposed to be run to BSL-4 levels for dangerous viruses like this one.

Why'd this work get done in China? Why is all the Cheap China-made Crap made there? It was the cheap labor, but also, and I'm no fan of OSHA, so I understand most of it, things can GET DONE there, without all the hassle. However, the lack of hassle could explain very easily how this virus got out. Whether directly from the eating of or bites from weird-ass animals or straight out of the lab to infect humans, these things get out every decade or so. OK, well, these last 2 paragraphs should have been a separate post, but let me just say that Dr. Cockey started out this article right. Next, after a link to more of his own writing:
America’s medical Establishment simply surrendered to the merger of medical practice with the managerial state. Bad as that was, the crackdown on dissenters—doctors, nurses, and public figures who resisted the “emergency measures,” not least the unsafe, ineffective vaccines—was something I personally had never seen before, and which was even more menacing. That, and the promulgation of provable falsehoods about the anti-virus measures and vaccines, showed that Totalitarians have seized not only the machinery of government where medicine is concerned, but also the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, as I recently wrote, Totalitarians now control the medical profession, from hospitals and medical schools to professional associations. This alliance is something quite new in American history.
Dr. Cockey then brings up a subject I have a post coming on (if I can get a little more info), Big-Biz (especially Health Care Big-Biz) threats to and firings of employees that have resisted the vaccine. He brings up a guy that I haven't read of as of yet but Peak Stupidity readers may have, Dr. Peter McCullough.
A rare model of such resolve is Dr. Peter McCullough, a prominent academic physician and board-certified internist and cardiologist. He developed and promoted a protocol for early treatment of COVID and raised concerns about the safety and efficacy of the so-called “vaccines.” As a result, the American Board of Internal Medicine is threatening his certification, and the Baylor hospital system brought a lawsuit against him [COVID-19 expert Dr. Peter McCullough sued by Texas-based health system, by Pierre Boralevi, Lifesite, August 4, 2021].
There's a whole lot more red meat for any anti-Panicker to enjoy. This article is the best summary I've read of the whole Kung Flu Panicfest for layman. I would like to paste in the whole thing. What I'll do is write a Part 2 to discuss some more of this fine article tomorrow.

Let me just link you to Dr. Cockey's previous article on VDare here too - The Politicization Of Medicine And The Medicalization Of Politics.

* Steve Sailer, well, yeah, like that Middle-Aged (Middle Ages) guy turned into a newt, he got better. I clearly remember in early Spring of '20 that John Derbyshire wrote a paragraph to the effect that he wasn't really sure, but he leaned against making the Covid-19 into the big deal that it was being made into. (He also has that China connection, which might have given him more insight.) Then, I really enjoyed long-time writer (of the "Memo from Mexico" series, which became "Memo from Middle America" after he moved back, and the "Spoken in Spanish" series) Allan Wall calling the virus the Flu Manchu. It's been quite a while, so I know where he stands on it.

The Alarmist
Friday - September 2nd 2022 9:22AM MST

The all pretty much do a panoply of all things COVID.
Friday - September 2nd 2022 2:28AM MST
PS: Thanks Alarmist. I've listened to Dr. Malone, and read a little from Mr. Kirsch. As far as this rabbit hole, do these people concentrate on the vaccine or are they, as with Dr. Cockey in this article, interested in the whole use of the PanicFest for the introduction of new-and-improved Totalitarianism? Yes, the vaccine coercion has been a subset and maybe THE most nefarious.

There's a new article on The Unz Review by one Karl Haemers:


Under it, Ron Unz has already commented, and he may as well just look in the mail for an AMCV ("Anti-Mandatory-Covid-Vaccine") membership card. There's nothing he wrote that disagree with what you or I would have said for the last year. You can argue with him on and off for a year, and when he finally gets it, "you people are still hysterics".
The Alarmist
Friday - September 2nd 2022 12:46AM MST

McCullough is just the entrnace to the rabbit hole. Look up FLCCC and look at the Substacks of Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Pierre Kory, Unacceptable Jessica, and follow their links to others for a lot of alarming if not enjoyable reading.
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