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Posted On: Thursday - August 25th 2022 6:50PM MST
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Scientist, OK, Data Scientist, ummm, Data Entry Clerk Rebekah [sic] Jones:

(I wouldn't [sic] her on my best enemy.)

Mr. Hail covers Florida politics very well, and he just came out with a new post on the results of the Blue-Squad primary elections just held - The Covid-activist Daniel Uhlfelder loses to the BLM-Soros candidate Aramis Ayala: an appraisal of the Florida attorney general election race of 2022. Note the name of the big loser in this race. Yes, that's the same nutty Panicker-Lawyer of whom Mr. Hail has written much about - per his lead, Peak Stupidity posted Florida Panicker-in-Chief Daniel Uhlfelder, his Dad, and family traditions last November.*

We all know of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by this point, but in general, there's lots more to like about Florida politics and policy. By the latter, I mean the lack of an income tax, but the place just seems more Libertarian than one would expect from the various groups that reside there. My family has nothing against the heat, so, other than the Little Cuba of Dade County, the escaped New Yorker hangout from there up the east coast 50, OK, make that 100 miles, Michigander exiles in the southwest, the whole GlobohomoDisney complex that takes up the lower center, we could see living there**. We are somewhat redneck in nature and have no problem with most Florida Men.

Florida Women are a different story. In his latest post, on the Florida Blue-Squad*** primary results Mr. Hail brought up one real piece of work. That'd be Rebekah [sic] Jones a woman who Ann Coulter showed to be a laughingstock and borderline nutcase (if she were a man, she'd have been locked up long ago, in her 1 1/4 y/o column Only in Florida—Crazed Woman Stalks Governor. As soon as I followed Mr. Hail's link, I remembered this column. You've just got to go read that one. It reads like a rejected screenplay for some proposed men's version of Lifetime TV or The Oxygen Channel... rejected, that is, for being too far-fetched.

Mr. Hail mentioned in this comment of his that Miss Jones has come back from her firing and disgrace to run in a D-primary. It does not say very much for the Blue-Squad voters that 63% of them voted for her to run as their standard-bearer for US Congress. She's a freaking nutcase! Please, please, read the Ann Coulter column for entertainment, if nothing else.

How does a Florida woman get away with this?**** She's hot. That's all. I've said that women voters vote based on feelings and looks too much. (The best known example is the Nixon/Kennedy debate polls - TV vs. radio listeners.) Maybe men voting for women candidates fall for this too.

As I wrote, a man would have been jailed for years after pulling the things that you can read about in that Ann Coulter column. But, Rebekah Jones is a crazy young hot chick that men may vote for in the hopes that she might somehow find out and screw their brains out in return. Don't underestimate us!

Well, The country has seen some doozies up there on Capitol Hill, your AOCs, your Omar Ilhan's, this goes back a ways. Some are just floozies, but some have real power. A nation can't handle but so many of the Marble-Supply Challenged.

On a good day / during booking, per the link:

Rebekah Jones should have been locked up for a while or put in a nuthouse long ago. Now, look what you've done, Floridians. You'd damn well better not listen to Lyin' Press BS on Matt Gaetz - vote him in, to make it stop!

Rather than in the halls of the US Congress, Rebeckah Jones would be a better fit for a Telenovela, and Telenovelas are Hell!

Haha. this time the lady's name translates to Maria of the Barrio:

(We haven't shown one of these in a long, long time. I'd almost forgotten about these hilarious video reviews. The other two are here and here.)

* The Hail to You blog has much more detailed information.

** Seriously, my favorite area is not Gainesville itself, but the area around there - Alachua, Dixie, Lafayette, Suwannee, Gilchrist, Levy, and Columbia Counties - Lake City, Live Oak, Mayo, Steinhatchee, etc.

*** The opponents in the Red Squad are already set - the Governor (Rick DeSantis, the Attorney General (Ashley Moody), and the particular US Congressman in question (Matt Gaetz). They are all very decent Conservatives, showing an actual REAL difference in parties there, and also making me want to live down there.

**** Joe Biden, come to think of it, came back from being known to be a flat-out plagiarist, back when the news was more balanced. See The Lyin' Press of 1988.

Sunday - August 28th 2022 11:11AM MST

Rebekah Jones and the new class

In your most recent (, I make some comments on how the Panic involved 'class' interests opportunistically seizing power, making major self-serving gains towards net-benefit flowing to themselves or towards their preferred lifestyles, under cover of the Panic or deeply entwined with the Panic. (And the Panic hijacked them just as much as they hijacked it, but still it served their interests in many cases.) We all felt it to be true, but a good analysis of this may still be yet undone.

By "class interests," I don't mean any traditional class model of some spectrum "lower, working, middle, upper, elite," based on dollar-amount of income or something. I mean new classes for which we don't have names but which have the telltale signs of historical classes (if you remember the SWPL blog, that is a good direction-marker, I think).

Rebekah Jones represents one of these new classes, for which I don't quite have a specific definition and certainly not a handy, agreed-upon name.

It's a good thing Rebekah Jones, one of the stars of the Panic in 2020, ran for Congress to remind us of her. It's also a sad commentary on our people that such a powerful class emerged as this "college-degree-having, entitled, radicalized White woman" class, usually with real or imagined mental problems, on various medications, perhaps single mothers if mothers at all, angry at male 'patriarchy,' doing BS jobs. Maybe some other important characteristics I am leaving out.

Their power is based on a claim to special-victim-status in part; also on being non-threatening-looking, pleasant sounding (as in hew many interviews) at first glance, pleasant-looking in many cases of figureheads of the class). Another big part part of their class' power and attractiveness to new aspirants is the new class' empowered ability to use traditional female methods of deception at the political scale.

Rebekah Jones displays a lot of the telltale signs. She is a representative of this class.

The class is ultimately based in fraud, though, being a kind of historical-political pyramid scheme. The base of this new class ages out of their peak power, requiring new converts to sustain the whole and the dynamic power of the class, and leaving the aged-out people mostly unfulfilled and angrier than ever, and given that pro-immigration attitudes usually ride the coattails of this new class, also leaving the members of this class in a society in increasingly dire demographic straits. And yet the new class' power continues.
Saturday - August 27th 2022 6:25PM MST
PS: Dieter, I checked out the comment by Anonymous Philosopher. (I was mistaken in writing by Mr. Briggs, as he'd only written the very short post.) It's a shame it's gotten this bad. Though he was disgusted with his Chemistry and Chem lab, I am glad for him he is about to get his Philosophy degree on mostly the university's dime.

I watched all your videos on Miss Jones but the 1 hour one, Mr. Hail. (Well, another one ended with a long diatribe by Rachael Madcow, so I had to quit - thanks a LOT for THAT, Mr. Hail! Anyway, at the beginning of one, Rebakah Jones was an engineer, even! Then she "rebuilt" the dashboard in 3 days. Just looking at her, what'd that mean, rearranging the graphics on the page? Oh, and there were mentions of the Deborah Birx, and her support of this nutcase. Like peas in a pod...
Saturday - August 27th 2022 10:19AM MST
PS: From Mr. Hail:

"The absurd idea that this man ran an crude small-time Epstein-like sex-trafficking ring fits with the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 which nearly blocked his appointment and confirmation."

I never really believed "projection" was a thing, as much as the term is used all over the internet - usually people who just want to make an insult.

However, these examples are more instances of that behavior on the part of the ctrl-left. They figure we are supposed to believe we have the same kind of kooks on our side.
Saturday - August 27th 2022 10:16AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, I'm so glad I attended college before the behavior we describe. The few women in our classes had to learn, but they got plenty of attention if they wanted to study with someone, that's for sure!

I am looking forward to reading Mr. Briggs' Substack article.
Saturday - August 27th 2022 8:37AM MST

Mr. Kief wrote:

"Miss Jones...outsider chance is to find dirt in Matt Gaetz' sexual past - and this strategy does not look perfectly unreal, given the circumstances we now live in."

Here is a 1000-word investigation I did on Matt Gaetz in late 2019:

Title: "MATT GAETZ — Life Profile in Brief."

At the time it was clear Gaetz was a rising figure; in retrospect it was clear that they would target him. What they did in 2021 has all the signs of being an "intel.-op."-style job. In other words, the CIA comes up with things like this on client state politicians.

The absurd idea that this man ran an crude small-time Epstein-like sex-trafficking ring fits with the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 which nearly blocked his appointment and confirmation.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - August 27th 2022 2:17AM MST

Feminization = Feels Over Facts // ctd.

Women weakening the "center" of STEM even - an excerpt of a report by  "Anonymus Philosopher".

   "I took an introduction to chemistry w/lab, general chemistry 1 w/lab, and general chemistry 2 w/lab. There was a lack of seriousness in the courses to the point where we were told we didn't have to receive the correct answers during our lab experiments and instead what mattered and what was graded was if we followed the correct process that was given to us by the instructors. In other words, during recitation we are given the process to write down in a lab notebook and then during the actual lab when the experimentation takes place you simply write down the measurement values you receive. The measurement values do not have to be correct and neither do your conclusions and graphs. So long as you can show you followed the process you were good to go. The amount of fellow students who cannot make a simple excel graph is staggering yet they passed the course and some are going to become nurses, doctors, med techs, etc. Keep in mind all of the professors for these courses were women and all of the instructors minus one were women. The one outlier was a foreign student from India who was a nice person but almost imperceptible in his speech to the point that I wondered how he became a lab instructor."

Anonymus philosopher's full report here:Insightful throughout
Dieter Kief
Saturday - August 27th 2022 1:08AM MST
In both cases we see a lack of decency as the platform for their rather destructive efforts.
In the Jones case, this lack of decency is taken to higher levels of raw psychological problems visible to the public. The Holmes case is more refined (and has more traditional aspects of business fraud to it).
Miss Jones is also very normal at times, especially when interacting with her infant.
Her outsider chance is to find dirt in Matt Gaetz' sexual past - and this strategy does not look perfectly unreal, given the circumstances we now live in.
Saturday - August 27th 2022 12:22AM MST

"Miss Holmes is just a different kind of crazy from Miss Jones"

By this you seem to mean Holmes was better at (hiding) it than Rebekah Jones, and that Holmes may be a lot smarter than Jones. Also more ambitious in a destructive way.

Defrauding people of millions of dollars at least seems more destructive, but fanning the flames of Panic and chaos has costs we cannot calculate properly.

Another big difference is Holmes was the top-scammer involved in her fraud, whereas Jones just jumped on the pile of Panickers and Panic-backers to win moral approval of the crowd and look good by defying Fascism and Virus-Genocide. These are different motivations in important ways; the similar treatment by outsiders is the thing I see as worthy of note.
Saturday - August 27th 2022 12:18AM MST

--Rebekah Jones Twitter Ban--

Surprising news on Rebekah Jones: She is "not allowed" to have a Twitter account.

She has a Facebook account and an Instagram account, but the word is she was banned from Twitter. If she attempts to create a new account, it would also be banned. (Maybe now that she is an official general-election candidate, they'll alter this rule.)

Caveat: This claim comes from Rebekah Jones herself, via Instagram. She says it was related to the lawsuit the Florida government has ongoing against her, which she and her supporters suggest is tantamount to fascist censorship by the DeSantis political-thugs, at it again, suppressing the people who "speak truth to power."

Knowing that, what %-chance of absolute truth do we assign to it?

If you don't like percentages, take a guess before reading next line: True or Not True?

The rest of the story:

"She was banned for buying followers, and for spam, and for ban evasion attempts."

In early 2021 she threw a fit when Twitter declined to give her a "blue check mark" (verified user) on her @GeoRebekah account, and went on tweet-rampages involving use of indecent language in attacking people, which must also be some kind of violation of rules. That was before the ban and may have contributed to it...
Friday - August 26th 2022 3:39PM MST
PS: About that comparison of Miss Jones to Elizabeth Holmes, the Theranos broad:

I read most of Steve Sailer's posts on that. I'm guessing he wrote half a dozen to a whole dozen of posts. The histrionics of Miss Holmes were on a higher, more professional, corner-office level. I remember the story about her dot-Indian subordinate who she was dating or living with. Women scorned and all that ... it's one thing at the house or the bar, but for government workers turned politician and supposed Captainesses of Industry, it causes all kinds of havoc.

Miss Holmes is just a different kind of crazy from Miss Jones. She held the crazy in more, and she kept out of trouble with the law... until that last little, OK, MAJOR thing of having lied to investors about the whole principle of her "novel" blood-testing device.

I don't want to be on here giving you assignments, haha, but this would be another good post for "Hail to You". You make deep investigations into the backgrounds of people. Maybe you could find something common to these 2 but unique.

I'll be sure to watch your videos - haven't just yet.
Friday - August 26th 2022 3:30PM MST
PS: Mr Hail, likely lots of voters saw Miss Jones in videos in which she was dolled up, and crazy young women can be pretty sexy. (Don't fall for it!)

It's probably some of (1) and (2), but I'll add this. Because she got fired from her government job under - multiple levels down, of course - Rick DeSantis, she may have just decided "I HATE HATE HATE him and everything he stands for." I could see her incorporating some real COVID fear and hysteria (as you discuss in your next comment), as in, it was REAL to her. I don't know if she really has any actual political ideology though. She's just and angry crazy, vindictive broad.

I don't know if she's good at hiding that nutso personality on video - maybe you can tell me. It says even less about those voter is she comes across as nuts, and they still supported her. Maybe she hid it well. However, her background can easily be learned about. Her voters would never read that Ann Coulter column, but some of her histrionics must have appeared in the local newspapers.
Friday - August 26th 2022 3:22PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I wrote a few comments in a real hurry today. Regarding that comparison of Rebekah Jones to Laura Loomer, I was thinking looks. Laura Loomer is a great asset for the Conservative cause, from what I've read. Peter Brimelow listed some of her proposals.
Friday - August 26th 2022 9:46AM MST

(my last comment for the day on the Rebekah Jones Question)

Poke around here for more good source-material, if desired:

I note the kinds of images she chooses to use of herself.

And her campaign ad is at the top of her website. The ad is titled: "Beating the odds: Rebekah Jones on life as a young mom, struggling to stay afloat."

I think the whole package here offers a reminder of just how much sociopathy lies behind the veil with political office-seekers in most cases (except Ron Paul and some others).

Observation: She is often seen with her head tilted at a certain angle in a well-known, probably-instinctual, presumed-cuteness-enhancing pose. Then there is the verbal persona, I perceive as calculated to come off as the victim, but sure to win over a whole lot of idiots and people socialized under political conditions of today. Victimhood as power.
Friday - August 26th 2022 8:20AM MST

Rebekah 'Stop DeathSantis' Jones
Elizabeth 'Theranos' Holmes

After this look into Rebekah Jones' life and work, I cannot be the only one to get "Elizabeth Holmes" vibes from the whole package. From the record, from the image, from that way she was treated.

Elizabeth Holmes is the woman who, when in her twenties and early thirties, systematically defrauded investors of millions, and who, despite a mile-wide avenue with high and fluttering red flags that there was fraud going on, still kept getting promoted and praised and encouraged and cheered-on nearly till the very end. The praise and cheering-on was from a lot of the same types of people that promoted Rebekah Jones in 2020 (and, it seems, Rebekah Jones still has backers today).

The Theranos fraud (that was the company name, sort of a pyramid-scheme build on the magic of girl-power and media-hype) finally fell apart in about 2017, Elizabeth Holmes (b.1984) was put on trial, convicted, and will get out of prison in her fifties.

A shame, but who was at fault, really, for the major fraud? The fraudster (legally, yes)? Or those who nodded along; those who actively cheered her on for being a glorious, unstoppable Woman CEO; those who never one critically inquired about her company or looked closely at it?

The political philosopher Curt Doolittle has written a lot in the past few years about male forms of anti-social behavior vs. female forms of anti-social behavior. Our legal system, he points out, is oriented towards mercilessly crushing the former but is relatively weak and spotty on the latter and doesn't really address much of it. This is because female anti-social behavior was not traditionally a 'public' problem in previous ages when they were not so active in the open realm of the political, and society basically knew how to contain such problems as they'd tend to get into. Things are different now.

I don't know, someone could come up with a plausible dollar-amount in damages Rebekah Jones personally did by lying, but she'll unlikely ever stand to account for it because she became a celebrity. If she is prosecuted by a Florida court under the fascist DeSantis and the fascistette attorney general Ashley Moody, she will get support from far and wide.


Another final thought on the videos: Rebekah Jones probably benefitted a lot from the "video chat" model of Corona-interactions. This is not so dissimilar from how the tv-interview model evolved in the 2010s. It used to be, to be interviewed or to speak to the public, one had to go out in public, even if only to a tv studio, and therefore would lose control of some things, but now...
Friday - August 26th 2022 8:11AM MST

Another important thing about the 'image' of Rebekah Jones:

It doesn't matter what a full-panel of straight male judges would judge her "attractiveness score" to be on some comprehensive evaluation.

It matters more how she was presented, specifically when she catapulted to fame in 2020.

She was paraded around on tv news, praised her heroism (see above on her fitting the feministic-hero archetype), and she played the part as well she could, which all worked---with the added magical touch of the Panic blanketing everything like a light layer of snow on Christmas Eve to inspire the imagination. Her image in that way doesn't depend on objective reality.

videos of interest:

Her early publicity in left-wing and Pro-Panic media -- a May 2020 news report. It is not an interview but the important early reports helped erect the scaffolding of her image:

June 2020: "How difficult, now that you've been fired by the fascist DeSantis goons, to get the REAL numbers for Floridians?" (interview):

July 2020 interview (jump to 3:00):

When she was raided for cybercrime, Dec. 2020, again sympathetically interviewed:

Friday - August 26th 2022 7:44AM MST

My comments on Rebekah Jones at my recent (and last, I can only presume) Uhlfelder post, putting Rebekah Jones in the context of when she rose to fame. She fed herself into a publicity-machine of being a Corona-whistleblower, as quite a lot of people did, including the evil Doctor Fauci, who no one knew who he was on Feb. 1, 2020:


"After first getting fame as an anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-DeSantis lone-angry-man crusader-for-justice type, and after being boosted by that media “ecosystem” in December 2019 to sudden status as big-follower account on Twitter, in 2020 Daniel Uhlfelder gained worldwide by alleging the no-lockdown policy in Florida was genocidal. That was through his well-publicized Grim Reaper costume antics. He thereby gained worldwide attention during the height of the Corona-Panic.

About the same time, dark conspiracy theories were spreading about Florida, though not necessarily crazier than mainline Corona-running-commentary (a major publication, Mother Jones, had articles denouncing as fascist the belief in "so-called natural immunity"). There were insinuations that political thugs in Florida were engaged in a systematic, giant cover-up to hide the huge piles of dead bodies. Such talk even entered circulation within the mainstream of the then-strong active-Pro-Panic coalition. Who knew just HOW many Florida people had been killed, and would be killed in the coming months, by the fascist DeSantis government’s reckless and inhuman policies --- the callous refusal of the holy principles of Lockdown?

This well-publicized lone-angry-man in a Grim Reaper suit, in part symbolizing the true face of “DeathSantis,” was an important auxiliary to the histrionic and irresponsible claims of people like Rebekah Jones (link to the Ann Coulter column), also of Florida. In fact, the histrionic and unstable Rebekah Jones has also transitioned to a political career, went from obscurity as a data-entry clerk in early 2020 to this week winning the Democratic nomination to challenge right-wing U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz..."

Friday - August 26th 2022 7:36AM MST

"How does a Florida woman get away with this? She's hot. That's all. I've said that women voters vote based on feelings and looks too much. ... Maybe men voting for women candidates fall for this too."

This is why we like Peak Stupidity. There is a way of slicing to the heart of a matter.

I don't think it works for THIS stage in the process, the Dem primary in August 2022. It more applies to when she became a Covid-celebrity in 2020.

The most important thing about Rebekah Jones is she became one of the Corona-celebrities and 'heroes' to the Pro-Panic side.

If we ask why she became such a figure, then we can ask about her attractiveness. If Rebekah Jones had been instead the fat, mumbling, thick-spectacled, ignored character from Office Space, would her "Covid whistle blowing" have ever taken off?

To ask this is to ask the chicken-or-egg question: "Which came first," which caused her to turn towards the dark side (embracing the Panic in unethical ways, lying, attempting to sow damage and destruction to serve the Corona-Moloch):

(1.) Did the fact that Rebekah Jones was a 'young' (relatively), mentally unstable, attention-seeking woman radically empowered by leftist politics and 'resistance' against Trumpist-DeSantian fascism, and with a mind agitated by "COVID," cause her to turn to the dark side;


(2.) Was it more that the attention-feedback-loop machine of Panic-supporting media in 2020 embraced her cause because it also fit one of the movie scripts they've been programmed to view, the dissident heroic female scientist stopping fascism through bravery and personal risk.

Did young-femaleness come first or second in the line of causality from which she rose from an obscure nut to Corona-fame?

I suppose both parts may be needed.

A mentally stable person, or even a male version of Rebekah Jones, would have been much less likely to do what she did at all. AND, if a slobby and poorly spoken and older male version had done it, that man would never get attention by the respectable Panickers of the day.
Friday - August 26th 2022 7:21AM MST
PS: I just read VDare's post Peter Brimelow himself) on that near-win by Laura Loomer. I don't think she's that hot either, but yeah, now that I've seen the one full-body picture of this Jones nutcase...

Mr. Hail, you're welcome. Regarding the tennis player, I know you're off of, but I did have a good one (IMO) in reply to a commenter about that tennis player:

"That’s just as well, GeoKat. Part of the excitement of top-level sports these day is seeing guys drop dead in mid-play. This guy would just bore us with hard serves, slams at the net and all that…"
Friday - August 26th 2022 7:07AM MST

Thank you for the links,

The elections in Florida are important given the expected DeSantis candidacy for president, and also for the role of Florida in "Covid," which gives them even international importance... (not unrelated: The world's best tennis player has just been refused entry into the USA for being 'unvaccinated'.)
The Alarmist
Friday - August 26th 2022 6:48AM MST

You should have done a compare/contrast with that other Florida election, TOW Laura Loomer.
Friday - August 26th 2022 6:43AM MST
PS: Yep, you guys are right. I pulled up a hundred images or more, and some had her from below the chest up. Those made me figure she had a good figure. I was indeed fooled, as I know found one with her in a black dress - nope, not so hot at all.

Yeah, then why does she get ANYONE's votes? I guess it's just because she attacks her former highest-level boss and the GOP of Florida, per Mr, Kief's comment.

I will have to correct this part. Or, perhaps it's that everyone gets news from the web, and this lady can just stay on zoom with the camera focused only where she wants it foccused.
Dieter Kief
Friday - August 26th 2022 4:16AM MST

"she's hot"

Her lips look a bit overdone.
Her upper arms have noticeably slimmed.
She looks like a Marlilyn-Monroe-lookalike-contestant
at times.

Her little daughter is cute.

The news coverage of her political career in the below linked clip is so fast and boom-boom-style soaring that you don't get what's up with her personally by looking at these news-clips. - This is the TV machinery specialising in evoking feelings and in highlighting a very small indeed set of thoughts/concepts/ideas (= more abstract things).

The code of this TV-news machninery is restricted: It highlights mainly, who attacks whom (representative Matt Gaetz appears as the one who attacks - young women not least / the good people. Ron DeSantis attacking the lives of all Floridians: Anthony Fauci and - perfectly healthy looking all American young women Rebekah Jones both agree on that!... BAM-BOOM! - DeSantis is in filthy Covid-bed with Donald Trump! Bam-bam-bam!

So: She manges to appear at times as hot - in this regard she is just like Amber Heard or Christina Applegate (who might be role models for her). And she is politically hot/ Team Women/ Sanity/ Health// Team Competent-Good-People ("my professional competence as a data specialist").

For the 'appy few - some interesting Rebekah Jones*** minutes:

***publicity-effective name, btw.
The Alarmist
Friday - August 26th 2022 2:13AM MST

“She’s hot”

Time to get your eyes examined. She might be cute on a good day. For a public woman, there are very few (almost none) full-length body shots to be found of her, so the most you could reasonably say is, “She has a pretty face ... on a good day, with a judicious amount of makeup.”
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