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Posted On: Saturday - March 18th 2017 5:35PM MST
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It's probably better for one's sanity or at least blood pressure to ignore the max-stupid goings on at the universities, in the media, stuff out of the Pope's mouth, etc. for periods of time. Though I maintain that, unfortunately, because our governments are so powerful, we really can't avoid the effects of any of the on-going stupidity forever, one can take a break from hearing about it, knowing that the peak is coming - no, I can't give you a month or date.

One of the pundits this writer reads is Mr. John Derbyshire, who writes for VDare and other websites. I have mentioned before that he puts a podcast online weekly. You can listen to it, if that's your thing, right here on VDare or read it (to me it's 3-4 times faster, and I just like to read more than view or listen when on-line) here on Mr. Derbyshire's own site. We may run into one of the myriad daily PC/Cult-Marx/SJW annoyances anytime and about anywhere (not so much at Monster Truck rallies, though). Mr. Derbyshire's segment here is about a Night at the Opera. I don't think he actually went, based on the podcast transcription, but here:
For the first hundred years or so of its existence, the opera Madame Butterfly was taken at face value as a musical drama on a tragic human story. Then the CultMarx commissars arrived to strap it into their ideological straitjacket.

So now we have this, from the Seattle Opera website. It's 125 words, but I'll quote them all to you, to give you the full flavor of finger-wagging prune-faced sanctimony. Quote:

"Inspired by true events, Madame Butterfly is an often painful reminder of racial and cultural injustice found throughout America's history. In July 2017, Seattle Opera is committed to participating in an open dialogue with the community on issues surrounding this work and will host a discussion open to all. Additionally, prior to performances, the lobby areas of McCaw Hall will be used for a large-scale exhibit, allowing audiences to consider the lasting impacts of American imperialism on people of Japanese and Asian ancestry which continued well into the 20th century. A month after Madame Butterfly closes, we will present An American Dream, a story depicting the incarceration of a Japanese American family in the '40s, to provide an essential second perspective for Madame Butterfly audiences."
End quote.

"American imperialism"? Might we hear a word about Japanese Imperialism? And then perhaps another word about Chinese imperialism? The Japanese and the Chinese actually proclaimed themselves to be empires, for Heaven's sake! Eighty-five years ago, in fact, the Japanese made a strenuous attempt to incorporate big swathes of China into the Japanese Empire, using very brutal methods.

Why isn't that worth a mention? Why? Because it can't be incorporated into a narrative about "the depravity of whiteness," that's why.

As an opera lover, I can't adequately express the hatred and disgust I feel at this invasion of high culture by thin-lipped, moon-booted ideologues. I'd mind less if they would keep themselves and their stupid, empty dogmas penned up in CultMarx seminaries like Middlebury College, where they could virtue-signal to each other all day long, while leaving the rest of us alone with our pleasures.

No: They have to come lumbering into the sanctuary, knocking over the statues, drawing mustaches on the artwork, peeing on the rugs. It makes me mad. The hell with these swine! Damn them all to hell!

Again, this is one instance of stupidity of the millions per day, so I picked this out of many articles read. Why, indeed, do they have to mess with the opera of all things?

To get to the point per our post title and in review of this entire website's theme, it's not that this ridiculous stuff is going to quit out of some inherent quality. During the hippy* era 55-45 years back, things got pretty stupid too, and though things calmed down by the '80's as far a new stupid ideas, much of that era's stupidity stuck with us. Back in those days, though, the country was still an economic powerhouse and could support all kinds of behavior. It's not the same today. This country's current economic situation has us digging deeper into a hole that we will not get out of without major changes to society. The drastic changes that must happen when the crash comes are going to transform the population into a more serious bunch of people - there will be no tolerance for any of the stupidity we see now. That's the peak, and I don't think anyone knowing enough about it should feel anticipation for the financial pain, but an end of the stupidity will be welcomed by all.

BTW, as I said, you're not going to hear much of the "finger-wagging prune-faced sanctimony", as Mr. Derbyshire described the Seattle Opera, at the Monster Truck rally. However, I've got to get some culture into my family - it really is time for us to get dressed up and get out to the ballet and the opera. How can you be a polite, sophisticated member of society if you don't watch some fags dance around on their toes (and some girls with very tight rear-ends) and sit through a fat lady screaming out stuff in Italian? It's worth it to become sophisticated. Seriously, I should make some plans. In the meantime, here's some head-bobbing rock opera we could get into, though it'd be even cooler listening to it in the car, once we get our old AMC Pacer out of the shop.

That guitarist, Bryan May, got his PhD in Astronomy about the same time the band got really famous. It was a tough call between being a scientist and playing with Freddy Mercury, but he came out pretty good with his decision.

* Really, not all the hippy stuff could come under the umbrella of stupidity - they had quite a few good ideas, and many of them were quite pro-American and pro-Americans compared to the jackasses we see and hear from today.

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