How does it feel, like you're some kind of hero?

Posted On: Monday - August 22nd 2022 6:06PM MST
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Go on LOCKDOWN II, Boredom Zero! ♫ ♪

Before I explain the title or even start on the subject in question here, I will admit that these numerous posts on the Kung in the Orient may seem irrelevant. We don't live there. I do like to point out, for those who think the massive stupidity in the modern world is all a Western thing, that Stupidity does not stop at the California coastline. We've discussed North Korea and Japan a bit, but Peak Stupidity covered the Covid~Zero stupidity in China, with their LOCKDOWN 2.0 program, more thoroughly, in 7 posts here this Spring. This will be number 8.

I need a little bit more info. on a post to come that will be about the gene therapy, errr, vaccination business right here, right now, in this country.

Also, let me steer the reader to E.H. Hail's latest post, On elite “Neutralism” during the Corona-Panic and the nature of Power: the case of Noah Rothman. I hadn't heard of this "Panic Neutral"* Noah Rothman before, but I pasted in a link there in the comments under another post on Mr. Hail's Hail to You blog. about a recent article by this neo-Conservative pundit (as it turns out learning from Mr. Hail's detailed post).

In that article, Mr. Rothman bemoans the government money spent and wasted (Covid "Cares Act" and whatever else) during the PanicFest. It was indeed a LOT of money. The discussion by Feral Gov't "leaders" went like "We may need another Trillion for that, oh, and, yeah, 1/2 a Trillion for this other thing. Mr. Hail has the right idea - GOPe "conservatives" will discuss this tremendous waste, have hearings, whatever, as they advocate the spending just slightly smaller amounts, resulting in a slightly longer slide into financial hell. What's missing is the big picture of the real damage of the PanicFest. This spending is just another example of how the PanicFest was used by Big Gov and Big Biz to accrue power.

Now to THIS post. Ashley Rindsberg of the website Unherd says Chinese Zero Covid was always a lie. Yeah, no shit, first of all. Flu-Zero is a lie, and Common-Cold-Zero is a lie too, but strangely, you never hear those lies. Her subtitle is good: Western media upheld the CCP's fabricated success. Hey, wait, is Peak Stupidity not "Western Media". Do you think she means Ron Unz...? Here's the introduction:
For the past two years, the Western media has taken that pernicious little term, “Zero Covid”, at face value. While the rest of the world saw rocketing caseloads and death rates, during a key 18-month period China reported two (yes, two) deaths. In a country of 1.4 billion people, and with a disease that scientists find uncannily adapted to infect humans, this was not just obviously false; it was absurd. My bolding there.
Hahaaa! What about those people keeling over in the streets of Wuhan in February of '20?

Oh. Glad to hear it. (That comedic pause was great! I never get tired of this one.) The author continues:
Nevertheless, Western media has repeatedly validated the claim, often celebrating it. The result is that in the minds of billions of people, China was uniquely successful at containing the virus. What few, if any, have realised is that among the many false narratives constructed and deployed by the Chinese government, Zero Covid has been the most successful — a fact evidenced by the widespread adoption and use of that patently self-contradictory term itself.
The author goes on a while about the highly bogus information that one would expect to come from the Chinese government . Sure, they are worse than even OUR government officials. This article is good for some facts, but Miss Rindsberg is a pure Panicker though, it turns out.
The most recent manifestation of the Zero Covid false narrative is one that speaks to its daring and sophistication — the idea that, in response to criticism and pressure, the Chinese government came to terms with the fact that it could not cope with the swell of Omicron cases and so needed to ease restrictions.
What? It's just freaking Omicron!

LOCKDOWN II over in China is not all being done purely for political reasons (but it's a big part, as we've discussed before) or purely for control. Some of the Chinese truly don't seem to get it, either.
The new “China is easing restrictions” phase of the CCP’s Zero Covid campaign began to emerge in March when a high-ranking Chinese health official began arguing in the Chinese business news outlet, Caixin, that China should fight the disease “more sustainably”. “We should carve a very clear path and not spend all our time debating whether we should continue zero Covid or coexist (with the virus),” wrote Zhang Wenhong, a senior infectious disease specialist known as the “Chinese Fauci”. Zhang followed up with another opinion piece a week later: “China’s Pandemic Fight Can and Should Allow for Normal Life.”
What fight, it's freaking Omicron?!
And yet, not only have we all believed China’s claims about its Covid “success”, specifically Zero Covid, we’ve built an entire political theory around it. This theory states that while China’s authoritarian system of government certainly has its downsides (human rights and civil liberties and all that), the big upside is that it’s effective. With the pandemic, this reasoning goes, China was naturally somewhat draconian, but ultimately successful. Authoritarianism saves lives, you see?
Yes, that's been the way the Chinese Covid~Zero claims have been used by some Americans (BTW, who's this "we" Ashley-sabe?) to tout Totalitarianism. We Americans just didn't do enough! We need MOAR Totalitarianism!

Finally, there is something I can agree with this Panicker on. Later on, the panicky state of the author and her faith in OUR PanicFest comes to the surface again:
Looking at China’s official death counts tells an equally surreal story. Like a fairytale princess, China’s total death count was frozen for well over a year from January 25, 2021 until March 21, 2022 at the magical number of 4,636. Prior to that, from April 20, 2020 to January 25, there were four deaths. Taking these numbers at face value, this would make the death rate of the United States, where superior vaccines were distributed with high compliance rates, 800 times higher than China’s. [My bolding again.]
I don't know where she got that last number. Plenty of Chinese people have taken a vaccination - I think it's most of them, some of them being held down by 4 guys to do it too. (I've seen videos.) How many Chinamen die from their vaccine won't be known so easily, or ever, also. I wonder if Ashley Rindsberg cares about that...

The Chinese don't seem to get it, or they are not permitted to get it. Ashley Rindsberg, who rightly derides Covid~Zero only due to the Chinese misinformation, doesn't get it either.

Covid~Zero, my ass. The reason I write it this way, is I can't help thinking of Coke~Zero. I gotta admit, I've been drinking a few of these when I need the caffeine, and it's not that far off the taste of Coca~Cola for something with allegedly no sugar. Yes, this is a digression, and, yes, it's gonna get bigger!

Another American pop-cultural thing that come to mind when I read of the silly Covid~Zero is a commercial for the old Mustang II. For those of you below a certain age, NOW you will understand the title - well, in a minute. The Ford Mustang may be THE most classic of American muscle cars (even having been in a good movie recently. Well, OK, it's 2nd to the Camaro/Trans-Am/Firebird of course. The Ford Mustang had a rough period in the mid-1970s though. The Mustang II - 2nd generation - built from '73 through '78 was a POS per most people's opinions.**

Others could expound on the details therein or hopefully forgotten, but then, I really like the looks of this thing. This would be a great car to drive around in, with an up-to-date AAA membership, but the problem is that almost every one is off the road. I very rarely see these things.

Mustang II, Boredom Zero!

And another thing: Why come you can't buy a yellow car anymore?

That was the line from a song in a commercial I remember, going way back. It's catchy, I gotta say. They lyrics don't lie either. If you had one of these, you were never bored, as there was always something to fix on this Ford (Fix or repair daily).

Digression now complete, this writer of the article on Covid~Zero is amazingly still scared of the Omicron. (Aren't we at another Greek Letter by now, anyway? Now γ, that's Gamma, sounds pretty scary. That's neither in the specific heat ratio sense nor shear stress sense, but in the Incredible Hulk radiation sense.) This Kung Flu is viral disease. Scientists have understood for years, and most laymen, and laywomen, to be fair, too, that viruses mutate to less deadly strains.

I mentioned your "standard" influenza and the common cold already herein. What about that Swine Flu way back, in which the vaccination program was ended after 25 deaths or so, BTW? Is it gone, or has it just mutated into something that nobody cares about? I'm sure it's the latter. How did this idea about viruses that we all seem to have understood get forgotten?

I think this leads to what Mr. Hail and others have said. This PanicFest could be a religious thing. People lost their religion and needed a replacement. Though we have the Wokeness and other denominations over here, China was ripe for this religious revival. After 40 years of hard-core Communism, the morals of the people had been nearly wiped out. There are many Christians in China, you'll be told, but they are still few in relative numbers (and they have to worship out of sight).

People everywhere have found this new religion. Covid-19 has been Satan to them, while for the rest of us it's just another bothersome virus out of the Orient. The Chinese plan on destroying Satan completely with their efforts at Covid~Zero. OK, well, since the song is still in my head, I'll put in into yours. (Did I mention it's really catchy?)

How does it feel, got that Flu Manchu?
How does it feel, you're in LOCKDOWN II?
How does if feel, like you're some kind of hero?
Go on, LOCKDOWN II, Covid~Zero!

* Mr. Hail's term. He went into detail about these neutral types, with the likely explanation for that stance by Noah Rothman.

** It sold pretty well though. The first 4-bangers made 88 Hp, with the 6 cylinder making 105 Hp. Both came down by 6-8% with the catalytic converters installed.

Dieter Kief
Wednesday - August 24th 2022 1:26AM MST
China state capitalism, Mod. including chinese billionaires.
Overproduction: A cpitalist thing (see - Karl Marx...).
Underachieving production (always short on the supply side: Soviet-era-Socialism).
Joseph Schumpeter: The knack for creative (=decisive (intelligent...)) destruction is innately capitalist = a sign of capitalism's ability to move (= see the Camaro....) - to gain new territory/ new means of production, develop more effective planning tools: Destruction as a characteristic (a property) for the/ of the unrestricted progress.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - August 24th 2022 12:18AM MST
Mod. you can buy stocks of Chinese construction giants - so: This this are some kind of quasi-capitalist enterprises. I know an otherwise quite bright German man I must say, who bought such stock - to secure his pension!
I talked to him in spring when there were problems already in Chinese real estate:He said that that wa sa perfect opportunity -a dn bought even more of those papers - on his cellphone... - he showed me the transaction...
As I said: Good luck! - If the Chinese can get out of their prothean self-bindings via Covid, things might turn rosy again. - - -
One of Germany's productive minds - the writer Hans Magnus Enzensberger was once asked if he'd be invested in the stock market (he knows quite a bit about economics and mathematics etc.) and he said he never was. Never ever. Interviewer: Why is that so?
Enzensberger: Too obvious - & boring.

- It is as so often with him in this case too: People talk about their investments when they speed up and roar like a Camaro. If they perform like Star-Fighters, let's say, they are rather reluctant emntioning them. I hope the best for him...
A Plague of Heroes
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 9:36PM MST
PS Comrade commissar Fauci is stepping down in December and will get a generous pension courtesy of the hiveborg collective err I mean taxable unit serfs of muh demockracy.
The rump ranger pox won't be spreading outside of certain circles and what a mystery spread after all of June was degeneracy month.
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 7:06PM MST
PS: Dieter, that may involve big money spending, and creation and destruction, but with a market severely distorted by government, I wouldn't call it Capitalism at all.

Your 2nd part sound like the "broken-windows" theory*, but on a large scale. The broken buildings theory. Money is spent building, and money is spent repairing, so hurricanes and what you showed are good for the economy, per its adherents. I know the Floyd tune well, Dieter. Thanks.

Alarmist, Pacers and Gremlins, and what about those Hornets, restyled near the end (of AMC) into the Concord? It'd be great to have a fleet of Pacers, Gremlins, and Mustang II's for a cab company. So freaking retro!

Oooh, that was the Rachel Levine, wasn't it. I don't know too much about the Liz Cheney story, but didn't she crash and burn as a Blue Squad (member of the uni-party)?

* There are 2 different broken-windows theory. The other has to do with policing.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 3:30PM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

Completely off topic...

The Alarmist
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 8:06AM MST

Some wags might say it was the Pacer, but it was the AMX (The Hurst Super Stock version could do 0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds.

Oddly enough, there was a 401-XR version of the Gremlin, with a 255hp V-8, that could reach 60 in 8.6 seconds. Whodathunk?
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 6:09AM MST
PS: Oops, Alarmist, PONTIAC, not (somehow in my mind) PLYMOUTH. Well Chrysler had the Challenger, so ... anyone seen "Vanishing Point"?
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 5:28AM MST


Mod., in taking these new skyscrapers down, China acts quite capitalistic. Marx & Schumpeter famously remarked
that capitalism's dynamic is constructive and destructive at the same time.
We built too many of those huge houses? - Let's blow them up - that will bring our costs down! - And maybe even revitalise the market (short supply = let's play the bull-market tunes and let the economy roar along like a Camaro once again! -

- This is a lot like Zenon's turtle-race-paradox, - -

- - - My Head's Exploding (in one more colorful wave of universally sparkling insights, hehe) // Many Years from Now: I'll Meet You At the Dark Side of the Moon!

38 min in - "Money" is too on it, btw. ...

Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 2:57AM MST
PS; Agreed, Alarmist. Well, I'm still partial to the Camaro. At least the big 3 (though there was #4 AMC then - what was their "muscle car"?) were still on top of the world back then. (It wouldn't be for long...)

How about the young people in the commercial? The country was kind of young then. They did have the token black guy, but that was not so far fetched in the 1970s, a time when that I believe was one of the better socially between the races, though not politically.
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 2:52AM MST
PS: GDP, Dieter, GDP! Focus. ;-}

Great example there of the problems with trying to value anything, even very real construction projects. You only have a chance of doing this in a truly free market.

Thank you for that video. I feel the most sorry for those who sweated to build these structures.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 2:51AM MST

Given that China has bought and paid for much of our Criminal Elite, what goes on over there is instructive of where they want to take us over here. Even if they weren’t corrupted by Chinese influences, our Criminal Elite would nevertheless salivate to implement the Chinese model here in the “Free World”™️.

Ya know, back in the day, the GTO was a muscle car ... the Mustang and Camaro were Pony Cars.

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - August 23rd 2022 1:00AM MST


I must say that is an impressive illustration of a bull-market going - öhhh: Literally - - - Broke and Down
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