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Posted On: Tuesday - August 16th 2022 6:03PM MST
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Is that even a thing? That's what this post will be about.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign,
sprucing up the scenery, confusin' my mind.
Go here, don't go there, can't you read the sign?

To follow up a bit on our our previous post about our time in Ireland (and more generally the UK too), A man's home is his castle, I first want to note a difference I noticed between Dublin and London.

As related to my car "troubles" noted in a footnote in that post, I needed a wee bit of help twice. Really, the first time, it was completely unsolicited. There was a wee little mishap at the curb, due to one of those clamps that we call "boots" having been left there, and, well, how can you see stuff off the left side of the damn car?! (Of course, they could say the opposite to us.) As I looked at the wee bit of damage, and a lucky lad I was for it too, a man stopped to help out. This nice (actual) Irish gentleman went out of his way to walk to go get me an email address from some office, without my asking, to help me if I ended up getting billed for this dealy. (That clamp started the problem but my lack of awareness of the reverse gear trick did not help matters. I'm told the minor scraping of the rim did nothing but add to the rest.)

Then, we tried to figure out how to get to the proper parking garage, the GPS not being entirely helpful with the street layouts at that point. Another (actual) Irishman stopped to answer questions. When the confusion level got too high (i'll get to the accent in a bit), the man rode with us in the car to bring us there! He said he was headed that way, but that may have just been to be nice.

These two incidents were amazing for this day and age. Peak Stupidity thanks the Irish in general, as these two are likely not readers, for this great hospitality. Thank you!

You may just see some of this in America still, but only in small and White towns - that's it. In any big city, one would be worried about getting scammed or worse. There's just too much of that to risk taking a chance - it's no longer the 1970s here. In Dublin, that was a real flashback.

In London OTOH, a few days later, well, it was like New York City, in this regard. There was a huge tourist presence but the Londoners in The City reminded me very much of the Ocean Blue song The Office of a Busy Man, featured by Peak Stupidity here. I wanted to swap a few dollars for pounds in an even exchange at an appropriate place, but I was not just turned down but blown off as a potential scammer right away. I guess they've seen too much ... multiculturalism.

That brings me to our topic of PC, or wokeness in British Isles. I will have more on other aspects of it but this is just about the usual push for multiculturalism. What was interesting is not just the usual thing - such as some type of big •Indian parade going on in Dublin - that's Dublin, Ireland. WTH? The signs though, written in English and then Irish, are what I wondered about. I do know that this Gaelic (type of Celtic, I read) is spoken as a primary language in some remote places.** It's not like we heard it anywhere we went in the country - and the same my last trip there long, long ago.

This is a big thing now. In America too, everyone must be in touch with his roots from wherever, unless his roots are claimed to be pure American, as in, even straight off the Mayflower. This is the case, even if you are Irish. After 50 years of their finally being assimilated, for crying out loud, they now need to have Megan spelled Meighan or some such nonsense. Hell, even those with British roots get into the action with Geoffrey instead of Jeffrey*** and Graehme (spell check won't help!) instead of Graham.

It was kind of cool that a friend of mine was trying to play bagpipes, one time trying his best on Scotland the Brave out in the front yard around midnight - he didn't have it down, apparently, per the neighbors - but his wearing a kilt was simply too much.

Do the Irish need these signs in the old Gaelic language everywhere? It's annoying, if you ask me, just as the French is in OTQ Canada. (That's Other Than Quebec, the only province in which they DON'T use both languages!) I asked an Irish lady in the streets of Dublin, and she had the same thoughts, "multiculturalism", she said with disdain. You can be proud of your roots without introducing more cultural divides.

Even if we weren't having a directed mass immigration invasion, I think the Globalist elites would be pushing this stuff. It's enough, isn't it, that the real Irish have these accents of English that are so damned thick, that, well, it partially explains why the one guy decided to ride with us to the parking garage. Next to the castle of the other post, I talked for a minute with a guy that sounded like a foreigner - to Ireland, that is. Everything he said took about 3 seconds to figure out. There were people from all over touring the castle, so I had to guess. "Are you from Germany?" "Niagthe, aimmaugh Eireaahgueai" 3 seconds went by. "Oh, you're Irish! Sorry about that."

Then, there was Wales. Same shaithe, different country. Is it all for show, for the tourists? I wonder. I noted one sign that was only in the King's English though. That one was a small sign taped onto the hotel bathroom wall next to the toilet. "Please do not flush any other items or other paper besides toilet paper!" Oh, I get it. It's one thing to show your local multiculturalism on the road signs above the pubs, and all that. This one is about clogging up the plumbing! We need clear concise communication here, people.

There's the introduced foreign multiculturalism all over the White world, since assimilation is no longer in. It's not as bad, but I believe this Local MultiCulti crap is pushed to divide people too.

Finally, there's the story of a Welsh lorry driver who couldn't drive very well on EITHER side of the road. He was retested and the local lorry licensing office had him go to an optometrist to take the eye test over too, as perhaps that was his problem.

This man got through the "E" and right on through line 8 with no problems, which demonstrates 20/20 vision. He kept on going.

The Welch driver read out: "g y u n r h w r w d"

The optometrist was amazed. ‘You read the bottom line!’

‘Read it?’, the Welshman replied, ‘Hell, I know the guy!’

PS: How timely! VDare has an article by Mark Gullick**** in which the first segment is about mass immigration worries by the Irish regarding Georgians coming over. No, it's not the remaining members of the Allman Brothers or lesbian folks singers (the Indigo Girls would probably fit in well in the olde Irish music scene). It's not Stacey Abrams or the Guidestones bombers either. There are migrants from the ex-Soviet country of Georgia - Union Jackal On U.K. Immigration [4 ITEMS]: Georgians Heading To Ireland; Immigrants Boost Murders In Boston (Lincolnshire!); Albanian Smugglers Seek Customers On TikTok; RTC.. Yes, they cover the WHOLE immigration scene at VDare, and, let me tell you, it's a scene, man!

* I remember a post of ours with the lyrics from a band whom I called The 5-Comrade Electrical Band, in which I used these lyrics. We had a similar but more worldly picture for the anti-GPS-Nav post Sign, Sign, where'd they put the sign?, and our lyrics that time were:

Sign, sign, where'd they put the sign?
.. the GPS is yellin', I'm goin' out of my mind.
Do this, don't do that, where the hell's the sign?

** You have to be careful in reading on this or looking at maps, to know whether the question is "do people know this language?" Sure, lots are probably taught, but that's like my saying I "know" Latin from a couple of years of it in high school.

*** A guy at college named Jeff, well, as far as I knew, showed me one of his papers, and I had no idea what it even meant. "What? Jee-ahhff? Who's that?"

**** I didn't remember reading anything from this guy before. This is only his 4th post.

Wednesday - August 17th 2022 7:08PM MST
PS: Thanks for "The Urban Spaceman", Alarmist. I had never heard of them. Was that "Bobbie" part of the band?
Wednesday - August 17th 2022 7:03PM MST
PS: I thought about the point you brought up, Mr. Blanc. The best analogous situation I can come up with is the American Indians being conquered by the Americans. They have so many languages, but let's say the Navajo, who all have to deal in English to get anywhere in life, put up signs with Navajo in bigger letters above the English signs. I'd think it was just a tourist gimmick.

Wait, they didn't really have a written language anyway, come to think of it.

PS: Yeah, theirs may have been one of the very weirdest to see written out, even were it, as the reason the Codetalkers program was set up is that the language was so extremely foreign. When it gets like that, such as Chinese for me, until I learned just a tiny bit, one can't even tell where the syllables are separated. Pure gibberish to the ear.
Wednesday - August 17th 2022 9:45AM MST
PS I rather like the fact that the Celts are still resisting the English invaders 800 years on. If it annoys tourists, well, no one asked them to come there*. However, they didn’t have all that multilingual stuff when I was in Ireland 45 years ago.

* Other than their Ministry of Tourism, of course.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 17th 2022 4:57AM MST

forgot the link...


The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 17th 2022 4:51AM MST

For some reason, your footnote brought to mind The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.
Tuesday - August 16th 2022 8:53PM MST
PS: Not assimilating to '20s era norms is a good thing, Robert.
Tuesday - August 16th 2022 7:43PM MST
PS: Apropos of Immigration, Assimilation, and Helpfulness:

About ten or fifteen years ago, I was living in a 90% (generally illegal) mexican neighbourhood in a major US city. Rent was cheap, if one wasn't 15-25 years old it was safe, and their were always plenty of kids playing in the apartment complex's parking lot.

Well, one day as I was leaving the grocery store, a (five year old?) boy comes running out of the store at full speed and heads straight for traffic. I grabbed him by the arm as he passed, and gave him a strong yank --- probably twisted his arm pretty good. His mother comes out of the store, sees him crying, slaps him hard, and thanks me at length in some non-spanish mexican dialect. (Not that I would have understood the Spanish either.)

She had clearly not assimilated.
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