Long term climate predictions from "America's Science Officer"

Posted On: Tuesday - August 9th 2022 8:42PM MST
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Do you remember the winter of 1977?

"If we are unprepared for the next advance [of the Coldness], the result could be hunger and death on a scale unprecedented in all of history."

"During the lifetime of our grandchildren, Arctic cold and perpetual snow could turn most of the inhabitable portions of our planet into a Polar desert." Right now, as I sweat and write, I could really go for a Polar dessert - perhaps one of them Klondike bars would hit the spot.

In all fairness, I'm not sure if Mr. Spock was referring to the planet Vulcan, not Earth. He may be talking about a different Buffalo, New York on that other world. Peak Stupidity apologizes for our Earth-centeredness in this regard. We aim for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Helio-centricity.

"There is little doubt that the ice will return."

"From this theory, we can say with confidence, we are currently heading for another [9th] Ice Age" - Dr. James Hayes (not a Vulcan)

This starts out with that same video of the usually calm and collected Dr. Spock freaking the hell out, but this much longer clip has actual interesting science in it.

The scientists such as Dr. Hayes attributed the Ice Ages to changes in the shape of the Earth's orbit. I've read other theories based on the tilt of its axis instead. There are likely positive feedback mechanisms involving the myriad complex processes of the climate. Thing is, compared to the Ice Ages, the small changes that MIGHT be related to atmospheric CO2 levels are minor noise as compared to the glaciers coming right on down through Ohio again.

Any real, working climate model ought to either have the ice age theory built in to begin with or else be able to predict the next one.

I don't know who to believe anymore about the future of the planet, a former Star Fleet Science Officer or a teenage Swedish girl. If it's still acceptable in this day and age, I would really like to see Spock v Greta.

"How dare you speak about logic and blah, blah, blaaaahh... "[Permanent Vulcan Nerve Pinch]

The Alarmist
Friday - August 12th 2022 1:29PM MST

My favourite scene from the GOAT of the Star Trek series, primarily for Khan’s smugness (“We are one big happy fleet,”), but also for Spock’s spectacular failure as a forecaster, as he tells young Savak to mind her elders.


(He died in that one)

Adam Smith
Friday - August 12th 2022 10:28AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Dieter,

Thanks for the excellent info!





"The identification of this area of the map with the frigid Antarctic coast is also difficult to reconcile with the notes on the map which describe the region as having a warm climate."

Dieter Kief
Thursday - August 11th 2022 3:42PM MST

Mod.- Swiss glaciologist Christian Schlüchter from the cheesy Emmental - a - - scientific expert and researcher -measured the amount of sunlight, some rocks experienced after the last ice-age and - - he dug out huge trees from glaciers all over the world (something not expected by the scientific community at all- and it is easy to see why - : Because those trees way up high under glaciers are proof, how warm the weather must have been - in Switzerland for example: Just 2000 years ago.

Long story short: He says, the sun's amount of energy it is sending down here varies to a significantly higher degree than is usually thought of, and that this must be the reason for quite some changes, the glaciers went through the last several thousands of years - up until very recently (as recently as a few dozen years back). 
His colleagues in Berne and elsewhere did not like at all what he found and denied him even publication - for a while. But he managed to come to grips with this cooling phase in the scientific world's psychological climate... and succeeded in getting his findings published after a while even though.


I at times think that this might be a Semmelweis-event of the climate science and all that needs to be done now is - wait and see! - - -

There's a quite knowledgeable Russian gas-expert (he has written a dozen or so books on this subject, which are internationally well received. This man says that the processes within the atmosphere and clouds just don't work the way climate science assumes (= that the climate science etsablishment is wrong with regard to CO2 as the main driving factor behind climate change). His name is Boris M. Smirnov - half a dozen or so of his books about gases etc. are sold on Amazon, not least and appear in the best publishing houses.
Here is one of his papers on this subject:

Collision and radiative processes in emission of atmospheric carbon dioxide (casf.me)

Then there is Steve Koonin, a physicist born in NYC, who worked for the Obama administration and BP etc.. His recent book: Unsettled. Main thesis: The CO-2 hypothesis is not settled scientifically as of now.

And then there is Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore, who says now, that Greenpeace has gone haywire and - that the CO-2 hypothesis is not settled science.
Last but not least: Another Swiss outsider, chemist Thomas Allmendinger, who argues a lot like Boris Smirnov does. see this article here:

‘Greenhouse Gas Effect Does Not Exist,’ a Swiss Physicist Challenges Global Warming Climate Orthodoxy | Climate Depot

German ex-manager and chemist Fritz Vahrenholt in his book Kalte Sonne (2020 = Cold Sun) argues a lot like Smirnov and Alllmendinger. 
Thursday - August 11th 2022 1:28PM MST
PS: OK, I'm just way behind on this MeatLoaf story. Besides not knowing that there's been a long-term policy of having him get killed many movies (only one I'd known of until Adam's run-down what "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"), I'd thought that he'd died at some point in real life! Or, has Greta Rothschild been tweeting back and forth to an actual slice of meatloaf? (Never liked the stuff personally - I'd take Spam over it any day.)

Mr. Anon (and BidD, as per your comment too), I don't mind reading about scientific explanations of the climate that may get updated and even reversed as far as their conclusions. It should be made known, though, that this is climatology, a field of science, with its uncertainties. You don't make policy based on uncertain and certainly-untested, mathematical models.

The 2nd video was pretty good, IMO. If there's any long-term thing that we ought to have an explanation for by now, it's the Ice Ages. There've been 8 of them, the guy says. If they've been due astronomical phenomena, some of the most predictable physical phenomena there are, then I'd think we'd have it nailed down by now. In that case, I really want to know whether to buy that property in the former Yukon Territory or not.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - August 11th 2022 4:42AM MST

Ho-ho - new danger on old world's horizon!

The Ozone Hole Vortex
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 10:58PM MST
PS Do the "experts" get a bulk white coat discount at Costco?
So glad that I treated the bulky winter coat with the last can of ScotchGuard for when the sleet and snow comes.
There is this thing called weather not climate change and the earth will still be here long after manboons are bleached bones in the sand by half buried Statue of Liberty.
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 9:18PM MST

One argument as to why the Earth went through a cooling period from about 1940 - 1975 was that it was due to the burning of high-sulphur coal. Sulphur compounds in the atmosphere and water-droplets nucleated around SO2 molecules reflect sunlight, offsetting what would be an increase in temperature due to CO2. Concern over acid rain, starting in the 70s, led to the SO2 being scrubbed from coal exhaust, which removed this countervailing effect. That's the story of the Climate Change Crowd (CCC), anyway.

They (the CCC) have pretty much covered themselves with s**t by advocating the stifling of free inquiry or any questioning of their orthodoxy, so I no longer especially care what they say. Even if "Climate Change" is happening, I don't really care. It is a colder Earth, not a warmer Earth that will lead to famine, disease, and death.
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 12:09PM MST
PS From what I can gather, the world was headed for a constant winter disaster, then, our "experts" turned to global terra forming methods, which now, have us headed into a perpetual summer disaster. What will we do? Where can we run? The END is nigh. Science has failed us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 9:44AM MST
PS: Good afternoon,

I think the climate is just about perfect here in North Georgia. The weeds in my garden agree!

While not a lizard per se, they did name a rainfrog after her...


In harmony with this week's Meatloaf theme...

And, while I don't know if this is true, it seems quite plausible...

If it's true it would explain her meteoric rise to fame and her popularity amongst a certain subset of the population.

The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 5:45AM MST

So ... Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Greta-Spock it is.

Wait! Is there any difference between Lizard and Greta?
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 2:59AM MST
PS: I'm not up for a place like that either, Adam. I noticed that at least Science Officer Leonard Nimoy didn't give us specific climate predictions, such as where the climate would end up being perfect. Perhaps the Georgia foothills... maybe where I live.

The climate can flip on a dime, you know. Not the atmospheric energy/moisture. climate, but the political climate of how best to control the people can flip on a dime.
Leonard Nimoy
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 10:32PM MST
PS: Buffalo is a Frozen Shithole! ☮
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