Potomac Regime suppresses '24 Presidential candidate

Posted On: Tuesday - August 9th 2022 2:04PM MST
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The reader may recall that Peak Stupidity doesn't claim to be a news site. I'm pretty sure every one of our readers who is not in a coma at this point (sorry about those exercise machine posts!) has heard of the FBI raid on former President Trump's house. Why would we even comment? We all know the direction this country has taken.

Donald Trump can be a real bullshitter at times, but when the privacy of one's house gets violated, things get real, no matter who you are and what kind of sprawled out compound* you have. I read some of Mr. Trump's messages to the public on this matter last night, and he is on the money regarding the Anarcho-Tyranny, as he compared this harassment to the complete lack of any prosecution of the Hildabeast with her KNOWN shirking of security procedures with that hard drive. (Then, there's Hunter Biden, who should long ago have expired in the Tower of London with his Dad.)

We've written before about the increasingly rapid slide toward Banana-Republicanism that this country is on. Regarding the FBI, which is now nothing but a police arm of the ctrl-left Feral Gov't Establishment, we wrote a 2-part series The modern FBI and 3rd-World behavior - Part 1 - - Part 2.

My wife asked me how this stuff can be happening. How? Americans let the left infiltrate every Institution of American society for 50 years, and they're pretty much finished with that. They are very confident now, that they can act like 20th century Commies did. I personally think they are a bit overconfident. At some point people will start shooting people in their doorways.

* It's a "compound", rather than a "ranch", because Trump is a Republican. The term is used for preppers/survivalists too, no matter if one's property is smaller than Nancy Pelosi's slave quarters. Then, the Kennedies are an exception, as they've always had a compound for reasons of keeping the insane ones property contained.

Friday - August 19th 2022 4:37PM MST
PS It's time for the States to call out the National Guard to arrest or combat federal government thugs who enter their territory to violate people's rights, privacy, and property. DeSantis would be a real hero if he did that, but I'm sure he doesn't have the principles or the balls for that.

States -- and sane counties from lost States -- need to get together, stop all obedience to the federal government, and declare that federal thugs (FBI, DEA,
IRS) are unwelcome and not permitted to enter (or remain in) their States. Give existing occupiers a deadline to get the Hell out.

Then start protesting, boycotting, striking, whatever peaceful lawful activity it takes to get the FBI and the rest of its ilk abolished.
Thursday - August 11th 2022 1:16PM MST
PS: BidD, I agree that the nice relations you see from former supposed political enemies really makes you figure they have long been on the same team. It's all a game to them, I guess.

Long ago I had a post about the media couple James Carville and his wife Mary Matalin, what I'd call a Power-Pundit couple:

"Pundit vs. pundit during the slow death of the Lyin' Press"


Thanks for writing in!
Thursday - August 11th 2022 1:09PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail thanks for the interesting reading - here and on your site. I did watch the Ashley Moody comment about the persecution of Trump and yours and Mr. Kief's comments there.

For Mr. Smith, indeed it's the turning into a Banana Republic part - the destruction of rule-of-law - that is the egregious part. I does seem that in this day and age, it's the left that mostly does that, though.

Also, for Mr. Hail, and speaking of that, the Arbery case is the most sickening in this respect. It's not just this latest double jeopardy Hate Crime bit (and I don't agree with the ENTIRE IDEA of "Hate Crime" to being with.) The prosecutor shopping and the verdict itself has been meant to tell the White man "you will seriously regret defending yourself, your family, or your neighborhood." Those 3 guys do, I'm sure - hell the 1 guy, no matter what you think of citizen's arrest laws or self-defense, was simply recording a video!
Thursday - August 11th 2022 1:00PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I may be able to find this in Ron Unz's archives with his great search features - long ago I made a comment about a video I embedded there - I can't remember if it was pertinent in any way - it also had some very coincidental pattern in the 11 characters that ID the youtube video. It said U-Fag or something close to that. I remember that musical artist happened to be someone who was rumored (maybe known) to be of this sort.

I guess weird stuff is bound to happen. I imagine an old-timey cryptologist could tell you what the chances would be.
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 12:22PM MST
@Hail, Obama used every opportunity to denigrate, humiliate, and blame everything on G Bush jr.. And now they are just so buddy buddy it makes one sick. At least he didn't send the goon squad to his ranch. I guess Bush was part of the plan.
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 12:17PM MST
It seems that the League of Shadows is actually real. Only these masters of reality are totally corrupt and not seeking any kind of a balanced return.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 11:50AM MST
PS: Greetings again, Mr. Hail,


Garfinkel Name Meaning

Jewish (Ashkenazic): artificial name or nickname from Yiddish gorfinkl ‘carbuncle’ German Karfunkel. This term denoted both a red precious or semi-precious stone especially a garnet or ruby cut into a rounded shape (in which case it is an artificial name) and a large inflamed growth on the skin like a large boil (in which case it is a descriptive nickname).

A carbuncle is a cluster of boils — painful, pus-filled bumps — that form a connected area of infection under the skin. A boil is a painful, pus-filled bump that forms under your skin when bacteria infect and inflame one or more of your hair follicles.

I prefer to treat it as a descriptive nickname...

Merrick Carbuncle. A filthy pus-filled boil. (-Yuck!)

Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 11:45AM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

Thanks for the updates. Seems to me people's opinion of the FBI's raid on Trump falls along tribal lines. Democrats mindlessly cheering and Trump supporters angry. Very few people caring about the legality of the raid itself or the precedents set. Weird that they raided Trump on the same day they announce they're hiring 87,000 more IRS apparatchiks. Interesting times.

"What was the original family name of this character "Merrick Garland," when back on the shtetl they were?"

Wikipedia says that Garland was raised in Conservative Judaism, the family name having been changed from Garfinkel several generations earlier.


I hope you have a great day, Mr. Hail!

Wednesday - August 10th 2022 9:49AM MST

The main upload via Fox News Youtube channel of Florida's attorney general Ashley Moody slamming the secret-police raid against Trump:



"Florida attorney general: Today is a 'shocking' day"

Aug 9, 2022

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody shares her thoughts on the FBI raiding Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home on 'The Ingraham Angle.' #foxnews #theingrahamangle

One of the top comments:

"Florida needs to activate the state national guard against these actions."
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 9:37AM MST

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was outraged at the violation of Florida territory by dozens of highly armed political-police dispatched from afar. She appeared outraged, shaken, and disturbed when interviewed on one of the Fox News evening political-news-talk shows.

See thee four-minute interview here:


She says the secret-police had not bothered informing her, despite her status as top law-enforcement official in Florida.

Meanwhile, her opponent the major Corona-Panic figure Daniel Uhlfelder praised the raid in the highest of terms, quote: "It's about time Mar-A-Lago is treated like the crime scene it is! Committing and admitting to crimes in plain sight must have consequences in order for us to have trust in our legal system. I say, 'Lock him up'..." (Statement by Daniel Uhlfelder, Aug. 8, 2022, on the Trump raid.)


Both these people, Ashley Moody and Daniel "Embrace the Panic" Uhlfelder are highly relevant to the raid news, being the top law official in Florida and her challenger. Profiled by me here:


(Daniel Uhlfelder's very-honest and not-bad-faith-at-all latest campaign slogan: "Rent's gone up? Utilities bills skyrocketed? Property insurance through the roof? You can 'thank' Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody who accepts large sums of money from the corporations.")
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 9:33AM MST

(adding for reference)

From the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights (4th Amendment):

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause."
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 9:24AM MST

Moderator wrote: "I would like to see something bad happen to Merrick Garland."

Now many people know it, but this man is the second U.S. Attorney General named Garland. The first was in the later 1800s and was a White-Christian. Name: Augustus H. Garland of Arkansas.

The first Attorney General Garland sided with the Confederacy, later became Governor of Arkansas, U.S. Senator, and finally appointed by Grover Cleveland as U.S. Attorney General in 1885.

The first Attorney General Garland was a typical member of his class for the time, taking no actions whatsoever with intention to crush, humiliate, demean, demoralize, or vilify the White-Christian little guy, as is the modus operandi of the 21st-century Attorney General Garland. (The drama repeats with same-named actors, except this time as farce.)

What was the original family name of this character "Merrick Garland," when back on the shtetl they were?
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 9:07AM MST

Some top headlines in the US national news in the 24 hours concurrent with the Trump raid:

- "Hate crimes" charges against the two Georgia white men maliciously prosecuted over the "jogger" burglar death in 2020. (No one in mainstream points out that he would have not been put on trial at all before the mid-2020 BLM maoist-red-guard-like breakout.)

- Gloating continued when it came out that one of these Georgia men had requested protections from the prison, separation from the general population. The falsely convicted man has reason to come to fear there is a plan by other inmates to murder him in prison, according to his lawyer.

- Plans by prosecutors to charge a 90-year-old White woman with some kind of crime over supposedly defaming or lying about Emmitt Till in the 1950s, may not go forward.

- The Muslim-targeting race-terrorist turned out to be from Afghanistan and the story dropped.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 8:40AM MST
PS: Good morning, gentlemen,

Thanks for the links, Messrs. Hail and Kief!

I agree, Mr. Moderator. Led Zepplin II is an interesting album.

And, no, Mr. Alarmist, I didn't notice the inclusiveness of that video ID until you pointed it out. LzGBQerkvWs... Lol...

The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 5:49AM MST

@Mr. Smith, did you notice the coding of that video ID looks a little “inclusive”?
Wednesday - August 10th 2022 3:07AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I'm sure Ron Paul deplores all this. I will say that he usually has an optimistic final paragraph in his columns, and I'm not normally so really in agreement with said optimism. Yes, he's doing great in his early '80s!

Mr. Smith, that's the one. Led Zeppelin II was amazing to me at first listen - I didn't know what to make out of some of it.

Dieter, I will finish the Mark Anton article shortly. He says: "The regime can’t allow Trump to be president not because of who he is (although that grates), but because of who his followers are. " Yep, it's not the man himself they don't want to see in power, as he''s kind of incompetent, to be honest. They don't want to see the people with any power.
Dieter Kief
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 11:59PM MST

This article is quite good as a background analysis about the light, in which Donald Trump appears for the elite: "They Can't Let Him Back In" -


A well written consise think-piece by well read and experienced - - - Michael Anton - (written before the raid).
Adam Smith
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 10:28PM MST
PS: Good evening, or night, or morning...
or whatever the case may be...


Tuesday - August 9th 2022 9:32PM MST

Ron Paul speaks on the the Trump raid:

26-minute interview:

2-minute clip:

Ron Paul says the Trump raid represents overreach that grows into an unaccountable and unstoppable "Monster," comparing it directly to Covid-Lockdown-Mania of 2020 and all the lies that came with Lockdownism. But people got tired of the Panic, and enough people stopped believing the government. All the same will happen with these raids.

I assume RP's next column will have a polished version of much the same. I must say, at his age, being in his later eighties, RP looks and sounds great.

(Compare to JB: ...Today we were graced with footage of Biden unable to get out of a jacket after getting off Air Force One and fumbling around with it till DOCTOR Jill helped him. His arm repeatedly got stuck in the arm-hole of the jacket. It was very perplexing, I am sure, to Biden; the isolation from his brush with the Wuhan-Apocalypse-Virus and his long period back in the Basement, must have shaken him.)
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 9:06PM MST
PS: On your 2nd comment, yes, I see what you mean about "China tactics". The powers-that-be there would make a move like this, with nobody thinking it's out of the ordinary.

Are Americans that bad now, with these 2 years of being oppressed and many agreeing with the whole thing? I don't know. I'm hopeful that the stupidity of the whole thing is beginning to be seen by more and more people, who may say to themselves "never again".

I would like to see something bad happen to Merrick Garland. I find it hard to believe that there is someone worse than Eric Holder as Attorney General. Perhaps Holder was just as evil but less competent. It was a different time, too.

Regarding that one Mao sack-hanger that I've mentioned, I think he lives in Thailand. His business is showing Americans around the place as a retirement spot. I think the Chinese are too smart to let Godfree Roberts in, as they don't really want another actual died-in-the-wool Communist.
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 8:59PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, on your 1st comment, no doubt Mr. "Blompf" was a lot of talk with no action to back it. I will say that not he, of course, but a working DOJ, having done an actual investigation, SHOULD have had a good reason to lock up the Hildabeast. As with "Build the Wall!", these expressions like "Lock her Up!" are very good in campaign rallies. But, yes, it was just BS. In the old days, when decorum was present, the candidate would have just noted that "a serious investigation is warranted". (That's perhaps too long for American voters to keep in their heads.

Right, Trump did not provide any support for his loyal supporters who are as yet still political prisoners in FS. That's even though he was still President for a few weeks after Jan 6th '21. He's not the guy you want watching your six.

I almost, but forgot to include, my thoughts here in this comment - I thought of making a short 2nd one... One thing Trump is, is a symbol. He's a symbol for Americans who are against the Deep State, against Conservative, Inc. (same as GOPe?), etc. He may be bumbling and not very efficient, with no well-thought-out strategy whatsoever, but he's a rallying point for those who want to show that they do not want America to keep heading in the direction it's been headed.
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 8:42PM MST

Mr. Moderator, I agree with you that it's another step to go "from oppressing the regular people to persecuting their leaders (or best facsimile thereof)."

I'd think the umbrella-term "China tactics" covers both things. China does both, a matter of course. Crushing and manipulating the individual (little guy) and intriguing against big guys who fall out of favor.

A thought-experiment: What would be the reaction if PRC-China ruling authorities cited some domestic-politics controversy of Year X raided a previous Chairman's residence w ho had been in power in Year X-5?

The basic thing about PRC-China is, for whatever good they may have or seem to have (and which idiots like that one old-line Marxist living in Cambodia on the Unz Review who you like to mock always will have ready for their talking-points), they run an unaccountable and arbitrary system, highly centralized, and there is so much deception and things going on the concept of truth or reality doesn't quite match ours; all truth becomes relative.

(Yeah, that also sounds like the USA now, but I mean the traditional version of the USA and the Western tradition in general as comparison point).

As a result, there is much less of a sense of religious-like respect for the Rule of Law in principle, and to the extent there is such a sense, people are too disorganized or frightened to push back (until major blow-ups happen; cf. their many civil wars). That's why China so often do "Mar-a-Lago raid"-type actions and get away with it.

I think Attorney General Merick Garland and others believe they can do the same, burn through institutions, on the China model--because they can get away with it, and people can get used to thinking like the subjects of the PRC-Superstate, just like they learned to love the mask, lockdowns, and anti-social distancing; just like they learned to accept unnecessary injections two to four times a year. (By the way, around two more Ontario doctors have mysteriously collapsed and died since my last posting here on the matter.)
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 8:24PM MST

"Regime suppresses '24 Presidential candidate"

The more important thing is that he is an ex-President. There has never been a tradition of seeking to destroy, humiliate, crush, put on trial, or imprison ex-presidents for any reason. To use a cliche of commentary on the Mar-a-Lago raid, that is one thing that defines Third Word politics.

In the interests of completeness or fairness, some will be inclned to remind us that Trump was the first to use the "lock her up" rhetoric, with his repeated threats to put Hillary in prison. That was a major breach of political decorum, and did put Trump into the Third World strongman mold. Exept for one important thing: as usual, Blompf was all talk, and never made any moves at all to legally harass Hillary much less put her in jail. (Maybe there was a half-baked plan to do so but Kushner vetoed it and it was dropped immediately.) Meanwhile, his own supporters began to get harassed and jailed and he did nothing.

I have long concluded the man is a buffoon. This latest drama is his latest convenient surge of sympathy. It almost makes me wonder if this isn't the intended reaction by the Regime.
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 8:06PM MST
PS: Hmmm, Soros sounds a lot like Sauron. (I gotta say that after being made to read that thick The Hobbit in HS, I'd about had it with all that. I do like that stuff about Mordor and all in the Led Zeppelin song though ...)

I remember that "Fundamental Transformation" bit. You done good, Hussein, you done good!

Alarmist, that BB sounds very close to reality. This indeed my boost Trump's campaign nicely.

Mr. Hail, they've gone from oppressing the regular people to persecuting their leaders (or best facsimile thereof). That's another step, I'd say.
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 7:45PM MST

"how this stuff can be happening. How?"

China tactics worked in 2020, so why not in 2022?
The Alarmist
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 2:45PM MST

They’d better hurry up, indict him and get him into a DC court, or this might be a great thing for Mr. Trump.

And now, your moment of Zen from the Bee:

The Regime of Sauron on the Potomac
Tuesday - August 9th 2022 2:44PM MST
PS How about that Fundamental Transformation in Dingle Barry's third term. Yes we can!
Oh wait, no one said that it would be an improvement.
These things happen when a crime syndicate masquerading as a political party (CPUSA) is owned by external enemies and ordered to the do the heavy lifting of burning it all down by any means necessary.
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