MonkeyPox as AIDS 2.0 + Monkee and non-Monkey Music

Posted On: Saturday - August 6th 2022 7:23PM MST
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I was talking to a friend just now about this new MonkeyPox "scare". Really, I haven't had to deal with it one bit, having not kept up with big-media stories*, and I gotta say the whole KungFlu PanicFest seems to have dropped off the radar, as far as the travel industry goes. (I promise to have real reports next week.)

Yeah, this is AIDS 2.0, though, for those stricken, it doesn't sound as life-threatening. (But no, I absolutely DON'T want to see any more pictures! I don't get paid Doctor wages - I shouldn't have to look at rashes on strangers, sorry.) What I mentioned to said friend is that the government and media seem to be running the exact same scam (for money, panic, or sympathy - or a combination thereof) as they did for AIDS 1.0 about 40 years ago. Is this because we have a new crowd in these Institutions that doesn't remember the original scam, or is it that they do remember, but they think the public doesn't remember it?

What is this scam? Oh yeah, the deal is that, even though this too is a disease spread almost solely by gay sex, they will scare people into thinking that anyone can get it just as easily. It'd be great to be up there on a morning talk show on TV, in a debate with one of the usual moronic press types telling me "Hey this is serious! ANYONE can get the MonkeyPox." "OK, I'm so sorry. You are right. ANYONE CAN get the MonkeyPox ... if he fucks a stranger in the ass, that is!"

"Oh, and I got moving pictures. This is what happens. You see what happens?":

And now, on a quite different note, we hear from Mr. Anon in The Unz Review comments that The Seekers singer Judy Durham has died. They were before my time, but Peak Stupidity did feature their song Georgy Girl almost 5 years back. That video is of a show in Melbourne, Australia** 55 years back. The audience was quite non-diversified, and you can see the same with a quite different Aussie band doing a bagpipe rock number in that same city here in that same city.

I just picked a song I liked - never heard it before - to mark this sad occasion - called Morningtown Ride. Judith Durham is singing about a train ride.

Speaking of train rides, since we used every mode of transportation on our recent trip other than bicycle - OK, and lawn chairs lifted by balloons - I had a Gerry Rafferty song in my head during part of the train ride into London. This song was likely featured on the site before, since I'm a big Gerry Rafferty fan***, but here's City to City anyway. It's from his best album, titled the same.

Oh yeah, this post had something to do with Monkeys, so why not another train song, by The Monkees. It was written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart and sung by the drummer Micky Dolenz.

OK, that was almost all fluff this week, here on Peak Stupidity. We'll be writing about immigration, the UK, and more Kung Flu stupidity next week, hopefully in more posts.

* I've just been reading Steve Sailer's take. He does seem completely hip to the Panic-fraud with this one, quite to my relief.

** The band was Australian.

*** I talked to a Scottish lady for a bit in Ireland, and at least she'd heard of the guy.

Mr. Anon
Monday - August 8th 2022 8:03PM MST

@Adam Smith

M"eatloaf Film Deaths..."

Wow! That's some list. Meatloaf even gives Sean Bean a run for his money.

Regarding Judith Durham: She had a lovely voice. IMO, her best song was "The Carnival is Over". I wish I've always liked The Seekers. They remind us of a much more civilized time.
SD Plissken
Sunday - August 7th 2022 6:26PM MST
PS Comrade commissar Fauci was around during the AIDS scare and he is the evil bureaucrat denying medicine in the Dallas Buyers Club movie for the nothing new under the sun.
Scuttlebutt on interwebs is that Russia will classify the COV-LARP (any photos of the most dastardly virus evarz?) as a US made in the Kraine bioweapon.
All kinds of kabuki with Operation Vodka Breath in Taiwan after the green light from Beijing CCP Pelosi so we'll see.
Don't forget Stealers Wheel where Gerry Rafferty was a member and the great Stuck in The Middle...with the Grand Old Politburo and the CPUSA.
Sunday - August 7th 2022 3:12PM MST

Daily Stupid field report:

"My colleagues and I agree that Mandatory Monkeypox vaccines, Monkeypox-jab passports, and compulsory Monkeypox anal swabs are all on the table," Dr. Antwon Fauchingo-Shabaz, head of the Global Association for Youth Monkeypox Emancipation and Neutralization (GAYMEN), said Sunday.

The emerging star Monkeypox fighter and head of the vigorous and active GAYMEN organization made these remarks after an hours-long, closed-door meeting with several WHO leaders. The WHO leaders emerged from the chamber looking "shaken," "disheveled ," and "frightened," eyewitnesses said.

Sunday - August 7th 2022 2:27PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I've been reading through your and Dieter Kief's discussion of the situation in Germany on your blog, on and off. I guess I've been thinking of this country for the most part - but lately with my impression from the UK (coming in some posts).
Sunday - August 7th 2022 10:35AM MST

Finally, on the idea that "the whole KungFlu PanicFest seems to have dropped off the radar":

I don't suppose you follow the news from Germany closely. You are probably peripherally aware that an extremist Pro-Panic junta has re-seized control there.

This Panic-junta has unveiled its plant to restrict the civil rights of Unvaccinateds starting October 1, 2022. The junta plans to grant full civil rights only to the Fully Vaccinated. Those who have gotten a verified injection within 90 days are the proposed tier-one for having most civil rights, down to the completely unvaccinated who shall feel under major pressure again.

The same security forces that were ordered to stand down while 1.5 million Muslims illegally entered Germany in 2015-16, are now training to bash heads of Corona-dissidents who might dare to protest the perma-emergency. One of the junta figures has been saying there is a need for a permanent state-of-emergency.

One of the main masterminds behind this awful plan released this week, had a strategy session to coordinate with the Biden people in late July, about two weeks before releasing this stink-bomb into the crowded train-car of political discourse in that unfortunate country. Very interesting timing...
Sunday - August 7th 2022 10:28AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, OK, that's somewhat good to hear. It's not like I'd pay any attention to anyone telling me I need the Monkeypox vaccine. I doubt I'll be getting any vaccines ever again in my life - got the kid ones that were around then, and the flu shot perhaps twice in my adult life. If they need volunteers, should I post "get vaccinated. Postules are bad, mmmkaay" posters in the bathhouses or do you think I might get some blowback - wait, he said blowback!

Mister Smith and Alarmist: I had no idea that it was a big thing - Meatloaf getting offed all over TV and the movies! Haha, he's like Kenny on SouthPark, so I guess Parker and Stone (?) may have copied that idea. Thanks for the run-down on it, Adam.

I'm looking forward to the next issue of The Daily Stupid.
Sunday - August 7th 2022 10:25AM MST

"I gotta say the whole KungFlu PanicFest seems to have dropped off the radar, as far as the travel industry goes"

It depends where you're coming and going from. We still cannot enter Canada; nor can an Unvaxxxxxed Canadian cross into the US.

Having heard from someone who was in Maine and recently went to Canada on a day trip, they do indeed have a team of Vaxxx-inspectors ready by force to deny entry to people, at the land border entry points. A stupid use of resources.

You didn't have to do Covid tests to enter the UK or the USA? The testing thing is a significant burden in some cases, depending where you are, at least a waste of time (it could soak up a half a day with all the moving parts involved), and a waste of up to $150 per test.
Sunday - August 7th 2022 10:20AM MST

Moderator: "a vaccination program is being promoted - for everyone?"

Not as far as I know, not for Monkeypox.

They may feel still under significant pressure for over-committing to the Covid vaccines and are treading lightly. They are like people involved in a criminal conspiracy that goes over the line and they have no choice but to stay with the gang, they cannot back out now without major negative consequences for themselves.

People remember the crazy fire-and-brimstone threats, the "Winter of Death for all you subhuman Unvaccinateds out there; you know who you are, and should be ashamed of yourselves and feel the heat" (paraphrase from Joe Bien), that Unvaccinateds are the Sole Cause of the 'pandemic' (Doctor Fauci), and the need for a moral jihad against Unvaccinated Terrorists via restrictions on movement and crippling fines against them (from many leaders, some even did begin imposing the fines).
The Alarmist
Sunday - August 7th 2022 9:41AM MST

lulz ... Meatloaf well done and dusted, Mr. Smith.
The Daily Stupid
Sunday - August 7th 2022 9:06AM MST
PS: One More Headline...

Dr. Fauci Visits Gay Bath Houses and Orgies to Learn More About How Monkeypox is Spread...

The Daily Stupid
Sunday - August 7th 2022 9:04AM MST
PS: In Other News...

The World Health Organization Declares Man on Man Sex a Public Health Crisis!

Just Kidding...

Adam Smith
Sunday - August 7th 2022 9:01AM MST
PS: Happy Sunday, Everyone,

Meatloaf Film Deaths...

• The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) [Eddie]: Hacked to death with an axe (off-screen) by Tim Curry in a meat locker; we only hear the blows after Tim chases him into the locker. His mutilated body (obviously a dummy) is shown afterwards when Tim uncovers the glass table after serving him to his dinner guests.

• Out of Bounds (1986) [Gil]: Shot in the throat by Raymond J. Barry.

• Black Dog (1998) [Red]: Killed in an explosion when he crashes his truck while trying to kill Patrick Swayze. (Thanks to Michael)

• Fight Club (1999) [Robert 'Bob' Paulsen]: Shot in the head by police while running away with the other members of Project Mayhem; his body is shown afterwards after they bring him back to Fight Club's headquarters.

• Blacktop (2000) [Jack]: Killed when his truck goes over a cliff. (Thanks to Blackkat)

• Formula 51 (The 51st State) (2001) [The Lizard]: Explodes after he drinks an explosive formula that Samuel L. Jackson had slipped into Meat Loaf's drink. (Thanks to Bailey, Debi, ND, Matt, and Anthony)

• Trapped (2001) [Jim Hankins]: Falls to his death when the floor of the burning hotel collapses beneath him. (Thanks to Blackkat)

• The Salton Sea (2002) [Bo]: Shot to death by either Anthony LaPaglia or Doug Hutchison during a robbery at Meat Loaf's hotel/drug lab.

• BloodRayne (2005) [Leonid] Dies after being exposed to the sun which causes his body to burn and turn into a pile of ash after Michael Madsen destroys the windows in the room holding out the light.

• Stage Fright (2014) [Roger McCall]: Slashed across the stomach with a buzzsaw by Allie MacDonald as he's trying to kill her, after Kent Nolan plugs in the buzzsaw while Allie is holding it agains Meat Loaf's stomach.

• Magnificent 7 (20lazy) only watched 20min so I have no further info. Noticed meatloaf on screen and wondered how many times has he died on film. Google got me here.

Meatloaf TV Deaths...

• Monsters: Where's the Rest of Me? (1988) [Dr. Willard Wingite]: Hit in the chest with an axe and heart removed by the undead Frank Tarsia, who then implants the heart into his own body.

• Tales from the Crypt: What's Cookin'? (1992) [Chumley]: Killed (off-screen) by Judd Nelson; his body is shown afterwards hanging in the meat locker when Judd shows it to Christopher Reeve. (Thanks to Stephen, PortsGuy, and Michael)

• Nash Bridges: Wild Card (1997) [Charlie Pep]: Shot in his motorboat by James Pax's thugs.

• Masters of Horror: Pelts (2006) [Jake Feldman]: Bleeds to death after skinning off his torso; he dies while struggling with Ellen Ewusie in an elevator. His body is shown again when Link Baker and the police discover him.

"In This Bath House We Believe..."
I like it. I can make that happen.

Sunday - August 7th 2022 8:51AM MST
PS: "I find movies where Meatloaf died to generally be more entertaining." Is it just the one? "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" had some GREAT music.
The Alarmist
Sunday - August 7th 2022 8:47AM MST

First rule of Bathhouse: Don’t talk about Bathhouse.

I find movies where Meatloaf died to generally be more entertaining.
Sunday - August 7th 2022 8:44AM MST
PS: Right you are, M. It's the same damned guy from 40 years ago. After the very obvious lying and stupidity of the Kung Flu, why do people still listen to Dr. Fauci again? Oh, yeah, because he's ON TV!

Mr. Smith, I liked that sign - no pictures of the postules themselves so safe for work, or the bathhouse. Speaking of which, if you made this one, it may take changing around other wording, but how about "In this Bathhouse we believe ..."?
Adam Smith
Sunday - August 7th 2022 8:24AM MST
PS: Good morning, gentlemen,

Mr. Hail, it seems the media is sending mixed messages about the STD known as monkeypox...

Monkeypox is not an STI! Why calling it one is Dangerous, adds stigma...

'Stressed out' STD clinics struggle to handle surge in monkeypox patients as U.S. outbreak grows...


Mr. Moderator, I know that you “absolutely DON'T want to see any more pictures!” But...

Sunday - August 7th 2022 7:20AM MST
The same guy is in charge as the last time, so you would get the same attempted solutions - especially since he wasn't punished for it last time either.
The Alarmist
Sunday - August 7th 2022 5:54AM MST

The problem is not promiscuity per se, but selectivity, as too many of the problem group will still have anal sex with others who look one breath removed from death and are likely petri dishes for all sorts of disease.
Sunday - August 7th 2022 4:25AM MST
PS: Anti-Gnostic suggested the "Marginal Revolution" site in the comments here before, Mr. Hail. That was an accurate comment he wrote. It's unbelievable that a vaccination program is being promoted - for everyone? (As in Kindergarten - well, little Tyler was the one who had butt sex with Conner, so we're all going to have to get punished now. This will teach you all a good lesson.)

Yeah, "STD", formerly "VD" doesn't have the pizazz it used to. The scam is that they are recycling the original AIDS media lies, without too many people pointing that out - maybe they are, and I'm not paying attention. Steve Sailer has noted this, at least.

Sunday - August 7th 2022 2:00AM MST

"What is this scam?"

Is it that they've seen the awe-some power of public health scares, but feel it would simply lose its awe-inspiring if classified as an STD?

It is said STD rates have been rising for some years even controlling for racial-demographics. But that news never triggered any kind of moral-panic, as far as I can see.
Sunday - August 7th 2022 1:57AM MST

The economist-pundit-blogger Tyler Cowen has been promoting in a moderate form of Monkeypox-Panic (and some revived old-tyme Corona-Panic), as here:

"How many times are we going to make this kind of mistake??" (Aug. 4, 2022)

The 'mistake' he refers to is sluggishness on Monkeypox-vaccines when what is needed---as with "Covid," implied----is an aggressive, widespread ask-few-questions vaccination program.


Peak Stupidity reader Anti-Gnostic has some comments there which got a lot of attention there.

(quote from Anti-Gnostic)

"Gay man-world means there's nobody to say No. Imagine a middle-class heterosexual just going to an outdoor arts festival over the weekend and bam, have sex with several strangers.

That's why an obscure African virus is suddenly everywhere: gay men are exponentially promiscuous.

Two to three percent of the population--what a gift."

(end quote)
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