Pyongyang Traffic Girls From The Sky

Posted On: Thursday - August 4th 2022 5:48PM MST
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Commenter Adam Smith pasted the link to the video below under Monday's post Bizarro-world stupidity out of the Orient. That post was about North Korea. Peak Stupidity has found itself on some sort of North Korea kick this whole week so far. That will end with this one, as there are loads of posts that have accumulated in the queue* from the time on our trip.

I don't know why this video is so funny, at least the 1st time around, but, believe me, it is. I think it's that I can imagine leaders of N. Korea that may come up with crazy stunts being like Lawn Chair Larry Walters but with unlimited funds and budgets and much less of a history of common sense, DIY, practical know-how.


If anyone reading knows Korean, can you tell me if the audio matches the captions. If yes, is this Koreans having some fun or is it people in on the fun but still the butt of the joke at the same time? Who is the cutie in the uniform?

UPDATE: Commenter Hail, who knows a lot about Korea says the caption says in general:
Here are these new big sun-umbrellas installed to help the traffic guards from the glare of the sun. They can also be used for rain, and help work proceed at maximum efficiency. And while they are transportable, mostly they are praising how comfortable it is to use them for shade or protection from precipitation. It's a great innovation. "I am so happy about this great innovation."
Peak Stupidity will have posts coming on the shitshow called airport security (well, what would a reader expect?), the political correctness, now in it's more deadly form, wokeness, in the UK, and some residual Kung Flu stupidity, with a number of pictures. Every picture tells a story, don't it?. That is, as soon as the lead blogger recovers...

* In fact the very word "queue" is in here due to our trip to the UK. (I do know the word has been used for a long time in the computer world and the math that inhabits that world.)

Friday - August 5th 2022 5:03PM MST
PS Thanks for that, Hail. It appeared too wacky even for the Kims.
Dieter Kief
Friday - August 5th 2022 12:14PM MST
Perseverence is No. 2 on the big five scale - conscientiousness beats all others combined, though, Mr. Hail, when it comes to real world sucess. So: Alex Jones is high on Soros-perseverence, no doubt about that.
Btw. - I agree with Joe Rogan and Dave Rubin, who were concerned, when the Alex Jones bans began. Here I'm very much on team Chomsky/Unz - as opposed to team Weinstein/ Harris: Free speech is free speech.
Friday - August 5th 2022 10:35AM MST

Mr . Kief (and others), are you aware that for years the Alex Jones circle insisted on calling George Soros a "Nazi collaborator"?

Alex Jones would almost not mention the word "Soros" without using the word "Nazi" within about five or ten seconds on either side.
Friday - August 5th 2022 10:32AM MST

"re: the captioning /the joke here"

I wonder how many of the viewers of this video won't get that it's a joke?

A whole lot of very serious people apparently believed the equally wacky stories over the years, such as one about five years ago that Kim Jong Un had a critic seized by guards and fed him to a pack of attack-dogs. The dogs had starved and given a taste of blood and when the critic was tossed into their den (the report went) they tore the critic limb from limb, and devoured the remains of the critic's carcass. This report seeped into "mainstream media." A few months later that very critic was found alive and well.

This kind of wacky false-captioning joke might be done for other languages but seems so much more likely for North Korea.
Friday - August 5th 2022 10:25AM MST
PS: Thanks for the reply re: the captioning /the joke here, Mr. Hail. I'll update the post soon, but I spent time futilely but enjoyable rebutting some Ron Unz stupidity on his site (that long anti-vaxxers thread) and we gotta get out. Then, I need to download pics for commentary later on. Have a nice day everyone, or of what's left of it!
Dieter Kief
Friday - August 5th 2022 10:08AM MST
Misters. Hail & Mod. - this Soros man is quite somehting.
Two people in Europe who did/do not want to work with him: Angela Merkel (she never met him even though he really tried to) - and Victor Orban.

Steve Sailer wrote quite a bit about this juridical engagement of Mr. Soros It seems as if it would have helped a lot to make the 2020 voting-engagment of him more effectivce).

This would be a great subject for a book I thought - more than once lately (I then think, that this story should also encompass Penn-State Law professor Amy Wax' observations/remarks, if that does not sound too far off - my thoughts in this regard are simple: It is easier to influence/ corrupt people who are not too capable?).
Friday - August 5th 2022 9:58AM MST

"If anyone reading knows Korean, can you tell me if the audio matches the captions."

The answer is, No.

Although it can be hard to understand the North Korean speaking style, having never been there (and they also use a "stylized" speaking accent for all news programs, as does South Korea in their own way; it is easier to fully understand the "on-the-street" interviews than the stylized narration), I understand enough to say the captions are totally off.

What they are saying is:

Here are these new big sun-umbrellas installed to help the traffic guards from the glare of the sun. They can also be used for rain, and help work proceed at maximum efficiency. And while they are transportable, mostly they are praising how comfortable it is to use them for shade or protection from precipitation. It's a great innovation. "I am so happy about this great innovation."

The captioneer just makes up a crazy version of a mundane story.

The meta-commentary here, to me, is this is a typical case of how North Korea gets used to look crazy or exotic, as something magically beyond the mundane. Maybe negative or maybe even positive in some ways in some cases, but always "weird" (or, for many South Koreans, as more pure). Foreign consumers of this often readily believe it, or are willing to sort of believe it. I have a theory that a version of the same phenomenon is why "K-Pop" became so popular. So both North and South Korea benefit from the same.
Friday - August 5th 2022 9:50AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I just read your comment here, and I see that you have updated your post and added a comment. The firing of Andrew Warren is great news. The actions of Aramis Alaya completely make sense now, as something more than just the tribal blacks excusing themselves from the rule of law due to blackness. George Soros wouldn't mind if it looked like that though ...

What a stark difference Gov. DeSantis action here makes as compared to Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions - don't get me wrong, I'm not at all comparing the great immigration patriot Sessions with this POS Alaya. It's just that if Session's recusal of himself was hurting Donald Trump, well, Trump could have privately asked Sessions to resign, come up with a decent excuse for the public, and then supported Sessions in his later run for Senator from Alabama. This is as opposed to what Trump did, which was to get in a long pubic he said/she said tweeting match, and then support Sessions' primary opponent (thereby losing one of the best Senators on immigration, Trump's signature issue!) later on, out of pure spite. That was 14 y/o schoolgirl stuff.

I read about these Soros-supported D/A's A/G's etc, all over the country. No doubt this is a plan, a strategy, a conspiracy. As for Dan Uhlfelder, I guess he doesn't need Soros money as much, and Soros doesn't need to pay him - he's already down with the destroy-America agenda.

Friday - August 5th 2022 9:28AM MST
PS: Oh yeah, Alarmist, I can see that it's all a joke - It takes a lot more material in the right shape to hold just a human alone under 10-20 ft/s or so as one would descend (I'm just estimating) under a wing-type chute before flaring.

I just am not sure if the Koreans speaking in the video are part of the joke or the butt of the joke, or both. Perhaps the Korean language audio says something completely different or they are South Koreans in on the joke - I didn't think the Norks have quite the sense of humor for this.

BTW, I'll add to the post something else about Larry Walters vs. N. Koreans. What they likely don't have that traditional Americans have is lots of common-sense knowledge, and a tradition of real knowhow, DIY and entrepreneurship.
Friday - August 5th 2022 8:49AM MST

DeSantis fired one of "Soros district attorneys" yesterday, a a particularly flagrant case of selective prosecutor.

The name of the terminated district attorney is Andrew Warren. He is now without a job and in disgrace. A Soros investment that has met the end of its profitability.

Andrew Warren had announced there was nothing the DeathSantis bozos could do about it and he would refuse to prosecute according to immoral right-wing laws. But he did successfully put some pastors in jail for holding in-person church services during the LOCKDOWNS of 2020, before the DeSantis government transitioned to full opposition to the Panic.

This dramatic, national-headline case happened three days after my post on the Uhlfelder attorney general race went up, which raised exactly the same issue. Uhlfelder's rival, Aramis Ayala, is of the same type. Because of the Andrew Warren firing I've since discovered that Uhlfelder opponent Aramis Ayala was also a recipient of huge funding from the Soros network, which led to her 'surprise' election in 2017.

Meanwhile, the Covid-Panic-pusher Uhlfelder's funding is through his Jewish network in Florida. Uhlfelder himself is said to be a multimillionaire.
The Alarmist
Friday - August 5th 2022 7:53AM MST

BTW, it’s a good thing Prof. Dr. Lauterbach was 4x vaxxed and N95 masked, or he might have gotten COVID even worse ... can’t wait to see how Paxlovid works for him. He was clearly on the wrong side of the DDR line.
The Alarmist
Friday - August 5th 2022 7:29AM MST

Good morning, Mr Smith et al ...

Appropo Live, Laugh Love
The Alarmist
Friday - August 5th 2022 7:25AM MST

Gee, it’s a shame they didn’t show one floating down from the sky. I think the Dear Leader and his traffic babes are punking us, because that canopy wouldn’t safely drop the platform, much less the platform plus babe.

I do love a pretty girl in a nice fitting uniform.
Adam Smith
Friday - August 5th 2022 4:59AM MST
PS: Good morning, everyone,

Happy to hear you enjoyed the video, Mr. Moderator.
Hope you had a nice vacation.

Friday - August 5th 2022 4:54AM MST
PS: Mr. High Speed Rail, that tree bark diet was in during the latter part of the great starvation in ~ 1960 China, the result of the brilliant "Great" Leap Forward. Thanks for the comment.

Mr. Kief, I did see that one. I pretty much agreed, so I didn't write back. I still have more to say on the latest FL AG-candidate Uhlfelder posts, as I read through the post yesterday.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - August 4th 2022 10:44PM MST
Mod. - I dropped you a note over at Mr. Hail's blog to a post of yours I had ovelooked about Frankfurt / Frankfurt et. al.
NYC To Hawaii High Speed Rail
Thursday - August 4th 2022 8:04PM MST
PS Norkland has the poop museum and the tree bark diet is the ultimate in egalitarian equity.
Coming soon to a fading banana republic kleptocracy near you.
Food is a weapon to Long Marching global soviet statist utopians and there won't be any vote on the neo-feudal serf plantation in muh democracy.
Dese tings happen ven you get in zee pods and eat zee bugz.
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