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Posted On: Wednesday - August 3rd 2022 3:01PM MST
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... as opposed to with Ron Unz:

Mind you, my post title and its continuation here apply specifically to a stand on the Kung Flu vaccine, but not anything else. In fact, as I've disclaimed a number of times, Ron Unz, creator/owner/operator of The Unz Review had done America a great service with this nearly-ultimate free speech platform ( ... if only more Americans would read parts of the site).

What irks me about his stance on the Kung Flu stupidity over the last 2 1/2 years is that he is no stupid man by any mean, so why can't he see the forest instead of just his one "America did it!" tree? Secondly, it's just a real shame we don't have a guy like him on the side of concerned patriotic Americans on the 2 (now) important issues of the Kung Flu Totalitarianism and the worries about the new gene therapy vaccination that has been pushed on us heavy-handedly. We last commented on the former of these concerns (just briefly) in the post Some people ya' just cain't reach....

Regarding the latter, the jab, well, Mr. Unz kindly provided a forum for the very people he thinks are the silly anti-vaxxers under a post of his that called them silly anti-vaxxers in so many words. Hey, he's a bit of a weirdo but a real stalwart for free speech. I guess then chiming in on that thread to argue with the people he gave a forum to is his prerogative. I do understand the temptation to do this very much. The post with a nearly 900 comment thread is Vaxxing Conspiracies and 700,000 Rumble views. (Hey, the man's proud of his Rumble views. What can I say?)

Let it be said first that Ron Unz does not agree that the taking of this vaccine should be mandatory. He's said before that if we die off quickly due to Covid then we get what we deserve. I have no problem with that attitude - pure Libertarianism.

The gist of the problem that I and plenty of commenters (I'm sure readers and nonreaders too, for that matter) do have with Mr. Unz's attitude, is that, well, just look at his title. Mr. Unz is a big believer in conspiracy theories. I'm down with that too. There have probably been lots of them, and he has probably barked up the right tree at many of them. His fixation with that one "tree" called "Rogue Americans spread the Covid purposely via some soldiers visiting Wuhan" or some such unsubstantiated nonsense" is another one of his. That's just fine too, but he then thinks that this new gene therapy being (attempted to be, in the case of the lucky ones) forced on the population could not be a conspiracy or event a bad thing at all.

Mr. Unz is shocked, shocked, that Americans have somehow been made to gather together as a group of weirdos against this vaccine. He doesn't understand the phenomena. What??! What's so damnably weird about people being scared of an untested vaccine and actually doing something to fight back against the tyranny?

As a quick aside, there have been people arguing against vaccinations of other kinds for years. I don't know enough to support or refute their arguments regarding an increase in autism or what-have-you. I would definitely agree that the use of vaccines in general has been too high. Anyway, these original actual anti-vaxxers* will of course be a part of this movement (a fairly small part, because they aren't nearly as large a group as we are).

I will now include this one of Ron Unz's comments in that thread here.** This is in response to a commenter with the handle Wild Man, who seems, like most of us, pretty reasonable about the whole thing:
Well, this thread has gotten enormously long, well over 100,000 words, and just as I expected about 95% of the comments are by agitated anti-vaxxers. I obviously haven’t bothered reading the whole thing, but you yourself seem especially prolific, with more than 20 comments, totaling nearly 7,000 words, with many of them trying to figure out the puzzling reasons for my extreme anti-vaxxing skepticism.

But perhaps you should turn the question around the other way. Nearly every prominent “mainstream” figure in Russia, America, China, Iran, Israel, and every other major country generally agrees with me about both the danger of the Covid virus and vaxxing. So either some mysterious conspiratorial force has seized control of the establishments of every mutually-hostile country in the world, or perhaps all of us are probably right, and a few random eccentrics on the Internet are wrong.

From my perspective, you and most of the other anti-vaxxers on this thread have just been taken in by a ridiculous hoax, and you’re simply unwilling to admit your serious error.
It's unbelievable that a guy with Ron Unz's cynicism about the mainstream of, well, ANYTHING, can't see how in the world a PanicFest built upon the excuse of just another virus and a big rush to "vaccinate" the world with something experimental, with lots of evidence of harm and death already... where was I? Oh, yeah, how could all that possibly be something evil or conspiratorial? Nah, we are just too damned agitated, that's all...

Wait, about those mainstream figures in those countries Ron Unz mentioned, what about North Korea - oh, not a major country. Sweden? Florida?

* Because, after all, I am not, and have never been, really against these Covid vaccines. I've always been against their being mandatory. Just as Ron Unz says, let them die off.

** There was no point in asking him whether I could, as I'm almost positive he's got me on [Ignore] on his site. I think that's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Sunday - August 7th 2022 10:38AM MST
PS: Sam, I replied to Ron Unz's comment - the one you pasted a link to here - twice. Unfortunately, for the 1st reply either I or the software messed up, so it's not linked to his comment. However, you can see them both there. I was as polite as I could be, and he hasn't responded yet.

(That is a LONG thread, BTW, so on my tablet with all the tabs I've got open, it takes a long time to load and stay still.)
Sunday - August 7th 2022 10:36AM MST
PS: Sam, as intelligent as the Chinese people are, ON AVERAGE, I don't think their government can't run just as stupid programs and act just as stupidly as those in the West. (Granted, they aren't stupid - perhaps evil is the word - enough to have been replacing the Chinese population - quite the contrary, as in Tibet and Xinjiang.)

I don't agree with your Chinese LOCKDOWN explanation. I think (as Ron Unz does, BTW) that the early "people dying in the streets" was a show to start the PanicFest - on whose behalf at that point, I don't know. They've got to know that the more recent variants are no more deadly than common colds or the like. Or is it, that they somehow squashed the virus so hard, that it has not had a chance to mutate into the milder strains?

Nah, because of the "big" case numbers they had in Shanghai, in the few 10's of thousands, that was till only a couple of tenths of a percentage point of the population, and deaths were in the handful.

My Chinese source says Shanghai was picked on for political reasons - the big fight is between Xi in Peking and Mr. Jiang in Shanghai, the former the biggest political player, of course, but the latter the bigger guy financially (he's about 95 y/o, BTW - must have gotten some good fortunes out of those cookies).
Sam J.
Saturday - August 6th 2022 12:01AM MST

I don't think Unz knows it but some of his points later on only strengthen my point that the Jews did covid. Here.

Sam J.
Friday - August 5th 2022 11:21PM MST

People who believe there are too many additives and plastics in canned soup.


People who believe food has too many additives in them


People who believe there's too much CO2 in the atmosphere


Silly to call people who don't trust untested gene therapy anti-vaxxers.
Sam J.
Friday - August 5th 2022 11:15PM MST

"...What irks me about his stance on the Kung Flu stupidity over the last 2 1/2 years is that he is no stupid man by any mean, so why can't he see the forest instead of just his one "America did it!" tree?..."

I think the reason he tries so hard to point at the US or China or anyone being responsible for covid is he's afraid. The only people, by their own words, that gain anything from the engineered covid attack and the poison vax are the Jews. No one else. I explain this in the link to the comment.

What happens if the whole world finds that they engineered this, controlled the vaccines and tried to poison the whole world? He knows that no matter what he has done he will be wrapped up in the blowback if this becomes common knowledge.

I explain how his statistics, his charts and etcetera could be read totally opposite to what he says they read in this comment there,


I know for a fact the original covid was much more deadly that what it has evolved to. It killed a lot of people. I know someone personally that got it early on and he almost died. He was in good shape or I suspect he would have died. He was a paramedic, and I think the guy he carried to the hospital, who had covid, passing it on to him, died.

This breaking apart and lessening of symptoms is the exact pattern of engineered viruses I read from a viral weapons researcher. He said they break up faster than normal viruses. This would account for its virulence in China, Italy and Iran where a lot of people died but it rapidly being less virulent later on in the US such that people think it was a hoax. People may dispute large numbers in China but you can't do that in Italy where a large number of people died in the early stages of the viral attack.

It would also explain why the Chinese keep locking down whole entire areas at the slightest hint that there's a virus about. Did they have a large amount of deaths from a engineered virus? We saw all these people dropping dead, haze from what have might have been mass body burnings in Wuhan and loss of phone subscribers but everyone said it was a hoax. But what if it wasn't? The only way to stop it is to lock down. It is perfectly rational on their part and requires no crazy thinking. There are all sorts of rumors about why China keeps locking down but no one talks about the simplest answer. They don't want to have the whole population die off. They were attacked and want the attackers to know they can not be taken out by viral attacks. Showing them it is futile to do so. Every time they attack, they have to show their hand. Someone has to do it, and they can track it.

It's not in the Chinese government's interest to lock people down for no reason. It causes unrest. Some say it's to control the Chinese but they already have that. They don't need to lock them down for control. Locking them makes unrest and they don't want that.

There are two things Unz pushes contrary to his readers. Mass immigration and the vax. I personally think his goal is to collect names and addresses of those opposed to Jewish control.
Thursday - August 4th 2022 4:03PM MST

There may be some displaced fertility going on. It is said that 2021 births were the highest in many years in Germany but 2022 is so far the lowest in many years, such that the two years may balance out.

Germany has had a serious demographic problem for a very long time, and if there are lost births due to vaccine side effects (no doubt there are some), this can't compare to the bad demographic situation in pre-Corona times.

At least with most of the other rich low-fertility countries, there are only negligible numbers of foreigners and there is no a rigid-ideological Refugees Welcome culture enforced by NATO US-multiculti heavy guns.
The Alarmist
Thursday - August 4th 2022 2:53PM MST

COVID is a problem for mid-wits, and the vaxxes are a Darwinian IQ test to identify mid-wits and let them self-select for depopulation, either by their own early demise or by reduced fertility and viability to live-birth.

Germany’s live birth rate in 2022 is roughly 6 to 9 SD below the average of 2011 to 2019, and its non-COVID excess mortality is statistically significantly higher than prior years.

We don’t know if it’s the vaxxes ... but it’s the vaxxes, and we haven’t even begun to see the longer term impact of the vaxxes.

Some indeed.
Thursday - August 4th 2022 2:04PM MST
PS: Dieter, I didn't fully answer your question on the "importance". Right, it's not like Ron Unz is on TV every night like Tucker Carlson. I suppose I can skip his personal articles. It's just a shame, that's all.
Thursday - August 4th 2022 2:01PM MST
PS: "Mod. I still don't quite get what is so important about Ron Unz' ideas about the vaccine 'n' other Covid relatded stuff."

Dieter, I just think it's a shame that, well, what Adam Smith wrote here - that this supposedly bright guy can't see the forest for the trees, IMO. It's 2 things, his total disregard for the biggest story of the last 2 1/2 years, which was not that Covid-19 virus, but the policies implemented with it as an excuse, and then, yeah, I don't know why he wouldn't be on the side of those questioning authority about the vaccines. At least he shouldn't be ragging on him.

I could say a whole lot about Ron Unz's ridiculously obsessive work on his theory of "Fort Detrick, Fort Detrick!" based on nothing but speculation from all that I've read from him on it - I did stop reading about 6 months ago I'll admit. Even when he brings the story up in comments under posts on other Covid subjects, he still thinks that NIck Wade article backs him up. It doesn't! I'm sure he can read the thing as I did - it was not a very technical article. How he gets that it supports his theory is beyond me.

Yeah, I've had decent conversations with Ron Unz in the past. I did see yours. It's fine if you are not too questioning of his narrative. He will just end up steering the conversation toward whatever he believes though.
Adam Smith
Thursday - August 4th 2022 10:29AM MST
PS: Greetings,

Not sure if this is real, but she seems legit...

For a guy with an allegedly high IQ, Roz Unz is kind of an idiot.

Dieter Kief
Thursday - August 4th 2022 8:53AM MST
Mod. I still don't quite get what is so important about Ron Unz' ideas about the vaccine 'n' other Covid relatded stuff.

btw. -just in case: I did have a nice conversation with him about vaccination-panickers (I mean like - really nice and all) and he eclearly accepted my explicit caveat that the mRNA vaccine days are over. Danish Professor Christine Stabell Benn says that - one of Europe's foremost researcher specialising not only in vaccines - but in vaccination consequences.
And she says with omicron, the mRNA-vaccines shoud be dfinitely over -not least because she does see soem (some, Alarmist!) coming from them. The more regular Covid-vaccines she recommends now for a very specific group of over 75 year olds for whom all of these three conditions are a given: 1) neither been infected 2) nor vaccinated before - and 3) have serious comorbidities. - (A very small group).
Wednesday - August 3rd 2022 8:07PM MST

Ron Unz made a majorly wrong call 2.5 years ago, still sticks with it, AND still chooses to fight and mock his commenters on it, ever asking if they might be right.

I see two lessons:

(1.) It speaks ill of Unz's judgement (I don't think there's any way around that);

(2.) That he is still talking about "Covid"-related matters shows it is still the issue of our time, even if it's not pinching directly. The shadow over everything.
Pureblood Is The Way
Wednesday - August 3rd 2022 7:40PM MST
PS Comrade Unz speaks for himself and no one else.
Some of us saw the real lies of the COV-LARP right from the start.
It is the Fundamental Transformation engine to finish off what is left of the representative republic model.
The Long March true believers of the CPUSA/Grand Old Politburo aren't finished yet and the USA won't survive the factional rule of the worthless corrupt political parties who are only out for their own enrichment by any means necessary.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - August 3rd 2022 4:31PM MST

“Well, you know ... Sweden, Florida ... those places are filled with flakes who believe in conspriacy theories. COVID might be a Deep-State creation, but we Californians know the best eay to deal with it using Science™️.”
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