Bizarro-world stupidity out of the Orient

Posted On: Monday - August 1st 2022 3:33PM MST
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(This picture comes from this page on a site called Radio Free Asia. It seems to be on the panicky side.)

North Korea. What could one say about that place, for the last 70 years? It has been known as a place that had gone beyond Full Retard or Full Commie. In the whole world, perhaps Albania was the only other country that had turned up the stupidity dial up to 11. America has kept up with North Korea more, of course, due to the war there and then the nearly 70 years now of having 20-30 thousand soldiers, sailors, and airmen defending one group of Koreans from another group of Koreans*.

What we've got going on today, however, is a reversal of of the stupidity curve. Perhaps our great Economists
with their brilliant technical methods, could have predicted this. What's happened with North Korea is that the Kung Flu stupidity in most of the rest of the world has not only surpassed that in N. Korea, but this vector of stupidity is so large in magnitude that N. Korea may have an actual lower en-Total stupidity level! (Our technicians are still crunching the data.)

Here's the general story on this stupidity upheaval from my astute source out of the Middle Kingdom:

Beside having likely accidentally let this latest nasty flu-like bug out of lab a couple of years ago, China has been a big part of the Kung Flu story for other reasons. The Chinese authorites were supposed to have had the best Totalitarian "response" to the virus of anywhere around the world, or maybe 2nd to New Zealand. Then there has been a story that Peak Stupidity has covered the first part of this year, their new efforts at Covid-Zero - better tasting LOCKDOWNs, but less filling.

As for the vaccine, where this post actually starts, the Chinese have been making and taking some more vaccine-like vaccine rather than the gene-therapy "vaccine" that much of the rest of the world has been. I doubt it has been acting any more of a vaccine than what we've been seeing, but it's probably not hurting as many people. However, for whatever reason (my source says that China, as in Pooh-Bear Xi, is beholden to the Deep State, but I don't see how**), they have been slated to receive billions of doses of Pfizer vaccine - not sure if that''ll happen.

Throughout these 7 decades of Totalitarianism dialed up to 11, the Kims of N. Korea who have run the Hermit Kingdom could do pretty much whatever the hell they wanted to, to the poor bastards that had the misfortune to inhabit that land. The people have been either forced to worship these men or actually brainwashed to believe these guys were gods.*** Lots of the Kim's efforts have been to keep their (literally) people from knowing there was another, better way of life. One could understand how the Chinese would sympathize with these efforts during their own hard-core Commie period and support the nation****.

However, North Korea's antagonism toward anything Western back when it was mostly good may have have carried over to this time in which the Western World is as full of stupidity as the next. It's that or the latest Mr. Kim is simply using his common sense, but the North Koreans did not implement a Kung Flu PanicFest as most of the Western World did. Well, they already had Totalitarianism, so perhaps they weren't so awfully motivated on that. They could LOCKDOWN any place at any time they wanted - hell, the whole country was on LOCKDOWN since the 1950s. Additionally North Korea has already had serious border control, so it would "keep out the covid".

The Covid-Zero stupidity was mentioned earlier in regard to China. Who knows how much extra sickness or death, if any, their was there during the last 2 1/2 years, but at this point the newest strains of the Kung Flu are even less of a big deal. N. Korea has stupidly done some LOCKDOWNs this year, cause "CASES!", but one thing the latest Kim isn't doing is vaccinating his population.

Finally we get to the funny part here. That lack of mandatory vaccination program, that could be done with a snap of a Kim's finger, or maybe the implementation of a mandatory Nonvaccination program even, has the Chinese big-wigs really pissed off. You can't go around acting like the Kung Flu is no big deal, right on the doorstep, well, in the crawl space, of Xi's Middle Kingdom, in which it is most certainly A BIG DEAL. That could prove to be an embarrassment to ... somebody ... Nobody over there likes losing face.

North Korea has had a famine lately, something not altogether unexpected from a centrally-planned economy. Because the Chinese big shots are pissed off at the North Korean big shots for not doing the vaccine, the Chinese have decided to withhold food aid to that nation.

The Orient has proven at times to be just as much of a shit-show as the West had been lately. This is one of those times.

As for the Hermit Kingdom sorry-assed nation of North Korea, I gotta say that it's a pretty sad day when an American is out here saying:

Go North Korea!!

* That old post of ours is about immigration stupidity - these guys there for the last almost 3/4 century (NO, not the same guys!) could completely cover the US southern border from invasion with 1/2 the men to spare!

** In fact, I think it may be or will be the opposite before long...

*** I remember watching a video about an expert American eye doctor who spent 10 days doing 1,000 eyesight restoration surgeries in N. Korea, using his special visa to even enter the place. After all his generous efforts, the formerly blind people thanks Dear Leader Kim rather than this wonderful doctor.

**** The Chinese are said to have lost something like 1 million men during the Korean War.

Sam J.
Friday - August 5th 2022 11:48PM MST

"...No need to bring in Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, or all that other obfuscatory nonsense probably promoted by the Deep State Neocons responsible for the Covid attack..."

Notice the people he does not mention are the Jews. Bill Gates is almost certainly blackmailed from Epstein. His foundation was thrown out of India for poisoning people with his vaccines no matter how much money he threw around. Klaus Schwab likely blackmailed too.

I said way back before covid that the propaganda big horn the Jews were blaring seemed to me to be attempting to start WWIII between China/Russia and the US and Europe. Listen to Hillary's remarks during the campaign. I think if she had been elected it would have happened. If WWIII broke out I think the Jews would have nuked European capitals and all their neighbors cities then fired off biological weapons to take out as much of the rest as they could. Why? The internet is killing them. More and more people every single day know the horrible, horrible things they have done. They are in real trouble. It seems obvious to me, not others, that a Jew from Harvard setting up a Chinese biowarfare lab using much the same material as we have in the US and then having it break out all over. How does this happen? Who benefits? Not us, not the Chinese. You know who...if you are a bunch of evil psychopaths.
Friday - August 5th 2022 10:11AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief, here is a perfect example, fresh off the presses, errr, the UR on what I meant in my comment about conversations with Ron Unz. A perfectly calm and agreeable commenter wrote Mr. Unz to suggest what is within the square brackets below, and then Ron Unz's comment is the rest of this. Link first:

(Note the one sentence I put ***'s around. I mean, it's not like the guy's even arguing too much different of a case - now he's a conspiracy theorist due to his adding a finishing touch to Ron Unz's speculative conspiracy theory. Yes, Ron Unz can be a high-IQ imbecile at times.}

[I still think you should be open to the notion that the US and China collaborated on covid. Or could be various factions within US Admin State which is known to have given regular funding to labs world wide including the one in Wuhan and corresponding elements within Chinese State.]

I’m extremely skeptical that any elements of the Chinese and American governments were “collaborating” on the Covid release in Wuhan. ***That seems like ultra-conspiratorial nonsense that makes absolutely no sense.***

It’s clear that Pentagon funding was going to the EcoHealth Alliance, which was distributing it in small amounts to the Wuhan lab and numerous other bioresearch facilities around the world. This was probably part of an American intelligence gathering operation keeping tabs on the bioresearch being done at all those locations. But that’s very different than saying any of the WIV researchers let along PRC officials had anything to do with the release of the Covid virus.

The problem with conspiratorial individuals is that they come up with the most complex and implausible schemes to explain something that is actually very simple:

(1) America had spent 70 years and maybe $100 billion building up its biowarfare capabilities.

(2) The Trump Administration declared China to be America’s #1 global adversary and its leadership included our top biowarfare advocates.

(3) So they attacked China with Covid and also launched a secondary attack against Iran.

No need to bring in Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, or all that other obfuscatory nonsense probably promoted by the Deep State Neocons responsible for the Covid attack.
Friday - August 5th 2022 10:06AM MST
PS: I agree with you on most of your comment, Sam. The actions of government agencies to prohibit doctors from providing certain preventative or alleviate measures with these common drugs was Totalitarian and criminal. However, one could still take the medicines and one could still spread the world. (My wife, a bit late on some of it, accumulated quite a bit of HCQ and later Ivermectin - I didn't truly give a crap either way, but I took an HCQ (with a zinc tablet) now and then to make her feel better, but I'll take her advice over the US Gov't any day.

It's this part I don't agree with: "So the idea that we are in some way a cut above the North Koreans doesn't really pan out all that well for us if we look farther than the controlled media." Yeah, we still are a cut above as a population because we haven't (YET!) allowed the Feral Gov't to be able to dictate everything. In N. Korea, were the government there all for vaxxing, you weren't going to see a protest with speakers, such as that Mr. Hail attended without also seeing dead bodies a few hours later. China is somewhat similar in this respect, but not as hard-core.

Is our Feral Gov't a cut above that of N. Koreas in stupidity level? No.
Sam J.
Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 7:17PM MST

We make fun of North Korea but are we in a much better position? In India the whole entire nation took Ivermectin and completely crushed covid, “except” in one province where a top health official was a pharm representative. There people died in droves. They were talking about executing her. I doubt they will but they should.

It's got to be one of the biggest drug test in the history of planet earth with a super positive result for Ivermectin and they tell you not one damn word about it. They go so far as to ban usage of Ivermectin and tell doctors if they prescribe it they will lose their medical license. Ask yourself why.

Another big fake was hydroxychloroquine. A company put together a large database saying that HCQ caused a large amount of deaths to covid patients so a large number of drug trials were stopped and some States made it illegal to prescribe it. But…someone had the initiative to ask for the database and the info on it and come to find out, it was fake. None of it was true. Why weren’t these people executed? They should have been, they caused millions of unneeded deaths and the injection of millions of people who may also die from vaccines.

So the idea that we are in some way a cut above the North Koreans doesn't really pan out all that well for us if we look farther than the controlled media.
Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 3:14PM MST
PS: We all loved the video, Adam!! Imagine if Lawn Chair Balloon Guy Larry Walters had unlimited power and funds. You get a Kim Ill-something-or-other.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 2:55PM MST
PS: Good evening, Gentlemen,

Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 1:51PM MST
PS: Oh Wait, would a Great Leap Backwards not be a great thing for this country? How about just a leap to 1990? I'd be ecstatic

Dieter, this information was just general about what has been going on politically. Maybe there is more than that, but the big move by the CCP was to let some N. Koreans starve in order to punish the place for not following the Panic-line. China may have claimed COVID-Zero, but they have a lot invested in the Panic at the same time.

As I wrote, North Korea just may not have the same "let's increase Totalitarianism" incentive, as they don't need no steeeking Covid-19 pandemic for that.
Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 1:47PM MST
PS: Thank you for your laying out your experience with the politics of the Koreas, Mr. Hail. I will accept your correction on the reasons for the N. Korean leaders' lack of LOCKDOWNs. I did give myself an out in writing that they may have just used the common sense that is so lacking to make this call.

It's not that I think the Norks all live in a world from a 1950s movie on Communism. However, they've had a hell of a hard time over the years due to the magic of Central Planning. Along. with what you say, Alarmist, they live much more in the real world, closer to the edge, and aren't up for any of the woke stuff.

Thanks for the interesting comments. I had never read of this stipulation about the Chinese residents as jurors, Mr. Hail, BTW. Man, that was some based law there!
Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 9:12AM MST

North Korea announced they had an uncontrolled outbreak of "Covid" a while ago. At the time of the announcement, which had all the hallmarks of typical sensationalistic North Korea news, someone I know (another White American who should know better, as he also knows Korea well), contacted me saying about the following: "Oh, Isn't it terrible, this could be catastrophic if they don't get it under control asap! What are they going to do?" (The portrait of a Corona-Panicker.) He couldn't see the announcement for what it was.

My reaction at the time: I guarantee they'll be fine. Not just because "Covid" was no general threat outside nursing homes or hospital wards for terminal-cancer patients, but because of the flexible nature of Truth in North Korea.

(This also applies to China, and really very many societies and diasporic peoples, all in somewhat different ways maybe, but the general principle holds, and the Chinese are notorious for the practice of lying. The State of California banned all Chinese from testifying in court for or against White parties to lawsuits or in criminal trials, for I think 25+ years of the State's early history, as it was found and agreed upon that the Chinese could not be relied to tell the truth, even when sworn under oath.)

The most likely explanation behind the sudden North Korean "uncontrolled COVID spread, disaster looming" announcement? They were exaggerating, with specific goals in mind.

Maybe they even DID observe a flu wave (as happens every year), but that is hardly the point. The point was, they knew well that a power-play like that, well timed and well-framed, could yield them real concessions or political sympathy. It is a well-practiced strategy. There was also a South Korean presidential election in early 2022, and they observed a relatively firm Pro-Panic regime in South Korea and the world media. They adjust their rhetoric for specific purposes at specific times, and they don't just flail around wildly.

They observed for a while that South Korea's Panic regime was getting accolades for supposedly containing the virus, so they characteristically claimed they did the same but even better. The now 2.5 years of this ugly little "Corona" layer of out culture(s) and politics and geopolitics has been long and varied enough that they're varied their strategy often.

Another idea I had when they announced their terrible outbreak was they could now set up a problem so they could soon "declare victory." That appears to be what happened.


It's a mistake to think of North Korea as crazed, hyper-reactionary, Stalinist-holdovers, like a political version of those Japanese fanatics who survived with their rifles at the ready in jungles somewhere until someone tracked down their wartime superior officer to order them to surrender in the 1950s or later in a few cases. It is a mistake to think they hate anything Western out of some monomaniacal obsession, like some nation of robotic James Bond villains on the Oddjob model. Therefore I think the Peak Stupidity interpretation in this case, that North Korea got the Corona-Question "right" just by kneejerk opposition to all things Western may not be the best way to interpret what they did.

Basically this attitude fails to give them their due. They are very good at what they do, which is how they've survived so long. They are a gangster-state (but what is the PRC?), but not some gangsters are more effective than others and these gangsters have clever strategies and are well practiced at playing bigger powers off against each other.

With "Covid" you could see some of all this in kind of a vacuum, a distilled form of the usual North Korea strategy, except that so many observers failed to see it and again allowed themselves to be step into a semi-hypnotized state, in this case because the typical Western observer was himself "through the looking glass" and couldn't properly see.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 3:14AM MST

Say what you will about the Norks, but on the whole they are better equipped tomdeal with the realities of an ugly world, they have a better sense of community, and they don’t require massive pharma interventions to deal with a relatively hard life. No western country, nor Japan or South Korea can say that.

Things aren’t as bad in North Korea as we are led to believe.
Monday - August 1st 2022 11:09PM MST

I have long familiarity and experience with Korea and I believe I know the "m.o." more than most.

(I believe I even know more about present-day Korea than the longtime Steve Sailer commenter "Twinkie," who I believe emigrated in the 1980s or 1990s as a boy, or thereabouts, and whose comments tip off, to me, that he sees things through a circa-1990-Korea lens.)

Whenever the latest North Korea related scandal comes up, I've learned a rule-of-thumb to use. I'll share it with the good comment-section-readers of Peak Stupidity. It is this: "There's always someone looking to scam you."

Maybe that sounds trivial, but I've found it's a useful mental check. This applies to both anti- and pro-North Korea talking points or supposed news items, which are sensationalized as a matter of course.

Apply this to everything you hear about North Korea (and much that you hear about South Korea, too, actually, but not as extreme).

The only thing is you don't know is, Who's scamming and why. But be assured that someone is scamming with any North Korea story you hear. Only this kind of radical readjustment of expectations can a European (White-Western-Christian) properly adjust his perceptions.

With the "Covid" news, it was the same. But the funny thing was that with the Corona-Panic, this principle suddenly applied to all of us.

RADIO FREE ASIA is of course a U.S. government broadcaster which could probably be fairly called "propaganda" if anything can. Their use of the Corona-Panic guilt-tripping as a weapon against North Korea for callously disregarding its citizens' lives is a classic way to use propaganda. The entire Panic was like self-directed black-propaganda campaign.
Monday - August 1st 2022 10:52PM MST

All the "COVID" news related to North Korea was a distillation of what the Panic was, into a purer and theoretically more easy-to-see form.

It was a terrible mangling together of hysteria, misinfo, disinfo, people pushing agendas under cover of a "pandemic," and people who love gossip and moralizing indulging in their hobbies.

All of these things are easier to do wen you have a largely blank canvass to work with, or a Rorschach Test of cryptic statements and fuzzy info-bites and the usual intelligence-agency-influenced narratives that are coin-flips on whether they're based on reality or not.
Dieter Kief
Monday - August 1st 2022 10:24PM MST

To my surprise, I must say, Col. Douglas Macgregor siad to Judge Napolitano a few day back, that Putinis the main supporter of North Korea's rockets program.

Since there is no serous data coming from North Korea, what we know about covid there is anecdotal. So - I must say I'm rather hesitant.

Here are some North Korea pop-singers - mostly women

The video is loading slowly. At times it takes thirty seconds or so before it can be played.
Oh Wait
Monday - August 1st 2022 5:39PM MST
PS How brilliant of the PRC/CCP to have America go through a back asswards Great Leap Forward so that we are years behind and the designated loser of WWIII.
At least we'll have the NYC to Hawaii high speed rail courtesy of AOC. Forward! Yes we can!
Lil' Kim will hurl some more rockets into the sea as China's junkyard dog but Trump can fly to Taiwan anytime with the mean tweets flowing.
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