Re-doing that Mickey's Monkey, children

Posted On: Friday - July 29th 2022 3:45PM MST
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Two of my favorite pundits, Tucker Carlson, and then Steve Sailer, have joined Americans and even top government officials in coming up with new names for the Monkeypox. In NYC Health Czar Takes Decisive Action Against Monkeypox: He Demands WHO Change the Name "Monkeypox" to Some Incomprehensible String of Characters, Mr. Sailer excerpts that NY City Czar:
“Monkeypox” is a misnomer, as the virus does not originate in monkeys and was only classified as such due to an infection seen in research primates. And we know alternative terminology is possible and entities are starting to use terms such as “hMPXV” and “MPV.”
Hey is that "Most Prolific Visrus (of the season or of, at least, the league - yeah, THAT league, the one that swings both ways...) Mr. Sailer says:
We must raise awareness of the monkeypox menace by never again referring to it as monkeypox and instead only refer to it as hMPXV! says that a name such as H1N1
That is, of course, to avoid stigmatizing gay people, monkeys, and, even worse, gay monkeys, which is apparently much more important than the spread of the disease itself. Now, my memory fails me some times, but I SWEAR this sounds familiar. Oh, yeah, that's right - March of '20 - WHO Cares. Don't stigmatize me, Bro!* was about that old Kung Flu thing and its naming.

Many of the commenters in that thread came up with some good substitute names. The reader can scan through that thread at his leisure, but I'l just list my favorite: PridePox, from occasional commenter Fluesterwitz.

Tucker Carlson got in on the fun earlier with his Schlong Flu, but I see today that he conducted a survey of his favorites:
[ ] Schlong Covid
[ ] Hunter Hives
[ ] Midterm Variant
[ ] Adam Shiffilis

That last one would be my pick, were I a tweet-survey-filler-outer, due to its cleverness. My own contributions would go along the lines of AIDS 2.0, [got tired, will insert some manana...]

All this monkey business about this newest virus is being used to up the hysteria in this country to 11 again, but hopefully it's just a lame-ass attempt at it this time. Have people learned anything from the last PanicFest? ** I think a lot of "us" have.

In that Sailer thread, I especially enjoyed the new lyrics for the old song Mickey's Monkey that the very funny limericist/commenter The one they call Desanex included:
Lumdy lumdy lie aye.
Lumdy lumdy lie aye.

A cat named Mickey came from out of town, yeah.
Spreadin’ a new disease around.
Just in a matter of a few days, yeah.
His pox caught on with all the gays.

Come on and get Mickey’s Monkey, children.
Come on and get Mickey’s Monkey, children.

Monkey see, monkey do.
Come on, you can catch the Monkey, too.

Look at these, now look at those.
My lymph nodes pooch out mo’ than yose.
(I inserted this verbatim EXCEPT for punctuation and the "aye"'s in the intro.)

Peak Stupidity has been familiar with the great (and one of very, very few) black rock band from Charleston, S. Carolina named Mother's Finest and their version of the originally Smokey Robinson and the Miracles version. I'll link to a live version of that - here, but I gotta say, it's way, way too mellow if you've heard Mother's Finest do the song.

Peak Stupidity featured the very best song from the same album, Another Mother Further long ago. That was Piece of the Rock. Because the band wasn't listed in the old post, here's Mothers's Finest an instance of beneficial integration (White drummer and White guitarist - the other members of the band were black).

Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy – vocals and percussion.
Glenn "Doc" Murdock – vocals and percussion.
Jerry "Wyzard" Seay – bass.
Gary "Moses Mo" Moore – guitar.
Mike Keck – keyboards.
Sanford "Pepe" Daniels – Drums.

Ha! I guess Mike Keck was the only one not up for a nickname.

* That was a follow-up to the Peak Stupidity post WHO cares.

** That wasn't to say it is completely over. There are many lingering affects, and then the side-effect called the MJ syndrome - not Mary Richards, but Mandatory Jab (of an experimental gene therapy) syndrome.

Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 8:45AM MST

...Ontario doctor deaths, cont....

It depends what median age and condition we assign the Ontario doctors (n=35000) as a population, and what assumptions we make there about who stays in practice. But there may be around 1.25 to 2.25 expected deaths per week, or 2.5 to 4.5 expected deaths in a two-week period. Anything at or over that range should be flagged as suspicious.

It so happens three of the Ontario doctor deaths were "mysterious sudden collapse" deaths, bringing the total from around three to six.

The way these Vaccine-side-effect deaths seem to work is there is a wave of deaths soon after the substance is injection, and then a slightly higher death rate thereafter for six to twelve month among those vaccinated but not among the unvaccinated.

There are other reports that say some went down with other problems but have not died.

We should be more interested in the entire period spring 2021 to spring 2023. For the population-set of Ontario doctors, we might expect about 150 to 200 deaths (of 30,500) in the two-year period. Likely the vaccine side-effects will push it to the upper end of that range and beyond it. This seems to be observed in other datasets. It's interesting to be able to study a single subpopulation.

There was a time when this kind of investigation would be done by investigative reporters in tv or news-print journalism, and I understand in some countries the vaccine deaths are making waves on the news, but there is STONE SILENCE as far as I can tell from the U.S. media.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - August 2nd 2022 3:17AM MST

I guess the term “Sudden Death” has a lot more meaning in sporting events this year, but you’d think the health professionals of Canada would have the good sense to start falsifying one-another’s vaxx documents.

Stupid is as stupid does.
Monday - August 1st 2022 7:20AM MST

The ages of the Ontario doctors:

1- Paul Hannam (collapsed mysteriously while jogging and died July 16) --- born Oct 1971 (age 50 at death).

2- Lorne Segall (dead, July 17) --- born 1971/72 (age 49 at death); had lung cancer.

3- Stephen McKenzie (dead, July 18) --- born about late 1950s (around mid-60s at death).

4- Jakub Sawicki (dead, July 21) --- born about mid-1980s; age about mid-thirties at death; had stomach cancer.

5- Shariar Jalali Mazlouman (dead, July 23) --- born about 1977/78 (age 44 at death).

6- Candace Nayman (collapsed mysteriously, July 24; died, July 28) --- born about 1994/95 (age 27 at death).

Approximate ages of the Ontario doctor deaths two weeks after the Fourth Dose mandate: 50, 49, 63, 35, 44, 27.
Sunday - July 31st 2022 11:58PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, about the 6 Canadian doctors your quick analysis seems sufficient to say that something is going on. You used 1/5 of the baseline mortality due to their being of working age. Those CDC files I used for "excess deaths" calculations way back had morality rates for different age brackets for "normal times". If you are able to get the ages of these doctors, then you could get a better number for that - however I imagine it would be something like that 1/5 you used.

If it happens that there weren't a big majority of Ontario that had taken this 4th shot by that 2-week period, but these 6 had, per the memo, than that'd be even more damning.

Re: my friend going to Canada. Yes, he went. I think there was a couple of month lag in between his taking the 2nd jab and going.

Sunday - July 31st 2022 6:16PM MST
Am I too late to enter
Sunday - July 31st 2022 3:58PM MST

Moderator wrote: "That 2nd one put him down for the count for a couple of weeks."

I think you have mentioned this before, but I don't recall: Did he actually GO to Canada after all that?
Sunday - July 31st 2022 3:46PM MST

On the Ontario doctor deaths

...A mini-investigation...

From what I can tell, this latest controversy in the long tail of the Corona-Panic started with something posted online by Howard Ovens, an Ontario doctor. He himself is a Corona-loyalist, I think. But he perked up some Covid-Denier, Anti-Vaxxer, or Mandate-opponents' antennae up with the following, which he posted July 16:


(Posted by Dr Howard Ovens:)

“Canadian Emergency Medicine is in mourning tonight. Paul Hannam, Olympic sailor, marathon runner, family man, ED director ⁦at NYGH, a sweet, thoughtful, compassionate and gentle man died suddenly today on a run. The quintessential mensch. Hug someone you love.”

Key words: "On a run."

It sounds familiar.

More Ontario doctor deaths followed, all after the "fourth dose" mandate which is said to have rolled out July 14:

1- Paul Hannam (collapsed mysteriously while jogging, July 16);
2- Lorne Segall (dead, July 17);
3- Stephen McKenzie (dead, July 18);
4- Jakub Sawicki (dead, July 21);
5- Shariar Jalali Mazlouman (dead, July 23);
6- Candace Nayman (collapsed mysteriously, July 24; died, July 28).

Among the middle four (Segall, McKenzie, Sawicki, and Mazlouman), two are said to have had cancer and one is said to have been ill a long time. Still, their deaths following so soon after the latest round of Covid injections is curious and caused this story to break through.

From a news report I find (only) via DuckDuckGo, I learn that a nurse leaked a hospital-system memo to dissident media in Canada. The memo said the doctors had died soon after the hospital started mandating the "fourth dose" Covid vaccine shots.

Is six deaths in two weeks an unusually high number for Ontario doctors?

According to the Canadian Medical Association (, there are about 30,500 active and practicing physicians (general practice + specialists) in Ontario.

If we assume that these medical doctors, being of core working age, have around one-fifth the baseline chance of death per annum as the general population, we would expect 50 to 60 deaths of the 30,500 per year. That means one per week, or two per two weeks. With six deaths in the two weeks since the Ontario "fourth dose" vaxxx mandate, that would be 3x the expected rate (as calculated by me using the stated assumptions), at population-level.

We cannot assume that all 30,500 doctors immediately got the "fourth dose" injections once the (apparent) mandate came down, so a "vaccine side effect" causing deaths at a certain rate would be over only the proportion of the 30,500 who got the "fourth dose" injections. We don't know what that is. All we can say for sure is six deaths in two weeks when it should be around two deaths per week is suspicious.

We would have to wait more weeks to see if there are more deaths and if this high rate holds. But better off stopping the injections rather than running such an sick experiment. If they still don't listen to this logic in mid-2022, I'm afraid it's hopeless for the buffoon-in-chief Prime Minister Justin 'Bieber' Trudeau. He and his people are in too deep with it, and seem unable to admit they were wrong and those uncouth Freedom Convoy people were right all along....
Sunday - July 31st 2022 3:03PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail wrote: "I understand Ontario rolled out its "Get your fourth dose to fend off Covid" campaign in early July, with the first injections happening July 14. Presumably medical doctors encouraged to line up first."

I have a friend who took the first two jabs about a year ago in order to be able to go into Canada for a few reasons. He was agnostic about the shots otherwise. That 2nd one put him down for the count for a couple of weeks. I told him that Canada will keep upping the ante, the way it's looking. I assume they would make him catch up to whatever number they now recommend to be "officially vaccinated" to enter the place. I hope you doesn't need to go back. As for me, they can shun me - doesn't bother me any.
Sunday - July 31st 2022 12:23PM MST
PS: I hadn't known any of the history of Snopes, Mr. Russell. Thank you. That was a funny-but-not-funny exchange about the Placenta Stew. The world will put even the Babylon Bee out of business like this.)

CSPC, I hope that last sentence is true. I am seeing entirely too many people still wearing face masks around. One will be a short anecdote in the next Kung Flu stupidity post.

Mr. Hail, that was all interesting information about nation-destroyer Candace Nayman. It's that last tweet though, in which her stupidity really shines. She's worried about the wilderness of Canada, but doesn't see that strange people filling up the country might just change this a lot more than a 1C rise in temperature over a century. Multi-culturalism can wreck a country a WHOLE LOT quicker than that, I assure you.

As they (Jimmy Buffett, at least) say, "I don't think I'm gonna ever let 'em cut on me." At least that should be of no concern for this one anymore. Karma comes through yet again.
Sunday - July 31st 2022 9:10AM MST

I should add that Candace Nayman (reported date of death, July 28) is now the SIXTH Ontario medical doctor found dead since the first death was reported on July 16, 2022.

I understand Ontario rolled out its "Get your fourth dose to fend off Covid" campaign in early July, with the first injections happening July 14. Presumably medical doctors encouraged to line up first.

Some reports say two of these six sudden deaths were in people with cancer and that one other had had a "long illness."

Still, six deaths in two weeks is much higher than an expected death rate for the population of medical doctors in Ontario. It is 4x to 6x the expected death rate for such a two-week period in summer, if my quick calculation is correct.
Sunday - July 31st 2022 8:48AM MST

Moderator wrote: "I ran into so many BS Snopes 'fact-checking' posts. Snopes seems pretty evil."

The latest:

Dr Candance Nayman, age 27 (University of Ottawa Medical School graduate, 2020).

Mysteriously and "unexpectedly" collapsed while running last weekend; pronounced dead of unknown causes.

Within a day or so, her employer Trillium Health Partners released a statement and circulated it widely. The statement declared the death of Candace Nayman had NOTHING to do with the vaccines they had forced her to take, and demanded people stop asking this question.

Possibly the Fact Checkers were pointing to this media circular released by Trillium Health as proof (or "fact") that her mysterious death had nothing to do with her recent fourth injection of the experimental substance still being pushed by the remnants of the Corona-Panic forces among us.

However, if this was her social media account, we see she was a willing participant in it all and checked really all the boxes:

Nov 19, 2021

Vaccines for kids AND a new @Adele album in one day?? Today is truly a day to celebrate! 🎉


Doctor Nayman, the latest mystery-death, was Jewish.

She was also a devoted multiculuturalist, and supporter of Canada's extreme immigration policies (think of if the USA's inane, bizarre, peak-stupidity-esque "Diversity Visa Lottery" system were scaled up about 10x or more, with extra points for the more alien you are to the NW-European-Christian core; that's Canada's main-line immigration policy). She made a point to show off how friendly she was to Muslims:

Nov 13, 2021

Last night, my family had some of my Middle-Eastern co-residents over for Moroccan Shabbat dinner. Over delicious food, we laughed, shared, and loved. Our roots are far more alike than different and I'm so grateful to them for always opening their arms and hearts. 🇨🇦 🇮🇱 🇲🇦 🇰🇼 🇴🇲 🇸🇦 (...note, these are icons of flags of Canada, Israel, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia)


Her last-ever tweet before her mystery-death was this:

July 19, 2022

Spent a perfect weekend off-the-grid just enjoying all of nature's beauty, both subtle and bold, calm and alive, familiar and new.

I'll be damned if future generations don't get to experience this luxury. #ClimateEmergency


On July 1, Canada Day, she promoted a political tract called "Inuit Elders Observe Climate Change."


Clown Shoes Point South
Saturday - July 30th 2022 7:30PM MST
PS Just had a gut busting laugh with a Paul Krugmann screenshot about the coming economic boom under Jo Jo Brandon dated November 2020!
Public and health are two terms that never belong together and especially when you have "elites" that would make Caligula laugh until his sides hurt.
Only the dullest dullards aren't onto the plandemic Fundamental Transformation by this point in time.
Jack Russell
Saturday - July 30th 2022 6:10PM MST
PS How about Dung Flu?

I remember when Snopes was reliable and fun to read. Before that it was The Straight Dope. This was my favorite of all time:

Reader: I want to be told [the existence of placenta stew] was a tall story. Rip Sewell, Chicago

Cecil replies:

Love to accommodate you, Ripster, but once again we find ourselves outgunned by reality.
Saturday - July 30th 2022 2:43PM MST
PS: Thanks for the numbers and the bar graph, Mr. Smith, and also the funny jpg. I've been making my share of monkeypox jokes here and there, but will need to up my game.

Mr. Hail I do remember the Kek meme(?). Re: " "Sudden deaths of five doctors in Ontario in eight days NOT related to new wave of COVID-19 vaccines, fact-checkers find." No, not at all! While looking up info about another Covid vax problem, I ran into so many BS Snopes "fact-checking" posts. Snopes seems pretty evil.
Saturday - July 30th 2022 1:49PM MST

"I guess Mike Keck was the only one not up for a nickname."

In the mid-late 2010s, among a certain type of social media crowd, that name would have sounded like a nickname.

The pro-Trump cartoon known as "Pepe the Frog" also somehow took on the nickname "Kek." After a while some people began promoting "Kek" as a religious figure, as one of the ancient gods of old back on the scene----and Dernald Jay Trump as his prophet, more or less. (Yes, it was a strange time.)
Saturday - July 30th 2022 1:22PM MST

A news flash today on Canada govt.'s "fourth dose" campaign

HEADLINE: "Sudden deaths of five doctors in Ontario in eight days NOT related to new wave of COVID-19 vaccines, fact-checkers find."
Saturday - July 30th 2022 12:29PM MST

From Adam Smith's link:

U.S. Monkeypox cases (lab-confirmed?)
- 27% Blacks
- 31% Hispanics
- 37% Whites
- 4% Asians
- 1% Other

But almost all cases are with LGBTQ+++ "Alphabet People."

For a White Heterosexual, it's probably a LOT more likely to get in a serious motor vehicle accident for the typical lifestyle in 2022 or 2023 than to get Monkeypox.


The spring-2020 hardliner Corona-Anti-Panicker epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, one of the very first to directly and unqualifiedly attack the Panic with the savage intensity it deserved, had himself been run out of Germany in the early 1990s for repeatedly saying, and publishing to the effect that, AIDS would never be a mainstream White-Heterosexual problem.

(It is also rumored KW had some ties to some of the then-ongoing "illegal" research on the Holocaust, possibly including the Germar Rudolf circle at the time. In other words, he was a pure science type and truth-seeker, not a taboo-respecter by nature or a politics-player.)

At the time, Knut Wittkowski was one of the leading young epidemiologists having been the protege of the man who coined the "R-Number" which the Panickers were fond of in 2020 for a while. Knut Wittkowski then had to set up in exile in the USA but his skills and experience and education all led him soon enough to success. When local newsmen in March 2020 began seeking him out for comment, he somehow had avoided either the siren song of the Panic or the fear of being crushed by Panic-supporters and their enforcement arm in Big Tech. (And crushed he was.)

The lesson, and not a new one: Some of the same social forces also sought to crush skeptics, dissidents, and all opponents of the Great Flu Virus Panic of 2020, belong in the overlapping circle of our AIDS vs COVID venn-diagram, although often with certain roles reversed.
Adam Smith
Saturday - July 30th 2022 11:02AM MST
PS: One more photo...,file=490928,filename=Monkeylove2.jpg

Adam Smith
Saturday - July 30th 2022 10:59AM MST
PS: Happy Saturday, everyone...

Racial Breakdown of the Monkeypox...

Niggerpox blisters should be worn cheerfully as a sign of gay pride!

The Alarmist
Saturday - July 30th 2022 4:08AM MST

As usual, the Bee captures the essetial essence of the problem:
Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 30th 2022 3:36AM MST

"Mickey's monkey children"

Good news: England: NHS about to close its Gender Identity Clinic for children.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 30th 2022 1:35AM MST

Mod. - its straightforward: Copy the two lines below, put them into google and you'll get a video of Back Door Man by The Doors at least around here, that is:

The Doors - Back Door Man – смотреть видео онлайн в Моем Мире | Сергей Голдобин (

Have a nice weekend - wherever you roam!

Saturday - July 30th 2022 12:18AM MST
PS: I was writing while you were, Dieter. Duckduckgo couldn't do very well with that Russian phrase. "No more results found for "смотреть видео онлайн в Моем Мире | Сергей Голдобин" translation." Something about Pavlov's dog and "boundaries. Then if I search for that phrase with English instead of Translation and get a bunch of Eagles song titles, ha. (That sounds like you, no?)
Saturday - July 30th 2022 12:13AM MST
PS: Yeah, as a Doors fan way back (not as far back as in their day), I included that in my favorites, Alarmist. That was partly because I didn't really know what the lyrics meant back then, but also, as I maintain, lyrics don't much matter compared to the melody and the sound.

"The disease formerly known as..." ha, I do remember that thing with Prince, TAaB. Then it will be simply "The Disease" with some symbols used to name it. Hey, Led Zeppelin was way ahead on that one anyway and with better music, though should have noted in that much-earlier Mother's Finest song post that Prince was a real black rocker too.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 30th 2022 12:07AM MST
Back Door Man is - öh: Double coded, Alarmist. - For the blues-musicians of the days of old, it was strictly "hoochy-coochy-man"-hetero.
But, of course, as Dr. Freud said: Nothing bends better than sexual longing. Sexual Personae (Camille (!) Paglia) are - the trans-normative linguistic "alley cats", that can slip (sigh) into (sigh, sigh) each and every sig(h)n-system; - it can mean whatever it wants to mean... - Jim Morrison and The Doors (of perception...) knew that stuff too, of course - including the Doors/ Back Door Man relation in all its connotations, I'd think).

The Doors - Back Door Man – смотреть видео онлайн в Моем Мире | Сергей Голдобин (

Apropos: Beware: This link is a back door link too: // full circle...
To Absurdity and Beyond
Friday - July 29th 2022 9:28PM MST
PS Saw a faux twenty dollar bill with Prince on it that was good for a laugh and of course the year was 1999.
The disease formerly known as with a string of unpronounceable characters for the egalitarian equity.
Just read about a white reggae band getting a concert cancelled because absurdity.
BTW-When will NASA be going back to space if they can't catch a ride with the Russians? (for the LULZ)
Space programs are a construct of the white male patriarchy.
The Alarmist
Friday - July 29th 2022 4:28PM MST

I was going to go with something like Bugger Bumps or Back-door Blisters, but it would probably be more fitting to pick something that is an inversion of reality, like Freedom Freckles.

BTW, wouldn’t Back Door Man by The Doors be more appropriate?
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