Ron Paul on Ugly Covid Lies out of Deborah Birx

Posted On: Wednesday - July 27th 2022 4:45PM MST
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I thought Ron Paul's 1/2-year-ago column Biden’s ‘Democracy Summit’ Is a Joke was the best so far out of this Libertarian/Constitutionalist and real Conservative too. However, the former Congressman, and now literary/video pundit has outdone himself with his latest column, Ugly Covid Lies. I can chalk it up to laziness and the lack of time, as I noted in the previous post, or I can just note that Dr. Paul says it all here anyway.

Peak Stupidity has not been forthcoming on the Kung Flu Stupidity lately. The stupidity does go on though. Now it's with the vaccine madness, including, if not admissions, but at least realizations, by those EXPERTS pushing this experimental gene therapy that it's not a vaccine and it's hurt and killed many Americans.

Because I don't pay attention to the bullshit on the idiot plate, I had never heard of this Deborah Birx (former advisor to President Trump on the Kung Flu) ever before this last week. Ron Paul eviscerates this lady as either a big liar, an evil soul, or both.
She sold the White House on the out-of-thin-air “fifteen days to slow the spread” all the while knowing there was no evidence it would do any such thing. As she wrote in her new book, Silent Invasion, “I didn’t have the numbers in front of me yet to make the case for extending it longer, but I had two weeks to get them.”

She was playing for time with no evidence. As it turns out, she was also destroying the lives of millions of Americans. The hysteria she created led to countless businesses destroyed, countless suicides, major depressions, drug and alcohol addictions. It led to countless deaths due to delays in treatment for other diseases. It may turn out to be the most deadly mistake in medical history.

As she revealed in her book, she actually wanted to isolate every single person in the United States! Writing about how many people would be allowed to gather, she said: “If I pushed for zero (which was actually what I wanted and what was required), this would have been interpreted as a ‘lockdown’—the perception we were all working so hard to avoid.”

She wanted to prevent even two people from meeting. How is it possible that someone like this came to gain so much power over our lives? One virus and we suddenly become Communist China?
If that's not enough wrong, she now is revealing her treachery on the Kung Flu "vaccine".
Last week in a Fox News interview she again revealed the extent of her treachery. After months of relentlessly demanding that all Americans get the Covid shots, she revealed that the “vaccines” were not vaccines at all!

“I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection,” she told Fox. “And I think we overplayed the vaccines. And it made people then worry that it’s not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization.”

So when did she know this? Did she know it when she told ABC in late 2020 that “this is one of the most highly-effective vaccines we have in our infectious disease arsenal. And so that’s why I’m very enthusiastic about the vaccine”?

If she knew all along that the “vaccines” were not vaccines, why didn’t she tell us? Because, as she admits in her book, she believes it’s just fine to lie to people in order to get them to do what she wants.

She admits that she employed “subterfuge” against her boss – President Donald Trump – to implement Covid policies he opposed. So it should be no surprise that she lied to the American people about the efficacy of the Covid shots.
Long live Ron Paul!

PS: That was about 90% of his column. He wouldn't sue Peak Stupidity, though. We're all on the same team here.

Wednesday - August 3rd 2022 11:00AM MST

RE: Dieter Kief,

rpezer1 is a great source of data and commentary and I thank you for making me aware of him.
Dieter Kief
Sunday - July 31st 2022 11:29AM MST

Hey - small world! Congrats to Mod. and Mr. Hail! eugyppius and rpezer1 and michale levitt and thefatemperor and orwell2024 and Claire Craig and now - this thing here: It always follows Dr. Gadamer's observation: Over time, the good ones ackknowledge one another and - - - mostl likely - agree (find common ground)!
Saturday - July 30th 2022 8:48AM MST

(Further thoughts on the Birx Question and feminization of politics and leadership.)

In Corona-discourse in spring 2020 and beyond, there was some version of this "Birx" personality to be found everywhere. The "Birx" personality-type was a Panic-agent and moralizing crusader on behalf of Safetyism, led by emotionalistic impulses that never made sense on close examination, AND willing to destroy enemies or critics. To reduce it to a sleek three-word alliteration: Personalizing the Political.

The Birx-like agents, Panic-promoters, Abundance of Cautioners, If We Only Save One Life'ites, the world that had emerged by 2020 put people like this in positions of major influence, informal and formal, at levels really unprecedented in the history of our civilization *at least* to circa the Late Stone Age (it's hard to guess how matriarchal, really, the Stone Age cultures were, on thinness of evidence).

I am talking "Birxes" at every level, down to the level of the neighborhood association and school boards (such groups as they normally had influence), and now also up to the most senior government departments. And not just the phyiscaly presence of such people, but a culture that rather, let's say, encourages and empowers them.

This is also where "office politics" kicks in. Most have observed this type of female personality on the warpath in any "office politic" situation, either taking the offensive (as with a co-worker seeking to create drama) or seeking to crush someone (as with the feared and dreaded "HR Manager" or the equivalent in any kind of work organization).

The "Panic" as a social phenomenon was much bigger than these hardline activist "Birxes" and the larger group of auxiliary Birx-lites. They are key actors, some of the key "moral entrepreneurs" of the Corona-Panic, though usually not themselves the main public-facing Pro-Panic demagogues.

The "Birxes" were usually women of a certain disposition. In country after country, when we evaluate the landscape to identify major players of the "Birx" type, we usually find them to be women and usually cut from "Human Resources Director" cloth whatever exact little job they are doing, high or low.

What does it mean?

A close study of the harmful and irrationalistic effects of Birx on the US, and Birx-like personalities elsewhere, we can scoop up (by the barrel-full) evidence for the theory that has the Panic as a "cognitively female-against-male" revolution, or more simply stated, Feminization. A male-dominated decision-making world, regardless of political ideology, would NOT tend to go for a Corona-Panic.

I don't believe something as simple as "Feminization" can explain the Panic in full, but it's a factor not to neglect. The bigger factor still must be technology (as our civilizational-lvel Frankenstein Monster) and the ideological layer of Technonarcissism, and there is more still. This discussion of Birx leads directly to some of the richest veins of panning for evidence for the Feminization theory or family of theories, though.
Saturday - July 30th 2022 8:27AM MST

"Will you be writing a review of Scott Atlas' book, Mr. Hail?"

I made some notes with which to do so when I read the book in about March 2022, but never actually wrote the review. I hope to soon.

The very best of the "Covid" book-length treatment is also still out there, by three commendable Anti-Panickers, professors Frijters, Foster, and Baker.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 30th 2022 3:16AM MST

John Ioannidis talking with Vinay Prasad:
1) Covid Vaccines Were No Use to Get Out of the Pandemic

2) There's No Reliable Data to Support Child-Vaccination -

3) John Ioannidis Felt Depressed About the Restrictions in the Covid Discourse - Restrictions Not Least Induced by Big Dig Tech (Silly-Con-Valley).
Saturday - July 30th 2022 12:06AM MST
PS: Dieter, Deborah Birx has the attitude you see from many officials with, if not power itself, access to power in her case. She knows what's good for us. She may have to fool us like (some) parents do to children to get them to take their medicine. It's all for the best though.

I guess she still thinks she did the right thing. She got "us" to take the vaccine, which is somehow better than our not taking it, so she accomplished her goal. I don't think she wants to think or even feels she needs to think, about the ill effects of the vaccine, because that's just the children complaining that it hurts to get stuck in the arm - shades of Steve Sailer there - I never knew for sure if he was just joking with this part about us not wanting the vax for that reason. I give him the benefit of the doubt on that.

Re Mr. Andrei Martyanov, didn't he used to have a column or blog on the unz site? I have not read him much, but I'll check out the video.

Thanks for the Nietzsche quote too. That sums up the Totalitarian impulse of (most of) the Socialists very well.
Jack Russell
Friday - July 29th 2022 1:32PM MST
PS Thanks, Mr Moderator, for not canceling me for hate speech.
Dieter Kief
Friday - July 29th 2022 9:17AM MST

Friedrich Nietzsche About Justice as a Totalitarian Opioid

German novelist, diarist and libertarian politician Michael Klonovsky quotes the sonof a Saxonian preacherman Friedrich Nietzsche today about socialism and the tendency of totalitarianism in modern states - it's the aphorism No. 473 in Friedrich Nietzsche's "Human All Too Human" - a short paragraph that is very libertarian, so Rand Paul et. al. could well like it - - here it goes:

"Socialism is the visionary younger brother of an almost decrepit despotism, whose heir it wants to be. Thus its efforts are reactionary in the deepest sense. For it desires a wealth of executive power, as only despotism had it; indeed, it outdoes everything in the past by striving for the downright destruction of the individual, which it sees as an unjustified luxury of nature, and which it intends to improve into an expedient organ of the community. Socialism crops up in the vicinity of all excessive displays of power because of its relation to it, like the typical old socialist Plato, at the court of the Sicilian tyrant; - - it desires (and in certain circumstances, furthers) the Caesarean power state of this century, because, as we said, it would like to be its heir. But even this inheritance would not suffice for its purposes; it needs the most submissive subjugation of all citizens to the absolute state, the like of which has never existed. And since it cannot even count any longer on the old religious piety towards the state, having rather always to work automatically to eliminate piety (because it works on the elimination of all existing states), it can only hope to exist here and there for short periods of time by means of the most extreme terrorism. Therefore, it secretly prepares for reigns of terror, and drives the word "justice" like a nail into the heads of the semieducated masses, to rob them completely of their reason (after this reason has already suffered a great deal from its semieducation), and to give them a good conscience for the evil game that they are supposed to play.
Socialism can serve as a rather brutal and forceful way to teach the danger of all accumulations of state power, and to that extent instill one with distrust of the state itself. When its rough voice chimes in with the battle cry "As much state as possible," it will at first make the cry noisier than ever; but soon the opposite cry will be heard with strength the greater: "As little state as possible."
Dieter Kief
Friday - July 29th 2022 4:13AM MST


Mr. Hail wrote about Scott Atlas' kryptic Covid-remarks about Jared Kushner. As is in the news these days, Jared Kushner suffered from cancer at that time and kept quiet about that. Both things might well hang togehter.

Dr. Deborah Birx

I don't quite get what Ms. Birx is bragging about other than saying the Donald is bad and therefore she was right to play Covid- games with him for the greater good... A self-pleasing and not too bright PR stunt. Because she seems to have overlooked just how strongly this thing could - and now does, indeed - worldwide... fire back on her.

This tweet about Birx trended heavily lately:

Samantha Marika@samanthamarika1·Jul
28 People lost their job for not taking a vaccine that Dr. Birx admitted didn’t work.Let that sink in.

Lost Hellenism (peaking stupidity)

I just listened to Andrei Martyanov's latest Ukraine-analysis and he goes fervently against the Western universities - (and implicitly and explicitly about intellectual shallow divers as Ms.Birx).  - He says the West loses its Hellenian roots of rational and clear thinking and - that it will lose the proxy war with Russia not least because Russia - IS the NEW West (Martyanov)

(that's in the last 15 Minutes of the video) - not least with regard to clear Russian thinking and rationality on every level that counts (and makes a nation strong and prosperous)
Thursday - July 28th 2022 11:57PM MST
PS: I appreciate your best wishes, Mr. Smith. So far out travels have been going reasonably smoothly.

Section F, maybe you could steer me to a "Beat the Monkeypox" flag or something. I'm getting sick of blue and yellow.

Section F
Thursday - July 28th 2022 5:56PM MST
PS Unelected nomenklatura apparatchiks will destroy America by any means necessary.
Update your COV-LARP decorations as monkeypox (wayciss!) is the new Fundamental Transformation engine along with globull warming.
The cha-ching can be heard from Big Pharm HQ as new shots and mandates will be forthcoming and you ain't seen nothin' regarding big nanny government until the climate emergency goes live.
Adam Smith
Thursday - July 28th 2022 2:26PM MST
PS: Greetings, everyone,

Mr. Alarmist, I remember when they first showed those pictures of funeral pyres in India as some sort of CoronaDoom propaganda. At the time you commented something like "That's just a Tuesday in India". You too were calm, sane, informative and reasonable through the whole PanicFest. You had tons of great info about the clot shot when it first came out and when they started pushing it so hard. Many thanks to you too.

Mr. Ganderson, Sorry to hear the moonbats are still wearing their diapers in your neck of the woods. I really would have thought this all would have blown over by now. Seems there are still a lot of faithful Covidians in the world. Thanks for all the updates from Western Massachusetts.

Adam Smith
Thursday - July 28th 2022 2:15PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Mr. Russell, I never bought their bullshit. Probably helped that I haven't believed a word any of them have said in more than a couple decades. Generally speaking, whatever they say you can pretty well count on the exact opposite being true. Please don't feel like a chump though. It really was one hell of a mass hypnosis operation they devised. Once they got the pro-panic message into the collective consciousness of the masses it would be quite difficult for the average anyone to not be swayed by some of their bullshit. I would still like to see these bastards held accountable for all the damage they needlessly caused. They should all be hanged. The sooner the better.

Mr. Ganderson, The Bakersfield Doctors you speak of are Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi. Their interview first aired on Youtube on April 24th, 2020. Youtube removed it by the 27th. There was nothing offensive or controversial about their press conference. They were calm, sane and reasonable. The early and brutal, dare I say unprecedented (in my lifetime), censorship of these two doctors was a red flag to me that there was something sinister afoot. Kudos to channel 23 for reposting this on April 30th (just a few days after youtube removed it) and leaving it up ever since. You can (re)watch the "controversial" press conference here...

Mr. Hail, I read your post titled "Against the Corona Panic" before the Bakersfield Doctors made the news a few weeks later. You were a voice of reason when the world was falling to the largest mass hypnosis psyop since the events of September 11th 2001. I wish more people would have turned off their TV and social media and listened to (or read) sensible people like you. Thank you.

That goes for you too, Mr. Moderator. You too were a voice of sanity and reason when season one of PanicFest went live. Thank you. And I hope you enjoy your vacation, where ever your travels may take you.

Thursday - July 28th 2022 1:33PM MST
PS: I always appreciate your updates on the madness up in western Mass, Mr. Ganderson, and often of your home in Minnesota.

Yes, Trump was a big failure whenever he relied on others to do the decision-making for him, without any of his common-sense used (I do give him credit for having basic common sense). He had, and maybe still has, too much respect for big shots in Big Business and in government.

Just minutes ago, Alarmist made the point I have made about Trump's terrible job in picking advisors and department heads. I like that "just another Wednesday afternoon at an Indian crematorium."
Thursday - July 28th 2022 1:25PM MST
PS: BTW, Mr. Hail, I guess this Deborah Birx would not have appeared in that last chapter of the Rogin book, but I'd better not bet on that, as I read that book well over a year back. You say Mr. Atlas was involved in mid- to late-'20, but perhaps Miss Birx was influential earlier?
The Alarmist
Thursday - July 28th 2022 1:21PM MST

I got a laugh out of fiften days to Stomp the Sombrero, but didn’t think it would work. I had no faith, much less any trust in any vaxx rushed to market without any safety data, much less safety data spanning less than a decade. Trump’s endorsement didn’t help, given his track record of picking tool/dhill advisors.

People dropping dead in the streets is not how respiratory illnesses work. Nerve gas, perhaps, but not viridae. It was easy to call BS on that.

I was not going to buy into this being anything more than a bad flu year until I saw piles of corpses being burned in the streets or town squares. They tried to use pictures of what was essentially a Wesnesday afternoon at an Indian crematorium, which might play in Peoria, but if you’ve already seen one, you would be unimpressed.

I spent enough time in very colourful duties in the military to know that whatever they were shovelling that I could not see with my own eyes was a psyop.

Turns out, I was right.

Thursday - July 28th 2022 1:17PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, you have the beginnings of a great Harlequin Romance bodice-ripping novel there. I am imagining this First Responder, no, that won't work, hot big-boobed young nurse being torn between her time caring for this poor unvaccinated basked case and the young muscular doctor in residence, one Big Tony Fauci, Jr. ... then the Italian doctor comes back into her life ...

Have you seen our posts with clips from "Telenovellas are Hell"? It's been years. I'll dig up another couple soon.

OK, seriously now, when I was finishing up this quick post on Ron Paul's column, I had to edit it to change Blix into Birx, and that's when I mentioned her to my wife. "You know, she's the scarf lady." "What scarf lady?"

Granted, I no doubt came across that name sometime while reading posts about the PanicFest early on, and you all know that my memory is THAT good (from that brain fart of late). However, in answer to your other point, I do have a smart phone now, but I've done my best to stop it from doing ANYTHING that I didn't specifically make it do. That can be hard, and I still get a couple of alerts. I get no news alerts, updates, or any of that though.

Yes, some people who shun TV may just get all the same on their phones. However, if they go that far already, they may be picking and choosing Tucker Carlson videos and the news they want only, such as my wife does.

Will you be writing a review of Scott Atlas' book, Mr. Hail? I'd want to hear from you before I bothered to go find it. Some of the stuff going on in the Trump Administration, but specifically the activity related to China, is in a Josh Rogin book called "Chaos under Heaven". I reviewed it here:

Unfortunately, the author was about finished with his book when the PanicFest started. He did have one chapter, though, so I wrote another post called "Chaos under Covid - Josh Rogin":
Thursday - July 28th 2022 9:46AM MST

Mr . Hail- I’m not sure. The idea was not discussed by the committee, at least not yet. It was a zoom meeting (more about us being all over than coronadoom). I did send a note to the reunion coordinator expressing my lack of interest in masking. And even though we were an all boys school we’re not much at risk for Monkeypox.

I’d mention, though, the reunion is in St. Paul, and Minnesota is one of your more panick-ey states…
Thursday - July 28th 2022 8:49AM MST

Mr. Anderson wrote: "I’m on the committee for my 50th high school reunion- one of the members (a physician, no less) suggested we require masks at all our events."

What was the response form other committee people?
Thursday - July 28th 2022 8:48AM MST

A relevant 2020 peak-Panic memory:

There was one influential video that got a lot of play, I think circa mid-March 2020 when Italy was still a big focus. They got a Skype link-up with a frazzled and clearly overworked Italian doctor. He pleaded for more equipment and supplies because (get ready for this---) his hospital was totally overrun with Covid patients, and they had run out of supplies to treat them all.

The production quality on that Italian doctor video, much re-played at the time on US media, was as from a "B-movie" of a past era. Somehow it worked very well for the Corona-Moloch's purposes at the moment and was one of those info-flashes that kept waverers on the Panic side and intimidated some Anti-Panic leaners towards quieting up. It was one of thousands of such cases over the two-year run of the Panic at its long peak, but was an early one.

I wonder if anyone ever did a follow-up investigation with that one Italian hospital that frantic doctor worked at. Did the area have a higher death rate for the year or two-year period than any other place?

Also, most of such emotional appeals from medical staff "front-line workers" were from women, and were often highly suspicious, resembling scare-stories mothers tell small children about monsters to make them behave well. There were a number in 2021 like this:

(cue, a woman in nurse outfit, looking sad. She explaisn the stoy:) A Covid-Denier and Vaccine-Refuser falls sick and is hospitalized. His situation deteriorates. Heroically overworked nurses care for him, the storyteller being one such heroic person. The patient then is on his last hours of life, not expected to survive much longer, and he calls the nurse and BEGS for the vaccine. She tells him (she says in the story told to the media), with tears in her eyes: "It's too late. I am sorry." The reformed-Covid-Denier struggles to speak: "Oh...I should have gotten the vaccine," and dies shortly thereafter.
Thursday - July 28th 2022 8:43AM MST

Moderator wrote: "my lack of TV watching helped"

I agree, but I wonder:

What is your typical engagement with smartphones re info-barrages and flash-updates? The "rolling death counts" and rumors about a wave of people in their 20s hospitalized and other the other equivalents of the Chinese "people flopping on the ground outside hospitals" videos as hazmat-suits look on, that could all have been consumed without a TV.

The agenda-setting power of TV is still with us, and a lot of "viral clips" end up being first produced on TV and then shared on "social media."
Thursday - July 28th 2022 8:24AM MST

Birx is the chief villain in Dr Scott Atlas' book, by the way.

That is one of the Covid retrospective books I read in 2022 and meant to write about but never got around to. Scott Atlas' book was a memoir of his time as a White Hose Covid task force member. He was the only firm and assertive Anti-Panicker on the Task Force. His depictions and recollections of scenes and personalities are worthwhile to a study of the Panic, being partly a political memoir by a non-politician who suddenly became a kind of political figure.

From what I now recall of the book, he said there were many passive- or neutral-leaning Anti-Panic "leaners," but only Atlas was a loud voice of reason, with intensity matching that of the Panicker ringleaders and the more emotionalistic of the Pro-Panic captive audience. His depictions of Pence are the same way, as a passive or neutral-leaner. He has a number of cryptic statements on the role of Kushner.

By Atlas' telling, Birx was Atlas' major antagonist when he spent about four months as a white House adviser in 2020 (with some influence already in July, before being officially brought into the team officially around early August to late November 2020).

Birx had a reckless disregard for scientific rigor and a baseline histrionic approach that set the tone, and a mean-spiritedness in private in which she wanted to ostracize and crush those not loyal enough to the Panic and especially open Anti-Panickers. In other words, she combined some of the worst of "office politics" (the White House Covid Task Force and related groups/circles being the "office") with Corona-mania and Corona-Panic.

Even more than Fauci, it was Birx who is Atlas' Corona-Villain-in-Chief, at least in the scope of the White House Covid Task Force and as presented in that book, written in mid-2021 with all the events having occurred in the preceding six to twelve months.
Thursday - July 28th 2022 8:20AM MST

I am certain that you HAVE run across Birx, that is to say that at least you ran across her various statements and edicts in 2020, just that you may not have made a note to remember her name.

You're right that if you were a TV watcher you'd have recognized her iconic scarf during the early weeks of "daily Covid updates." She stepped out of the spotlight in late 2020 already, so even her name has seldom come up in a long time now.
Thursday - July 28th 2022 6:49AM MST
Notes from the (re) Panic:

More than half the customers in my local bagel store were masked up this morning- the staff has never unmasked. I saw several people riding their bikes all face diapered; as well as innumerable Prius and Tesla drivers all bundled up. Same story at the gym.

I’m on the committee for my 50th high school reunion- one of the members (a physician, no less) suggested we require masks at all our events.

It was announced today that one of our local DI hockey team’s best forwards (he scored the game-winner in OT against Duluth in the national quarter finals two years ago) is out for the upcoming season due to a “training injury”. Reports are that it’s career ending. Hmmm. Myocardial problems? We’ll see.

Local news, when not droning on about the XYZ variant, is all monkey pox, all the time. Dunno if this was a local or national story, but two kids living in a “Heather has Two Daddies” type household have gotten the pox. Double hmmm.

Mr. Terrier- (hope you not a BU fan) you’re not the only chump out there. I bought into the “two weeks” nonsense. My first inkling that it was all BS was seeing an interview with a couple of docs who ran an emergency care clinic in SoCal- this was in April or May of 2020- who said that what they were seeing in their practice was at odds with both the reporting, and the reactions of public health agencies. Not sure where I saw this- Mr. Hail’s site? Briggs? Thus I’ve been a Covid denier since the end of April 2020.

I NEVER believed in the vaccine nonsense; I got two jabs to keep the peace, but no more. I found the idea that, while we have never come up with a vaccine for a Corona virus, we now, in less than a year, have developed one that’s 100% effective. Right.

As for Trump, among his many failures was his unwillingness to take on the public health/government/ drug companies leviathan. I wish Anders Tegnell had been president.
Wednesday - July 27th 2022 7:47PM MST
PS: What a typo, Jack! I assume you mean *your* average dumbass. I gotta say that my lack of TV watching helped, as I didn't get to see the people keeling over in the streets. That was quite entertaining, I'm sure, but I'd heard that was in China, where the disease started and the PanicFest idea was turned from a gleam in George Soros' eye into reality.

We've discussed with Mr. Hail who were the earliest anti-Panickers, and I just watched a video of Ron Paul's Liberty Report from March 18th, '20. (It was embedded by commenter "Truth Vigilante" under this latest Ron Paul post on
Jack Russell
Wednesday - July 27th 2022 6:58PM MST
PS I feel like such a chump. I bought "fifteen days to flatten the curve. " I bought "people are dropping dead in the street in Peru, and being left to rot." I bought "once we reach 70% vaccination everything will get back to normal." And I'm a skeptic. You average dumb ass didn't stand a chance.
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