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Posted On: Monday - July 25th 2022 8:59AM MST
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Back before the CRT was ON the screen, the CRT WAS the screen:

I want to follow up on the post from Saturday called I want YOU for the PS Army. That post included an anecdote by an Unz Review commenter about avoiding the modern PC/Woke Struggle Sessions, and in this post I'll put in some personal anecdotes. I don't claim to be the George Patton of the anti-Woke army by any means, as I also try to keep the career going to get along in this world.*

I remember an instance long ago of fighting the corporate BS, well before corporate training sessions were on-screen (for me, at least). This was way before wokeness and CRT and wasn't even about the milder Political Correctness in any form - there really wasn't any of that at all in my work area, which ought to give you a clue how long ago that was. Anyway, it was corporate bureaucratic BS, and I thought of this class (during the paid work day) as a waste of time. (There was also way too much bureaucracy, so this was kind of a last straw.) I remember throwing the nice booklet they gave us off a stairwell is all, and others in another session happened to see it later, and this attention got me a friendly warning from an otherwise sympathetic boss.

Then, about 1/2 as long ago as that, we had our yearly security training on the screen of a computer. I will say that it's not so much the waste of time that bothers me - only 1/2 hour or so a year - but the Feral Gov't imposed stupidity that it is, which I don't like. This particular question asked, to loosely paraphrase, whether I would rat out a known colleague who is in the wrong area or not wearing his ID tag. My answer was "No. I know this guy. He's no threat to us. WTF should I give him a hard time?" Apparently, the "correct" answer was "Yes, you must rat out your friend immediately!"

Keep in mind that these two possible answers are also both very loosely paraphrased here, because this was actually a YES/NO question. It was something like "You see your colleague blah, blah,... Should you call your superior immediately?" I clicked [NO] hoping at least this would register with the system. Nope, this deal was "corrected to 100%". That means EVERYONE GETS A 100. YEA! To do that, the system DIDN'T LET ME click [NO]. I could not move along until I clicked [YES]. I clicked [NO] anyway about 20 times, just in case it would get into the database and trigger someone to figure "hey, people don't like this sort of thing" or "man, this guy is STUPID!"

Back a ways, at the live sessions I did make the standard snide comments - it was at least fun back then** - and wrote a harsh evaluation of some of the most egregious stupidity. Nowadays, I've found a way to almost completely ignore the yearly on-line wokeness as described in the post Corporate liars, learning units, and violence in the workplace in excruciating detail.

OK, I know what I described has all been EXTREMELY MINOR stuff that is not exactly fighting the man. The attitude can be contagious though. Like that Flight Attendant who is said to have first spread AIDS around America, I've been patient zero of such contagion before, well, NO, not at all like that flight attendant though!

I have been blessed to have not been in the cubical-corporate setting for a long time. However, as per Mr. Alarmist's comment (also under the previous post) about giving them shit during "environmental sustainability" sessions, I think I would really enjoy that sort of thing. One can push it to whatever limits he figures apply to to himself. Yes, if you go past them, it's good to have a back-up plan or "Fuck You money". For more on this see FF.U. Money, F.U. Skills, and F.U. Attitude from, coincidentally, 2 years ago today.

My education was in a world before any of this. I would like to say I would have raised holy hell in any classroom in which CRT or anything like it was brought up. However, in my field, I doubt it would be even today.

Here's your CRT, bitches!

Finally, what am I doing about it now, besides writing on this blog? Lately, there has been a last straw of sorts for me with some wording that the Big Biz woke-playing big shots feel they must send out memos about. It was not just the HR lady, this time. Unfortunately, giving the complete story, including said banned wording, would reduce my anonymity quite a bit.

I realize that there have been 4 of them, the latest being that last straw. I won't comply:

1) A term in use for over half a century has "man" in it, so it was been changed. In this case, we were not told specifically not to say it, but it's been changed in all the writing. It's only one more syllable, but no, as with "Oriental"***, I'll continue using the old term, thank you very much.

2) This other term in use in the industry for perhaps longer than (1) is something I really thought they'd all miss. Nope, it's another "sexist" term, and they finally caught up with it. Because it is almost always said by us as an acronym (2 syllables vs. 6, but now 7), this doesn't change too much.

3) This one term can be construed as being a crude sexist term, but it's actually a real word that has nothing to do with sex. Were anyone to call me out on using it (about 1/2 the people still do), I would ask him why his mind is in the gutter. Hopefully, that would shut him up. If not, we could get a dictionary. Oops, "dick"tionary does sound sexist too, but then I'll pull MY mind out of the gutter now.

4) This was the last straw. I really, really wish i could give you readers the word! Not agonna do it... A perfectly decent geographical term, used for a good reason, has been nixed from our vocabulary, well, I mean, if you comply. I won't. Now, I go and make an effort to say it.

Hey, I didn't start this Culture War, and I am not the one sending memos around with political themes and "finally, don't talk politics at work" written at the bottom. I think I might relish a CRT session at this point, just to raise a lot of long-overdue hell. I don't think they'll try it. We'll see.

"Don't burn your bridges", they tell you, especially of you are a young man in your career. Yeah, well maybe, but you may want out of some career occasionally. That's not the case right now, but I look back and see at least one time that I should have burned my bridges. Then, I'm a bit of a fire bug to begin with...

Do what you can. It's gonna get a lot harder, as they make it a lot worse.

* I do understand commenter PeterIke's point under that previous post, but my point, not solely, but especially, was about those who don't have career jobs - those who may be thinking of joining the US armed forces. Many have plenty of courage, so why not some courage in this realm?

** The sexual harassment bit would come after the corporate ethics stuff, and the crowd 15 years back would have loads of jokes about both. I remember "No, you guys got the story wrong! That guy was NOT fired for pinching her on the ass. He just never said 'I love you'" or something like that. It was funnier in person, I can tell you. Because the instructor was one of us, he had no problem with this, and fun was had by all. I miss those days!

*** "Oriental" has been well covered here on Peak Stupidity. Your best bet is our post Oriental is the term and we're done talkin' about it.. Caution, nice bikini picture. [THANK YOU!!! - PS Marketing Dept.]

Jack Russell
Saturday - July 30th 2022 6:40PM MST
PS OK, late to the game, I know, but I can't not tell this one.

Way back when I worked for a company whose name rhymes with ShlockFart, we had computer based brainwashing every year. It was one of these where they show you a video and you're supposed to pick the "right" thing to do. One of my co-workers told me "When you do the sexual harassment one, be sure to click on the wrong answer, it's a hoot!"

Scenario: this dorky guy needs the "data." A girl who is clearly out of his league shows him shows him a floppy (ahem) and says he can have it at her place, say 7 pm. How wonderfully egalitarian, she is putting the strong arm on him! The "right" answer, of course, is to report her to the authorities. Selecting the wrong answer gets you a scolding, hilariously portrayed by Mr. Dork himself, about how that's sexual harassment and not to be tolerated. A real classic, one of my best memories of working for the corporation.
Wednesday - July 27th 2022 7:39PM MST
I’ve always felt Cincinnati was more like the south, and thus more polite. I now go there often, as one of my boys lives in Covington. Speaking of Germans, I know it’s a corny, touristy thing to do, but I enjoy walking across the Roebling Bridge.

No shortage of Germans in the Upper Midwest, either- I believe they are the largest ethnic group in Minnesota, although I think there are more Scandies as a group
The Alarmist
Wednesday - July 27th 2022 4:01PM MST

Lots of German descendants in the US Midwest.

For the same reason that New Yorkers laugh at Cincinnatians saying “Please?” (Bitte or Wie bitte? auf deutsch) instead of “What [did you say].” “Do you want to come with?” is like a German saying, “Kommst du mit?” or “Machst du mit?” Its an english version of splitting the verbs mitkommen or mitmachen.
Wednesday - July 27th 2022 11:51AM MST
PS it’s a riff on the ubiquitous 1-877 KARS FOR KIDS commercials that are all over radio and TV. It doesn’t exactly scan, but close enough.

Went to the town library today. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in there was masked.
Wednesday - July 27th 2022 4:28AM MST
PS: Robert and Safenow - I don't mind the guesses at all, but I feel bad that I had to do it like this. It's like a (well, one of the EASIEST) John Derbyshire math corner in which the answer is not given anywhere. I didn't write it like this just to get a bunch of comments with guesses, I assure you.

If it were "ghetto" and the like, I could have written the words out, but it's that these terms kind of nail down what I'm doing as a career.

Maybe when I don't care anymore...
Wednesday - July 27th 2022 4:25AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, I called the "800" number you gave us, but I couldn't understand the lady on the other end of "the line", as she was talking through a face mask. No, I kid - I don't know why the software makes phone numbers into links. Even The Unz Review does stuff like that - maybe that's my browser. Anyone else see Mr. G's phone number as a link?

Yes, I heard "Do you want to come with?" from, sure enough, some MidWesterners when I was 20 years old, for the first time. It is a weird, as I wondered what was so hard about coming out with that last one-syllable object of the preposition.
Wednesday - July 27th 2022 4:20AM MST
PS: Alarmist, thank you for the "Bad Cat" article. I'd read of this Birx broad in the long (over 800 comments now) thread under a Ron Unz column in which he deigns to let the "anti-vaxxers" have their say, no matter how stupid they are (that's his thoughts on the matter). I will write a post about Ron Unz's attitude - much different from Gato Malo's "catitude". Anyway, Birx is something else. From his article you linked to:

"and deb sure did not speak up to contradict it or (unless i missed something) mention this little factoid in her memoir of manipulative mendacity where she brags of telling so many other lies to mislead the president and his staffers.

and honestly, the case that they knew and deliberately lied is FAR worse for them so it seems a bizarre claim to make.

she’s literally saying:

i wasn’t a fool, i was a monster.

the science didn’t change, i just stopped lying to you.

(but you can trust me now!)

i’m struggling to see how that’s a better look."

OK, you really don't expect it this bad.
Tuesday - July 26th 2022 7:10PM MST

Mr. Now,

I am going to guess that the banned word was 'slum' or 'ghetto'. (But now that I see it in written form, I am much less confident.) Did you have a guess?

I assume that as long as it is we (the readers) who are guessing, and not expecting any confirmation or disfirmation, that it is OK with our esteemed host.
Tuesday - July 26th 2022 4:27PM MST

Okay Mr. Moderator, I respect your concern that it would be dangerous for you to reveal the banned word that is a useful geographical term. Still, I was so curious that I spent half an hour researching banned geographical terms. You had made a road trip to the Georgia Stonehenge, so I cleverly focused on unwoke geographical terms within that road-trip range. But it was to no avail. On the plus side, I was astounded to see the scope of geographical-name cancellation that is going on nationally.
Tuesday - July 26th 2022 5:30AM MST
PS. Where I grew up (upper Midwest) it’s common to say things like “I’m going to the store. Wanna come with? Drives outsiders nuts. I’m guessing it’s because of the large number of Squarehead-Americans- in Swedish you’d say “Vill du komma med?” ‘med’ being the rough equivalent of “with”.

Mr. Alarmist, as the resident Corona panic panicker, I wish I shared your optimism, but I think our betters are getting geared up for another round of panic. Mask wearing is WAY up here in Moonbatville. I’d lay odds that at least one local district will reinstitute mask mandates for school kids…

1-877-MASKS FOR KIDS, MASKS, masks for kids…
The Alarmist
Tuesday - July 26th 2022 2:42AM MST

A bit O/T, but bad cat had this funny line in a piece about the fast decline of the official COVID narrative:

“if the pivots were any faster, we could make these people hold magnets and it would generate sufficient power to replace the german nuclear industry.”

Not entirely O/T, because CRTs used magnets to focus and direct the energy, as was the function of the official narrative.

source: https://boriquagato.substack.com/p/the-tipping-point-on-vaccines-and
Monday - July 25th 2022 8:50PM MST
PS: Thanks for the great comment, Mr. Ganderson. Oh, and thanks for the grammar lesson from the both of you. It's a Southern thing to make an effort to end sentences with totally unnecessary prepositions. "Where's the car at?". OK, it's a black thing all over too, I guess.

That brings me back to Adam Smith's descriptions. So, did he have paint on his sneakers? It could have been Bob Ross after some time in the sun, though he doesn't seem like the type to commit armed robbery. I'm just thinking Afro haircut though, and trying not to be racist at the same time.

Speaking of Fonzarelli, did the guy answer to HorseShack? (OK, different show, but still with "The Fonz", right?

Sorry you had to put up with that, Mr. Ganderson. Chesty here has a point - one could just subtlety make fun of the whole thing.

Adam Smith
Monday - July 25th 2022 8:18PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Ganderson,

Locking my car doors in the Bronx is rayciss?

"The first robber was a “male, dark complexion, thin build, Afro hair,” the NYPD said. He was last seen wearing black pants, black sneakers and a hooded sweatshirt.

The second was also described as a “male, dark complexion, thin build, Afro hair.” He was last seen wearing light-colored sweatpants, a black hooded sweatshirt and sneakers."


Meanwhile, in Philly...


A preposition is a perfectly good thing to end a sentence with. And don't start a sentence with a conjunction...

Monday - July 25th 2022 7:12PM MST

Posted this at Sailer:

“Before I retired there was a “racist” incident at the school I worked at; part of the eating shit atonement was to have two people from the ADL come in and tell us how racist we were- the guy reminded me of Arthur Fonzarelli, without the charm, of course; and the woman was a mulatto who, while she didn’t post her CV, I would bet that she attended a prep school or a public HS in a rich suburb, and a NESCAC type, or Ivy League college. Her attitude was just short of “ bow down and worship my black (ish) body “. I’d further speculate that she was the product of a white woman, black man union, but that’s conjecture on my part. At least she was cute, but I just couldn’t imagine the pillow talk.

What I learned from the guy was that his parents were racists for insisting on locking the car doors when the family drove through the Bronx. I guess the point was that if his folks were horrible racists, then we must be too.

Contrast that with what I learned from my squarehead father, which was “ If you go to Selby-Dale ( the black neighborhood in St Paul in the 50s and 60s) and catch a beating you’re an idiot for whom I have no sympathy. I would imagine that any black dads, assuming that any were around at that time, had the same attitude.

BTW, for any grammar police out there, I believe, with proper acknowledgment to William Safire, that a preposition is a perfectly good thing to end a sentence with.”
Chesty Patton PS Army
Monday - July 25th 2022 6:22PM MST
PS Be over eager without being too obvious in sarcasm.
During the union break top of the hour circle jerk be annoying without being blatantly obnoxious.
Drop anecdotes about your imaginary subway/underground friend Cornpop back in the day.
Ramble on about that MC Yuri & DJ Bezmenov rap oldies vinyl limited edition single or the MEGA AZZ BASS speakers with the 1000 watt amp in the Oldsmobile Cutlass.
The Alarmist
Monday - July 25th 2022 11:57AM MST

Gee, I’d look into one of them there CRT struggle sessions, if only to say how guilty I feel not having more of that filthy lucre my slave-trading ancestors amassed before switching to building wagons (look into horse-manure pollution sometime) and later making more coin building ICE automobiles (the God-send solution to horse-manure pollution).


Fact checkers will tell you that’s actually a copper mining pit, as if that makes it ok to trash the planet for the endless supply of copper that an all-electric world will need.
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