Hail-to-You on Germany's Wrongest Man

Posted On: Saturday - July 23rd 2022 10:45AM MST
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One Herr Karl Lauterbach has this dubious honor

(The other guy is plain-old-vanilla American Ashish Jha, who, per Mr. Hail, is a Indian who was invited into Canada by traitorous Canucks and then immigrated to the US - I'm sure we'd have just let him in straightaway otherwise.)

Illustrious commenter E.H. Hail has a number of comments under our Young Commies in LUV post with info and links to his newest blog post Germany’s Wrongest Man (Lauterbach) visits Washington, warns of imminent Covid catastrophe

Peak Stupidity has been short on time recently, so I won't have any commentary here - I will make sure to visit the HailToYou comment section under this post, along with Mr. Dieter Kief and others. (Well, of course Mr. Kief, with his perspective on Germany, but he comments there on most other matters also.)

We have also been short on Kung Flu Stupidity posts for a long while. That's generally a good thing, but the gene therapy injection errr, vaccine story is still around. There will be a few posts on a specific part of that story here next week, but in the meantime, LOOK, SQUIRREL! WE SUPPORT THE U-CRANE!*

PS: My apologies to Mr. Hail for not responding in 2 places. I should have more time this evening. Also, thanks for the general link up top right of your site, Mr. Hail!

* Isn't that the German term for those underwater cranes they use to pull up disabled U-boats?

Monday - July 25th 2022 12:27PM MST
PS: I got done reading the rest of the comments (as of yet) under your blog post, Mr. Hail. That's great reading from both of you.

I will say honestly that sometimes I will see a new unz article listed by one of my favorites (just about 5-7 writers), and I feel a real need to put in links to PS there, if they fit, mind you. For example, I'd read Mr. Derbyshire's latest on VDare, and included something that'd I'd written a lot more about regarding Chinese influence and money in the US. As soon as I saw in on unz, I felt obligated to drop a link-bomb on there. I do get distracted with that kind of thing ...

I'll be on your site tonight - gotta go for a while here.
Monday - July 25th 2022 12:24PM MST
PS: Re: the link, you're welcome, Mr. Hail. We have this lame-ass blogroll here, but if I get to it with some amount of expansion, of course you'll be on there.

"It's harder to shove ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION down the throats of people with intent to crush their independence of spirt when it's about a 0.5cm sea-level rise over a long period."

Very true. However, there are many people with enough perspective and 2 years of experience who don't know ANYONE personally who's died of this thing, and they will be like the rest that are not so worried about the Gore mansion, for one thing, succumbing to those 0.5 cm tidal waves. I hope we will see less compliance, but I am seeing rises in, not sea level, but mask wearing lately.

I'm starting to simply get pissed at these people for not at all being helpful to the cause of freedom, while still knowing that they have every right to wear these. Looking like a dork is still allowed. I suppose I should verbalize that more, haha!
Monday - July 25th 2022 6:59AM MST

Many valuable comments under the Germany's Wrongest Man post, driven by Dieter Kief.

Also a question about Unz commenter "res," who I think has indicated he is an occasional PEAK STUPIDITY reader.
Sunday - July 24th 2022 9:17PM MST

"1000 years to flatten the muh climate change curve or COV-LARP?"

The subject of the post linked to, the histrionic Health Minister Lauterbach, has repeatedly said as long as his lungs draw breath there will NEVER be an end to the emergency measures.


Every time I think Monkey-Pox will finally wash out,---of the news that is,--- it keeps coming back in the news. But they won't probably get their Mokeypox Lockdowns after all.

More likely is shoving more flu lockdowns on people in winter, claiming a new kind of flu (there are multiple new "kinds" of flu every year) must needs trigger the "ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION"-ism that reigns now.

It's harder to shove ABUNDANCE OF CAUTION down the throats of people with intent to crush their independence of spirt when it's about a 0.5cm sea-level rise over a long period.
Sunday - July 24th 2022 8:48PM MST

The Indian-origin COVID Czar Jishasha Jha is SO low profile that I don't recall his name coming up once from the usual newstalkers, for or against. What explains that--?

Also: Thank you for the link!
Sunday - July 24th 2022 7:31PM MST
PS: "Protest in Place" Haha! That orange screen o' death may be good for Climate Alarmism, but it'll get to you after a while.

Thanks for the dance number, Greta. It puts Elaine Benice to shame.
Greta Thunberg
Sunday - July 24th 2022 12:20PM MST
PS: The health of the world reflects the health of each of us.


Saturday - July 23rd 2022 9:01PM MST
PS: "Climate Lockdowns", huh? I wouldn't put it past them. I'm sick of Dr. Fauci, and ready for Greta to tell us what to do.
Saturday - July 23rd 2022 1:41PM MST
PS The eunuchs of Germanistan should start dismantling the furniture for the long cold winter that is coming.
Vladdy the Rasputin laughs in "toxic masculinity" as the rainbow bathhouse west swirls down the toilet.
1000 years to flatten the muh climate change curve or COV-LARP?
This Clown World isn't big enough for both.
Look out for Jo Jo Brandon to go full Mussolini with climate lockdowns and more COV-LARP after the Dominion/SmartMatic wrestling chair kayfabe midterms.
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