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Posted On: Tuesday - July 19th 2022 7:48PM MST
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I came across the image above on page 113 of the book I've been intermittently reading called Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies, in a chapter titled Reds, Lies, and Audiotape*. This post will not be a review. I have not nearly finished this history book by M. Stanton Evans.. As a slight spoiler of the review, I will say that I've already given the book 2 thumbs ups. Because I've been spending so much time on-line, I only pick this book up on occasion.

The book's first section was an overview of the late 1950s Wisconsin GOP Senator Joe McCarthy's life and his work done in trying to root out Communists from high positions in the US Gov't. Soon after that, I got to this section on a number of traitorous American diplomat/State Dept./high level advisor types that were dealing with China during the midst of World War II. Besides fighting the Japanese, the civil war between Mr. Chiang's Nationalists and Mao's Communists down in Yenan was still simmering.

I had no idea until reading this book how much influence the civilian Commies working for the US Gov't had in swaying opinion of the President and top American military officials toward Mao Tse Tung's side during a couple of critical years. A few of them are shown in the picture above, along with a man who would subsequently run the Communist shitshow of Red China for 27 years with absolute power.

It's just weird to look at the guy in that picture. Without the palace and sycophants he looks like some poor skinny Chinese peon, like a half a billion others who inhabited the place at the time. The traitorous Americans in the picture (believe, me, Mr. Evans goes into detail on what they were up to) put their eggs in his basket for the future of that most important country in the course of world history.

If I'da been there and known what was going to happen, I'd have kicked his scrawny ass right then and there, and then reported back on those American Commies to General Stillwell , nah, FDR , well, anyone who'd have listened.

That picture goes to show that you never know when history is being made.

* This chapter follows one called Chungking, 1944. I like that name because I see it, and I just know the author, Stanton Evans, really knows what the heck was going on in detail, and also that he uses the old Chinese naming, made up by the English-speaking world to enable US to speak about China.

Mr. Anon
Friday - July 22nd 2022 8:50PM MST

That name "Lattimore" sounded familiar and I took him for the classicist who made one of the most popular modern translations of The Iliad and The Oddysey, however it turns out that was Richmond Lattimore, Owen's brother.

Yale in China, a foreign program founded by Yale graduates and backed by wealthy Yankee businessmen, helped Mao get his start. He wrote articles for their paper. The globalist elite have long been interested in molding China into an entity that could ultimately serve their interests.
Friday - July 22nd 2022 12:19PM MST

"Germany’s Wrongest Man (Lauterbach) visits Washington, warns of imminent Covid catastrophe"
Friday - July 22nd 2022 11:14AM MST


The visit by "Germany's Wrongest Man," the mad-doctor-professor Lauterbach, to the White House was yesterday.

He had an important strategy meeting with the White House's Covid policy czar, someone hardly in the news, by name of ASHISH JHA.

(I know, I know: that "Ashish Jha" sounds like an implausible, made-up joke name. It's actually a Brahmin-Hindu name. the elder Trudeau demanded exotic immigrants be let in and Canada took his parents in when Brahmin Jha was a boy of 9 in 1979; later he came to the USA.)
Friday - July 22nd 2022 10:12AM MST

...Headline today...

Germany's Doctor Fauci, the excitable wacko Mad Doktor Lauterbach:

"Without NEW protective measures, we are threatened with a CATASTROPHE this autumn." (July 22, 2022).

He said this today during a (masked, we must assume) visit to Washington. What was the occasion for his visit?

Meanwhile, Corona-Ayatollah Fauci has said he will retire in or about December 2024.
Friday - July 22nd 2022 10:04AM MST

More info on Daniel Uhlfelder's political campaign in Florida, including his Democratic rivals for the attorney general nomination. The main opponent is a "BLM and Decline" candidate:
Dieter Kief
Friday - July 22nd 2022 7:39AM MST
I have to say Mod., that I was thinking about bringing up this facts over emotions point here this morning - and now you've done it yourself. - Perfect.
You could look at the ideological divide now thusly: Fact based=conservative, progs. the opposite direction (= emotions based).

What I thought about in this context lately is the social truth, that there are no pure facts, for the simple reason that we are biological beings (that's Freud's basic insight, btw.: That for this biological (=organic) reason, we humans always a have a hard time to do the right thing.)
So maybe the most common conservative mistake when looking at what's wron with what's up is, to think it couldn't be this wrong (=this stupid, Mod. ...), because what's up is so far away from the actual factual basics.

To make this very short: It is the nature of social life to be only quasi-rational if not outright counterfactual - and that basic social truth is, what gets conservatives going (what provokes their contradictions).- Which is no bad or futile thing, as long as they can accept, that their goal is one that is of a paradoxical nature: However hard you may try to near it - you'll sooner or later (have to) discover, that you can't reach it. - (And this is why there is a deep conncetion between religion and conservatism.)

Old Hegel put that this way: "Something is something as something else." (In his Science of Logic*****).
*****one of the often loathed philosophical works, btw.: It would be too dark to be able to mean anything reasonable etc.
Friday - July 22nd 2022 6:26AM MST
PS: Thanks for the links on the memes and the Jewish involvement in early Communist China, Alarmist and Peter, respectively. I've been reading the latter, and the former is a huge file, but I already LOLed at that Forrest Gump park bench meme - gotta use some of these.

Mr. Hail, I guess it's just the modern world, as per your most recent comment under the latest Rockford Files post, people are not nearly as literate and just generally dumber. The modern Commie types are still "Los Resentidos" as you allude to. They want to destroy traditional society because it's not working tor them - well, they think it's not. They don't use the more literate terminology and arguments though, because they can't.

They seem to use much more emotion than logic, but they have even more power now nonetheless, as they have infiltrated the entire Establishment.
Thursday - July 21st 2022 8:05PM MST

Another thought on why some people tended to become impressed by left-wing radicals, admired them, and attached themselves to their movements actively or passively, and, in some sensationalistic cases, secretly. And not just in China, but all over. It is this:

Perceived moral purpose and perceived moral seriousness.

It is worth understanding people's motivations, and this is a positive vision of why many of these curious outsiders embraced Marxist movements.

The funny thing is, I don't think it applies today. The people holding the banners of the Left are just...not...impressive people. They are often degenerates of some kind, who don't have any new ideas, don't have any good ideas, don't even have ANY ideas in many cases, except White-Christian Heterosexual Males are the basis of all world ailments.

And yet the Left is still powerful.

I understand how the Left had an allure in days of yore when they were oppositional, but why does this postmodern istic "globohomo" and anti-white-racialist version of the Left, why does it have so many hangers-on and loyalists and ideological recruits? It seems like a puzzle, when I think about it.
Thursday - July 21st 2022 12:51PM MST

If you're interested in Mao, there's a whole other element to be explored.

The Alarmist
Thursday - July 21st 2022 10:12AM MST

Grab the Handbook of Hate Memes while it is still available:

Thursday - July 21st 2022 9:22AM MST
PS: "Another question is, would Nym Wales have turned into a pro-communist, pro-Maoist write had she not been married to Edgar Snow, the most dedicated and effective pro-Communist China-oriented write of his time?" In my reading of the book on Tail Gunner Joe, I have already run into the stories of spies who got involved due to LUV. That goes both ways too - maybe the best recruiting tool there is in "the business", as me and my homie assets call it.

Alarmist, how could that broad tell those lies without even doing any due diligence first? She was a lawyer even. (Or maybe she lied about that too... nah, I remember that she got kicked off the Watergate commission.)
Thursday - July 21st 2022 9:17AM MST
PS: Thanks, Heidi. I should link to that in the other post. I hope you've got lots of Bitcoin or Cardona or something... ;-}
Thursday - July 21st 2022 9:14AM MST
PS: Corrupt, I'm pretty sure Owen Lattimore is not either. Wiki doesn't confirm this, but I found this page -

(not vouching for the site itself here, but just one line.)

Wiki won't say, but maintains that Mr. Lattimore was an innocent like all the rest. Bullshit, per what I read continuing on in the book this morning. Suffice it to say, when you read about the huge network that M. Stanton Evans describes in the chapters just following this bit on China, it was Jewish in pretty high proportion.
The Alarmist
Thursday - July 21st 2022 8:40AM MST

I spent years working to kill commies for mommy, and one truth remains incontrovertible:

The only good commie is a dead commie.

Particularly if it wears bell bottoms or Mao jackets (I’m looking at you, woman who was born five years before Everest was summited but claims she was named after the summiteer.
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 7:32PM MST

Is everyone in the picture except Mao a Jew?
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 7:11PM MST
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 7:11PM MST
No Room For Commie
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 9:08AM MST
PS CCP/PRC used the Yenan way well by buying up quisling traitors from within.
W. Cleon Skousen is another one who tried to warn us and there were some defectors from the CPUSA and the CCCP such as Whittaker Chambers and Yuri Bezmenov.
I almost feel bad for those who refuse to accept that the CPUSA (D) are out to destroy the republic once and for all and raise the hammer and sickle flag by any means necessary.
FUSA is considered conquered territory now and they expect us to act like eunuchs.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 7:23AM MST
I could reformulate my thought thusly Mod.:

The whole story is close to being unbelievable.

If I'd reformulate once again with Mr. Hail's words:
"...were working with the picture of a man and a movement in an extremely marginal position at the time but soldiering on, which automatically lends itself a kind of romance."

Its a finding-a-needle-in-a-haystack-story, too.

Seen with the strictly Marxist perspective of the historical necessities and economic laws etc. in mind (seen from the highly deterministic Marxist perspective) you could also say, that this story of those on your picture is an ironic triumph of the old timey bourgois indiviual (and "Chairman Mao" (The Beatles..."Revolution") did indeed act a lot like a Big bourgoise leader, if not ven like a feudalistic figure...).


This petzer1 Covid graph is telling indeed Mod. I wonder why it does not resonate more with the educated masses. I've also linked it at Mr. Hail's site...

But then: it will, it will resonate more strongly - - - over time. I've posted it at Ron Unz' newslinks under the headline: Most important Covid graph... - to no big effcet, really. - But as I said: Over time, this simple graph depicting the Swedish Covid success will make its way... - And you too can then look back at the most nervous/ confusing George Floyd/ Covid/ Ukraine war / Climate change years and say: Been there, commented on that... - hehe!
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 5:52AM MST

Moderator wrote:

"They had an agenda, and Mao was the horse they bet"

"they had their own political power not just instincts"

To be as charitable as possible, some of these apparently pro-Maoist journalists (none exceeds Edgar Snow) were working with the picture of a man and a movement in an extremely marginal position at the time but soldiering on, which automatically lends itself a kind of romance.

Now, it is true they were usually ideologically Marxist or something close, and I think Edgar Snow never "recanted" or "repented" or whatever word might be appropriate. But that doesn't necessarily mean at the time they were aiming to support a Maoist takeover and crushing of democracy, etc., the way we remember the Maoist nightmare.

I am reminded Trump 2015-16. Lots and lots of people got sucked into the romance of Trump as the Great Deliverer. Or, at least, they admired the grand romance of a heroic champion seeming to take on an entire system, and against the not-so-great-looking Chiang Kai-shek and his buffoonish or kleptocratic tendencies.
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 5:35AM MST

I recognize the name Nym Wales, one of the pictured, because she wrote a glowing biography in about 1940 of a Korean communist activist who was drifting around China. This man had been in and out of the communist underground Chinese for years.

She encountered the man, who purported to be a radical-dissident academic turned resistance leader (I think it was), and got him to agree to extensive interviews in the late 1930s. She wrote them up very skillfully into pleasant English and her book had a degree of influence, given how Korea was still rather a blank spot in public consciousness, as for one it then wasn't even a nominally sovereign state but a large province of the Empire of Japan.

There was a romance to it all, which is worth understanding from their perspective at the time, and also the romance of North Korea's own foundation-myths. (The man Nym Wales biographied never became an important figure in the coming North Korean state, but the archetype is vital to their founding-myth, like George Washington at Valley Forge or crossing the Delaware.)

Another question is, would Nym Wales have turned into a pro-communist, pro-Maoist write had she not been married to Edgar Snow, the most dedicated and effective pro-Communist China-oriented write of his time?
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 5:17AM MST
PS; "It looks a lot as if these people on the photograph had excellent political instincts Mod., - all of them."

They had an agenda, and Mao was the horse they bet (the American war machine and tax money) on to get that agenda implemented in China. If someone in charge in Washington had been wiser and seen what they were up to, perhaps their instincts would have turned out to be wrong - i.e., if Mao had been defeated by the Nationalists.

So, to me, Dieter, they had their own political power not just instincts. That is as opposed to your historian friend of that unfortunate Serbia President Djindjic.

Thanks for your anecdote. I also appreciate your continuing look at the numbers for vaccine/covid deaths - saw your graph of the Scandinavian countries on the unz site.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 2:49AM MST
It looks a lot as if these people on the photograph had excellent political instincts Mod., - all of them. So - technically speaking - they were the exact opposite of stupid, I must say (don't overlook the words technically speaking, please).

- - - - -

This reminds me of a historian I know who made frieds with a Serbian student right away in 1980, when he appeared on the Konstanz-intellectual scene as a complete nobody. - A few decades later, he became the president of Serbia. Zoran Djindjic. - I did study with him, met him occasdionally, but found him to be too narrow-mindedly Marxist to be intellectually interesting... As it turned out, his phase as a dogmatic Marxist allowed him later on to confront those dogmatic Marxists - who still played a huge role in the political life of post-Yogoslawian Serbia... He took them on with a brimming (and at times whitty!) intensity when he gave speeches or debatd them...

The world sticks (stickt - Goethe) full of strangenesses.
(Die Welt stickt voller Merkwürdigkjeiten" Goethe).

President Zoran Djindjic got involved with the mob - and assasinated by the Serbian (ex secret-service) mobsters. He refused being shielded by bodyguards, because he felt, the risk he was taking could not be shielded anyway... He left a huge impression on all kinds of regular folks in Serbia.

A Serbian electrician, who told me he tried to set up a business there twice 2000 ff., but found it impossible to do because of - corruption .a.n.d. beauraucratic incompetence - told me two things: First: He'd be a German now, no Serb anxymore. Second: He still very much adores Zoran Djindjic: He is the (tragic - that's my word) hero of this electrician's (now German...) life.
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