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Posted On: Saturday - July 16th 2022 9:37PM MST
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I realize that there have now been 9 posts** on this old 1970s TV show. That's odd for a site that purports to hate TV, but then The Rockford Files was not modern woke TV. I have not seen but one episode out of 60 or so I've watched recently that had any agenda that I could ascertain**.

The first part of a 2-part episode named To Protect and Serve had these 2 New York City mobsters, who, as usual, beat up Jim Rockford in his trailer. Later on in the episode, they were having some discussion of what to tell the big bosses in Newark or somewhere, and one of them was eating a slice of pizza.

Anthony Boy: "Whadda they call this, a pizza?"

Syl: "It ain't so bad, Tony."

Anthony Boy' Gagglio: "Ain't so bad? How can you say that? You been eatin' New York pizza all your life, you gonna make a statement like that? Back in Sheepshead Bay they throw up on crust like this. It's all cheese. Where's the tomato sauce, hunh? It ain't a pizza, it's a grilled cheese sandwich. California!"***

Damn straight, you's guys! I found a strange new respect for NY mobsters upon viewing this. They may be corrupt, violent, and often evil bastards, but they know a good pizza. This goes for mobsters and all Italian food. Anthony Boy John Gotti, that guy buried under Yankee Stadium, Tony Soprano, Paulie, etc. If these mobsters would just pick the right target, maybe run an arson insurance scam on the entire Pizza Hut chain ... just bustin balls here errrr, spit-ballin', that's what I meant.

Well, unfortunately I can't remember the exact scene, but Jim Rockford had pretty much the same thing to say about fine wines as did Steve Sailer recently in Are Fine Wines a Hoax, and I agree.

A few episodes earlier in the season, Jim had some Fed cop grilling him, and as is usually the case early on in the show, Jim doesn't know what the heck the guy was even talking about.

"What do you know about Bolivia?!"

"Well, they grow coffee, and there's Juan Valdez .. no, that's Colombia."

Ha! You just can't DO that on TV today, even if everyone know who Juan Valdez was. (For those who must know, Mr. Valdez entered America illegally in the late 1980s, narrowly missing the Reagan amnesty. After his recent 3rd fatality-DUI and 2nd deportation, he re-entered the United States recently with help from the Bai Dien Administration, was safely trafficked transported to White Plains, New York, and through the help of charity, has transitioned into Juanita Valdez, Miss Valdez is now a big-busted barista serving gourmet coffee in Passaic, New Jersey.)

My favorite answering machine message so far was this one:

After the usual: "This is Jim Rockford. At the tone, leave your name and message. I'll get back to you." ,

""Bummer ...I call up with some good vibes and some positive energy, then I get a robot? Forget you, man!""

That was 45 years ago, and this woman already understood what Peak Stupidity has been ranting about for years! Artificial Stupidity, indeed.

Finally, I would like to thank our regular and some irregular commenters here who have had much good discussion under the various posts. During the week before this one, July 4-9, there were 151 comments posted, and only 41 ( 27% ) were mine! Thank you all.

A 2nd post on the Forever Stamps, to explain my point, will come Monday, I want to feature some really good comments under Paul Kersey's blog, I'll have more on the Guidestones if I spend some more time on the subject, and then plenty of random stupidity will crop up.

* They are:
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** That one was the episode So Help Me God, about Grand Juries, as mentioned in the 2nd to last of the 9 Rockford Files posts.

*** Thank you, IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase)!

[UPDATED 08/01/23:]
There've been 9 posts already on The Rockford Files, not 8. Another will come today.

Friday - July 22nd 2022 6:14AM MST
PS: Thank you, Mr. Hail. I do know there are many thousand readers from the stats, and you guys enjoy reading/writing but it's nice to hear of some names.

BTW, my comment was missing the world "LIKE" in regards to this Mary Beth's tweet, and with the change of vowels, it would really sound funny. 3 twats, though? Nah.
Thursday - July 21st 2022 3:45PM MST

Among the others who have linked to Peak Stupdiity is a Sailerite-sphere or "NRx"-sphere blogger, Ellie K*sselman (@EllieAsksWhy). Last year she twitter-linked to Peak Stupidity, so a number of her 4000 followers may have clicked through. She may be a semi-regular reader.

One thing about twitter, though, is how its tone-setting heavy users get sucked in like a vortex and then get shy to even click links. The typical twitterer does not do any meaningful long-form reading, nor even medium-form reading, nor even all that much short-form reading---preferring only to get bombarded with mini-form, tweet-sized "burns" and the ubiquitous trolling.

Sometimes they can get tricked into short- or medium-form reading by a trick of a "tweet thread," but the way twitter displays them it usually means you have to keep clicking "See More," and see above on how lazy twitter-heavy-users are.
Thursday - July 21st 2022 9:27AM MST
PS: I'm in the Twitter now! I'm SOMEBODY!!

Thanks, Adam. I like Mary Beth, but I don't think I'm allowed to Mary Beth's tweet. She's got 3 though.
Thursday - July 21st 2022 6:09AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, regarding your pastes from the twitter stuff. I take it that this was about the conversation ending in "Go Fuck Yourself" that you and I both posted about. I could not find any concrete denial. I will write about Snopes and their supposed fact-checking in relation to another subject shortly. They are sickeningly biased, from my quick search on this other topic.

One more thing. There is a guy with the Twitter handle "Peak Stupidity". Mr. Brimelow of VDare erroneously mentioned that guy when noting in his own tweet that OUR Peak Stupidity calls out the new American Communists and gave Mr. Brimelow credit for doing the same. [EDIT:] I just noticed Mr. Smith's comment with the links. Thanks, Adam!
Thursday - July 21st 2022 6:04AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, yes, I saw your comment there, using the "most recent" link, which is quite, cough, cough, handy, ahem... I watched the whole 2:40. It's pretty slick, I gotta say. He's very good at reversing the concept of who exactly is being Totalitarian "Nazis". He was just out on the Florida beaches with a Grim Reaper suit, you know, to try to HELP people, who might otherwise DIE SOON. (Free advertisement/publicity for his law firm was purely coincidental, purely, I tell you.)
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 10:06PM MST

Further comment on the Uhlfelder news:

From early in his campaign ad:

“My name is Daniel Uhlfelder. I’m just your average attorney and family man….The Uhlfelders fought hard to get to this country. The Nazis tore my family apart...Growing up, my parents NEVER let me forget it...”
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 8:04PM MST

So the Corona-activist Panic-pusher Daniel Uhlfelder is running for political office. I can't say I'm surprised. But with DeSantis favored to win with over 95% odds (says polling site "538"), he won't win, this time.

His 2m30s campaign video is revealing in many ways.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - July 20th 2022 7:48AM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

Thanks for the heads up...

Here's the original tweet from Mary Beth...

Here's a link to Kim's tweet that you mentioned...

Did you know that Daniel Uhlfelder is running for Florida Attorney General?

Tuesday - July 19th 2022 7:53PM MST

Peak Stupidity caused another splash today on Twitter and I'll reproduce the best of it here.

A user called "Marybeth in Florida" had come across the Peak Stupidity entry on the DeSantis vs. Biden "Go F*** Yourself" showdown (Number-1819).

Marybeth wrote: "Found this today. Not sure if it's accurate, but vaguely recall hearing something about it. It may even be an urban legend. Anyone know for sure? But hell, if it's true, Gov DeSantis should be POTUS in 2024, if for nothing other than sheer bad-assery!"

A few angry responses from nitwits followed:



Another example of what I said about white women loving authoritarian men🤦🏽‍♀️ When it comes to Covid-19 DeathSantis stands his ground to the detriment of his state but Marybeth here loves this ‘strength’




Rightwing propaganda, total bs and lies.

and it’s so obvious I cannot imagine why you would even wonder if it might be true.

this is what’s wrong with our country today too many people like you do not know how to discriminate between fact and fiction!



John Doe

The website url was made for you.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 19th 2022 8:35AM MST
PS: Good morning, everyone,

Most of the time, your message will just disappear into the ether...

Monday - July 18th 2022 6:59PM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, you sound very familiar with the show. Did any reference to the band pop up?

Mr. Hail, yes, without a landline phone, there is no answering machine. BTW, where do text messages go when they are sent to land-line phones? It's a mystery.

I am looking forward to your post on the Guidestones. I would also like to find out more info on what really happened a couple of weeks ago, in addition to the cultural business you will write about - how people have seen them as presenting evil messages to the world or somebody ...
Monday - July 18th 2022 2:32PM MST

"Mr. Hail, it's possible that you aren't familiar with the voice-transcribed text versions of voicemail, that one sees on the smart phones now. That's the newest iteration - one leaves a voice message rather than writes a text message - the former much easier, IMO, but the receiver can read it ... SOME of the time."

There is also the direct audio message, recorded via a phone app and sent and available to listen to on the other person's phone via that app.

I get the feeling these messages are much more common in some cultures than others. Probably women do it more than men and probably lower educated do it more than higher educated (both being people who temperamentally prefer speaking to writing). I also would bet Chinese would do it more because it's a relative pain to write via phone in Chinese characters.

Another thing about this kind of voice-recording, at least as I've observed it, is it's basically frivolous. What I mean is, no one intending to send a serious message for business etc purposes would send a message like that, even if messages sent via messaging apps are otherwise considered fair-game in the culture for business purposes.

Maybe the real thing I meant with the decline of "answering machines" is the decline of so-called "landline phones."
Monday - July 18th 2022 2:26PM MST

"I'll have more on the Guidestones if I spend some more time on the subject"

I'll be posting findings on the Georgia Guidestones and how how they were perceived from the 1980s to 2010s, then the sudden proliferation of voices calling them "satanic." It will probably go up Tuesday or Wednesday evening, once I finish assembling it.

It includes material I find no evidence anyone else has ever found. (If it's not on wikipedia, it doesn't exist...unless you do the heavy lifting or leg-work, which I've tried to do.)

I started it as a side-project soon after the bombing. Credit for inspiring this effort goes to Peak Stupidity's commentary and coverage, starting in Dec 2021, of things Guidestone-related... As I thought about the significance of the bombing, it seems a lot about the Guidestones ties together a lot going on. In other words, the bombing is about more than the Guidestones.
Monday - July 18th 2022 7:07AM MST

Mr Hail; I’m all for a recognition of Scandinavian achievement- National Squarehead Day, perhaps. Leif Eriksson, both Bang AND Olufson, the guy who founded IKEA, Mr Volvo, the guy who invented salted black licorice… the list is endless.

Big question: do we include the Finns? Or just the Swedish Finns like Mannerheim and Sibelius? Or that YouTuber Cat Cad- who does those videos about the Swedish Finns. It goes without saying that, in the immortal phrasing of Howie Carr, Mx Cad is “Not Guilty”
Monday - July 18th 2022 6:51AM MST
PS George Loros, appeared twice as Anthony Boy, the second time coming back to get revenge on Jimbo. He also played one of Rockford’s ex con pals Eddie in the two parter “Only Rock And Roll Will Never Die”; the quite fetching Marcia Strassman as Eddie’s unrequited love interest appears as well.

George Loros was the quintessential ‘70s and 80’s TV “Oh, THAT guy”; he later played Capo Raymond Curto on “The Sopranos”.

I’m looking for some kind of synergy between Rockford and the Grateful Dead…
Sunday - July 17th 2022 9:21PM MST
PS: Ooops that was in a comment of mine. Anyway, memory jogged.
Sunday - July 17th 2022 9:17PM MST
PS: MMS, I don't know what BRA is, but PK's SBPDL blog is hosted by Ron Unz on his site.

Mr. Smith, I appreciate the answering machine links. Also, under the previous post I meant to thank you for jogging my memory on "Parliamentarian" and Elizabeth MacDonough who currently holds that position (for the last decade). VDare wrote about her as the last piece of resistance to some bad immigration legislation. I will correct that post now.
Sunday - July 17th 2022 9:12PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, it's possible that you aren't familiar with the voice-transcribed text versions of voicemail, that one sees on the smart phones now. That's the newest iteration - one leaves a voice message rather than writes a text message - the former much easier, IMO, but the receiver can read it ... SOME of the time.

Another thing about modern voicemail vs. Mr. Rockford's machine (sure a new thing to me in the mid-1970s - we didn't have one through 1980 even): The new way gives that Big-Biz 3rd-party access to these communications that were private in the day of the actual machine. (BTW, I do remember having a voice message machine that was all electronic - no tope, with LED lights and controls - in 1998.)

I should have written this, but that voice of the lady pissed off about the "robot" was that of a hippy-dippy chick. I.e., Jim Rockford would have gotten laid if he'd just have gotten to the phone.

Sunday - July 17th 2022 12:58PM MST

"The first answering machine was invented in 1898 by a Danish inventor called Valdemar Poulsen. It was called telegraphone."

A Dane! Am thinking that we of Scandinavian ancestry should add this to the list for our polite demand for one (1) full month to celebrate and commemorate our achievements, in a History Month. Mr Anderson might be willing to second the motion, if he sees this in time. (February was taken some time ago; and now, it seems, so is June.)

It's funny that Google's HIGHLIGHTED RESULT ignores Mr Poulsen. In any case, the "who's first" business is so often subject to ambiguity or possible reasonable dispute, and often comes down NOT to a brilliant solitary inventor shouting "Eureka!" one dark night, but to the self-promotion efforts, self-promotion skills, and/or networking by one of many active in an area.
Muh Magic Soil
Sunday - July 17th 2022 12:43PM MST
PS Fun trivia the pron spoof of Rockford is called the Rockhard Files.
The best BASS speakers/amps used to be Rockford-Fosgate and they are mounting a come back.
PK is still going! SBPDL is archived now in BRA the laughingstock of the world led by a horny Clown and the Emhoff BlackRock Cackler.
At least we have the glorious faculty lounge to lead us to 1000 years of golden SpongeBob victories.
Forward! Yes we can!
Adam Smith
Sunday - July 17th 2022 12:33PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Hail,

Sunday - July 17th 2022 10:33AM MST

When was the "first" answering machine?

Google shoves the answer at you that it comes from Jewish inventor came up with the first in the 1930s. The Jews needed it to allow them to avoid physically answering the phone on the Sabbath according to their religious teachings, but to still not miss out on hot business deals or tips.
Sunday - July 17th 2022 10:32AM MST

When did answering machines becomes common?

People are saying they began to penetrate the US market in the 1960s but only became really dominant beginning in the mid-1980s. Does this seem right?

if the Rockford File episode you mention aired March 1977, that puts it during this continuing gray-zone period of adoption.

By, when, circa-2005?, physical "answering machines" (which you hit a button on a box connected to your physical phone to listen to) had become obsolete, replaced at some point by "Voicemail" which you had no control over physically. Even "voicemail" was fast becoming culturally obsolete by the 2010s.

For some reason "generation gap" comments are often a theme of my Peak Stupidity comment-box chatter, I suppose prompted by the themes of some posts, the old Rockford Files tv show a perfect example, as is the Answering Machine reference.

Teenagers today are probably aware of "answering machines" in a way people talk about "Eight-Track tapes," as something that used to exist and have some mainstream value and use, but sort of a semi-embarrassing memory and now hard to find. Even talking on the phone itself is often disfavored over text messaging or the like. But the phone text-message that is not seen or responded to immediately but left for the recipient, does function in the way answering machines used to.
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