What if we exit the Age of Reason...?

Posted On: Saturday - July 9th 2022 4:12PM MST
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I took a bunch of pictures that day, late last Fall.

I suppose this could be called Part 4 of the Peak Stupidity discussion on the blowing up of the Georgia Guidestones. I'll keep it shorter. First, here are: Part 1 - - Part 2 - - and Part 3.

Every time I ran upon talk of "An Age of Reason" in the stones themselves or in Robert Christian's book Common Sense Renewed, I have to wonder if we aren't exiting this age instead. Actually, I know we are. Secondly, I get the Al Stewart song that's featured* below in my head.

OK, so someone on one side or the other thought blowing the Georgia Guidestones was important. It would send a message. I suppose it could. I think the anger at Globalism should be taken out on the responsible parties, not a bunch of stones, whether via coordinated political action, opting out, or other means. I don't really believe this world will get back to sanity without some violence. However, what does shooting up downtown Chicago, running over a parade of children, shooting up a black church, or the biggest, rioting and looting for months, do to change the world for the better? Think more and harder, people.

What I see, though, is that this world of screens with instant information is not the sole cause of, but has led us toward Peak Stupidity at higher rate. People don't spend the time to discuss things calmly and rationally in person with those on the opposing side.

Also, the elites of society are no longer in some King's court or the more civil world in the 1950s US Congress, all of them caring about their nations and the people within. They don't sponsor the Royal Astronomical Society and all that I vaguely described in the old post linked-to below, full of highly-educated, civil, White Men.

Even the old Age of Reason wasn't peaceful, but things were improving. Mr. Christian thought we might reach a more improved Age of Reason in which we could solve the world's problems peacefully with rational thought. That ain't gonna happen.

Mr. Christian was way, way off. The world has been exiting the Age of Reason for a while now. Here's Al Stewart again, the King of History Rock:

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, folks! There are still lots of posts ready to be written, and it ain't like we're going anywhere ... like Georgia. I'll slow down next week for real.

* PS has a usually-adhered-to policy of not putting the same song up multiple times, but this one fit the previous time and this time. That previous post was Nat-Geo and the once great Royal Scientific Societies - Part 2

Tuesday - July 12th 2022 3:50PM MST
PS. Mr. Hail- my paternal grandparents were both OTB Swedes- they came from the same county (Dalsland), although they met in St. Paul.

According to family legend my dad’s oldest brother Bertil, when sent off to first grade was sent home because he had no English, my grandpa and grandma then decided that no Swedish was to be spoken in the house. A story, of course, but it is true that the three younger Anderson boys including my dad, did not learn Swedish.

I took it at the U of Minnesota- people who don’t speak Swedish think I’m fluent- no Swede would think so. I get by pretty well though.

As for Norwegian (and Danish, for that matter) from my non- native perspective they seem more like dialects of the same language, although for me as a non native speaker Danish is almost impossible for me to understand, but I can understand some dialects of Norwegian. And, actually some versions of Swedish are hard for me to understand as well. I can read Danish and Norwegian pretty well though, not as well as Swedish but in the same ball park.

Having studied both German and Swedish I'd say that German is harder to learn, mostly due to more complicated grammar, but Swedish is harder for an English speaker, or at least THIS English speaker, to pronounce.
To Absurdity And Beyond
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 2:58PM MST
PS Reason is a construct of the white male patriarchy and the New Dark Ages will be a golden time for stale obsolete ideologies from 19th century German bums.
All logic will be redistributed as stupidity in the interest of egalitarian equity.
Architecture, stone placements, historic landmarks, libraries, are all constructs of the white male patriarchy and will be destroyed by any means necessary.
The Alarmist
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 1:10PM MST

Here’s a teaser to a fun read:

“I left out a key detail in the documentary. The dude who sold his land to let the Guidestones be built on it? Strongly “poker telled” that yes, there is a time capsule that was built under the Guidestones monument.

Gee. I wonder if the bulldozers turned that up and what was in it?“

Is there a Nazi connection to the Georgia Guidestones?


Tuesday - July 12th 2022 11:08AM MST

How far will the drama go?

Will it be revealed that the sheriff, who ordered Kandiss Taylor to be raided, has a maternal grandfather named Robert C. Christian?

Will it be revealed that the head SWAT man yelled out "This is for the Age of Reason!" when they bashed in the door?

Will a second-rate Alex Jones successfully spread a social media rumor that the SWAT team was controlled directly by the Bilderberg Group and the sheriff had no knowledge?
Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 10:22AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

"And I WILL find out who 'SWAT-ed' my house, and I will do EVERYthing in my power to bring them to justice."

What's to find out? It was the Sheriff who 'SWAT-ed' her house.
Why is it that the Sheriff or the Police are never held accountable for their actions?





Tuesday - July 12th 2022 9:26AM MST
PS: No matter what the rhetoric out of her, that's more Police State abuse there, Mr. Hail. I will read the link shortly. OTOH, saying "that's not okay" with that Karen voice is NOT OKAY with me and may be at least a reason to tear-gas her, haha.
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 8:30AM MST

...Georgia Guidestone drama update...

Anti-Guidestone activist and 3.4%-support-receiving governor candidate Kandiss Taylor was hit by a SWAT team raid on her house overnight with guns drawn, for unclear reasons.

She is upset and in a late-night video calls the raid "evil, wrong, not okay." "And I WILL find out who 'SWAT-ed' my house, and I will do EVERYthing in my power to bring them to justice."

Tuesday - July 12th 2022 8:13AM MST

On Swedish language

GAnderson wrote: "the 19th century Swedish poem 'Kung Karl, Den Unga Hjälte' or 'King Charles, the Young Hero', which I had to memorize in Swedish class in college."

I understand you, Mr. Anderson, are an English-native American of Swedish ancestry. Did you learn Swedish entirely as a foreigner, or did you start with some kind of base from family tradition? How hard do you think Swedish was versus other Germanic languages?

Have you ever looked at Norwegian? I have studied it a little and find it very easy as languages go, IF you already know English and German, a lot of it is easy to pick up or even just guess at with very little specific study or anything.

I've also long wondered if the casual English greeting "Hey!" is directly an import from Scandinavian languages. It is the standard greeting in Swedish, if I'm not wrong (like "Hello" might be for English today).
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 7:38AM MST

I did suggest it, as he had mentioned The Great Northern War in a previous podcast. What’s also interesting is that the song scans perfectly to the 19th century Swedish poem “Kung Karl, Den Unga Hjälte” or “King Charles, the Young Hero”, which I had to memorize in Swedish class in college.
I have to believe, given someone as clever as Al is, that it wasn’t an accident.

Gentleman that he is, Derb sent me a thank you email with the transcript of the segment.
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 7:18AM MST
PS: Mr. Ganderson, yeah, I had the line "What if we reached the Age of Reason, only to find there is no reprieve?" in my head each time I'd think about that big in the Robert Christian book and on the stones - that was my picture. I have another that provides less anonymity but kind of cooler.

Did Mr. D put that song up per your suggestion?
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 6:18AM MST

Mr. Mod, keep posting those Al Stewart tunes- from your description at the top of the page I thought you were going to post “Last Days of the Century”, but a fine substitute it was.

I’ve had a good couple of weeks, online validation-wise. First our moderator used my suggested version of “US Blues”, and then Derb Radio’s sign out music (yet another Al Steward number, “The Coldest Winter”, about Charles XII’s invasion of Russia in 1709) the week before last was suggested by yours truly.

My golf game still sucks, though.
Monday - July 11th 2022 9:48PM MST

On the topic of "Population - Year / Milestone - Reached"

Another way of thinking about population growth is in terms of "population-doublings."

At the cusp of the Golden Age of Ancient Greece, some two-thousand-fife-hundred years ago, they estimate global human population at 125 million (+/-).

Using that point at around 500 BC (the cusp of the Greek Golden Age), when world human population at 125m, as the starting point, we can identify six doublings as of this writing.

The first doubling, to 250m, was possibly achieved by about 1 AD (but the most conservative estimates would put the 250m threshold not achieved for many centuries yet). But world population stays at about this 250m level, or below it, for nine centuries. Then, around the end of the first millennium, it starts to advances in fits and starts, but never quite sustains itself enough to break through to 500m and achieve a second doubling. Alas, there were a lot of troubles and travails and problems along the way between that first and second doubling threshold.

The second doubling, to 500m, is (finally) achieved by about 1575 AD (+/- a century)

The third doubling, to 1000m ("one billion"), is achieved by 1804 (per Adam Smith's data)

The fourth doubling, to 2000m ("two billion"), is achieved by 1927

The fifth doubling, to 4000m ("four billion"), is achieved by 1974

The sixth doubling, to 8000m ("eight billion") is estimated to be achieved in 2022.


time elapsed

1st doubling, 500 BC to 1 AD
Early part of Greek Golden Age to the time of Jesus
= 500 years

2nd doubling, 1 AD to 1575 AD
Time of Jesus to the Age of Exploration
= 1575 years

3rd doubling, 1575 to 1804
The Age of Exploration to the Napoleonic Era
= 229 years

4th doubling: 1804 to 1927
Napoleonic Era to the Roaring Nineteen-Twenties, including the great bulk of the "Industrial Revolution"
= 123 years

5th doubling: 1927 to 1974
The "Roaring" Nineteen-Twenties to the Early Space Age, including start of major Western subsidization of Third World growth
= 47 years

6th doubling: 1974 to 2022
The Early Space Age to the Age of Wokeness, in which humans have discovered that the font of all evil is White-Christian Heterosexual Able-Bodied Males and their allies and enablers
= 48 years

Robert Christian obviously saw the most recent few doublings as a major problem, but his chosen number of 500 million means he saw even the "doubling" that preceded the Industrial Revolution as probably a mistake. (Or maybe if he had been writing the Guidestones in our time he'd have rounded up from 500m to 1000m.) But this latest doubling, especially, is just ridiculous, being almost entirely Western subsidization of Blacks and Muslims.

Of course, it won't "do" to be too concerned with absolute numbers independent of all else. The quality of that hypothetical post-apocalyptic 500 million matters more.

German IQ researcher Volkmar Weiss (b.1944) and his team have produced rolling estimates of World IQ, by country and by different time periods. While it is not an exact science, all signs point to genotypic IQ for the global human population GOING DOWN for some time.

Some theorize there is a tipping point, possibly IQ 97, below which advanced societies and techno-industrial society can decline inexorably towards general collapse, just being a matter of time.
Monday - July 11th 2022 5:49PM MST


“What I see, though, is that this world of screens with instant information is not the sole cause of, but has led us toward Peak Stupidity at higher rate. People don't spend the time to discuss things calmly and rationally in person with those on the opposing side.”- Mderator

This is a Yuge stupidity-causing factor. Back in the day (way back) kids would play outside and make up rules and talk. They would walk home from school in groups or pairs and talk. Today I hear “I texted her X” as if
the text mode itself imparts a magical quality to the substance. I also blame tv shows for moving away from rational solutions to the weekly stressor.
Monday - July 11th 2022 2:07PM MST
PS: I am worse with typos than all the commenters, but it seems like you know I meant "crowded", Mr. Hail. Regarding China's population. Yes, they are different. Beside the rice vs. wheat ideas and such - seems like a big Jared Diamond or Steve Sailer interest - there's the personality that is either the cause of, or result of their living close together.

I don't know cause vs effect here. To me, the Chinese people LIKE living close together. You have been there too, I just remembered. Even out in the "country", they'll have a small village of 100-200 people, rather than live in farmhouses apart. A big mindset of the Chinese is that if you live out in the country, PERIOD, you are a poor uneducated bastard.

Finally, you may want to check out Ron Paul's latest column:

"How Much Did the US Government Pressure Twitter to Ban Alex Berenson?"


(PS: I didn't forget to reply to you under that previous GA Guidestones post.)
Monday - July 11th 2022 2:02PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, on your discussion of world population and the guidestones: Most of us, per Mr. Smith's data would remember learning sometime our childhood that the population of the world had hit the huge milestones of 3, 4, or 5 billon. One can assume that Mr. Christian or his backers meant Guide #1 in the sense of either:

1) We need to use rational thought among the intelligent elites of the world's nations (hahahaaa!) to control our populations so that we can get to that level - I would say one could expect to get from 4 1/2 billion (when the stones were carved) to 1/2 a million in less than a couple of centuries. (Hey, that'd be a pretty easy but cool math problem done with some assumptions.)
2) Future societies: We screwed up. Don't let it go too far!
3) We need to wipe people out.

The book would lead one to believe that (1) is what that Guide #1 is about. (2) is interesting, but why would this book be written without it being more explicit about this being a guide to those left after some near-apocalyptic nuclear war. (3) is the main thought that got the stones blown up.

I gotta say, if you read some of the others on the monument (well, on the web only now), you may think this guy was indeed a Globalist. Again the books says otherwise. It's a reach, IMO, to think the book was a ruse - it's not like the Moonies were giving copies away at airports (along with their flowers) to spread the message. I doubt many people have read it ... till perhaps this week.
Adam Smith
Monday - July 11th 2022 1:03PM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

“any serious news follower of the 2010s will remember the occasional anti-anti-vaxxer stories.”

I remember the anti-anti-vaxxer stories airing more than occasionally.

“Some like to think the Corona-Panic was like a demonic force that arose straight out of hell, broke through the cordon of angels keeping the demons away from Earth, and descended on the village during the night, killing and possessing people to turn them evil or insane. In some ways that is a more comforting view...!” - Agree!


Population - Year
Milestone - Reached

•1 Billion - 1804
•2 Billion - 1927
•3 Billion - 1960
•4 Billion - 1974
•5 Billion - 1987
•6 Billion - 1999
•7 Billion - 2011
•8 Billion - 2022

Monday - July 11th 2022 11:19AM MST

On the ongoing Georgia Guidestone Question in light of its bombing, the question came to me:

"When did Earth surpass the Robert Christian-recommended 500,000,000 total population?"

The answer, depending on whose estimates you like, looks like somewhere between 1450 and 1650 AD:

Monday - July 11th 2022 11:16AM MST

Moderator wrote: "China has been too damned crowd for a couple of centuries, at least!"

The differences between the Oriental and Occidental civilizations and mindsets are vast, and many may underestimate them. I have come to believe a lot of Occidentals are tricked, easily tricked, by Orientals, and don't understand what they're up to.

Put it this way, an Oriental displaying a typical Oriental personality and actions and deeds and words, if transposed onto a full-Occidental, would be a VERY different person despite exact equality at the What You See level; to use an old computer term, Occidentals are WYSIWYG and Orientals are not.

I don't know if that makes sense but no time now to explain more.

But in pondering the differences between East and West, and especially from our perspective the mistakes so commonly made in understanding the East, the sources of the differences comes up. The East has always, through all historical eras, been more densely populated, and some people believe this is a key to a lot of the differences, which then then are tempted to say goes to rice crops vs. wheat crops, with rice crops giving a much higher caloric yield per acre, and Orientals also being smaller people in need of fewer calories per head, it compounds it.
Monday - July 11th 2022 11:09AM MST

"A final solution to the anti-vaxxer question..."

She was trying to do a takeoff on the "elect a new people" satirical line but didn't deliver it well. Most people aren't so good at speaking extemporaneously like that.

The importance of her comments, which were during the Trump campaign in 2016 but four years before the Corona-Panic, is:

the Corona-Panic political lines that came down upon us and distorted life so much for two years and may have set a precedent for future such virus panics, had traceable origins. The anti-vaxxers in the 2010s, and Big Blue people's worries about successful uprisings in the provinces by ethnonationalist-influenced Middle America Radicals (Sam Francis' term) (soon to be known as "Deplorables," a Hillary Clinton coinage), both of which we see so clearly in the Dr Carol Baker remarks or joke attempt.

There were a lot of other things, too, but any serious news follower of the 2010s will remember the occasional anti-anti-vaxxer stories.

Some like to think the Corona-Panic was like a demonic force that arose straight out of hell, broke through the cordon of angels keeping the demons away from Earth, and descended on the village during the night, killing and possessing people to turn them evil or insane. In some ways that is a more comforting view...!
Adam Smith
Sunday - July 10th 2022 5:00PM MST
PS: Good evening, gentlemen,

A final solution to the anti-vaxxer question...
We'll just get rid of all the Whites in the United States. - Dr. Carol J. Baker


Mr. Hail, The 4.93 acre plot of land that the guidestones used to sit upon is owned by the Elbert County Board of Commissioners. It was gifted to Elbert County in 1979.

Here are a couple links to the tax assessors website. The first is the property report page and the second shows the plot on a map.


Sunday - July 10th 2022 4:04PM MST
PS: To Noah and Mr. Hail: There is so much craziness going on that I can't help but think some of it is part of some evil plans. One can come up with a conspiracy scenario for lots of things. For me, not necessarily the Covid-19 virus itself (Ron Unz's big thing), but some aspects of the PanicFest seem to have been planned out.

BTW, Dieter, I should have put this in my previous comment. Alex Jones is not learned just like Glenn Beck wasn't. Before his "bring Teddy Bears to the border" years, I liked his chalkboard-based explanations of the political evil going on within the US Gov't - this was near the beginning of the Øb☭ma Admin. He was pretty up front about his learning the history of the FED and lots of evil done to America a century ago and the parallels between the Commies back then and who we have now, kind of on-the-spot, between show, even! I respect that honesty, and his facts were not wrong. Alex Jones, well, again, I mostly watched him for his Constitutionalist views (which Mr. Beck had too, before he became a cuck on immigration).

Also, in reply to Dieter and Mr. Hail: Yes, that time in American history was when the population and the environment became a big worry - it started in the 1960's but the attitude had gotten much bigger, as in more people agreed with the ideas, by the time Mr. Christian arranged for this monument.

Your (1) and (2) sound right to me - traditional Christianity would want nothing to do with most of the 10 guides there. Most American in 1980 probably would have though. Yet, he went by "R.C." or "Robert" Christian. I would have to look back through the book to remember any religious aspects of it.

Yes, Dieter, China has been too damned crowd for a couple of centuries, at least! I could tell you about going on a rubber raft down this one river there - it was rubber boat bumper to rubber boat bumper at some points. That doesn't compare to floating down the Chatahootchie on inner tubes with some guys and a six pack. I do hope you find some out-of-the-way trails that are better than those you described. (Tell, me are many of the tourist/hikers Chinese?)

The Olympic Mountains in this country are pristine, and if go 5 miles or more into the National Park, you can see nobody for maybe a few hours at a time or more. This country has been so lucky, but also wise to have preserved these places. The population increase due (SOLELY! to immigration may ruin it all.

That brings me to the writing on Paul Craig Roberts. I quit reading him on unz due to a dual problem with his dissing the commenters for not believe his Global Climate Crisis alarmism in at least 2 posts. It wasn't that he dissed the people, but that he had Mr. Unz shut down comments. However, just from his titles, I can see that I would agree with him almost all the time. I will check out that link to the column on his own site. Thanks, Mr. Hail

Thank you, Noah and Mr. Hail, for the info on this Carol Baker character too.
Sunday - July 10th 2022 3:43PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, re your 2nd comment. I just read your comment under Part 2 about the GA gubernatorial candidate Kandiss* Taylor. Once I heard about that - only after the fact, as following stories about this monument was not really my hobby,, but good fodder for some posts - I have been inclined to think that that was the major factor to get someone to actually "Do something, dammit!". It was only 2 months from her statement. I'll respond to your comment under Part 2, there.

I do believe the Kung Flu Panic, which varied a lot over the State of Georgia from some personal experience, has been a factor for quite a bit of craziness. That's a long, long time to be taken from a young person's normal life, giving one time to sit around brooding. Your take on Robert Crimo is a good example.

About Alex Jones, for you, Dieter, and Alarmist: The reason why I liked him at least last I visited his site often - 5 to 10 years ago - is that he is a serious fighter for (what's left of) the US Constitution and our rights. He's done a lot of that. Maybe it was performance art that he did one time in front of some Federal Bldg. (can't remember the details), but I wished I would see more of that.

All his radio and video stuff on the people being born from cows - hahaa! - yeah, I guess that must keep the biggest chunk of his audience. No, he's never calm when I've ever seen him, Dieter. On that, if you haven't seen it here 4 years back or elsewhere, please LOL to the "Alex Jones Indie Folk Song":


I couldn't listen to the froggy voice for too long. I kept thinking his drinking a glass of water would help, but you'd think he'd have tried that.

To me he's a character, but not a bad one. Again, it's been a long time since I listened to/watched him , so I don't recall any of his talks on the guidestones. He may have been a big factor over the long term, rather than the short term as Kandiss Taylor was, in the decision for someone to to this. However, that doesn't make them guilty of the bombing. I don't know if Alex Jones specifically promotes violence or just (as I do) see some of it coming, but he didn't do the deed itself. Yeah, I still like the guy. I think the fact that slightly nutty people like him can still have a voice is a good thing. (They did cancel him on youtube a few years back, as I recall.)

* Anyone whose Mom spells Candice like that is on my probably-a-kook list just based on genetics alone!
Sunday - July 10th 2022 3:21PM MST
PS: Thank you all for the very readable, enjoyable, calmer-than-Alex-Jones, comments.

I may write more about the Guidestones (I'd planned to), but I'll have to get my thoughts together better.*. I'll just write a few things, but not address all the good points:

Mr. Hail, firstly, thanks for the leads to these books. About the haunted places, I agree, the thought that one might be looking at something made for some evil society of Masons, Rosicrucians, Globalists, Rothchilds, etc. would draw people there - it was part of what did for me. It gives me a reason to go there rather than to see the world's biggest ball of yarn ... unless it is also some part of a plot by the Knitters, a spin off of the Masons(?)

Indeed, that doesn't make me want to blow it up.

* They may be or seem contradictory, as in "we need calmer people", but then "go outside and get something done!" (like someone did) and my sort of liking Alex Jones.
The Alarmist
Sunday - July 10th 2022 1:56PM MST

Alex Jones is a performance artist, and if you don’t accept that from me, ask the babies they’ve grown in cows for more than a quarter century.

The Satanic guidestones came along not long after the Satanic Club of Rome started fretting about the surfeit of useless eaters (Kissinger’s words) depleting the Earth of resources that rightfully should be reserved for the Satanic criminal Elite.
Sunday - July 10th 2022 12:36PM MST

Mr Kief wrote: "I wonder what will happen to the monument now? I wish it would be restored."

One thing I still don't understand,

Who legally owns the land, and owned (past tense) the (bombed and demolished) monument?
Sunday - July 10th 2022 12:13PM MST

Paul Craig Roberts is back in good form, except tempered by his somewhat grouchy personality in his older age now, and his latest semi-rambling essay starts out declaring the Peak Stupidity occasional topic of Jean Raspail's 1970s novel to be the best book of our time.


July 10, 2022

by Paul Craig Roberts

The Camp of the Saints is an accurate description of the fate of the Western World. We are experiencing that fate now. (...) The book was a best seller, but the rot had already set in. (...)

The white ethnicities are the most insouciant of all peoples. They comprise a small minority of the world population, and every white country is wallowing in guilt about people of color and have opened their borders to immigrant-invaders. (...)

What is extraordinary is that the few white leaders who found the courage to sound the alarm have been demonized and driven from the political and intellectual scene.

As far as the white intellectual world is concerned, there is no greater crime than the defense of white people. It is simply not permitted. White school districts teach critical race theory to white kids. In other words, white children are raised and educated to have a negative attitude toward white people, meaning themselves and their parents. (...)


Sunday - July 10th 2022 11:54AM MST

RE: Noah

"A Baylor professor is on video with the we'll just have to get rid of all the whites quote regarding the not-a-vaxx and mandates."

Dr. Carol J. Baker (who is white):

"I have the solution. Every study published in the last five years on VACCINE REFUSERS---I'm not talking about the hesitant, most of them can be talked into it---but REFUSERS. We'll just get rid of all the Whites in the United States, because Houston is the most diverse study in the United States...I've been a minority for more than twenty years...Guess who wants to get vaccinated the most? IMMIGRANTS!"

This quote is actually from a conference in May 2016. Carol Baker is probably born in the first half of the 1940s (graduated with an MD in 1968).

Like a lot of research-scientist types, she is not the smoothest speaker and her joke doesn't work very well, but it might have had she had a quicker way with words.

She was back on the scene during the Corona-Panic's vaccine-pushing phase in 2021 cheerleading for the "Covid"-"vaccine"...

It's an interesting data-point to add to the ongoing search for WHY the Corona-Panic happened. Strands of social and political views and cultural change that many ignored in the 2010s burst forth in early 2020 and held in 2021. Some of what the Panic was, what it involved, came seemingly out of nowhere. It wasn't out of nowhere, just a number of niche things that formed a mob wither other low-info and excitable malcontents found loitering around town and together stormed the bastille of our cultural center and vanquished the old foes of reasonableness, rationality, and responsibility.

(Happy Bastille Day, everyone, this week, for those history-fans so inclined, and for the French for whom it is MANDATORY to celebrate it.)

(in other "storming" of places news, Sri Lanka protestors stormed the presidential residence and CNN cheered them on as heroes and patriots using bold protest tactics.)
Sunday - July 10th 2022 11:19AM MST

See a new comment on ant-Guidestone activist Kandiss Taylor and her place in this imbroglio, under the post in which she was originally mentioned:

"Georgia Guidestones bombed and demolished! Part II"

Noah Was A Knower
Sunday - July 10th 2022 11:12AM MST
PS Snarks already have the coming soon Dollar General with the stones in the background photochop.
O/T-Have you heard about Shut Down DC offering money for the whereabouts of any SCOTUS member or the LNG and food processing plants burning down all over?
There won't be any return to normal with quisling traitors of the Weather Underground gov out to burn it all down in order to install the dictatorship of the proletariat.
Also a Baylor professor is on video with the we'll just have to get rid of all the whites quote regarding the not-a-vaxx and mandates.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 9th 2022 11:55PM MST
The Georgia Guidestones are intellectually interesting, because they bring with them two major changes.

1) They represent a new form of ecological logic. Humans are now seen as a possible threat to the environment. The Biblical imperative to subdue the earth to us is now intentionally limited by the Georgia guidestones - a theological revisionism of the central sentences in Genesis, 1, 28

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

This argument has also an aesthetical implication. A world full of nothing but humans and their (bio-)technology is maybe even possible. But it would bring with it loads of worldwide ugliness: An aesthetical catastrophe.

2) The Georgia Guidestones revise the biblically taught species egoism = the species dominance of us humans. Christians believed that this was the right thing to do for thousands of years. And it was.  (Be fruitful and multiply - no matter what might happen to the spotted owls or the Siberian tigers or the - - berries*****... might experience then).

Franz von Assisi is one of the Christian reference points here. The others are the nuns, priests and monks, who preferred rather not to (reproduce in person....).

***** this reminds me of one of your Chinese examples, Mod. It reminds me of the nature trail, that had been worn out by - the sheer masses of people trying hard to enjoy themselves.
There is one very nice trail from the Schwägalp up to the Säntis mountain (2500 m) overlooking the lake of Constance. But lots of Swiss Hikers are reluctant to go there any longer, because it tires them to greet**** so many people coming their way.**** lots of greeting going on in Switzerland. 

Nearby is the Aescher guesthouse and the Wildkirchli which both are under quite some pressure by worldwide tourism

N•46 SUÍÇA, UM RESTAURANTE ONDE VOCÊ NUNCA IMAGINAVA! (Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli) (Alex Luba) - YouTube
Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 9th 2022 11:47PM MST
PS:Interesting books you found about the Georgia Guidestones, Mr. Hail.
I wonder what will happen to the monument now? I wish it would be restored.
Alex Jones is one of those people who don't quite get what's up. An unintellectual intelectual. His obsession with conspiracies touches the basic wonders, that accompany our earthly existence: That there is soemething, and not nothing etc. - Wonders (mysteries) are open spaces and can be filled with whatever thoughts one has. Alex Jones is the dark echo of the existential discontents/ tensions, our existence carries with it. A bit of a fairytaly figure (an archetype, in Jungian terms) - his froggy voice hinting at the frog, that is the prince - but only when kissed by - the muses. But the muses don't want to kiss him. Poor Alex Jones...The - biblical! - toad in disgrace (Jeremiah).

What Alex Jones ain't is: Learned. What he ain't too is: Calm, Mod. That's one important thing he doesn't - accomplish, being calm. - And being intersubjective (Habermasian term), meaning: To understand that you are not alone in the field of words and thoughts - and in the social world alltogether, and that we thus better develop the patience and the other mental ablities which allow us to - communicate (communicate = to talk AND listen to one another).

Being calm and being rational (and humorous) = being intersubjectively oriented .h.a.n.g. .t.o.g.e.t.h.e.r. though (see Yerkes/ Dodson's .l.a.w. in social pysychology).

Saturday - July 9th 2022 11:06PM MST

As I mentioned on one of your previous recent commentary-posts on this, I first heard of the Georgia Guidestones in the 2000s on the old late-night Coast to Coast AM show.

I should clarify that this radio show, which was live and aired in the nighttime hours when most people are asleep, generally dealt with paranormal topics, including aliens, UFO sightings, ghosts, psychics, alternate or hidden history, reincarnation, near-death experiences, Atlantis, and all sorts of topics like that, which are suited to the hours of darkness, or to people dealing with insomnia or working night-shifts and interested in listening to things to suit the usually gloomy mood of night-shift work. The show always offered something new and had millions of listeners. The show would deal, or at least be open to, "conspiracies," which is where the Georgia Guidestones would very occasionally be brought up.

I strain my memory to try to reconstruct what people (callers or guests) said about the Guidestones, the few times I am sure they were mentioned. Of course I didn't think much about it at the time (to quote Ron Unz), and made no effort to pay attention to what they said. But If I can trust my own memory, the extremist-conspiracy reading of the kind proposed by those 2021 books just mentioned, was NOT the dominant view even among this set.

The more usual view was to treat the Guidestones as this curiosity, maybe as an open mystery, a subject for speculation or inquiry and debate, one of the little things that make life interesting, especially to a certain type of mind, a good mystery without a clear answer. This is, I assume, the attitude from which the Peak Stupidity field trip originated, not with an "I want to see that SATANIC monument which those SATANIC MONSTERS put up so satanically back in 1980 to reveal their SATANIC genocidal plans"-type of view, which may have motivated the bomber.

There are always agitated people who latch onto ideas about deep conspiracies involving unverifiable or highly questionable lines of inquiry. I am reminded of the Lizard People theory of that one British soccer player that somehow got traction.

Alex Jones' entire career in his early years was entirely based on this, and I think he was a key pusher of the extreme view of the Guidestones, which is just Alex Jones engaging in his usual showmanship and half-demagoguery. The whole idea that the NWO would slip up and let its evil plans be known in stone tablet form like that, doesn't really hold up well to a logic test. Alex Jones' political commentary is a separate thing from the first half or more of his career when he was a peddler and pusher of these kinds of conspiracies, "We've got all the proof we need, folks, we've got the documents right here, it's not a secret."

I still now don't know what to make of 'why' the 2000s-era minority view became (apparently) much more common recently, enough to inspire someone to try to strike a blow against SATANISM (or whatever) to bomb them, and then the unusual decision to immediately demolish them by the county authorities. I would suggest, as I often do, that the Corona-Panic is to blame. The hardline anti-Guidestones people latched onto the anti-Vaccine movement in 2021, and there certainly was overlap.

The anti-Covid Vaccine movement and all the protests and pushback it inspired (a special thanks to Canada) did, I think, create a rising tide for "conspiracy" people who might not otherwise be moving in productive directions (and this is how the powerful Panic people tried to pigeon-hole every Corona-skeptic and "Covid Denier" out there, a long exercise in angrily denying the sky is blue and denouncing anyone saying it is).

The bigger reality is that up to two years of often-brutal Corona-Panic regimes and major disruptions imposed FOR NO REASON (it's a flu virus, idiots), and even patently counter-productive reasons (the mystery of the Corona-Panic), it DID seem like an evil global conspiracy was at hand, and in the open. It's understandable that people wanted the security of thinking there were symbols of the Enemy, symbols or important monuments or the like which they could identify, which they could project their hatred onto, or which a hothead or two could even bomb at relatively low risk. This was profoundly misguided. But as I talked this out in this writing, it makes sense.

OTOH, the rise of the extreme view on the Guidestones likely predates the Corona-Panic of 2020, but some of the themes to why it did are the same themes of the Panic. In other words, the social forces that led to the nuclear-war-style Panic over a flu virus in 2020, and then the dreary and outrageous and disruptive and destructive Panic itself and its effects, all had a cross-pollinating effect also on things like this anti-Guidestones bomber, who assuredly does represent a major constituency now.

The nuanced readings of the Georgia Guidestones, as given here at Peak Stupidity, is more compelling, but doesn't "sell."
Saturday - July 9th 2022 10:50PM MST

"...this world of screens with instant information is not the sole cause of, but has led us toward Peak Stupidity at higher rate. People don't spend the time to discuss things calmly and rationally in person with those on the opposing side."

If you browse Google Books for mentions of the Guidestones, you see they were treated neutrally, or as a curiosity before 2020, or in the semi-cutesy way local-history people or tour guides will talk about haunted places.

When they do so (talk about haunted places), they don't start screaming that it's dangerous to go at night because the ghost will kill you, as part of an evil plan. No, they say the long-deceased Miss So-and-So is sometimes seen pacing right where she made her fateful decision to do such-and-such, and if you go at jus the right time you can hear her mournful voice faintly in the wind. This is all said with a twinkle in the eye. No one anywhere would demand the supposedly haunted place be firebombed to exterminate the dangerous ghost presence.

Then in 2020 and 2021 we see several histrionically worded books about the Georgia Guidestones, warning about a Satanic Global Depopulation plan and implicating the Georgia Guidestones' key role in this evil plot.

One such book, from 2020 or so, is called:

"Stonehenge of America: The Georgia Guidestones and World Depopulation"

The same author jumped onto the Corona-skeptic bandwagon in 2021 and released (it seems) another version of his previous work under this title:

"Georgia Guidestones, Commitment to World Depopulation, and Mandatory Vaccinations."

Another recent book (Nov. 2021 publish date) that mentions the Guidestones is: "Toxin Nation: The Poisoning of Our Air, Water, Food, and Bodies," by Marie D. Jones. Apparently Ms. Jones discusses the Guidestones in a comparable fashion, on four full pages of her 300-page book, so it's hardly just a footnote.

Look also for a summary of the Georgia Guidestones in another 2021 book by Sherman Carmichael, "Mysterious Georgia," for an account mostly of the old kind (that they're quaint) but with influence from the newer view. Of course his entire purpose in writing a book called "Mysterious Georgia" is to pump up his own subjects' mysteriousness.

I think these books are good examples of your point. But th
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