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Posted On: Saturday - July 9th 2022 3:38PM MST
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The last Peak Stupidity post that was completely about Kung Flu Stupidity was published over a month ago, with 2 more that briefly mentioned it near the end of June. Though this drought of Kung Flu Stupidity may be eating into our bottom line, we like it. I don't say this particular madness won't be revived, and some of the effects, such as the Totalitarian policies will stay ready for use. It's nice to not have to deal with it for a while.

I did my best to deal with it in my way, complying with as little as possible, and writing 245(!) Kung Flu PanicFest-related posts. However, we are still The English and we live in our English world. That's what the Amish call us, anyway.* The Amish blew this PanicFest off like, it was... well, like we all should have. It helped a lot that they didn't have a barrage of panic coming from their TV's, internet, or smart phones for 2 years, because they don't have any of those.

The video below is a blast from the past, back to October of last year. I watched it in the comments section of Mr. E.H. Hail's most recent post, A “wild” Corona-Reckoning may be coming in 2022-2024, Matthew Peterson of the Claremont Institute predicts on his Hail to You blog.

The video is a segment from the show Full Measure with Sharyl Attkinson**. Some of us have known pretty much all that the main Amish interviewee, Calvin Lapp, said there. Still it's very refreshing to hear it all from someone free to speak his mind, with an interviewer who didn't panic and let him speak.

I'm sure you'll be amused by "And during the Covid-19 outbreak, they became the subjects of a massive social and medical experiment." Well, yeah, it was an experiment, alright, but not in the way she meant. It was more of an experiment in how much panic could be induced and how much Totalitarianism could be implemented, for now ...

Then, "The Amish chose a unique path..." Well, yeah. They weren't completely left alone, but with their way of life, they were most able to avoid all the worst parts of the PanicFest. We English aren't left alone like that, or they'll call us "Survivalists" and come with tear gas, guns, and tanks to kill us. Additionally, we don't have quite the solidarity the Amish do.

I think all Peakers will enjoy this video****. Thank you, Dieter Kief, for bringing this to our attention!

Next time around, we can do the Spartacus thing:

"I am Amish!"

"No! I am Amish!"

"Why don't you guys figure it out, so I know who to jab here, mmmkaaay?"

* I wonder what they call all the various other races and nationalities they may see there in their parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Their calling everyone "English" could be a real insult. I won't say who would likely be insulted, but ...

** I think she produces the show too. She's been one of the few good journalists over the years. This lady is the one that helped break open the "gunwalker" story that bloggers Mike Vanderboegh*** and David Codrea investigated for many months first. This had to do with Attorney General Eric Holder attempting to blame American gun stores for violence by Mexican drug cartels, for his boss Øb☭ma .

*** Unfortunately for America, Mike died 6 years ago.

**** You can read the transcript here on the Full Measure website. I could have commented for 1,000 more words on it, but you all can do that in the comments here.

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 10:59PM MST

Mr. Hail wrote:

"It was funny, there were certain factors better correlating with claims of Long Covid than antibody-positivity, including, as I recall it, higher education level, being a woman under age 45 or so, a history of mental health problems, and other things like that. Attention-seeking."

"Attentions Seekers" = Imaginary Invalids. - That's what Molière made very clear in his play.

And there is more:

1) Being ill as being empowered to boss others around.

- and -

2) being ill as gaining status = being ill = being important. And:

3) Being ill as a means to show your high status to others by spending lots of money... etc., etc. - being ill as a possibility to do status consumption (see doctors all daay long, buy expensive medicine (and TALK about it all day long = creating an impressive public and or/ half-public identity. - etc. ! As I said - this play is the work of a self-reflexie (!) genius - slef relfexive, because Mloière wrote and played the Imaginary Invalid - while being - terminally! - ill (he died shortly after the première... (here is the (deep!) connection between the will to act on stage in the case of Moliére and at the same time the will to play being ill. - Molière rather played a very ill man than to believe in the fake treatments of his time. Acting as a form of self-release (etc.) - as I said: The work of a genius.
It is staged right now in an utterly beautiful theatre garden in nearby Singen/Hohentwiel. We saw it. - A perfect summer evening (no perfect production though...but good enough anyway!).

I could not find the French study in my link collection though. - Just in case you did - let me know, please.
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 3:18PM MST

"They looked into the data of a Long Covid department in a big clinic and found out that NO patient (!) had or had had Covid - no virus traces in the long covid patients at all."

Large-sample-size antibody studies several times in 2021 found the majority of people who claimed to have Long Covid likely never had had contact with the Wuhan Apocalypse Virus (negative for antibodies, may be a false negative in some individual cases but not in aggregate).

It was funny, there were certain factors better correlating with claims of Long Covid than antibody-positivity, including, as I recall it, higher education level, being a woman under age 45 or so, a history of mental health problems, and other things like that. Attention-seeking.
Dieter Kief
Monday - July 11th 2022 11:55PM MST
Thx. Adam - 
The first laugh of the day - Long Covid quite possibly the enigma of our times... - 

I just now remember a French paper. They looked into the data of a Long Covid department in a big clinic and found out that NO patient (!) had or had had Covid - no virus traces in the long covid patients at all. - Vraiement enigmatique ca, n'est pas?  - The spirit in the patients... (See: Moliére, Imaginary Invalid - 1674!). 

(I - for sure - would not have laughed if what you wrote about Long Covid would not be head on & reasonable).
In the comments of the study the Daily Caller referred to, there is also an interesting remark of one of the authors of the study:

"We looked for evidence of general immune activation as described in the manuscript and did not claim to have “ruled-out” immune activation or any other process as a cause for PASC. We only indicated that we did not find evidence of systemic immune activation using the assays described in the paper.  Given the lack of objective evidence for ongoing tissue damage in any organ system in our study to date, it is not clear what autologous tissues should be tested for “lymphocyte activation” and how such autologous tissue (e.g. brain, heart, lung) could be safely and ethically obtained from protocol participants for testing.

- "No evidence of systemic immune activation" via Covid - or the vaccines, I'd add, since there were vaccinated amongst the participants of this study.

Remark  in the comments below the study here:https://www.acpjournals.org/doi/10.7326/M21-4905#f1-M214905
Adam Smith
Monday - July 11th 2022 1:28PM MST
PS: Greetings, Dieter,

I do remember watching that Amish video before.
9 Months ago would be about right. It was likely from your link.

The people most likely to get long covid...
Women and people with anxiety disorders. (Also diabetics.)


From your link...

Long COVID is, quite possibly, the great enigma of our time.

“It’s patient defined, patient created,” Dr. Alba Miranda Azola says of the condition federal officials say could affect up to 23 million Americans. “Thus, the patients define themselves as having long COVID, and the term is very inclusive.”

(*Patient created?)

...it seems that almost anything and everything could be a symptom.


I hope you have a great evening, Dieter!

Triumph Of The Swill
Monday - July 11th 2022 11:29AM MST
PS Everyday of Pureblood is a victory.
The Amish are a construct of the white male patriarchy and will be redistributed in the spirit of equity. (s)
The reckoning?
Normies will fall for anything and enjoy head in the sand status.
They'll expire for the glorious Liberal World Order and the triumph of mediocrity that is social media and egalitarian hiveborg.
One COV-LARP to rule them all.
Dieter Kief
Monday - July 11th 2022 2:59AM MST
Mod the bug in your system was again on its post trying to eat up one more of those fresh comments.
I then added a PS. Same thing as before. I addded*** one more - - et voilá! - Problem solved.

*** this typo is one that strengthens the expression, I'd hold. - See the linguistics of mistakes (Fehlerlinguistik).
Hans Mgnus Enzensberger's great poem Das Falsche (The Misconception/ the mistake) is about this field of
the - quality, so to speak, or even more precise: the phenomenology of mistakes (which includes stupid ones, and even super stupid ones Mod. - ...!).
His poem can be found in The Fury of Disappearance****, which is a great little book (one of the best ever) but - since mistakes are what I'm musing about here:
It has not been translated into English (it was first published in Frankfurt/M. 1980).
***** A famous quote from Hegel's Phenomenology - of Spirit
Dieter Kief
Monday - July 11th 2022 12:19AM MST



Bill H: "They weren't denying the coronavirus, they were facing it head on." That's called "living courageously." Not many people do that any more.

The Amish clearly made a difference here. Behind this difference is their life form: Their cultural lack of individualism. And their faith - and their (collective!) understanding of their tradition as their strength.

The Amish made a clear social experiment.
I wonder where the (young?, retired?) social scientists are, who collect this low hanging fruit and kindly ask the Amish for permission to look at the (anonymised) data that this experiment produced?

Btw. - what about long Covid amongst the Amish?
Long covid shows a pattern: It is most common amongst those higher up working for strong institutions (the state...). And it is rare amongst those running their own businesses...


(A friend of mine, an artist/ craftswomen and educator, moved into the core of a village near the lake of constance and summed her experiences up after a few years: People
here have all their little farms and businesses and are very friendly. They have no time to fuss around over little problems. They have other things to do. - A very old Swiss once stopped me while - with nearly ninety still working in the woods - and told me by and large the same thing: That it makes us peaceful, to secure our existence and - - work for our needs).

Thx for reposting the video Mod.! Btw. -

Öhh - I made a little social experiment by posting the Amish video once again ca. nine months after the first time - and am astonished that it worked much better the second time around.
Maybe because people were more hesitant (and scared a bit too) then, how this Amish approach would work out. I also was curious if somebody would remember the first time I posted it.
Fear (as does euphoria) diminishes our cognitive abilities.
Bill H
Sunday - July 10th 2022 10:14PM MST
PS "They weren't denying the coronavirus, they were facing it head on." That's called "living courageously." Not many people do that any more.
Sunday - July 10th 2022 4:37PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I do remember now. I will change the post to reflect that Mr. Kief embedded that video. (He's too humble to correct me.)

Mr. Smith, I definitely remember our conversations on this subject. I know that his is one of the battles you have picked. If only 1/10 of us resisted as you have ...
Adam Smith
Sunday - July 10th 2022 1:15PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Hail, Mr. Moderator,

Drive, Driving, Driver. The words we use in common English often mean something very different in legalese.

Greetings, Mr. Hail. I hope this message finds you well.
Dieter and Achmed already know how I feel about this...

Driving is regulated occupation for hire.

Driver - One employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle with horses, mules or other animals. (Black's Law Dictionary First Edition)(1891)

Driver - One employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle with horses, mules or other animals, or a bicycle, tricycle, or motor car, though not a street railroad car. (Black's Law Dictionary Second Edition)(1910)

Driver - A person actually doing driving whether employed by owner to drive or driving his own vehicle. (Black's Law Sixth Edition)(1996)

18 U.S. Code § 31. Definitions

(6) Motor vehicle. — The term “motor vehicle” means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo.

(10) Used for commercial purposes. — The term “used for commercial purposes” means the carriage of persons or property for any fare, fee, rate, charge or other consideration, or directly or indirectly in connection with any business, or other undertaking intended for profit.


Yet another example of how the criminals masquerading as "government" do not follow the law. They have through trickery and deceit (and violence when necessary) misused the statutes that were originally devised to regulate commercial activity as a means to deprive us of a fundamental right that we Englishmen have enjoyed since the days of Magna Carta. Or as they wrote in Kent v. Dulles...

“The right to travel is part of the Liberty of which a citizen cannot deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment.” “In Anglo-Saxon law that right was emerging at least as early as the Magna Carta.”

Kent vs. Dulles, 357 US 116 (1958)


Sunday - July 10th 2022 10:14AM MST

"I think all Peakers will enjoy this video. Thank you, Mr. Hail, for bringing this to my attention!"

That actually is from Dieter Kief. He originally posted it to my humble website. He often adds in links of interest to the Corona-Panic Question, which remains in some ways as mysterious and disturbing and alarming today as it did in 2020.

Prediction: There will be NO Monkeypox Lockdowns among the Amish; probability: 99.999%. What is the probability there will be no Monkeypox-related rules, mandates, or etc (all the usual from the Panic people in 2020 and 2021) in, say Los Angeles?
Sunday - July 10th 2022 9:57AM MST

I wonder what the Amish call the act of operating a motor-vehicle? Surely they don't call it "driving."

On the other hand, the Amish wouldn't (among themselves) use the English word "drive" anyway, as they speak a hard-to-comprehend, archaic, dialectical German. In the times I have had occasion to overhear them, despite understanding Hochdeutsch well enough, I don't really get much from them. Maybe if I spent a few days among them it would start to 'click.'

In any case, the same word-change, afaik, holds for the German word "fahren."


By the way, is it too bold to suggest that the language of the Amish, itself, may have PARTLY insulated them from the Corona-Panic? Among much else. It would be wrong to attribute it mostly to language alone independent of all else. (This recalls linguists' debates about how much language shapes thinking.)

The temptation is to think that a lack of ability to readily engage with the English mainstream "Dreck"-culture must have some role in immunizing them from the Panic virus, that the idea-pathogens fail to gain entry and circulation because of a lack of a language-vector.

I am tempted to hypothesize that minority-language users in any culture will get a degree of immunity from social panics ongoing in the majority-language mainstream around them. But it's not a well-formed theory.
Sunday - July 10th 2022 9:02AM MST
PS: Interesting point, Mr. Hail, on the changes in use of words. During that scene I didn't think any thing wrong with what she (I think Miss Atkinson) said, but that goes to show you. "Driving a team of horses" "drives" home your point.
Saturday - July 9th 2022 11:14PM MST

"The Amish are a Christian group that emphasizes the virtuous over the superficial. They don’t usually drive, use electricity, or have TVs."

They don't usually "drive," she says.

That is as a voice-over, as on the screen we see an Amish man DRIVING his horse-and-buggy. The word "drive" originally means drive a team of animals, as with horses pulls a carriage.

She should have said "don't usually drive CARS."
In the earliest days of the automobile, when people still did "drive" teams of horses, one of the word that emerged was "motoring" to refer to what by our time is called "driving (i.e., a car)."

Maybe a trivial comment from me, but consider it a comment in how much language can change. It doesn't occur to this news-woman that there is something ironic about her using this word when on screen they are showing the Amish "driving," in the old or original sense. A case of language change that has so fully changed the meaning of a word in a century or so.
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