Georgia Guidestones bombed and demolished! - Part 3

Posted On: Friday - July 8th 2022 5:23PM MST
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(See also Part 1 and Part 2.)

See our original field trip report - Part 1 and Part 2 along with a virtual revisitation. We reviewed the 1986 book by "Robert Christian" that is seen as the explanation guide to these stones here.

Peak Stupidity had started a "Common Sense Reiterated" series with eacy "guide to be a post, but had only written Guide #1 and Guide #2 by the time this monument was destroyed.

I really feel like a somewhat smarter but lazier Forrest Gump right now.

Jenny, them stones was about to fall, and they told me, "blog, Forrest, blog!"

It's two things: I almost went to the Washington Federal Shithole on January 6th of '21. It was only logistical problems, as I noted later on the afternoon of that event, that had kept me at home. I will never know what I would have done, but I am known to climb and jump off of things. It might have been for the best I didn't attend.

I didn't take that 2nd trip to the Guidestones, but I had had some plans in my head, maybe even for that very day Wednesday. I guess if anything it would have been a disappointment, but I could have covered what the County, GA patrol, etc. were up to, at least.

OK, links and personal stuff done with, I read over that rambling post from earlier today (just made a couple of minor changes) and I see that there's a lot to think about here.

I wrote "rambling", because I didn't make it clear the type of person or people, politically speaking, that I think did this act of destruction. Here are some options;

1) It's ctrl-lefty types - they do like to destroy statues and monuments, we have seen over and over - who want to get rid of something that draws the anti-Globalists to a cause. It's not visitations to the monument that'a problem, as the fellow in Elberton in the video gave a number of only 20,000 visitors yearly.* More Gold-diaper babies are born to Globalists in a year than that. However, these monuments have always made a splash on the internet, fodder for some kooks and some other kooks who perhaps do know what's going on.

You blow this thing up, and that all stops. The Nationalist of (mostly) the alt-right figure they've finally taken some action, and they are placated and satisfied they've stopped Satin in his tracks, along with his minions, too, semi-gloss and matte.

What about the usual Anarcho-Tyranny on your side, as a member of the Lefty Establishment? Well, I don't know. Would the officials of rural Elbert County, Georgia be on your side? I'd think not. Why the helpful suspicious quick disposal then?** They wouldn't figure it's the other side doing this, so ...

2) Alt-right Nationalist types that have been highly motivated lately since reading the text of that proposed E.O. #10 of former gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor. This does seem pretty likely. Has someone in a position in the Elbert County government been in on it to some degree, ready to order the hauling off the evidence from the bombing or rocket attack?

The problem with that one is that, though nothing like Disney World (thank God!), the Guidestones were a small attraction to the town. Even though the area does have the granite/monument industry that is just a tiny bit harder to ship to China than most, the place is not hopping economically. (Of course what place that is not a medical complex HAS been, since the Kung Flu PanicFest. We were in the town right late fall last year.)

There were no jacked-up price concessions or, as I wrote, fees of any kind. Do 50-60 visiting people a day make a difference for a town of 4,600? If every one of them got a meal (yes, even Taco Bell!) that's $500 or less, and you get 10 gas fill-ups, well, it's not much. The Guidestones were a cool thing for Elberton to have though, and that matters.

Can I bring up another option, that, yeah, is just for fun?

3) This was done via collusion of town and/or county officials of all ideologies, races, colors, creed, and yeah, genders. Destroy the guidestones, and you get an influx of big-bellied LEOs of all sorts up for all you can eat BBQ downtown for months to come! It's a cash cow, errr, cash pig, that is!

Seriously, keep the ideas coming. I am getting so fixated on this, not so much because it's gonna change politics or something, but just because I was there.

Because the previous post was so long, I want to write a few things about the interview of Chris Kubas here:
- Mr. Kubas was wrong on 2 facts:
1) There were 8 languages (4 "wings" x 2) on the stones, not 5.
2) The "wings" were not 1.7 inches thick obviously, or you could have used a ballpeen hammer to destroy the thing. That was a simple old brainfart - I couldn't find it just now, but he must have meant 1.7 ft., 1 ft. 17 in, or 17 in.
- I like this guy. He seems down to earth. He started off sounding nervous, so that makes me think him genuine. He did have to do that teensy bit of pandering to the wokeness at the end, even adding "gender" as an "oops, almost forgot". (Got to make sure no State funding gets cut by some woke-asses in the State House.)
- He seemed to have no idea during the time of the interview that the whole thing was to be knocked down and, I assume, hauled off.
- He's a very good promoter of the granite industry of Elberton.

That last part, the promotion of quality granite monument finishing in Elberton, got me thinking about something I meant to mention the first time I wrote about this subject. The hole for the observation of celestial north*** was drilled from both sides of that center support stone. They didn't match exactly, angle-wise.

* That's obviously approximate, as anyone can just drive up. Very, very thankfully on my part, there were no apps to sign up on, no fees collected, no gate to drive through, and no one else there but as curious nobodies.

** I thought at first it was for covering-your-ass from the lawyers reasons, as chunk of rock could allegedly fall on a visitor's head. From what I've seen in videos, it looks like there were plenty of officials out there to keep people away.

*** Polaris, the "North Star" circles that point less than one degree away - we got lucky with that - that'll change.

Adam Smith
Sunday - July 10th 2022 2:05PM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Mr. Hail, It seems many people think the Guidestones advocate for the genocide of ~95% of the global population.
Perhaps Common Sense Revisited should have been required reading in high school.(?)

About Crimo and the cannabis...

While cannabis is clearly not for everyone I tend to think that marijuana doesn't cause violence in people who otherwise do not have violent inclinations. This study suggests otherwise...

For me personally I can't imagine cannabis leading to violence, but perhaps that's just because of who I am and the culture I grew up in. (I've heard that many black people tend to get violent on marijuana but that it is cultural differences more than the cannabis itself driving this trend.)

When I started smoking cannabis as a teenager my friends and I did it to chill out. We associated it with being relaxed and having fun. We'd go hiking, play music, play sports or video games, go to concerts, etc. Basically the same stuff we would be doing anyway. I never associated it with violence or psychosis. Here's a different study that would be more akin to my experience...

Cannabis just isn't that intense. It's not like alcohol or methamphetamine, for example, that are known to cause violence.

Bobby Crimo's best friend Anthony LaPorte died of a drug overdose in August 2017.
This tells me that Crimo was into heavier drugs than marijuana.

Was he into meth? Crack? Cocaine? LSD? Ketamine? Bath Salts? PCP? Uppers? Downers? I don't know.

He was also depressed...

Was Crimo on SSRI's, antidepressants or neuroleptics? Again, I do not know.

I think that the cops being called out for a wellness check because Crimo threatened to “Kill Everyone” is more of an indicator of violent tendencies than his cannabis use. But who knows. Cannabis is not for everyone...

Hey Dieter, this is what I'm toking this week...

And thanks for the reading suggestions!

Class: A Guide Through the American Social System by Paul Fussell

Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Erich Fromm

Outside Loooking In by T. C. Boyle

Industrial Society and Its Future by Ted Kaczynski

LSD is fun, but it's more fun when taken with mushrooms.

I hope you guys have a great evening.

Dieter Kief
Sunday - July 10th 2022 2:10AM MST

Mr. Hail - Prole Drift is an idea that was shaped by Paul Fussell in his book Class: A Guide Through the American Social System (1982).
Rolf Peter Sieferle (Finis Germania, Das Migrationsproblem) mentions Fussell's term quite often. Sieferle started as a leftist, who did not quite get the Grateful Dead and the Stones and the Kinks etc. Thus he struggled with the pop-culture revolt of the sixties ff.
Now - prole drift lays bare that the pop culture revolt had its downsides - culturally - - and brought with it a depotentialization of the traditional culture that did hurt society.

Result of the prole drift: A de-differentiation of the traditional culture in the name of the pop cultural spontaneity, charming simplicity, authenticity, roughness (Porn) (and cruelty (Punk, Hollywood, Rap...).

Dylan for example checked that - as did Eric Clapton (Dylan became a Christian in this process, Clapton revived his Christian roots - this is no coincidence).

Goethe got the downside of youthful authenticity and spontaneity (= sexual liberty) in his twenties and wrote Werther, which showed that spontaneity and emotionality come with a self-destructive potential.

Being too emotional and too fixated on lust, longing, desire and freedom is essentially the romantic attitude towards life with its assumption that we as humans are entitled to decide over - eternity and all kinds of existential conundrums. The romantic illusion is, that by feeling and naming those eternal conundrums, they'd be conquered, or vindicated...Gothe concluded therefore, that the romantic attitude is - at its core - one of (mental) illness. He who wants to be sane must leave this romantic field behind and step up to the sphere of classical ideas of self-restriction (=education, knowledge!) and (humorous=sovereign) clarity. Seen through Goethes eyes, Wokism is (one more) example for the (innate!) insanity of romanticism.

As Dr. Freud, the avid and lifelong Goethe reader (Goethe enthusiast, really) knew very well: Desire, sexuality and emotions are real; but they are also no firm ground. That's why he insisted that the self - in order to be sane - must learn to adapt to - traditions/norms - if in a reflective (=critical) way. It is astonishing that this core Freudian idea is the one that is almost perfectly well hidden from the public in the usual Freud reception. To repeat it: Freud is a Goethean in that he is absolutely clear that being civilized means to create a buffer zone between our raw desires and our deeds / reflections. In short: We have to step back from our desires and we do this by adapting to cultural norms/traditions (we have to become rational/ develop our rational side).

Reflection is innately human and is endangered by primal drivers, as Dr. Freud put it. That means: Lust is great, but it can never bestow us with orientation*****. Since we humans need orientation badly the prole drift as the form of cultural-industrial liberation is insufficient. Prole drift = pseudo liberation. Pseudo liberation = danger of (self-) destruction (Bobby Crimo // see Erich Fromm, Anatomy of Human Destructiveness).

***** Outside Loooking In by T. C. Boyle is a great book on LSD (Tim Leary) and lust/liberation/transcendence. It is perfectly Freudian/ Goethean and not the least bit didactical. Great novel!
Sunday - July 10th 2022 12:05AM MST

RE: Dieter Kief

Follow-up on Bobby Crimo analysis

"By mentioning this fact (= that Bobby Crimo was a marijuana user, and marijuana can lead to psychosis), Laura Ingraham misses out on the moral failure of the suspect and the societal dysfunctionality that goes along with it."

This was my reaction when I saw that she was pushing this line.

Another thing about marijuana, and any other kinds of "drugs," is the company they put you in, the people they put you around. Even if we assume, just for argument's sake, NO chemical effect of marijuana on the mind or behavior, a SOCIAL effect of other people is still possible. I don't know if this has really changed in the era of quasi-legalized marijuana.

A lot of times the biggest influence of being a drug person is having friends and associates who are "losers," even if they may be very good people (as DJT might say) they are unambitious, lazy, not the stuff civilizations rest upon. This is clear to the outsider looking to a drug subculture, but usually seems to be UNclear to those inside it.

Then we add the Corona-Panic in 2020, and suddenly normal socialization crashes, and maybe Bobby Crimo only hangs around his other "mumble rap" friends and drug friends (these two groups may overlap partly or entirely), and much-reduced other, normal "in-person" ties to other people.


I've learned some more about some of Bobby Crimo's rap associates, by the way, thanks to correspondence from someone familiar with that area of Greater Chicago who somehow picked up on it. One of Bibby Crimo's "mumble rap" collaborators was Black (initials: CDB), and, from what it appears, violently anti-White.

It seems these two, Crimo and friend, filmed each other in the exact same set for some of their videos. One of the purported collaborator's songs has the chorus "Shoot white people," repeated over and over. Both he and Bobby Crimo's rap songs were intended to sound hypnotic, but the one of Bobby Crimo's I saw was especially disturbing.

Prole Drift

I don't know exactly what you mean by "prole drift," but if it is "cultural erosion" caused in part "by multiculturalism," Bobby Crimo looks like a good example. But the uncomfortable thing is, he is not unique in that way, and hasn't been for a long time.

I was able to see some of his Twitter activity before it was shut down, and the key one to me was his decision to embrace "Wokeness" in 2019. It could have been ironic (if so, his entire rap persona, Awake The Rapper, would be ironic, which given he is not openly a comedian or satirist would be a very strange choice), but still he chose it, Wokeness, as a subject important enough to keep "pinned" as his top-most tweet. At the least, it means Wokeness was a big part of his life or consciousness, whether he fully believed in its tenets or not.

In October 2021, Bobby Crimo repeatedly "Liked" other people's tweets angry about White men with guns. One was: "Sure, let's let every stupid white guy have a gun. Why not?" On that one account alone, he had made 48,700 tweets (plus I presume tens of thousands more "Likes"), Now all deleted by Twitter.
Saturday - July 9th 2022 11:25PM MST

On the security camera footage, posted by Fox 5 Atlanta, to which Adam Smith linked in this comment-thread,

This as the second-top-rated comment:


"The Galavanting Bachelor
1 day ago

The Georgia Guidestones condoned the need for genocide. What happened to America's new policy that offensive monuments should be taken down? Cannot imagine a monument being much more offensive than that."


Another leading luminary adds this:

"I hate all of you
23 hours ago

My childhood dream was destroying those wretched stones. So glad to see other sensible people in this world other than me."


And this one, also apparently endorsing the bombing:

D. Jinerson
1 day ago

“Show me what democracy looks like” “This is what democracy looks like 👍” in a constitutional Republic!!!!!!!!"


After reviewing about fifteen more using "Sort By--Newest First," I still find many endorsing the action as a bold stroke against Bill Gates or the New World Order or Satanism or etc., and others who may or may not be trolling.

One person claims there is a direct tie between the Paradise, California, wildfires and the evil mandates of the Georgia Guidestones. Quote: "They have been using Direct Energy Weapons to start all the wildfires to get people out of the rural areas like the town of Paradise." The same person also claims there is a tie-in with the Smartmatic voting machine conspiracy. It all goes back to the Georgia Guidestones. I will have to coin flip on whether this person (posting as "Betsy Ross") is trolling or not.
Saturday - July 9th 2022 1:32PM MST
PS: HMS, that's a possibility. It sound close to what I write in (1).

You are probably right that I am better off not having attending the insurrection. Yes, indeed they are political prionsers.
Hmm So Hmm
Saturday - July 9th 2022 11:24AM MST
PS The globalist one worlders realize that they have drawn too much attention to their SPECTRE and are looking to go back underground?
Good thing you didn't attend the horny Viking coup putsch insurrection, you could be a political prisoner and not a Gumpy blogger! (s)
Nothing is as it seems and Hussein the Immaculate legalized the fake GAE kabuki theater with the NDAA.
Saturday - July 9th 2022 11:23AM MST
PS: I've got no problem with the topic of your comment, Dieter. Yeah, they are mixed up right now because I kept fixating on this Guidestones deal.*

Regarding Jordan Peterson and Ron Unz: I like Mr. Peterson, though he is easy to make fun of (saw a really funny one, but all I got is it in tweet form) - maybe his Canadian accent? (I didn't use to detect those at all, but I can now.) He speaks a lot of sense, and has enough conservative views to be a help for us.

Mr. Unz has his own strong points. Getting along with people is not one of them. I don't know how he got so far in the California English-Only proposition - the people wanted it, but Ron Unz put his money where his mouth was. That was excellent but with the current demographics of CA, probably all for nothing...

He just doesn't give people much of a chance (your host here and Jordan. Peterson, for examples) before he comes up with an opinion on them. Mr. Unz is also a great thing for the cause of Conservatism, but if anyone ought to be involved in Psychology, it ought to be him, at the patient level

* Thanks, Adam for that video. Comments can be amusing - most people sure didn't like this thing.
Saturday - July 9th 2022 10:57AM MST
PS: Dieter, commenter A Horse In The SenateThursday brought this up under the "Peak Stupidity comes out" post:
"PS Have you seen the upside down twerking senator?" and Mr. Smith pasted in a link. I just saw that one and yours (cause you tricked me) I cannot unsee this stuff.

Alarmist, anti-globalists may see it as a prescription, even if "R.C. Christian" didn't mean it that way. (I'm pretty sure he didn't) The idea might have been, as per (1), to get rid of what they THING is evidence. However, the WEF and the rest are pretty wide open about their plans sometimes. I think they thing the people are in no shape to fight back at this point. Will MonkeyPox vaccine be the next big thing? I don't hear much about it, which is nice ...
Adam Smith
Saturday - July 9th 2022 9:21AM MST
PS: Good morning, everyone,

It was not a rocket attack...

This very poor quality video appears to show a shadowy human type figure placing a bomb at the Georgia Guidestones...

But it is nice to know that the original 1980's surveillance camera is still working.

Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 9th 2022 5:16AM MST

Some remarks about Mr. Hail's Bobby Crimo findings:

Thanks for your Bobby Crimo posts, Mr. Hail. What you wrote is the kind of stuff that is really at stake in this case.

Let me add a few aspects:
1) Prole drift. - A phenomenon caused not least by the cultural erosion caused by multiculturalism. Jordan B. Peterson does get that as did Robert Putnam and a few others. - The stones braggin' Tatoo You! fueled that. As I've saifd many times before: what we encounter is not least an aesthetical phenomenon.

2) Somebody of the Crimo family said, that "the kid was allright" - a good lad. I always sink on the knees of my heart, so to speak, when I read something like that. It goes to show: Lots of regular people have lost quite some of their senses. - One more important subject, Jordan B. Peterson is tackling as a quite rare bird in this regard. But he does understand this phenomenon of the consequences of the constant weakening of traditional values.

Bobby Crimo - another little aspect of immigration: Some names sound dark in the new society/ new language. - Bobby Crimo - Bobby Criminal. - 

Since you mentioned it: Marihuana does subvert (=weaken) the ego. - Alex Berenson wrote an important book which sums the science on this topic up ("Tell Your Children - How Marihuana...."). It is of course a bit sub-complex (and misleading, therefore, too) to sum a case like that of Bobby Crimo up with the info, that "marihuana consumption causes psychoses". - To make this very short: By mentioning this fact, Laura Ingraham misses out on the moral failure of the suspect and the societal dysfunctionality that goes along with it. Instead, she looks at him from the simple perspective of drug abuse... - The - misleading - tendency of women, to soothe conflicts and shy away from the harder truths (another Peterson theme!).
A little subchapter in my Ron-Unz-iana:

Ron Unz talked about Jordan B. Peterson lately and put him in the sack of the neocon halfwits (he calls Peterson "third rate intellectual" - "his stuff is all junk") together with Bari Weiss and the rest of the IDW crowd...) hear him explain that here from 26 minutes in in the Cactus podcast of  the software engineer Brian Chau:

Fun fact: Ron Unz keeps coming back to Peterson: - "Isn't he this Canadian psychologist, who became a drug addict?" - - - Very tongue in cheek, this introductory remark about Peterson by Ron Unz (and a tad aggressive too, I'd hold... - I have an idea what triggers him so much to make this kind of attacks...the Unz man does does not like psychology, because he is not that close to the world of emotions And All That Jazz...

(I post this stuff here, because the other post is a while back now, Mod. if that is ok with you). - These things hang all together anyway...)
The Alarmist
Saturday - July 9th 2022 5:09AM MST

Maybe the criminal elite realised that many of the other 7.5 billion on the planet can actually read and comprehend what was prescribed on the guidestones, so they had to be taken down ... ditto for the WEF “You’ll own nothing and be happy” presentation.

Now take your “Safe & Effective”®️ “vaccine” and get back to work, unless you are on an authorised StayCation®️, you animals in human clothing.
Dieter Kief
Saturday - July 9th 2022 2:11AM MST
Tucker Carlson reveals who dunnit - beware, shocking visual content:

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