Georgia Guidestones bombed and demolished! - Part 2

Posted On: Friday - July 8th 2022 11:36AM MST
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(Continued from Part 1.)

See our original field trip report - Part 1 and Part 2 along with a virtual revisitation. We reviewed the 1986 book by "Robert Christian" that is seen as the explanation guide to these stones here.

Peak Stupidity had completed only Guide #1 and Guide #2 of the 10 on our assignment to analyze the possible nefariousness of the monument when it got bombed this Wednesday morning.

(Thanks to Adam Smith for the link to this close-up image of the ruins.)

The bombing of the Georgia Guidestones was not the work of some bored kids, as if it were a fire ant hill back in my day. There's every reason to believe it was political. Politics are what the guides carved into the stones were about. Knowing all that's been written speculating on the alleged evil purpose of them, one can guess who might have done something like this.

Is it the ctrl-left or the alt-right who's responsible for this one? I'd say, wait, antipathy for the monument doesn't divide up that way. Actually there is plenty of right-wing vs. left discussion in Robert Christian's Common Sense Renewed, but

a) Just when you think the writer would be up for joining the John Birch society, hell, a FOUNDER of it, you go a chapter ahead and it seems he should have been tapped by one, no BOTH, of the Clintons' (actual and, whewww, potential) administrations.* I discussed this in my review linked-to up top.)

b) If you read just the first 1/4 of Common Sense Renewed, you will get a feel for the American Nationalism that hasn't been seen since the mid-1990s, from my personal experience following politics. Mr. Christian's major emphasis was on what will happen to America and Americans FIRST. Even the anti-Globalists don't have this healthy pro-America mindset today. Common sense renewed? We could use some Nationalism renewed here too.**

c) I don't think many of these people have read that book, at least until the day before yesterday, as I hadn't either until commenter Smith pointed it out after my visit and report. It's especially likely the actual perpetrator had not read it, or he'd have mellowed the heck out.

There's another idea about the purpose of the Georgia Guidestones that would have negated completely all the worry about these guides as advice to the modern Globalists. As I discussed in the review, 1986 (when the book was published) and 1979 (when the monument was manufactured) was a different era. The biggest large-scale worry for most people was nuclear war between the US and the USSR. It is proposed that these guides were warnings to future inhabitants of this world. The guides tell them to avoid the mistakes we made.

Anyway, nuclear war worries aside now (right?), animosity against the Guidestones falls along Globalist vs. non-Globalist (i.e. Nationalist) lines. Any reader who has even perused Peak Stupidity for half an hour would know that we stand on the Nationalist side. We don't have a topic key on "Nationalism" itself, but Immigration Stupidity*** would be a pretty good stand-in. We've got Globalists on here though, and we are against 'em! Then the Liberty/Libertarianism topic key shows our bonafides too.

In this day and age, doesn't right/left line up pretty well with Nationalist/Globalist, though? For the most part it does. A guy like Alex Jones is anti-Globalism and he'd be considered right-wing. The left has been anti-Globalist too in the recent past. Remember the big protests/near-riots in the streets of Seattle against the World Trade Organization or some such org in 1999? These young people were lefties too. Well, it was Seattle, after all, and who else lives there? Additionally, the dress code was all black, so these folks had a big advantage - they could fill the streets for a week and not have to do any laundry.

A reason people might suspect the ctrl-left for this is that they are the ones who have been doing 100% of the monument destruction as of late, and there has been a whole lot of that. They are also the people who can get away with almost any political violence now, even murder, under our modern system of Anarcho-Tyranny. (It's the non-political violence level that lies pretty much along racial lines.)

It'd be anti-Globalist intentions behind this, pretty obviously, whether someone on the right (most likely) or the left. One could have read about the evil purpose of the Guidestones before this destruction from thousands of bloggers/commenters. The writing is still there, and I'm sure the amount of reading of that writing has gone up by a few orders of magnitude this week. Ha, ha, some of the years-old comments are there with replies written yesterday and Wednesday.

As for bigger-time pundits, I kinda like Alex Jones and his American Nationalism, but having not listened-to/watched him in years, I only know from others that he's mentioned the 10 Guides.

Then, there was "Executive Order number 10", mentioned in the video interview below. One Kandiss Taylor, who ran in and lost the GOP primary for Governor of Georgia this year, proposed this as one of her first (I guess at least 10) acts, were she elected:
For decades, the Global Luciferian Regime has seeped its way into our Government.

They demoralized us with humiliation rituals as they tore down our historical monuments, persecuted our children, locked us down in our homes, and forced us into becoming walking science experiments through a global vaccination program.

They erected statues spelling out the exact plans they had for us, and today we the people of Georgia, say no more. It's time for us to return the favor.

On my first day as Governor of Georgia, I will move to DEMOLISH the Demonic plans of our enemy. The Satanic agenda is NOT welcome in our state.

Support my fight by contributing, and watch as I turn the Georgia Guidestones into dust!
I gotta say, I like the cut of Kandiss' jib! I'd have liked to see her become Governor even. However, this E.O. #10 is nothing but a symbolic gesture. A State Governor can do actual, functional things to fight the Globalism. With shades of my problem with President Trump here, how about she have an actual political strategy, with laws to be proposed, school boards to be leaned on, and the National Guard to be mobilized? What, wait, National Guard? Yes, for illegal alien deportation, Georgia having a whole lot of them. The point is to fight one of the PRIMARY and most destructive programs of Globalism, the Population Replacement Policy. Deportation of illegal aliens, now. That's a real policy to fight Globalism. Blowing up works of art and culture, like the Taliban did, is not.

Just for fun, I went to Kandiss Taylor's info on the I Side With site here. She doesn't sound like traitorous Joe Biden by any means, but she's against a wall and for dual citizenship. What kind of anti-Globalist is for the latter?

Now, per Boing Boing Kandiss Taylor says "Satanic monument struck down by God". I don't know why God had to wait for 4 in the morning to strike these down - maybe to avoid injuries - but they say He works in mysterious ways.

Just a few months after that statement, one could bet that it had a lot to do with this bombing happening. No, I don't hold her responsible (though I'm not sure if that E.O. #10 she proposed would have been legal anyway.) They knock down monuments of our culture, we knock down something of theirs. Just trying to defend ours didn't work out so well under the Anarcho-Tyranny seen in Charlottesville, Virginia 5 years ago. The best defense is a good offense. I do get all that.

Like other anti-Globalists, should I too have been in favor of someone knocking those stones down or happy about it now that someone has "fought back" against the Globalists?

Nah, I'd say not on this one. It's not just that I visited the very mellow and friendly atmosphere among a dozen or so other curious people who were mostly just impressed by the work that day and then read Common Sense Renewed.

It's not just that I wonder why this monument with all that advice to the evil Globalists was erected in out-of-the-way**** Elberton, Georgia rather than in somewhere very near Washington, FS or New York, New York. Yes, Elberton, Georgia is the "Granite Capital of the World", making it cheaper to build there, but these Globalists aren't short on money. How important could this be to them?

It's also that I just get outside more, PERIOD, often talking to and dealing with other people. I am reminded of the information about mass murderer Robert Crimo that commenter E.H. Hail has written in the comments under our Independence Day (US Blues) post. Many young people's lives exist largely on-line these days! Yeah, you gotta go upstairs to eat, sometimes go to work (where you check your phone every couple of minutes), and that... However, one can get a distorted picture of reality from reading only very specific news and opinion that one picks out, watching only specific videos, writing, texting, and tweeting to a specific group of people with very specific ideas, and so on. You gotta get outside sometimes. From The Indigo Girls' Emily Saliers 32 years ago:
I gotta get out of bed, get a hammer and a nail,
learn how to use my hands
Not just my head, I think myself in a jail .
Now i know a refuge never grows
from a chin in a hand and a thoughtful pose.
Gotta tend the earth if you want a rose.
BTW, I DO put this on the Zoomer, and somewhat the Millennial, generations. This is not a Strauss & Howe style (Generations, Fourth Turning) deal exactly, in which I say they must politically be LIKE THIS or LIKE THAT due to their parents being from THAT generation and treating them LIKE THAT. Strauss & Howe could not have anticipated how on-line the world would get 3 decades later.

"Hey, they did get outside and do something, both Robert Crimo and the bombers of the Georgia Guidestones", one could retort. Should they have spent MORE time with their chins in their hands in a thoughtful pose? Yeah, that'd have them off the freaking phone at least.

People DO need to fight back against Globalism and the Globalists. Got a problem with one of them? Don't shoot the messenger Don't shoot the message either. Had George Soros just been assassinated, yes, I'd be jumping around with glee. However, not all battles in this fight need involve destruction. There are constructive ways to fight it all too. Take Emily Saliers' advice and get a hammer and a nail.... I need to take her advice and get off the computer too, in just a minute...

OK, that's more of the "WHY?" and the "WHO?", not in any detail, but we'll await details. There is something odd, as others have pointed out, in the way this was handled, with the monument being completely demolished within the day by the county. (I guess?) I'll put videos in in Part 3 and some ideas about the "HOW?" too.

This 7 minute long video has an interview by a reporter from the Atlanta FoxNews station of Mr. Chris Kubas of the Elberton Granite Association. The first couple of minutes is just basic history of the way the Georgia Guidestones were ordered, with something on the anonymity. This is all interesting stuff though I'd learned it before we visited. The latter half has a good discussion on what Mr. Kubas thinks the monument was made for.

Note at 2 minutes in that, without the name Kandiss Taylor being uttered, her possible part in encouraging this destruction is discussed. I also felt good about my estimating skills when Mr. Kubas brought up the number 20,000 visitors yearly as his estimate. I guessed 100 daily in my 2nd post about our visit, so I was a bit high, but I wrote "on a nice day", as we had when we visited.

A little bit more about this video will be in the next part.

One comment under this video on the youtube site:
1 day ago
The man knows the whole history of the monument ...but when asked a simple question: “What was the name of the group who funded the monument.” Answer: “We don’t really know...”
See, that's more nonsense from the younger generations. They have no idea that there was a time when one could be pretty damned anonymous.

Commenter E.H. Hail, he of the Hail to You blog, had lots of comments under the original field trip posts, and this one line fits in with this look at the new generations:
In other words, when different eras of history try talking to each other, a lot gets "lost in translation"!
Yes, exactly! How would a 25 y/o understand the feeling of the Cold War era? How would he understand that one could go about life in most of America without being in any contact with anyone if he didn't want to and not being identifiable without a 4th Amendment "reason"?

PS: Man! This is getting ridiculous, my time spent writing. I'm sorry for rambling. I do want to put in one link, just to a short post on Marginal Revolution by Alex Tabarrok that commenter Bamyan pointed me to. This one is lots shorter than my post - The Destruction of the Georgia Guidestones and the Bamiyan Buddhas

* Not to shortchange the Bushes and Comrade Øb☭ma either, of course...

** Donald Trump makes a decent effort on this, with his words, if nothing else.

*** It's probably attached to the greatest number of posts still, unless Kung Flu Stupidity has taken the lead.

**** See the paragraph higher up in which the idea of this monument having been a guide for post-nuclear-war America, not any of us reading Peak Stupidity.

Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 9:48AM MST
PS: Greetings, Mr. Hail,

“What's the chance the raid on Kandiss Taylor is closely tied to the Guidestones Bombing?”

I too would guess it's pretty darn close to 100%.
(Though I suppose we'll never truly know.)

Tuesday - July 12th 2022 9:41AM MST

Regardless of what she or they say, what's the chance the raid on Kandiss Taylor is closely tied to the Guidestone Bombing? Must be something near 100%, I say.

(She implies she's never been raided before, her first raid happening a week after the Guidestone Bombing.)
Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 9:25AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Hail,

Apparently Kandiss Taylor was swatted...

“According to Taylor, her local sheriff's department received a call from a female text-to-voice program saying that they had shot their husband multiple times and were going to shoot themselves.”

In a video posted to Twitter shortly after 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, Taylor called the ordeal "traumatizing."

"My children were woken up from their bed. Trauma doesn't even begin to explain what just happened at my house. I have it all on video," Taylor said.

"They came with all their weapons - rifles pointed at my house ready to shoot if they needed to kill me if I opened the door," Taylor said.

Tuesday - July 12th 2022 8:26AM MST

Mr. Moderator, allow me to suggest that fate has taken you in the direction of needing a full-on Category Tag for the Georgia Guidestones, for how much you've written on them, giving you and us and the world and posterity an easy-to-consult chronological list would be of great use.

Since so much of this commentary is of a "running" fashion, it doesn't "do" to drop in links to single ones ofthese.

The latest: Just today Kandiss Taylor has revealed that a SWAT team raided her house on suspicion, I presume, of involvement in the bombing...!
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 4:42AM MST
PS: Indeed, Mr. Hail, blowing up one of the ctrl-left's sacred monuments would have been much more important, much more appreciated by guys like me - maybe most readers here - and taken much more guts though, than doing this Georgia Guidestones deal.

The Establishment Anarcho-Tyranny would be making every effort to hang the perpetrators, and most even on the right would disavow any approval of the act. The perpetrators would be on their own. I think most who would think of doing something like that would know all this.
Tuesday - July 12th 2022 4:38AM MST
PS: Late reply to Mr. Hail on this Kandiss Taylor character (spell check cannot handle her name!):

I didn't realize how much the "Satanic" guidestones were a part of her campaign. I checked out her website, and, as I wrote I kind of like her attitude - she's good on the principles that I noted on that one "I Side With" website. (Could they have gotten a better URL? I think so.)

If you're going to be a real hard-core type, don't wimp out on immigration. Why not a wall? That's a basic step in the immigration invasion war. Even more importantly regarding Miss* Taylor, no dual citizenship is a policy that any anti-Globalist should support. It's a big one, in fact! Taking action, as in LAWS to start with on ending dual citizenship would be a LOT bigger hit to the Globalists than blowing up the monument in Elberton.

So, that kind of misguided rhetoric an opinions of Miss Taylor makes me think she is just a kook. Most times these kooks on the hard-core right are still good for the country, IMO. I look much more fondly on Alex Jones types than I do any of that type on the left.

* I didn't bother to check if she is married, but someone like her?? OTOH, married women are on the whole far more conservative than single women.
Sunday - July 10th 2022 2:24PM MST

"(Brian Kemp declining to push the election investigation) inspired some of impassioned Stop the Steal ire, including old-time populist barnraising by the right-wing lawyer Lin Wood, who later had a mental breakdown. Lin Wood in the 1990s was the only man in America willing to represent the falsely accused Richard Jewell."

Correction: Barnstorming, not "barnraising."
Sunday - July 10th 2022 11:16AM MST

On Kandiss Taylor and the Guidestone bombing

I quote Kandiss Taylor on why she hates the Georgia Guidestones. Verbatim from her centerpiece long-form campaign ad, so her team trying to present her views at their best, not an off-the-cuff remark:

"If we don't call things out, if we don't acknowledge them and take authority, if we don't take dominion over what God has given us....then WE are no better than the EVIL ONES who put (the Georgia Guidestones) up! We've watched as people have destroyed our history, our monuments, and in their place they've erected statues to their OWN god. The New World Order is here, and they TOLD us it was coming. This is a battle far greater than what we see. It is a war between good and evil."

While she's saying this, on screen flashes: "DONATE TODAY---TO RID GEORGIA OF THIS SATANIC EVIL."

Her campaign released this ad on May 2, 2022, putting it near center of her campaign. Of course she wasn't going to win, but a strong-enough showing could influence discourse. The ad still stands on her twitter account today.

The primary was May 24, 2022, and Kandiss Taylor, running on the anti-Satanic Georgia Guidestone platform, took 3.4% of the vote, losing to Brian Kemp (74%) and Trump-backed David Perdue (22%). (Trump fumed at the news because Brian Kemp had been the one to decline to go all out for hoped-for forensic audit of some of the suspicious results in November 2020, also inspiring some of impassioned Stop the Steal ire, including old-time populist barnraising by the right-wing lawyer Lin Wood, who later had a mental breakdown. Lin Wood in the 1990s was the only man in America willing to represent the falsely accused Richard Jewell.)

The interesting thing on Kandiss Taylor's views is that she views the only recourse to the maoist statue-attackers was to say the Guidestones were satanic. Some of the actual anger, were it allowed, would have followed Scott Adams' ironic suggestion at the height of the BLM maoist mob actions and have a "some people did something" to a statue or the like of the "I Have a Dream" speech guy. That, of course, is hard to so much as imagine in the 2020s, though it might well have happened in the 1980s if mobs of maoists had marauded around and maliciously mangled up memorials as happened in recent years.
Friday - July 8th 2022 8:41PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, even in that first post after our trip, or, I didn't sees these stones as some nefarious plot. However, reading the book make me pretty sure about that opinion. (This is assuming the book was not written as part of the plot to placate people - a big stretch, IMO). Yes, this book explained to me the attitude (of the times) that were the incentive for the monument to be set up.

I have not read Mr. Kaczynski's manifesto. He's a character who I'm not unsympathetic with, though I knew someone who's son got his hand maimed from one of his uni-bombs.

Thanks for the story of the '00 era AM talk radio. I admire the spirit of Alex Jones. I can't listen to his frog-throated voice too long though. I haven't followed all his conspiracy theories, but he'd been a fighter for the Constitution and Liberty over the years. He enjoys raising hell, and I guess that's good for his ratings too.

Friday - July 8th 2022 8:33PM MST
PS: Just testing square [brackets].
Friday - July 8th 2022 7:01PM MST

Some more Georgia Guidestones memories

I never visted. But I remember first -hearing- about the Georgia Guidestones on the conspiracy circuit in the 2000s. For a time I had a night-heavy working schedule and would listen to the old Coast to Coast AM, then hosted by bozo George Noory but often with the legendary Art Bell filling in for his own former show. In any case, the Georgia Guidestones, I am certain, were mentioned on that AM overnight radio show, often by callers and the occasional guest.

If I can trust my own memory of my own life and thinking, I don't think I ever came close to taking seriously the hardcore "Alex Jones"-style conspiracy on the Guidestones that they are a secret plot by the New World Order to commit eugenics-genocide on humanity, or something like that. I think I always viewed them as an almost quaint and quirky piece of weird-Americana, of a kind once all over the land.

More later.
Friday - July 8th 2022 6:59PM MST


"Commenter E.H. Hail, he of the Hail to You blog, had lots of comments under the original field trip posts, and this one line fits in with this look at the new generations:

In other words, when different eras of history try talking to each other, a lot gets "lost in translation"!

Yes, exactly! How would a 25 y/o understand the feeling of the Cold War era?"

I remember your original interest in the Georgia Guidestones and although this may be a misperception, it seems you evolved on them as your grappled with what they meant and how to interpret them, and now lament their destruction.

Your view became much more nuanced after reading the whole of the mystery-man R. C. Christian's manifesto, which turned out to be highly interesting reading (the same goes for the Ted Kaczynski manifesto, the opening chapters of which are entirely about politics and are really well reasoned).

I am glad your original posts got me thinking about the Guidestones back then, and the creator's original intent. They are (were) a historical marker, but not of the kind the more deranged wing of the Alex Jones people might believe.
Friday - July 8th 2022 6:51PM MST

On the mystery comment-box bug

From experience I have determined it is inadvisable to ever use the "bracket" symbol on the Peak Stupidity comment box, the one that looks like this "(" except square, after experiencing similar problems in the past.
Dieter Kief
Friday - July 8th 2022 6:16PM MST
PS - - - continued from my post below
Esoteric remark as Btw. 3. - The Georgia Guidestones guide can be read quite easily as a riff on the following three books:
1) Eternal Peace - by Königsbergian (=Kaliningradian, now...) thinker Immanuel Kant (Kant has the upper hand here though because his Eternal Peace book knows an ironic tone****, that is well known to Richard & Linda Thompson (but not to the Guidestones' guide).

****it is remarkable that hardly any English speaking Kant commenter cheecks that ironic lightheartedness in Kant's prose. It seems at times, as if only the most dry characters ever would have been willing to bow their heads over Kant's books. Very funny: The result being, that for the anglophone public the mindset of their most prominent and super unhumorous Kant interpreters became Kant himself in the English speaking world. This is a form of - extra dry - stupidity, hehe.   
In stressing the bond between a) a prospering perspective for all of us on this planet here and b) - rationality as a foundational principle of the communicative acts that would help to achieve this - hm, hm, rather utopian?! - goal, Christian is channeling the late Jürgen Habermas. - Not least in this hindsight: That Christianity (as a form of advanced spirituality) is qualified, so to speak, to be a voice in this rational attempt at this, as I said, quite utopian approach to the future of the one (= modern...) world. 
So, book No.2 that could be mentioned: This Too a History of Philosophy (1500 p.) (or: No. 2b) Habermas' Between Naturalism and Religion (that would be the shortcut here with 370 p.).

Btw. 4 - - - - Honorary mentions for: "The WeEIRDest People in the World - How the West Became Psychologically Peculiar and Particularly Rich" from 2020 by Harvard anthropologist Joseph Henrich. And - Isaiah Berlin for his defense of the nation state in a global economy.
Btw. 5 - - - - - Steve Sailer commenter Desiderius mentioned Isaiah Berlin quite a bit and likes him a lot.   
Friday - July 8th 2022 6:00PM MST
PS: Dieter, I guess I can't view it to see the problem, unless you do something fancy like screen-shotting it, putting it somewhere where you can embed pictures, or linking me to a server where it sits.

I am pretty sure this software simply tears out any HTML-looking tags, so I doubt that's it. However, I did have an extra italics tag for a little while here - I keep screwing with this post. Maybe that was it.
Dieter Kief
Friday - July 8th 2022 5:27PM MST
the bug seems to be in the second part?! - Have no idea what that could be?!
Dieter Kief
Friday - July 8th 2022 5:22PM MST
PS: I try to split it in two

Robert Christian summing up his Georgia Guidestones guide, - which thankfully Mr. Smith has linked to numerous times - Robert Christian is summing up his thoughts in his Epilogue:
"Intelligence is the capacity to know and to use Truth. Intelligence acquires Wisdom when it is well informed and compassionate.
Common Sense reflects the wisdom shared by ordinary human beings.The Common Sense of collective humanity is sufficient to deal with the problems that confront us. We must apply it resolutely in our domestic and international activities, encouraging other nations and their citizens to join with us in building a rational world order — an Age of Reason.
And as we contend with our interhuman problems, let us beever mindful of our shepherd's role in the larger world ofNature."
Btw. - Christian explicitly mentions Russia here too - isn't that ironic?
Btw. 2 - you can destroy monuments, but you can't shoot thoughts - see also thsi terrific English Folk-Blues-Duo: 
Shoot Out The Lights! - By Richard and Linda Thompson
Dieter Kief
Friday - July 8th 2022 5:19PM MST
Huhu, Mod. the system is on strike. I've posted my last comment three times now but to no visible effort.
Friday - July 8th 2022 3:49PM MST
PS: LuFD, I had thought about a rocket of some sort too. I don't know too much about that type of equipment, but I just wondered how and when these people placed the bomb. It's not, OK, it WASN'T, some big complex with cameras all around. Someone could have easily parked that silver car on the side of the road walked around on that open 5 acre property from the back, set up explosives and then gotten back and detonated them.

However it looks to me like the smoke/small-debris cloud move quickly from front left to back right. That's be a course of about 240 degrees or so(True or Magnetic -they are within a couple of degree there), as in 1/3 of the way N of E to 1/3 of the way S of W, for this rocket. This would make sense if it was done from the car. There are trees if you go any more to the east down "Guidestones Road", so the angle would be right. They could have been right in front or on the west side, but the camera is there. Even though it wouldn't have been aimed at them, they might not have known that.

There's a house only a few hundred yards to the east. I wonder if anyone was home. I'd have made the getaway to the east, based on where the camera was. You can get right back onto GA Hwy 77 that way or go x-country on some small roads. This would require one not being a complete GPS-obeying idiot, though... not a given.

You've got me wanting to write another post. There's so much to think about on this.
Lighten Up Francis Dec
Friday - July 8th 2022 3:07PM MST
PS Infantryman blog is saying RPG with HEAT rounds.
A Grand Old Politburo WWF/WWE wrestler comrade commissarina in GA recently said that she would make getting rid of the stones a priority.

Friday fun trivia-Best clown horn sample is in funk band Slave from a song called Slide and the Houston rapper Big Mello samples it masterfully in No Hiding Place which was released almost 30 years before Clown World.
Paging Francis Fukuyama, please pick up the RED courtesy phone.
Friday - July 8th 2022 2:55PM MST
PS: No, I never have. This may be only the 2nd or 3rd time I've visited the site, but that's not due to any negative impression. I'll check it out more.

This small post that I linked to was a good one, anyway.
Friday - July 8th 2022 2:45PM MST
PS Achmed do you populate the MR comments? 'Twould be nice to see you over there.
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