Georgia Guidestones bombed and demolished! - Part 1

Posted On: Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:15PM MST
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See our original field trip report - Part 1 and Part 2 along with a virtual revisitation. We reviewed the 1986 book by "Robert Christian" that is seen as the explanation guide to these stones here.

You morons! You blew it up! Damn you! Damn you all to your Mama's basements!

I thank commenter PeterIke for the first news I got on this. The story has gotten around. It was on FoxNews here.

Hey, before I go further, a big shout-out goes to any Georgia Bureau of Investigation officers who may be reading Peak Stupidity this evening - Hey, boys! Enjoy the post. Oh, and I didn't du nuthin! I don't usually expect every law enforcement organization in the land to keep up with us here, but I gotta say it was pretty damned coincidental that we posted Common sense reiterated - Georgia Guide(stones) #2 one day before someone set off an explosion at 4 AM (07/06) and destroyed 1/2 of this 120 ton monument.

It's not only that, but in that Guide #2 post, I mentioned that I would like to go back there, to Elberton, Georgia. In fact, it was to be soon. Regular Peak Stupidity readers should know that all that bit about our lawyers and the budget is just the usual silliness here, but the trip plans (both times) were real*. Suffice it to say that I was not there on or about 4 AM on Wednesday, July 6th of this year.

This is not a cover-my-ass statement here, but it's also the case that the 6 posts about the Georgia Guidestones we've written answer the question of whether there is really something nefarious about the monument due to some of the 10 messages sounding like the not-so-secret instructions for Globalists to screw up America and the world basically in the negative. Much of that view comes from my reading of the 120-odd page book Common Sense Renewed** by the "R.C. Christian" who was the guy who anonymously arranged the order and payment for the monument in 1979. Again, thanks are due to our always helpful commenter Adam Smith. I had had no idea about Common Sense Renewed, even after our field trip out there this past winter.

Personally, I think it would have been cooler if these stones HAD struck me as being made for nefarious reasons. Lots of effort is being made by millions of web-warriors to get to the bottom of what's happening to our world, and I would love to be a part of a successful effort rather than just the typical speculation. However, as one may see in the posts for Guide #1 and Guide #2, I really don't think so.

There were to be posts for #3 - #10, maybe some combined (at the rate I've been going, that would have been done by the time these stones crumbled on their own!), but I am disheartened by what happened yesterday and don't see much reason to continue this. OTOH, maybe it would show the moronic destroyers of this perfectly nice tourist spot that, "Hey guys, the book is on-line. The 10 'Commandments' to the Globalists, if that's how you take them, are on-line. Blowing the beautiful monument up won't stop Bill Gates and George Soros from carrying out the commands."

Footage from security cameras of the explosion:

This video was put on youtube by Adam Smith himself. "LIKE" his video on youtube, if that's possible. He's at 26 views so far. I personally don't have the google qualifications to comment there right yet***, but if you do, we'd all appreciate it.

Don't take this post the wrong way. It's not that I don't think there are evil plans of sorts, and sometimes just consistent efforts by like-evil-minded people. I can't see George Soros as NOT being evil, and Bill Gates, even if he has the best of intentions, is an unhelpful, hopeless fumbling geek. I can see that one could interpret the Georgia Guidestones as being having been part of someone's evil plans, though I don't myself after learning more, going to Elberton, Georgia, and reading R.C. Christian's book. However, I don't think this destruction has done ANYBODY any good. If R.C. Christian is still around, I am so sorry for him.

There's a lot more to say. This post was just about Peak Stupidity's association with this unique monument, our previous/planned writing about it, and our disappointment in this event. In Part 2, I'll show more videos if they're pertinent but they'll be more (speculation only, for now) on the why and who.

* We had some discussion about our party's choice of restaurants in Elberton (I swear, guys, it was not all up to me), which is why I bring up the barbeque joints in these posts - just for fun. You don't have to convince me, readers - BBQ over Taco Bell or KFC.

** I thank Mr. Smith for keeping me updated on the web pages we link to. This one is a very readable .pdf of the book - it'll take you a couple of hours to half a day to read. There's nothing profound in it, IMO, but it's entertaining enough and does explain the 10 guides.

*** I think Mr. Smith informed me of this before, but I believe I can just give google some bogus info and/or an unrelated email acct. to get a google/youtube account. I am sure not giving them anything real.

Adam Smith
Friday - July 8th 2022 4:04PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone,

Mr. Coincidence Theory asked...

“Don't they have a world's largest chicken bone or some other "historic" monument on the interstate there?”

Well, I've never heard of the world's largest chicken bone, but there used to be “the world's largest peanut” in Ashburn, Georgia (I-75 exit 82) until Hurricane Michael knocked it down...

I've heard a rumor that they're trying to repair it, but I haven't been down that way in years, so I don't know.

There's also the Big Chicken, in Marietta.
Locals use it as a landmark for giving directions as in “Take a left at the Big Chicken.”

And in Fitzgerald, Georgia they're building the world's largest chicken topiary...

There's also the Iron Horse...

But I don't think that was what you were asking about.

Friday - July 8th 2022 1:35PM MST
PS: Very interesting comment there, Mr. Kief. It goes right along with the stuff I wrote in the Part 2 post a couple of hours back. Would you copy this comment to under that post too? I don't want to do this sort of thing without permission.

Yes, the woke want to take us out (completely, as we're already on the way) of the Age of Reason. Mr. Christian, if he'd with us today, wouldn't like any more than the destruction of his stones. I have a song to go with this thought already in my head from Mr. Christian's writing about the Age of Reason.

BTW, I may be wrong in that Mr. Christian might be delighted if he thinks, as the bombers of this monument did, that the guides are really being used to instruct the Globalists. I don't think that was his purpose at all.
Friday - July 8th 2022 1:28PM MST
PS: CT, thanks for writing in. You kind of lost me after "Taco Bell", haha.

Did you get pulled in Georgia? For me, it's been about 10 States in which I got pulled, but who's counting?

Thank you for the news tip about former P/M Abe, TANP (I always think Abe, as in Abe Lincoln, but I guess it's oh-bee.) Political violence is not just an American thing. He is dead now, and it sounds like some sort of organized crime thing at first glance at a NY Post article. Homemade shotgun, eh. I guess gun control only "works" in Japan, because the are a pretty non-violent people (at this point, mind you) in general.

BTW, the picture on the NY Post site has a guy ready to pull the perpetrator , Tetsuya Yamagami (I think) off his escape bicycle, and they are both WEARING FACE MASKS. Yeah, that's what you're most worried about at a time like that! (I mean even the cop of some sort. The other guy maybe was wearing his for anonymity, but they all look the same anyway!
Dieter Kief
Friday - July 8th 2022 12:32AM MST
As I said before - these Georgia Guidestones are viewed as Gates-Soros message boards.
The Invite the World/ Internnat'l Solidarity (= Neocon & Antifa/ Woke) crowd is looking at messages of this kind strategically. Oh - they aren't "Conincidence Theorists" at all, unfortunately.

They are rather simple minded strategists in warrior mode. - It's either us, the Woke say, or them. We, they go on, are pro migration and open borders and the cultural eradication of the WEIRDest People of the World (Joseph Henrich: The WEIRDEST People of the World - How The West Became Psychologially Peculiar and Particulary Prosperous, Farrar Strauss & Giroux., NYC, 2020).

Wokism is about regression - as are multiculturalism and the open borders ideology. De-differentiation. Complexity reduction in the form of a .c.o.l.l.e.c.t.i.v.e. regression: Back to Mama (Mother Nature) - away from the (fatherly) rationality and competition and - progress stuff. The Right Stuff (Tome Wolfe...sigh - great that he was around!) that made being WEIRD - a (hard earned) success-story.

Btw.: The Georgia Guidestones are indeed a monument of the WEIRD western mindset, the Christian part of it well included (Common Sense Renewed / R. C. Christian - - has written WEIRD all over it...).

I think, the woke aggressors got that quite right. The Guidestones represent the WEIRD west not least in being contradictory and thought-provocative (= Hegelian, by and large... - this is a short remark for the rather philosophically inclined, (Another prototypically WEIRD turf that, the field (the... rich... tradition) of Western thought...).

Seen from an optimistic angle Mod., you could argue, that the fact that the Georgia Guidestones have been blown up is proof, that the old western mindset is still alive. If it wasn't, the monument would not have been understood as so provocative. - Even wokism is a well known derivative of the WEIRD western tradition. - One of the hallmarks of this tradition, mind you, is the willingness to - .f.i.g.h.t. over abstract ideas... Now think of the Thirty Year War in Europe, or the Civil War in the US the French Revolution, The Anabaptist rebellion in Münster at the beginning of the New Time = after the Middle Ages, the religious wars - and as important: The .p.u.b.l.ic.l.y. held Great Debates not least about religious themes that formed indeed the Swiss state as it is now...

"It's all so confrontational"// "Stop your Sermon now! - You can't be idealistic all of your life..." (The Rebell Without a Cause Quote in the Introduction to Joni Mitchell's live Album "Shadows and Light").
This Ain't No Picnic
Thursday - July 7th 2022 10:08PM MST
PS O/T Shinzo Abe of Japan shot with a shotgun during a speech.
He is an anti-communist and not afraid to stand up to CCP.
A 42 year old man is in custody.
Coincidence Theory
Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:31PM MST
PS And you got to see the Devil went down to Georgia monument and the Taco Bell!
Don't they have a world's largest chicken bone or some other "historic" monument on the interstate there?
The GA cops like to hide out in the gully between lanes and one night at 4AM the radar was going nuts and I spotted officer Dick Jones hiding there.
The orbital mind lasers of Putler and Trump along with mega ass bass sci-fi waves from twerking tinfoil asshats took out the Satanic Stones.
The basement is much better in the summertime and the Greg Brady hippie crashpad attic is for the wintertime.
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