Peak Stupidity comes out!

Posted On: Wednesday - July 6th 2022 2:55PM MST
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It's true. Peak Stupidity has been grazing around the subject for 5 1/2 years now, but the rumors around the internet are right. I will no longer hide in the closet 53 ft. high-cube shipping container. I now identify as a Diplodocus!

You'll pump 85 Octane and you'll like it!

We are proud herbivores of all creeds and colors (long as you like green and grey) and will no longer be subject to ridicule such as the slights about our being incel herbivores with no initiative. Being called "evolutionary dead ends" is very triggering, and I want it stopped NOW. My "people" have been marginalized in America since the late Jurassic Period by the White Male Mammalarchy! Imagine! The Sauronormative culture in this country has confused us with the Brontosauri for years!*

I will no longer live in fear of a culture that kept our type isolated on islands off of Costa Rica, as if we were iconic mice in a theme park. I will not be used as a plaything by a kid to cross city streets! I will ignore all of the baseless Diplophobia, as if we were dangerous carnivores, and will NOT be treated as a 3rd-class citizen.

Our goal now is to be recognized as 1st-class citizens with the Government benefits due accordingly. Having to pay out of "pocket" for scale implants and neck enlargement surgery has been expensive. There is no reason the OtherBlooded** should not be covered under standard healthcare plans.

That's all we ask. My pronouns are on the business cards I give out, and don't tell me you've lost yours. They are the size of small billboards.

I ask the good Peak Stupidity readers to respect my decision to de-identify as a mammal and to continue to keep the comments section a safe zone for the Dino-inclined. Carry on.

PS: I cannot recall which VDare post it was that had me thinking of this post. Since it was the VDare writer Anonymous Attorney post Latest Absurd Culture-War Coinage: “'Heteropessimism” post in a tab from yesterday that reminded me though, I'll mention it too here. The Attorney's take is that this idiotic new term really means a normal marriage relationship. My take on it is that "heteropessimism" if a word for the single guy's experience of not knowing when or how he will get laid next.

PPS: I wrote most of this post before I heard (from PeterIke first) about the GA Guidestones being partially blown up. Forgive me if I don't get a post up later today, but dammit, they picked a fine time to do something like this. I've got loads of posts on deck and the Rockford Files to watch.

* Hell, it was only 5 years ago that I myself thought we were all Brontosauri. I blame the rigid conservative culture in the public schools.

** Breaking news for the Diplodocus-identifying: We may be able to avoid that vascular replacement surgery in out transition. Stegosaurus-identifying folk, though, are still regarded by the pejorative "cold blooded".

Adam Smith
Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:36PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

"AHitS, do you have a name..."

Her name is Tiara Mack...

Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:25PM MST
PS: AHitS, do you have a name, or can you not tell who it is from that end?
Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:23PM MST
PS: Thanks for your concern, SafeNow. Yes, I am glad we went back last year. I'd been telling a few other people to make the trip.
Thursday - July 7th 2022 12:44PM MST

Achmed, I just heard that someone blew-up the Georgia Guidestones. I cannot imagine why anyone would do that. Well, at least you made your road trip there in time.
A Horse In The Senate
Thursday - July 7th 2022 11:09AM MST
PS Have you seen the upside down twerking senator?
She is quite bootylicious and all senators should be able to perform this cunning stunt in the spirit of egalitarian equity and unity.
The Alarmist
Thursday - July 7th 2022 5:19AM MST

Gott sei Dank, you don’t identify with that parent-harassing shakedown-artist Purple Dinosaur....

🎶I love you
🎶You love me
🎶This is not reality
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 11:01PM MST
Mr. Hail, the Swiss are known to be slow. But the sameness = same rights idea is growing there too. - At a slower pace though. The Swiss government's "Spracchkanzlei" (Language office) advised his public service to use the word "das Elt" for all parents - id est: They're trying to be officially done now with the word mother and follow here the EU languga reform protocol. The expression mother has to vanish because of its - - - hetero-normativity and lack of inclusiveness - logo!
Now - there's a lot one could say here, of course (Helmut Heißenbüttel, Project I - IV). The simplest thing maybe: The systems languages built have never been necessarily logical...And here is one more proof for that. I mean: You can do it.

Google this very informative article with great comments:

Mutter wird amtlich durch "das Elter" ersetzt | MEDRUM
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 7:35PM MST
PS: Snarklesaurus, I know it's a take-off on the whole of Marxism, but I'd like to hear as the lyrics of a Death Metal song. (The only other song of that genre I know is "Death Metal Greta" - or was it Speed Metal?) Thanks for the comment.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 7:32PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail refers to the term as used by the genderbender woke fools who "Anonymous Attorney" got the term from, not AA's words. "Heteropessimism" is just another made up term for whatever lies these people want to spout. You give it a definition that fits it better. I would say the pessimism is about so many forms of stupid, that I'll come up with "sanitopessimism", the worry that long-term insanity in the country will continue until the cows come home?

It IS amazing how the word "pride" and anything involving rainbows have been completely co-opted. If a kid picks up a book with a rainbow on the cover, well, "we've got to go over to this other section for Danny and the Dinosaur" (under one's breath "anything pre-1995 would be nice.") If I see a rainbow on a cereal box - if we were to revert to eating cereal when the SHTF (I kid! About the cereal) - I would not expect it to be no Lucky Charms. Maybe it'd be a different version of the trademarked theme behind these particular sugar bombs - some type of Pride Cereal. How could Kellogg or Post refuse?

I wonder if an overturning of whatever unConstitutional rectally-extracted logic that resulted in the Obergefell decision would result in a far bigger riot-producing and judge-threatening event than we've see with the abortion decision.

Oh, I checked out your post from HailToYou that you linked me to under a previous post of mine. Good stuff! Thank you. I've read through some of your stuff that you wrote before your anti-Panic posts, but I don't remember that one - I'll read through the comments in the morning.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 6:15PM MST
PS Dinosaurs of the world unite, to each according to his screeds.
Let no escalator go down as we Leap Forward.
Now be good and the crocodile will eat you last, comrade.
No wrongthink or facecrime!
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 5:27PM MST

more historical notes (follow-up from previous comment):

- Japan continues to ban gay marriage; its Supreme Court reaffirmed a full ban on gay marriage just two weeks ago.

- South Korea, I can tell you from observed experience, has an active Gay Marriage movement, enabled and led by the most westernized element, but opposed by christian-conservatives, and afaik it is still illegal and not likely to full-on "Obergefell"-style legalize soon under the recently elected right-wing president.

- I see that Switzerland finally caved in and allows marriage between any gender and any other gender, whatever, as of July 1, 2022. What TOOK them so long? Mr. Kief, ideas?

- I see Italy might tip into "Yes to Whatever-Gender and/or Genderless Marriage" camp, soon.

It's funny how the Gay Marriage movement appeared so important in the early 2010s and was then never talked about at all anymore by the late 2010s. In the early 2020s, when there wasn't important Coronapanicking to do, all the energy formerly given to Gays is now given to Transgenders.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 5:07PM MST

"Heteropessimism describes something more mundane. It’s a pervasive disappointment, ambivalence, if not doubt, about the quality of the lived heterosexual experience."

That is stupid.

I would think "Heteropessimism," as a term, should better describe the feeling those of us opposed to Gay Marriage felt, maybe first in the late 2000s when the first signs that "we" really were going to lose, the feeling of loss of control of the culture to cultural perma-insurgents and mentally unbalanced semi-wackos. (This was still before they had stolen the word 'pride' and redefined it to refer to LGBTQetcetc only.)

This kind of Heteropessimism was definitely evident (if not dominant), I think, by the early 2010s, when it was clear even to lower-info people that these people weren't going to stop and would inevitably use the power of the Regime and their agenda-setting power and propaganda apparatus, to win through a steady plod. T

The final coup-de-grace was the famous "Obergefell" case (released, late June 2015) in which the Supreme Court MANDATED gay marriage in every state and territory.

Historical note: I just realized, that whole "MANDATED gay marriage" order from the Supreme Court came within the same two-week window Trump announced his campaign (the latter for some reason known to history as "Trump coming down the escalator," a stupid descriptor, but fitting for the near-peak levels of stupidity then being attained).

The day that "Obergefell" came out, the Regime was in the process of trying hard to crush the Orange Buffoon through boyotts and sponsorship losses. But the reality-tv guy was in the process of surviving, and BS'ing his way into the White House. The mandated sea-to-shining-sea Gay Marriage order for the Supreme Court seemed one of an unending series of "screw you's" to Middle America, which the Orange Conman picked up and carried to the endzone.
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