Goerge Floyd indicted for IP theft for "I can't breath!"

Posted On: Tuesday - July 5th 2022 7:16PM MST
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Peak Stupidity will have to act as the judge, jury, and well, no reason for executioner on this one. Mr. Floyd will be found guilty in long-term absentia, seeing as our lead lawyer was not able to come up with the correct Latin legal terminology, even after putting in his false teeth.

"I can't breath!" Yeah, I thought I'd heard that before. "IP theft is NOT a victimless crime!", is what I am told regularly, on that blue screen that appears before borrowed movies that one can't fast-forward through. That's the line that infamous black reprobate druggie George Floyd blatantly STOLE, straight off of Episode 13 of Season 3 of The Rockford Files (The title was a long one: "Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, but Waterbury will Bury You." - see the Internet Movie DataBase page, which is invaluable on this.)

Simon Oakland* as Vern St. Cloud - seen this guy before?

"I can't breath!!"

In this episode, fellow PI Vern (the viewer and Jim don't know it's him right at the time) knocked Jim on the ground with two blows to the back with the side or butt on his revolver. He had one foot right on Jim's back, pinning him in place.

"You've got 30 seconds to tell me about your business with Hugh Wexler!" said Vern.

“I can’t breath!" yelled Jim Rockford. He looked bad off, I tell you. I mean, even I, a regular viewer, believed him, so ...

Vern St. Cloud: “OK, bud, start yackin’. I’m in no mood!”

Jim Rockford: “I can’t breath. I’m asthmatic.”

Peak Stupidity Moderator: "Oh, crap, are there going to be any more episodes?!"

Vern St. Cloud: “Yeah, and I’m a Rockette!”

Vern let off his guard to where Jim eventually got the upper hand, after a fist fight, to the point where Vern had to drink a bottle of Maalox. They ended up working together, but I don’t think Jim got paid yet again …

This was very much a precursor to the Derek Chauvin/George Floyd death** of 43 years later. There was nothing new about that incident. Jim Rockford already pulled the same thing off on Vern St. Cloud, for cryin' out loud! It only turned out better for them back then because Jim Rockford, though an ex-con ((OK, fully pardoned, fine) who impersonated insurance adjusters on a near daily basis, had a business-card-printing machine in his Firebird, was arrested about every 2 weeks, and lived in a van down by the river trailer by the beach in Malibu, was still not a worthless drug-addled reprobate who had previously threatened a pregnant woman with a gun to the belly.

About the best the defense in this case, if there had been one, could have come up with is "My client has never watched The Rockford Files, your honor. He says it's White thing, so he wouldn't understand." (Stricken from the record.) Well, Jim Rockford was fine and got up to duke it out and investigate another day. George Floyd, OTOH, had already resisted arrest for a while and was highly drugged-up on Fentanyl and died on the street.

That's our comparison, but it doesn't effect the verdict of the IP theft case. George Floyd, knowingly or not had taken his entire "I can't breath" routine off of a 43 year old episode of The Rockford Files. We find the late defendant guilty with extreme prejudice, your Honor. As for the Peak Stupidity blog's writing today, I suppose the verdict is, "guilty OF extreme prejudice".

* Simon Oakland looked REALLY familiar. I now finally remembered (from looking it up) that he was General Thomas Moore in the 1970s TV show Baa, Baa, Black Sheep that starred Robert Conrad. He was in a WHOLE LOT of movies and TV shows.

** On a more serious note, the reader may want to check out another comparison, in the Peak Stupidity post Chauvin:Floyd !:: Byrd:Babbitt.

Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:27PM MST
PS: Yes, I recognized the black guy there, Ganderson. That was a good group of actors to be sleazy PI's.
Mr. Anon
Thursday - July 7th 2022 8:47AM MST

"Thanks, Mr. Anon - it's probably not the best just-before-bed entertainment, huh?"

Especially "The Night Strangler". You'll want to check all the door locks again. It's eerie.
Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:06AM MST

Maybe they could all relocate to Floyd County, KY…

“It’s a bad day in Floyd County, Mr. Jones…”

Rockford notes: also in that episode is Cleavon Little, who played the sheriff in Blazing Saddles.

When I recently rewatched that episode I was convinced that Val Bigolsio was Harry Dean Stanton. Separated at birth?

Simon Oakland as Vern St. Cloud is in another, star-studded episode (Beamer’s Last Case) with James Whitmore, Jr as Freddie Beamer, and the great Tom Selleck as Lance White, the perfect detective.
Thursday - July 7th 2022 3:11AM MST
PS: Thanks, Mr. Anon - it's probably not the best just-before-bed entertainment, huh?

Dieter, very nice comment. Yeah, for the high-level pundits, I don't read them all, but I can't think of anyone else who WOULD HAVE (had the guts, if nothing else) to give the real story of George Floyd and not make the story into something it wasn't.

I wrote on iSteve recently that I believe (contrary to his just posted Washington Post excerpts, which must just be stupid writer) it's not that the whole Lyin' Press and the political class really believed that George Floyd's death was so important, but they pushed for de-funding the cops more to mollify the rioters.

Regarding **** one guy the name doesn't make me think of is Floyd the barber on "The Andy Griffith Show". He was in basically a different country... I don't know if you would have seen this show, but they were still showing re-runs in the evenings in the mid-1990s, people liked it so much. (Including me.)
Dieter Kief
Thursday - July 7th 2022 1:10AM MST
This genealogical aspect of the expression I Can't Breathe is interesting and Matt Taibbi's ill conceived book of the same title does play a major role in this genealogy.

Wikipedia mentions that Taibbi's I Can't Breathe had quite some impact on BLM - so...

Plus - "I Can't Breathe" does have the same jive/rhythm as expression as "I Can't Dance" has. The mental stage had been already set by Genesis/ Phil Collins - I Can't Dance was on Collins' setlist for his life acts for years, if not for decades.
Matt Taibbi has a soft spot when it comes to police brutality.

Btw.: I often wondered, who would look at George FLOYD***'s death as murder - and who wouldn't. The whole IDW crowd from Joe Rogan to Steven Pinker and Jonathan Haidt, Dave Rubin: George Floyd was murdered. Even parts of the Unz Review commentariat: The murder of George Floyd. Lots of German right wingers: George Floyd = example of US police brutality, terrible murder in plain sight...
Critical liberals like Scott Alexander/ Slate Star Codex: Murder.

I don't know of a popular US intellectual or talking head who would have opposed that view with the exception of Ann Coulter Tucker Carlson and Scott Adams.

Scott Adams made a connection from the Gorge Floyd protests/riots to the movie THE JOKER. He thinks the masses had River Phoenix' impersonation of The Joker in mind when they protestsed against the murder of George Floyd. - Intellectually, an interesting move by Scott Adams. Does he overplay his hand here? A bit maybe - but there is something to his thought - no doubt.


****think of George Michael and George Harrison of Pink Floyd, please: The name George Floyd evokes quite some pop-star associations...

*****Whether or not Genesis knew of the No. 13 of the Rockford Files - I dunno..
Mr. Anon
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 9:20PM MST


"I never watched "The Night Stalker". Maybe I should check it out."

I would recommend the first two made-for-TV movies. "The Night Stalker" aired in 1972 and was one one of the most highly viewed TV shows ever up to that time. On the strength of that, the producers made another movie a year later: "The Night Strangler", and it was even better. I am in no way a horror-genre fan, but I liked both of those.

Then they tried a TV series. There was no way it could be as good as the movies, and it wasn't. It was kind of a "monster-of-the-week" affair that only lasted one season. Still, it had its moments. All-in-all, some good solid 70s TV fare.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 7:19PM MST
PS; Dieter, thanks for letting me know - I fixed the NAME field - there was NO other way I would have known otherwise who that was. ;-}

For some reason, I can't bring that Genesis song to my head, so I'll paste in your link to remember.

Just so you know, under the latest post - the silliness about Diplodocus (I just thought the name sound very cool and Dr. Suess-like), Mr. Hail wanted your opinion about a political topic from Switzerland.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 2:45PM MST
Oh its me - v - I dunno... below.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 2:44PM MST
PS: I dunno.
Matt Taibbi wrote about the I Can't Breathe Garner man - and I read this piece in Rolling Stone and - thought of: I Can't Dance - a second rate quality-wise / first rate commercially hit song by Genesis:


 I had the idea that Matt Taibbi could not really disentangle those two things and that he got carried away here quite a bit maybe even for (amongst others) the reason I spelled out above: The entanglement of a second rate hit song and - the opportunity to form - or at least: strengthen -  an - spmehow already: popular - meme (what he did accomplish).

So: These things might well, I swear to Friedrich Wilhelm Jospeh Ritter von Schelling - indeed all hang togehter. - Life is more interesting if you look at it from more angles - through the eyes of more angels... (with the angels added to the angles, it would be the late, mystical 19th century philosopher Schelling).
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 12:07PM MST
PS: Bill, you are right that it was a mantra for quite a while before Saint Floyd, rats be upon him. Peter set us straight on who this deal originated with (as far as being a mantra, I should say*). OK, then, they ALL stole the intellectual property rights of the OTHER Mr. Garner, James, that would be.

I could have done better with this post, if I'd thought of the 2 Garners. (Like "The Two Jakes", sequel to "Chinatown"). (I think?)

WUG, thanks for your comment. I haven't seen anybody from the Weather Underground yet. They probably have my IP #, as I used to use that site for their forecasts, until they combined with the Wx channel or something and their site got stupid. I use Darksky.net for regular city forecasts now, but not the radar.

As to the Guidestones, I'll write a post on the explosion there. I read about it only from Mr. Ike under the previous post about 1 1/2 hours ago. I kid you all not, I was really planning another trip out that way, and yes, we would have gotten BBQ. Damn! This is not my idea of a target if I were fighting the Globalist elites right now. I will write a post on this, tonight or tomorrow.

* I gotta brag a bit on my idea in Summer of '20 of making face masks that say "I can't breath", in full support of St. Floyd and against the Kung Flu PanicFest at the same time. OMG, that's a paradox that will warp space-time, wouldn't it?
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 10:45AM MST

@Bill H

'The "Ah Caant Breathe" became a mantra of black people after a black guy was arrested for selling cigarettes without tax stamps in St Louis and died.'

Nah, you're thinking of Eric Garner in New York City. The loosies guy:

The almost three-minute clip shows Garner's interaction with NYPD Officers Daniel Pantaleo and Justin D'Amico for allegedly selling loose untaxed cigarettes on Staten Island, New York. It ends with Garner belly down on the sidewalk repeating "I can't breathe" 11 times until he loses consciousness.

Weather Underground Government
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 10:38AM MST
PS How dare you blaspheme St Floyd of Fentanyl!
A decrease in rations for you comrade.
A reeducation czar from the Weather Underground will be by to correct your wrongthink.

All snark aside just read about a possible redistribution of explosive devices at the globalist Georgia Guidestones.
The hive is restless as the hatred of the controllers grows.
Bill H
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 7:25AM MST
PS The "Ah Caant Breathe" became a mantra of black people after a black guy was arrested for selling cigarettes without tax stamps in St Louis and died. Forget his name, Melvin something, I think. Minor riots at the time for "police brutality."

There was a film clip of a traffic stop a couple years ago where, after much escalation and bad language by both people in the car, the black female passenger was told to exit the car. She refused and was being "assisted" out of the car by a uniformed cop. He was holding her by one wrist and she was running in circles around him screaming at the top of her lungs, "Help. help, I can's breathe."

It would have been funny if you didn't know that the cop was about to be charged with brutality and fired.
Tuesday - July 5th 2022 9:24PM MST
PS: Mr. Anon, I had mistakenly thought for the last couple of days that this guy was Val Bigolsio or something like that, as the bing images search steered me a little off. He was s different one of the PI's that were all in trouble together in this show. That's bad, because I put something of this in a post on iSteve. I just got it straight. In the episode in question, Jim Rockford called him a Jarhead. I looks like that kind of guy.

I never watched "The Night Stalker". Maybe I should check it out.
Mr. Anon
Tuesday - July 5th 2022 8:19PM MST

Simon Oakland was in a lot of things: West Side Story, Bullitt, and - perhaps most famously - as Tony Vincenzo, the perpetually exasperated editor of intrepid reporter Carl Kolchak in "The Night Stalker" (movies and TV show).

Famous for playing tough guy authority figures (cops, military officers, etc.), he started out as a classically trained concert violinist.
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