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Posted On: Tuesday - July 5th 2022 8:29AM MST
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(See our original field trip report - Part 1 and Part 2 along with a virtual revisitation. We reviewed the 1986 book by "R.C. Christian" that is seen as the explanation guide to these stones here.)

It's been nearly 2 months since our post with Peak Stupidity's interpretation of the motive of Guide 1. It's not like we LIKE writing these, you know! We've fulfilling a contract made to allow us to take that all-expenses-paid field trip to Elberton, Georgia including Taco Bell.

These people don't screw around, readers! Early this morning I felt mysef flat on the ground, with a knee on my back, "Guide reproduction wisely!", the goon yelled, cocking his .38 Special. The best I could make out, it was some tall skinny guy with glasses. "Whaaa! I can't breath!" I told him. "I've heard that bull before, you turkey. Guide reproduction wisely!" I could get just enough breath to yell again, "I can't breath!" That worked, as he let off with his knee and I was able to barely make out this geek as he ran toward his already fired-up Citation X. "That's it! I know that dude. Windows 10! You bastard!" "The horror, the horror", I kept mumbling, until I woke up and realized, no, that's not the guy. The guy in the dream is that goon from the Peak Stupidity legal department. OK, so here we are. This is no dream.

Taken straight off the rock in the bright Georgia sunshine:

In case you can't read due to the Globalists' minions' having rubbed their grubby hands on these stones over the years. It reads: "GUIDE REPRODUCTION WISELY - IMPROVING FITNESS AND DIVERSITY". (When you spend the amount of money these 120 tons of granite cost, nobody gives you any shit about your grammar.)

People that have read about or seen these guides may see these as Commandments for Globalists to follow or just the wild-eyed naive recommendations of a guy pseudo-named R. C. Christian in the 1980s. (He's author of book I linked-to our review of up top.) I go with the latter.

This Guide #2 does sound nefarious too, come to think of it. Guide reproduction? OMG! Eugenics! The horror, the horror! Let's start there. Mr. Christian thought, even in 1986, that it wouldn't be good for the American population* to end up full of the offspring of the dumbest and most irresponsible people. I, and other Americans shunned by 2020s polite society, would agree with that. That can't happen under Welfare State Socialism, of course, so our agreeing hasn't meant a hill of beans for over half a century.

Imagine if President Nixon, with the US Congress in tow, had only made this same field trip to Elberton, Georgia in 1968. This country would have been in much better shape 54 years later. Alas, Air Force One, the Boeing 707 version they had then too, could not have come into Elberton. (He could have taken it into Donaldson, still an AF base then, just west of Greenville, SC or Augusta, Bush Field, and then Marine One on over right to the site! Geeze, I can't be everywhere for these people!)

Eugenics as basic public (and private) policy makes perfect sense if you care about a good life for future Americans. Americans knew this 100 years ago, and many still inherently do, but it long ago became anathema to the "correct" narrative, cause NAZIS!! It's only nefarious if it's done via surgical operations on innocents, forced abortion, and that sort of thing. That's not the idea. That wasn't Mr. Christian's idea, when he wrote Guide #2. I read the magnificent bastard's book!

Fitness?! No, we all should fit! Everyone is normal in America now, even the most deranged genderbending, tattooed, purple-haired nutcase. Not only should they fit, but we should accept them as fit for American society. Also we must spread this policy to the rest of the world along with democracy - we've already got a flag made - thank you, Bert , ooops, that's your dead name, Betsy Ross!

But wait, the eugenics aside, Mr. Christian wrote these recommendations, or Commandments, if you will, in the 1980s, when the huge fitness craze started in the '70s was till going on. Ever been to Wal-Mart lately? Yes, let's improve fitness. What's wrong with jogging around the neighborhood with a colorful headband, doing calisthenics, and watching Swedish hotties with nice legs and short skirts play tennis on TV?

Next, this one-line Guide pushes for improved Diversity. The horror! The horror! Wait, I mean it this time. Maybe this is a Commandment made for the eyes of the Globalists after all. They have been pushing the diversity destruction for a long time. Did it start at the time this modern Stonehenge-like structure was unveiled in March of 1980? It reads "Improving ... diversity" though, keep in mind. It doesn't read "increasing" it, but that's a point of semantics. Instead of speculating, we can just go to the source, assuming it's not some false lead written by the Globalists to throw us off track.** In the book, Common Sense Renewed, the word "diversity" is used 5 times. Here:
Properly designed and stabilized, a common tongue for all nations may some day span chasms which would otherwise divide the human family. It will make possible the accurate transferral of thought down the long reaches of time. It need not be spoken by all. It will be most useful for those who bridge international barriers, and for scholars in the remote future who interpret the past. It will help maintain unity in diversity.
Yeah, OK, well that "common tongue" stuff is subject for a subsequent post, as it's another of the Guides. "Unity in diversity"? It was just a line of claptrap here. Next:
Some of our failings result from social handicaps present in American society, and not found in nations such as Japan. These include widespread divorce, illiteracy, sexual permissiveness with its associated unmarried and teenage parenting, and extensive social diversity and fragmentation, without generally accepted standards demanding that all citizens must work.
This is hard-core Jesse Helms/George Wallace style Conservatism, quite welcome at Peak Stupidity, and not at all indicative of a meaning of diversity in the modern sense. Next:
Our present situation is paradoxical. Since the birth of our nation, we have accorded to religion a recognized, if nonsectarian, role in the workings of our government. We acknowledge shortcomings in our religious beliefs and understanding. We observe great diversity in the creeds and ceremonies of our citizens. Yet we manage to open each session of Congress with an appeal to the Almighty for guidance. We include the phrase "under God " in our pledge of allegiance. We recognize the deity on many of our coins. We have provided chaplains of every denomination as spiritual guides for our military personnel.

Yet we strain the doctrine of separation of Church and State to such an extreme in our public schools that we prevent any mention of God in the classroom.
This comes from the section about increasing morality in America. This could have been lifted straight out of a John Birch Society magazine. Not to worry. Next:
The gene pools of the plants, animals, and microorganisms which survive in the remaining wild areas of the world have required hundreds of millions of years to develop their present diversity. Expanding human occupation of the lands and seas is causing the extinction of many unique living forms every year.
This one comes from the Conservation section (just under the heading, in fact). He's talking plants and animals here. Next:
No one knows which way human institutions will evolve in future ages. There is strength and hope in diversity, exploring many pathways in efforts to achieve our maximum potentials.

Sensible people in all nations realize that an atomic war is unthinkable as a conscious policy for any nation. It would be suicidal and universally destructive.
I included the 2nd paragraph to show where the writer was coming from here. It's under his "On Revolution" section, in which he thinks something drastic must be done to avoid major nuclear war. This was, mind you, only about half a decade before the fall of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, but NOBODY saw that coming, even, or I should say, especially, the freaking CIA!

In none of these 5 instances of the use of the word diversity does the writer of the Georgia Guidestones "tour guide", if I may, use this word to mean anti-White-people, which is the common meaning of the word here in the 2020s.

The only reason to worry about this Guide #2 is that it the 3rd item for suggested improvement, diversity, may be taken by the Globalists by its modern meaning, which didn't exist anytime close to the time of the creation and erection of the Georgia Guidestones. Yet, these Globalists are NOT the brightest bulbs in their respective fixtures. They are evil, but you don't HAVE to be smart to be evil. I suppose they could use this as justification for their huge anti-White-people program.

As for the 1st part, if the Globalists take Eugenics to mean medical-style tinkering, and one thinks about the Kung Flu and the resulting experimental vaccine gene therapy "treatment", well, yeah, that could come straight from Guide #2.

Putting that together is a big reach, though, when you read what R.C.Christian had to say. Was he actually a foil or just a front-man? That's a hell of a good conspiracy, but, yeah, it's just a reach, IMO ...maybe to justify more tourism by the Elbert County Commissioners and the BBQ joints? (See, there's a conspiracy theory I can get behind!) I don't know for sure. This would require another trip. I'm hungry.**

* Unlike in this country, whose elites and those who follow them care about the world more than they do about Americans, this R. C. Christian of the 1980s cared about America First. What a concept!

** I doubt that, but really getting into this question will require another field trip with a bigger budget, at least enough for good Southern BBQ.

Adam Smith
Friday - July 8th 2022 10:28AM MST
PS: Good afternoon,

Thanks for the Chris Kubas video Mr. Moderator. It was pretty interesting hearing his version of the history/story of the Guidestones. They really were a work of art. I can only imagine how long it took to craft those tablets. As you probably know, I just hate it when artwork is destroyed.

Mr. Hail, I agree. Many people seem really happy about the destruction of the Guidestones. Also, thanks for the link about dieversity. It was interesting reading some of your older work. Thanks,

Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:38PM MST
PS: Indeed there are so many avenues of weirdness to look at, Adam. You are right - when does anything like this normally happen so fast? I was first thinking it's a liability worry, and they want to keep someone from suing Elbert County because a big chunk of granite allegedly dropped on his head. However, they could have cordoned it off, as you wrote.

Have you seen this video?

It'a an interview with a guy from the Elberton Granite Association. The first part is some history, but this interview must have been made on Wed or today, as he is asked questions about the destruction. He comes across as a decent honest guy to me. The commenters have quite a few dumb things to say (the young people obviously don't understand that one COULD do things pretty anonymously back in 1979). I can't wade through them all anyway.
Adam Smith
Thursday - July 7th 2022 11:32AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

So, they released the surveillance video of a silver car, and of the monument being blown up, but they did not release video of people planting the explosives. This seems odd to me. Why not release video of the people involved? Why were the people masquerading as "authorities" so quick to destroy them with an excavator? Why not save the other 3 tablets, or chisel out a new 4th tablet and repair them?

Is it no longer standard procedure to cordon off and preserve a crime scene?

Thursday - July 7th 2022 8:30AM MST
PS: I just read it, Bamyan, and some of the comments. Thanks for that. I'd heard of "Marginal Revolution" before. I was ready for a much longer post, but I have no problem with his quick take (which I'll link to).

What gets to me about this, from seeing it in person, is thinking about the destruction of ALL THAT WORK that was put into it. That pisses me off.
Thursday - July 7th 2022 7:34AM MST
PS. Peak Stupidity Moderator, et al, please read this brief essay by economist Alex Tabarok lamenting the loss of Gorgia Guidestones to an act of terror. He compares the bombing to the taliban blasting those ancient buddhas in cliffsides in 2000.

The Alarmist
Thursday - July 7th 2022 5:17AM MST

Kind of blows your mind, n’cest pas?
Thursday - July 7th 2022 3:20AM MST
PS: I've got your videos, Adam, and now my wife has sent me one of the complete dismantling of the rest of the monument. There's lots to write about this. Thanks for you help.
Thursday - July 7th 2022 3:19AM MST
PS; On the guidestones, before I get to the post later, what about that cube in the videos/images that Adam Smith pointed out in comments under a months-ago post? Could that have been some device? This whole thing is weird for me in its timing. I had 8 more posts to write, dammit, but also, I planned on taking some friends there sometime.
Thursday - July 7th 2022 3:16AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I meant to write you back on the use of the word "diversity". It was only in around 1993 that I first heard it used to mean diversity of people. I mean, it could have been occasionally, but it was just used when one wanted to refer to a mixture, not so much about people, and it wasn't used often anyway.

That time in '93, it was a very intelligent guy who said the "diversity is our strength" thing, but I think he was repeating some new slogan the big boss had said. It still didn't mean anti-White (as used by him) but just "not completely White".

Yeah, "prodigal" is a word I only knew from context, as you note with others who have the meaning wrong. I don't think it was one of our 20 weekly vocabulary words we had to memorize - we did at least 2, maybe 3 years of this during HS - or I'd have known its meaning.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 7:32PM MST

RE: Adam Smith's

Is that a PEAK STUPIDITY crew cap, on the guy with the sunglasses? How deep does the conspiracy go? "Say it ain't so"!
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 4:49PM MST

One of the Adam Smith videos auto-proceeded to this one:

100,000 views after only being posted about 12noon EDT hour July 6 (7 hours ago as of this writing).

The comments full of people backslapping each other and celebrating about evil "ruling bloodlines" and other usual Alex Jones fare.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 4:27PM MST
PS: The Guidestones have been demolished for "safety"...

Wednesday - July 6th 2022 1:58PM MST

"Diversity" evolved into a code-word in, I think, the 1990s. To the point that by circa 2010 people no longer understood the dictionary-meaning of the term, and associated it with the new code-word meaning. When R. C. Christian wrote in the early 1980s, even the first hints of this meaning-shift were not yet with us. There are many other easy examples of this (of course, language is always changing), but DIVERSITY is a very interesting example, and I have long believed it points to the key to our ruling ideology.

(The same happened over a much longer scale with certain obscure words like "prodigal." I think most people believe "prodigal" means "runaway" or the like, because of Jesus' parable on the Prodigal Son, so translated by somebody for a Bible translation somewhere back there which stuck. "Prodigal" actually means someone who spends money recklessly, but you'll notice people seldom use it that way. You'll see uses like "my prodigal dog finally returned yesterday after being missing for two days!")

From 2011, "Diversity is a code word, for..."
Adam Smith
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 12:09PM MST
PS: Damn...

Wednesday - July 6th 2022 11:58AM MST
PS: it's (or was) just a fun spot to take a trip to - 8-10 parking spaces and some nice people - that's all we saw.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 11:57AM MST
PS: Holy crap, Peter! I was thinking of another fun trip over there very soon. I wasn't joking about that part, only about the supposed PS legal and accounting departments, etc.

I'm sorry, but I don't agree with whoever did this thing. As I've been writing, when you look into it, you, well, I at least, found nothing nefarious but this Mr. Christian and whatever people he might have had financing this thing wanting to save the world, yes, in the naive way of some history grad student.

If you're gonna do something like this, direct it at who deserves it. Bill Gates and George Soros do not go flying into Elberton to see these things. They can make their nefarious plans from their compounds, thank you very much, errr, fuck us very much.
Wednesday - July 6th 2022 9:55AM MST

Dem stones just got blowed up.

Tuesday - July 5th 2022 9:31PM MST
PS: OMaM, you have a colorful way of putting it all. The Comrades always lose, but they bring so many good people down.

"Dysgenic Fertility is America's Greatest Strength!" Yeah, I'd like to get a hacker to ctrl-R that into everything on the entire www. Thanks Adam. The link to the book off that post about the book itself still works though - the 2nd I got from you. I appreciate your helping keep PS up to date!
Adam Smith
Tuesday - July 5th 2022 9:06PM MST
PS: Good evening, everyone...

Here's a fresh copy of Common Sense Renewed...

And here's one of those funny .jpg/.zip files I like so much...
(change the file extension from .jpg to .zip, open archive, enjoy)

OMG! Eugenics! (Ahhh!)
Dysgenic Fertility is America's Greatest Strength!

Of Mice And Men
Tuesday - July 5th 2022 11:37AM MST
PS All for the Purpose Of Demonstration of what little manboons actually control in this realm of the devil.
The tinfoil hats are hotter than a sauna this time of year as the slopped up half assed Helter Skelter false flag season is going but the radio station comes in clearly.
These will keep us distracted until the Dominion/SmartMatic muh democracy games in November featuring the wrestling chair rejects of the Grand Old Politburo vs the Long Marching wheel of state lunging CPUSA true believers.
The comrades will always lose in their quest for the New Man utopia because human nature isn't a construct of the white male patriarchy.
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