The Daily Stupid - edition #53643, Part C

Posted On: Friday - July 1st 2022 6:59AM MST
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I'll repeat that I'd have liked to put this whole issue #53643 cover on one page, but it'd have been hard to read, so sorry to have to split it up.

Here's the full page.

We'll have the Part D tomorrow, and here's hoping illustrious commenter Adam Smith will have some more of this for us!

Later, I've got a short post on inflation and then Mr. Hail reminded me of another one. We are getting backed up here for the week. Tomorrow is the anniversary of some unique event, so we must have a post about that. (It'd probably be futile to attempt a guess at this one.)

Friday - July 1st 2022 4:34PM MST
PS: "... the tampon disposal bin that the HR lady insists should now grace mens’ rooms throughout the company." Holy, gender-neutral crap, Batman! I will be on the look-out for this. I may just enter some stalls in various place just to check it out. If anyone asks, it's that time of the month, period.

Yeah, those HR ladies will have to fire themselves. For a hard-working masochist, it's a win/win.

Did you ever see a movie called "In the Air", Alarmist, starring George Clooney? He traveled all around arranging mass lay-offs - it's a bit less humorous than "Office Space". I really should review it, but I'd have to watch it again. It's been something like 10 years.
The Alarmist
Friday - July 1st 2022 3:55PM MST

There’s a mens’ room stall at our offices that I hate to use because my knee bumps into the tampon disposal bin that the HR lady insists should now grace mens’ rooms throughout the company.

These people really will be the first to go once management realises we are already in a serious recession (negative real GDP is indeed a recession, so we’re already there despite all the blathering about the “risk” of a recession).
Friday - July 1st 2022 11:28AM MST
PS: The top one is my favorite of this column. M&M-S transition is no laughing matter. We've finally got everyone "educated" about trans-genderism after many, many difficult conversations. Next on the docket - trans-candyism. People need to be educated. Lots don't even know that Skittles are just softer versions of Now&Laters. Don't listen to the haters.*

* Anyone here tried the Oriental Durian flavor in a piece of candy? The rest of the hard candy from China was fine, but this truly tasted like poison to me. Weird!
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