The Daily Stupid, edition #53643- Part B, and the near-daily Rockford file

Posted On: Thursday - June 30th 2022 12:31PM MST
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Great stuff, Adam! It's a nice addition to the pure verbal analysis of The Stupid.

Instead of a stand-alone post on The Rockford Files, let me put a few nostalgic observations of a few episodes of Season 3 of the delightful mid-late-1970s TV show here.

The 7th episode of Season 3, titled So Help Me God was quite a bit different from the normal show. The plot was almost all about Jim Rockford getting railroaded by a Grand Jury for something he had no part in or clue about (at the beginning) and his and his main squeeze*/lawyer Beth Davenport helping him get out of the jam. Finally at the end, there was writing on the screen about abuses of American's Constitutional rights by the Grand Jury system.

That was just odd, as it was a show with an agenda, albeit not a bad one. I suppose that would have been lefty stuff at the time, even, by lefty writers. However, the ctrl-left was only in favor of the Constitution because it helped them out back then. Nowadays, I guess nobody would even understand the problem they pointed out or give a damn.

OK, to the fun stuff now; In Episode 10, Piece Work, there was a guy named Murray whom I recognized from other shows/movies. That was Michael Lerner, who WAS in movies and on the TV a lot. OK, it's got nothing to do with that, but I noticed a parking meter with American red/white/blue decoration around the lens (probably glass back then). Ahhaa, it was from the Bicentennial celebration. Since this show was early on in the season, and they've been reading MCMLXXVI** at the end, this was AFTER the actual July 4th Gala Bicentennial, a remnant, I suppose. Or, the episode was filmed that summer. I can remember some of the long build-up to the Bicentennial of the United States. It wouldn't be very long now at all until the Semiquincentennial (Sestercentennial or QuadMillennial will do***), in 2026, but lots of us don't expect the United States to be there in one piece, so why spend the money on parking meter decorations?

Hey, this is supposed to be a fun post, so then, in this S-3, E-10 show, I noted another AMC Pacer on the road. That was one thing, but then (forgetting the details slightly) one of the main characters drove up to the hotel in a brand new White Pacer, like this was a serious show.

I took note of that, but, if that wasn't enough, in the next episode, The Trouble with Warren, super-high-IQ Warren, Beth Davenport's cousin and a "real turkey"****, evaded the American-built police car in a blue Pacer! Jim told him to pull of into a driveway of some mansion with a wedding in progress. The Valet who was parking it, an afro-headed black guy, then had the cops pull out their guns on him. C'mon! They should have known this guy was the valet and wouldn't have otherwise been driving a bright blue AMC Pacer. He'd have had a bright blue Cadillac El Dorado or something. Use your head, guys!

Then, Jim found a valet tag in a random jacket pocket in the coat room (man, the guy could think on his feet!), and it was the ticket for a white and brown Honda. Now, this may seem weird to you, but from the looks on Jim Rockford's face and my distant memories, this was not seen as a good thing! It was supposed to be, and may well have been, a piece of shit. I had to stop the player to read "Honda", but I don't know the model. A friend had this tiny - for those times, but even now - CVCC***** we assessed as a POS - but these were not your modern Accords. So, in evading the cops, it was a trade down from an AMC Pacer to a Honda.

Also in that Episode 11, The Trouble with Warren, Jim presented himself as someone from HR. He had to explain Human Resources, you know like "Personnel". Ahaaa! I'd thought it was quite long ago that this term came into being. I never did like it, as explained in Part 1 of Peak Stupidity's series called Human Resources - scourge of the Big-Biz World.****** I think the term came to be well known, rather than "Personnel", sometime at the end of the '70s or early '80s.

Jim was in this office building trying to figure out who these Fed goons were, when he did his usual Okie hick routine, asking questions to a White janitor. Got that? A White janitor! This was 1976 America. It was a TV show, and we didn't all get to participate in daily car chases around Los Angeles or live in a trailer by the beach in Malibu. Still, this was 1976 America.

* One would hope so.

** For our readers in Rio de Caca, who may not be Roman Numerate, that'd be 1976.

*** Though the city may be full of Latinos, I am not certain that our Rio de Caca readers will figure these out either. "QuadMillenial" would be the hippest thing to call it, IMO, what with the 2 CapitalLetters in one word and all.

**** Per Jim Rockford, but Beth had to admit that he was indeed "a turkey" by the ending scene. The guy Warren was back there smiling at that. "Turkey" was a nice gentle insult back then... think I'll try to single-handedly revive this one, but I could use some help from the PS readers too.

***** Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion, that stands for.

****** See also Part 2, Exhibit A - Toby Flenderson, and Part 3.

Dieter Kief
Friday - July 1st 2022 3:19PM MST

Coca-Cola, my grandma used to say, Adam, causes blue bowels - now you decide!
She also said: It'd be better to spend your money in her pub (or in her dancehall, or in her butchery) than at the doctor's or in a pharmacy).

Thing was: Both my fatherly grandparaents were quite ironic; so you never quite knew what was up, or where they were really headin' for... I found that very interesting as a kid!- You had to make up your mind and take your stand! - If you did, they'd say something like: There seems to be something behind his ears!
My grandfather made an arrangement with the school, when my father went there: He could leave whenever he wanted to! - But if he did leave school, he was told to come home and he would have to work on something.
He said he did that regularly and liked it that way.
Adam Smith
Friday - July 1st 2022 9:29AM MST
PS: Good morning, Mr. Hail,

Thank you for all your efforts, Mr. Hail. The Daily Stupid is fun, but it's very lightweight compared to the work you do.

I agree. The whole coronapanic really brought out the inner crazy in many otherwise good people. Some of us have not forgotten. Some of us will never forget.

This Daily Stupid is dated January 26th 2022. This was before the Canadian Truckers put an end to some of the madness and the regime switched gears to “We Stand With Ukraine against the Evil Putin”. They were still forcing vaccines hard in late January, and probably would have escalated to digital global vaccine passports if they could have. “Quebec plans to tax Gay residents” is a play off of this...

Premier Francois Legault said not getting vaccinated leads to consequences for the health care system and not all Quebecers should pay for that.

It is the first time a government in Canada has announced a financial penalty for people who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

"The majority are asking that there be consequences. ... It's a question of fairness for the 90% of the population that have made some sacrifices. We owe them."

I didn't really want to weigh this Daily Stupid down with too many headlines about vaccines, so I changed it up a little. Imagine the media outrage if Francois Legault really said “Engaging in sodomy with homosexual partners raises the risk of contracting AIDS and not all Quebecers should pay for that.” The Canadian “government” probably would have charged him with hate crimes.

“Nearly half of Democrats favor concentration camps for Vaccine Deniers” is one of the real (non-satirical) news articles in this edition. (Can you find the others?) Of course the original news piece didn't say concentration camps, but that's kinda what “government” facilities are.

The reaction of many normal people to the mass hypnosis event called Covid is deeply troubling. It amazes me how many people became dangerous totalitarians when it came to mandatory vaccination and other draconian “health measures”. I fear that this kind of crazy can be tapped again by the criminals who rule over us, if they once again decide to stoke the fires of insanity.

Thank god for the Canadian truckers and others who helped bring an end to the madness. We must stay vigilant. I hope there is still some sort of pushback against these lingering forces so that something like this can never again happen in our lifetimes. (Hopefully forever, but that seems overly wishful.)

Thanks again for all the work you do, Mr. Hail.
I hope you too have a great day!

Adam Smith
Friday - July 1st 2022 8:57AM MST
PS: Good morning, gentlemen,

Thank you, Dieter, for the interesting article.
I sent a link to Mrs. Smith. I think she'll like it.

Dr. Rushworth recommends three books...

Bad Pharma by Dr. Ben Goldacre (.pdf)

Bad Pharma by Dr. Ben Goldacre (.epub)

Doctoring data by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick (.epub)

Deadly medicines and organised crime by Dr. Peter Gotzsche (.pdf)

Deadly medicines and organised crime by Dr. Peter Gotzsche (.epub)

(I know I've told this story before, Dieter, but I don't know if I've told it where you might have noticed, so here goes.)

My Grandma was an old timey nurse who went to nursing school in the early 1940's. For years she was head nurse at Mercy Hospital in South Buffalo (NY) while she also did private nursing. She was of the era when they really spent more time caring for patients. For example, the nurses gave a lot of sponge baths to people who were bedridden, and helped bathe patients who could get in and out of the tub. They focused more on nutrition and less on prescribing drugs.

When I was a child in the early and mid 1980's she started warning me about the state of the healthcare (or should I say sickcare) system. She must have told me at least a thousand times “Don't walk away from the doctors... RUN!”. It's been pretty good advice that has served me well.

Of course she also told me that I should eat healthy. She told me that avoiding soda (coke, pop) would be good for my health (and my wallet). And she would remind me how important sleep is. But one thing really sticks to this day...

“Don't walk away from the doctors... RUN!”

Thanks again, Dieter.
I hope you have a great day!

Dieter Kief
Friday - July 1st 2022 6:52AM MST
PS Thx. Adam! Hehe!

I add something that is so stupid, that nobody wants to have a look at it. Nobody, really? Well - a medical doctor in Sweden does call out that medical stupidity, which you could sum up thusly:

Whom not to ask if you want some serious information about a new disease (and a new vaccine...) - : - Medical doctors! -

Because their déformation professionelle secures they make .a.l.l. .t.h.r.e.e. of the following mistakes:

1) overstimate the danger of the disease
2) overestimate the effect of the drugs they prescribe
3) underestimate the harm done by those drugs

Dr. Sebastian Rushworth sums up real nicely the important studies showing the stunningly unhealty above tendencies

Friday - July 1st 2022 5:01AM MST

"Quebec plans to tax Gay residents"

If any government really did this, it would either by Muslim or Subsaharan. What would the US do?
Friday - July 1st 2022 4:24AM MST

If I may say so: hail to you, Adam Smith, for your efforts as editor of The Daily Stupid.


"Nearly half of Democrats favor concentration camps for Vaccine Deniers"

Now we know this was written a few months ago, because with all the other 2020s-era distractions, people have forgotten this issue they once were so passionate about. Some of us have not forgotten. The whole thing ("COVID") was the worst thing this century has so far produced, deeply troubling in the way that people were afraid of possible nuclear war or "nuclear winter" in the 1950s to 1980s or so.
Thursday - June 30th 2022 9:06PM MST
PS: Ha, I bet those are great memories for you, Mr. Russell. Southern CA in the early 1970s had to be the best place and time, other than '50s or '60's California.

I would take a non-rusted-out Gremlin over a non-rusted-out Honda of those years,

Yeah, the Japanese had learned a lot even by the late 70's AMC was bought up by Chrysler not too long after. Any Hornets or their Concorde follow-ups around anymore?
Thursday - June 30th 2022 9:02PM MST
PS: I remember some of those people, Czar. You know, Pappy Boyington was right about those batteries, though he didn't have to be such a dick about it. Ray-o-vac's suck and Everyready's are not far behind.

Talking about inflation, BTW, I saw Duracell AA's for over 1 buck a piece in a 10-pack. I wish I'd written down numbers, but I swear that whole 10-pack would not have been 1/2 that 10 years ago, maybe 5 years back!
Jack Russell
Thursday - June 30th 2022 5:16PM MST
PS I'd say your memories of the mid-70s Civic are pretty well on target. I came from a place where road salt was a rumor we heard about from strange distant land. Oh, sure surfer cars rusted out, but they rusted out from the top down. The salt spray from being parked next to the beach accumulated on them, as said surfers were generally too lazy (or broke) to drive said vehicle through a car wash upon returning home. Civics, Gremlins, and Pacers, on the other hand, rusted out from the bottom up, just like how we heard they did in Ohio. One of my pals' dad bought a Civic; another bought a Gremlin. At two years they were the most tragic vehicles I'd ever seen. The difference between Honda and AMC is the Japanese learned from their mistakes.
Historic Morale Czar
Thursday - June 30th 2022 4:37PM MST
PS Fun movie/teevee trivia-The Billy Bbbitt character in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is the doctor on the last good HBO show Deadwood and Ian McShane started out in The Battle of Britain movie!
Don't forget the classic Hawaii vacation Brady Bunch episodes for EPIC legacy TV.
Remember Robert Conrad as Pappy Boyington in The Black Sheep Squadron and those hilarious I dare ya to knock these batteries off my shoulder commercials?
The Rat Patrol and The Saint are some forgotten classics from the 1960s.
Keep morale up by any means necessary.
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