The Daily Stupid, edition #53643 - Part A

Posted On: Wednesday - June 29th 2022 5:18AM MST
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It was March of '21 when Peak Stupidity's illustrious commenter Adam Smith treated us with his hilarious The Daily Stupid front page with headlines of all the Stupidity that's fit to print. Now, as USA Today did in or around the summer of 1983, The Daily Stupid has switched to color! (Yes, it's expensive, but nothing is too good for Peak Stupidity.)

Mr. Smith put the link to his newest headlines many months ago, but I could not fit it all on a page here without it being unreadable. I finally got around to splitting the page up (not very hard, so sorry about the delay). They'll be 3 more from this edition's front page.

Here's the full page.

Thanks, Adam Smith!

PS: These edition #'s date from Mr. Smith's estimated start date of American stupidity (I guess), sometime in the year 1875 AD.

Thursday - June 30th 2022 8:45AM MST
PS: Hmmm, I'm not sure if I've every heard who Mrs. Putin even is, much less seen pictures, Alarmist. I'll have to go to the search engine: "Mrs. Putin bare-breasted preferably stark naked".
The Alarmist
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 1:49PM MST

BoJo blathered on today or yesterday about how Mr. Putin wouldn’t have started the SMO if he was a woman.

The first thing that crossed my mind is that BoJo is a classic British twat, considering that half the EU PMs and defence ministers are putative women chomping at the bit to go Roman on the Russians.

The second thing was to wonder if anyone would object to a proper Ms. Putin riding bare-chested on a horse ... or a bear for that matter. It couldn’t be worse than Pussy Riot.
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 1:36PM MST
PS: I meant to do that, Mr. Smith. Got the link in the post now.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 12:16PM MST
PS: Here's the full page...

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