The Amazing Supernatural 6th Sense of Ron Paul

Posted On: Tuesday - June 28th 2022 2:13PM MST
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I had wanted to post this yesterday, as an Unz Review commenter had embedded this in a thread under one of the Ron Paul or other writer's economic posts. I thought yesterday's post about the inflation redux should come first though.

The 3 minute-long video clip below is from the MSNBC Morning Joe lefty-news and financial info. TV show on May 15th of '09*. "Joe" is Joe Scarborough, and he had a co-host then named Mika Brzezinski. Though only the co-host, Miss Brzezinski should really take top-stupidity billing here.

The housing bubble that these TV pundits were discussing had just crashed, during the summer/fall of '07 in some locations and into the Spring of '08 in others. It was caused both by FED-caused lower-than-natural interest rates (rising from 1% in Summer of '03 up to 5% by Summer of '05 then back down to the 4.5 - 3% range at bubble-bursting time. (The FED just kept fucking with things to no avail!) and by the Feral Government's long-term intrusion into mortgage lending, cause, usual black dysfunction.**

Anybody with common-sense Econ 101-style (and specifically without the further Econ-102-style BS) knowledge of economics and who kept up with things could have seen both the housing bubble and the subsequent burst of said bubble coming for years. Peter Schiff had, Ron Paul had, and I would have, had I kept up with any of it***.

To some degree, Joe Scarborough is just promoting his guest, as it sounds like he was not much in disagreement. However, he also sounds at times here as if he is amazed that one could SOMEHOW - I don't know how - PREDICT these very obvious consequences of artificially low interest rates and government intrusion into private business.
Congressman! How could it be that you knew this, on the banking committee in 2003, and nobody else did until after the collapse?

One could say the same about Ron Paul's discussion of FED currency creation and inflation, the subject of yesterday's and many other day's Peak Stupidity posts. Again, could he know this?! Inflation was in the 1970s and it's here again, weirdly. Like a Poltergeist, it's baaaaccckk!

Just understand the simple stuff and don't listen to Congressmen and talking heads, and you'd have seen it too.

Back to 2009 on TV, it's this Mika Brzezinski who, a few seconds earlier (01:35) really stole the show here, and makes my point, with that one line:
"OH! MY! GOD!"
[BubbleStart - not housing bubble, but bubble of Mika Brzezinski's thoughts:]This guy, he's like Carrie, no, wait, he's not telekinetic, like, what's that other movie, that Bruce Willis one ... a 6th freaking sense! 5 years ago, he KNEW! Does Ron Paul have a DeLorean? He doesn't LOOK like a time traveler. How is this possible?! [BubbleEnd]

Dang, that 6th sense of Ron Paul's coulda' helped me out. He should have told us to buy gold in the 1990s and early '00s! Wait, likely he did.

PS: Big kudos to Ron Paul, for, even in his 80s, still trying to warn people or at least explain what has already happened financially! He and his one helper do the 1/2 hour DAILY Liberty Report****. In addition, Ron Paul has his own homeschooling curriculum. I can be pretty damn sure the books he picked for American history and Economics will not disappoint me.

* There's a 10 minute clip from later that year, 9/15 with another nice job by then-Congressman Paul in an interview I found here on a site called Dot Sub.

** Though the Hispanic $10/hr gardeners who got 3% down, variable-interest-rate loans on $350,000 McMansions in Arizona, cause "HOUSING! ALWAYS! GOES! UP!" were able to nicely get in on this deal too. Steve Sailer used to write lots about this on his iSteve blog.

*** I had no reason to care about housing prices at that time. I will brag that after reading some sites including the now-Communist Seattle Bubble blog, by '05 I did see it all coming.

**** The Unz Review used to host these, but I couldn't find it on there just now.

Thursday - June 30th 2022 2:27PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail wrote;

""The Paul divide: Rand vs Ron" seems a worthwhile deal to explore more, and melts into "generation gap" territory, in that Rand seems more a product of a more recent (less civil) time and Ron of a better time."

I know just the guy to do it, too! Haha. I do know something about Rand Paul. Being 1 in 100 is better than 1 in 454, but I will say I think Ron Paul was a more principled Libertarian. However, Rand is a real trooper (don't know if you read my post on his temporary blocking of the Ukraine money). Indeed, I was going to write that Ron Paul was in the Congress in a more civil era and I see you agree.

Yes, Ron Paul was against the Covid PanicFest early on, just on basic Libertarian principles he could have argued to anyone for years beforehand. None of this was really new to him, as he'd railed against the 9/11 Terra!! clampdown on civil liberties 20 years back too.

As for his columns and The Unz Review, I don't know if you were already off that site entirely (I guess not, if you read Mike Whitney there, but then I take it you didn't write in), but in May or so of '20 Ron Unz started featuring Michelle Malkin's column. I pretty much agree with her on everything, but right when her columns began to be featured on unz, she got started, or was already, writing about the stupidity of the Kung Flu PanicFest. That was funny to me, because Ron Unz never calmed down about it*, and here comes Michelle Malkin against all the bull. I believe Ron Unz f'd up there, haha!

* As you might know, Ron Unz is still on his big crusade, very proud of it, in fact, about Americans having started the "pandemic". I don't think that he's necessarily wrong on that, with nothing but circumstantial evidence still, though. However, fixating on that is missing the forest for one tree.
Thursday - June 30th 2022 6:38AM MST

In getting thinking about the Ron Paul phenomenon of the 2000s and 2010s, do you have any thoughts on his semi-successor son, Rand Paul? I am not sure exactly how I fit him into my understanding of the Ron Paul movement.

Rand Paul is both clearly his father's son and his own man in some ways.

Also, I don't think anyone ever hospitalized Ron Paul with severe body blows in a sneak attack because they hated his politics (as with Rand). Rand Paul and his wife were also mob-attacked in Washington on more than one occasion, screamed at by a mob of screaming monkeys (on closer inspection, anarchist activists).

As for COVID, still the most important issue by far of this decade and maybe of this century even if rapidly fading from the public radar, Rand Paul was a heroic voice against the Panic, but Ron Paul was if anything even MORE consistent and correct from the start, as far as I know. Of the people published on UNZ, even when Mike Whitney was still being a Corona-moderate (he later emerged as a major Anti-Panicker), Ron Paul's columns were slamming the Panic. Rand Paul later relished the role as opponent of Evil Doctor Fauci and taunted him in public and at hearings, something perhaps Ron Paul wouldn't have done.

"The Paul divide: Rand vs Ron" seems a worthwhile deal to explore more, and melts into "generation gap" territory, in that Rand seems more a product of a more recent (less civil) time and Ron of a better time.
Thursday - June 30th 2022 6:26AM MST
PS: One could argue 10 years ago, and Dr. Paul would have, that the financial problems that he understood 10x better than any other candidate should take priority. He may have understood massive immigration as being a bad thing, among others who didn't say SQUAT, but that issue was not his main one.

"We can still counter by saying that Ron Paul didn't make an unambiguous form of loud-and-proud immigration-restrictionism the ostentatious centerpiece of his campaign in either the 2008 or 2012 bids, as the reality-tv guy did in 2016-17 in the latter's crude-and-crass way."

Right. He would never have been so crude as Trump, but maybe we needed it. Maybe he could have just put his foot down and brought up a real border barrier himself, and (something I don't recall he said much about) mentioned the numbers of LEGAL immigrants too.

As for those 3 options, I'd pick (1) easily.

Regarding (3), I had not yet, in '12, seen that name on some website and picked that handle, haha. No name tags, but I'll say that I really don't think I bothered him with the question. I hope he understood that I was just giving my own advice on how he could win [REDACTED]. If he'd pounded the issue, not as crudely as Trump, but then as a rare guy people expected honesty from, he may well have won it!
Thursday - June 30th 2022 6:24AM MST

Copied some of the Ron Paul personal-ancestry and immigration discussions for possible continuation there:
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 9:26PM MST

Moderator said: "Dr. Paul was gracious and didn't blow me off. He said, because people around heard this, something about 'I'm all for enforcing the law.' That was it, and it never became a centerpiece of his campaign. (Really, there wasn't much campaign left after that.)"

In the 2012 campaign, as I remember it, Ron Paul was the candidate most associated with the immigration-restrictionist position, the only one who stressed restrictionism at all (via the "secure borders" talking point), and that is what got him, or shored up, some of his support.

When the Alt-Right began to consolidate in the early 2010s and broke through in the mid-2010s, a lot of the men associated with it had been "Ron Paul 2008" guys (the 2008 campaign -- actually late 2006 to about late spring 2008 -- had been a bigger deal than the 2012 follow-up). This is, I think, a well-known or oft-identified phenomenon, and by 2016 and 2017 they talked of a "libertarian to Alt-Right pipeline." This wouldn't have happened without people really perceiving Ron Paul to have been a much-more-morally-serious version of the orange-haired reality-tv president and the latter's talk of border security.

We can still counter by saying that Ron Paul didn't make an unambiguous form of loud-and-proud immigration-restrictionism the ostentatious centerpiece of his campaign in either the 2008 or 2012 bids, as the reality-tv guy did in 2016-17 in the latter's crude-and-crass way.

I see three possible explanations:

(1) Ron Paul didn't think it politically expedient to focus on immigration-restriction, but DID basically understand the problem (a runaway multicultacracy bent on strangling out the life of the nation by dumping migrants on it year after year without let-up), BUT thought right-wing libertarianism and secure borders would solve the problem.

(2) Ron Paul DID understand the problem but did NOT really believe rightist-liberartarianism would solve the problem, BUT still didn't have the courage to broach it. He had a practiced, canned line of how to shoo-away people bringing it up. This means Ron Paul saw himself as a would-be "manager of decline."

(3) Ron Paul did NOT understand or appreciate the immigration-and-race problem, and was annoyed at this handshaker, the one wearing a nametag saying "Achmed E. Newman," for bringing up a peripheral issue.

I think (1) is most likely.
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 8:43PM MST

Adam Smith wrote: "The elder Brzezinski’s father, Tadeusz Brzeziński, was a Polish diplomat in Germany who collaborated with the Nazi regime during the rise of Adolf Hitler to power."

I cannot recall where I read it now, but Zbigniew Brzezinski had an anecdote he would tell about his father during 1930s-Poland. There were strong anti-Jewish political movements ongoing in Poland, often with young toughs making public demonstrations against Jews, not unlike the "brownshirts" in Germany. Zbig's father, the aristocratic-diplomat, was angered, embarrassed, annoyed, and/or troubled enough by them that he personally confronted some of them, as if daring them to attack an unarmed fellow-Pole. Zbig was a boy at the time and these would be the memories of a boy, but what I recall him saying is that he (being not more than ten years old) saw his father shook his cane at some of these anti-Jewish marchers. Canes being fashionable at the time, not for assistance with walking but just for fun, I guess. And the hoodlums dispersed without little more said.

When Zbigniew Brzezinski told this anecdote to American audiences, I remember thinking it had the ring of being true, because the ultimate Polish patriot-in-exile basically cast his countrymen (lower class Poles) as ruffians or boors, even as similar to the (GASP...) Nazis! But it did win points for himself and his family by being shown to be anti-anti-Semitic.
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 8:35PM MST

Moderator wrote: "Is Mr. Brzezinski Jewish?"

He presented as, and identified as, a Polish-Catholic patriot or even in the Polish aristocratic tradition. He often seemed like a highbrow chauvinist, but this may in part be because of his notoriously difficult personality. Accounts, even by his friends, are that he was a difficult man, ornery, willing to start a feud for the cause (whatever the cause was).

"Zbig" said that he saw the world as a chessboard. He was facing off against Russia, the (only) other player in the chess game (i.e., in his mental-universe). Everything was like a chess game, every foreign-policy matter everywhere, it was always something on the chessboard. I'd bet he was one of those who backed empowering China when that was still fashionable, because it was a big chess-piece to move against Russia. It seems like geopolitical myopia.

I doubt if possible partial Jewish ancestry means much in this case. Looking back at my Ron Paul ancestry post from 2012, I see someone popped up to claim that the only Ron Paul ancestor with a missing surname just HAPPENS to have been a Rothschild! I don't buy it. It's more plausible with Zbig, in part because there were so many more Jews in historical Poland than historical Hessen, Germany, where Ron Paul's people are from.
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 4:38PM MST
PS: For Mr. Hail on Ron Paul: I'm sure I've written this somewhere on PS, but also I have in unz review comments.

Around the same time you wrote those 2 posts (I just read the "Ron Paul Remembers" one), I went to a Ron Paul for GOP candidate event in my State. It was not supposed to be a Q/A session, but once he was done speaking, he came around to shake hands with people near the front for a few minutes before leaving.

Naturally, I was in the front (naturally), so I shook hands and told him "If you want to win [REDACTED], you need to talk about illegal immigration". I said it nicely mind you, but as someone would give advice.

Well, Dr. Paul was gracious and didn't blow me off. He said, because people around heard this, something about "I'm all for enforcing the law." That was it, and it never became a centerpiece of his campaign. (Really, there wasn't much campaign left after that.)

Well, fine, but I don't think he understood yet how serious either the issue was, or how seriously lots of people were taking it by then. Donald Trump 3 years later, well, did he just get lucky and read Ann Coulter's book (taken partly from lots of VDare material) at the right time? Or was it that he really knew about the problem and/or the strong aversion to the invasion that Americans did by that time?
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 4:26PM MST
PS: Mr. Smith, I appreciate the info. on a) the GOP mouthing about deficits (yeah, but they had to know it was hopeless by then), b) this Brzezinski chick ("not that there's anything wrong with that" was a good one - maybe she's not a complete airhead, but that "OMG!" think was just ...) and c) the news about crack reporter Chelsea Clinton. $600,000! Hell, our CHIEF BLOGGER here doesn't make half that!!
Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 12:04PM MST
PS: Me again,

I agree with Mr. Blanc. The coming catastrophe will not be entirely undeserved.

“when was the last time they did pay lip service to that?”

I would guess it was when Clinton was president. After the events of September 11, 2001 all that balanced budget stuff went out the window. Though, if I remember correctly, there was a little chatter out of the Republicans about balancing the budget and reducing the deficit around 2010...

Seems to me that was the last time Republicans as a party paid any lip service to fiscal responsibility.

Of course you can still hear about balancing the budget and paying down the debt from Ron Paul, but at this point I think it is pretty much a mathematical impossibility.

Imagine what kind of shape America would (likely) be in if Ross Perot won in 1992, followed by someone decent and responsible as a place holder for a term or two and then Ron Paul for a couple terms after that. Hell, there might be no debt at all.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 11:52AM MST
PS: Hi again,

Mr. Hail, thanks for the great info and links. I really like your term "Holocaust-American". I'm going to use it.

"How does the daughter of a member of the late-20th-century foreign policy elite become a leading figure on a supposedly news talk show?"

It's almost as if there is a revolving door between “government” and the media. Kinda off topic...

What’s the pay scale for a rookie network news correspondent with no news experience whatsoever?

Six-hundred thousand bucks!!!!

That’s according to Politico’s Dylan Byers and Maggie Haberman, who report that a prospect who came on board NBC News in November 2011 snared just that level of annual compensation. She was hired to do feel-good stories as part of NBC News’s “Making a Difference” franchise. Her name is Chelsea Clinton.

If that name hadn’t been connected to American royalty, she could have expected to rake in between $100,000 and $200,000 as a first-year network correspondent, a job that people from less-high-profile families snare only through years and years of tireless work covering the news. That salary range is confirmed by several people familiar with the compensation levels at major network news outlets.

“I’m sure that that salary figure is going to make other NBC correspondents’ heads spin right off their shoulders,” says one of those sources.

The New York Post referred to Clinton as “just another spoiled, aimless child of rich, successful parents chauffeured through adulthood by Mommy and Daddy’s connections.”

Clinton’s appointment did not mark the first time NBC Universal had hired children of high-ranking politicians. In 2009, it hired George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush Hager to serve as a correspondent on the “Today” show. In 2011, it hired Sen. John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain as a contributor on MSNBC.

As special correspondent, Clinton worked on service-related feature assignments for NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” until the show’s cancellation in June 2013. Clinton has since worked on packages for NBC Nightly News.

In that time, Clinton’s principal occupation has been the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation...

You get the idea. Also kinda off topic...

It's almost as if there is a revolving door between “government” and big business...

Well, that was a long winded tangent.

Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 11:45AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Mr. Mod, I'm a bit surprised that you didn't know that Mika is Zbigniew's daughter. I thought that was common knowledge.

From this page...

The elder Brzezinski’s father, Tadeusz Brzeziński, was a Polish diplomat in Germany who collaborated with the Nazi regime during the rise of Adolf Hitler to power.

The Brzezinski family were Catholics, but in 2005, a genealogist published an article claiming that Tadeusz Brzeziński’s mother was actually born Jewish. Her family, however, converted to Catholicism in reaction to pogroms in Poland in the early 20th century. When Mika Brzezinski was asked about this report, she replied, “I don't believe it. I’m not Jewish. Not that there’s anything wrong with that,”

Wednesday - June 29th 2022 7:43AM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, when was the last time they did pay lip service to that? (I'm not asking rhetorically here.) It was probably in the late 1990s, if I were to guess, and I mean from a big-time national politician. As far as the budget actually BEING balanced, we'd have to go back to the 1960s.

Probably through the time of 9/11 or so, a guy who understood the basic economics, such as Ron Paul, with lots of help, of course, could have gotten the financial situation under long-term control. It's been too later for a couple of decades though. It's great saying "I told you so", though, and maybe nice, hilarious, or disgusting (in its stupidity) to hear them thinking you have some kind of supernatural powers to have seen what's been coming.

Zerohedge used to say "kicking the can" and sometimes "a game of musical chairs". They all think they can be out there playing games with the economy and not be the one standing up when it crashes. They want to be sitting down in chair by the pool at their bug-out spot in Uruguay - OK, Paraguay for the water.
Wednesday - June 29th 2022 7:37AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, that wasn't a complaint about that video - I find missing ones all the time - especially on music - I just now fixed a Boz Scaggs one in an old post on "Lotto - a tax on stupidity".* Thanks for fixing things on a 10 y/o post for us. I'll check out your "Ron Paul Remembers" and the other link shortly.

Yeah, the name Rick Santorum IS a blast from the past. He was just known as a religious man, but I don't recall any great ideas or principled stances out of him. He'd have probably been better than Mitt Romney, and most assuredly better than the guy the GOP put out there in '08, traitorous Juan McAmnesty.

* Great song - "The Lido Shuffle" which I put in due to its gambling theme:

Wednesday - June 29th 2022 6:56AM MST
PS There are some empirical regularities regarding the exchange of commodities that allow one to make predictions of future economic events with some degree of accuracy, if exact timing isn’t considered. Our pols used to pay attention to such regularities in formulating their policies. For example, they at least paid lip service to balancing their budgets. Those days are long gone. Those Who Rule Us have now dug an economic hole so deep that their only hope is to kick the can far enough down the road that they’ll be retired or dead before the inevitable comes to pass. To be fair to the pols, the American people have allowed this to happen, decade after decade, with barely a peep of protest. The coming catastrophe will not be entirely undeserved.
Tuesday - June 28th 2022 9:28PM MST

Looking back at the two Ron Paul posts I had in 2012, the images all went down and some formatting went out of whack in part because Wordpress changed its composition software since then. And of course links decay and die.

I was able to restore (re-upload) all of the images.

The other post is called "Ron Paul Remembers":

Am surprised how much I mentioned Rick Santorum in 2012. There is a non-entity no one has heard from in years, who briefly attracted a following for some reason but was clearly deeply flawed. It seems what bothered me in 2012, and what Santorum's name multiple times in the Ron Paul ancestry post, was that he had attacked Ron Paul on the campaign trail and in debates in 2012. Ron Paul was a dangerously extreme conservative, whereas Rick Santorum was a good loyal Catholic who just disliked gay marriage a lot, but otherwise was a rainbow guy all around (I guess).

As for the link to the local-press story in which Ron Paul talks about his grandparents' visit to the old homeland right when hyperinflation was hitting, I restored the link to an version, here:
Tuesday - June 28th 2022 7:57PM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, of course, I'd heard of Zbigniew Brzezinski way back during the Cold War era, but I had no idea that this Mika lady was his daughter. Likely having the famous Dad got her the job, but she seemed like nothing but an airhead. (Well, I only heard about 1/2 a second - never watched the show.)

I just refreshed my memory about Zbigniew Brzezinski being the National Security Advisor to President Carter. Because I didn't know anything about names that were this complicated, I wondered back then why in the hell there'd be a Russki on the staff in this fight against Communism.

However, I wasn't far off, as you note that his fight was against Russians, period, as the Neocons have been for quite a while, long after Communism was gone from that country.

That contrast between Brzezinski and Cyrus Vance is pretty interesting. Is Mr. Brzezinski Jewish?

Then, your background on Ron Paul is great too. I've been reading your post on your site. Yes, I could see that his Grandad Caspar's having seen the German hyperinflation would become the kind of impression he'd want to expound on to his son(s). I will read the comments shortly. It's not like I would expect any better from a 10 y/o post, but that link to Ron Paul's statements to reporters in '11 on this German experience doesn't work. I'll do some more looking tomorrow.

Thanks for the great info.
Tuesday - June 28th 2022 7:03PM MST

Back in 2012, I traced Ron Paul's ancestry and was surprised to learn he was overwhelmingly German-Protestant by ancestry (87.5%), that he was personally raised a Lutheran, and that his ancestors consolidated in the USA almost entirely in the period 1865 and 1885.

"Mika" Brzezinski, by contrast, is the daughter of a Polish elite (her father was the son of the Polish ambassador to the USA, I think) who ended up in the USA and sought to wield U.S. power to fight ethnic battles of his own obsessions.

Maybe I am being too harsh on Zbigniew Brzezinski, but I don't think the extreme anti-Russianism and the whole Afghanistan intervention he engineered were at all a good idea judged over decades rather than months or years, as he was doing at the time.
Tuesday - June 28th 2022 6:59PM MST

"Miss Brzezinski should really take top-stupidity billing"

She is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, an academic, foreign-policy adviser, and anti-Russian fanatic.

How does the daughter of a member of the late-20th-century foreign policy elite become a leading figure on a supposedly news talk show?

"Zbig" (father of the news-show woman) and Secretary of State Cyrus Vance feuded constantly when both were in positions of nominal power and influence. In principle, Vance controlled and directed all U.S. foreign policy, carrying out the policy of the President. But in reality, already so by that time and obviously so by now, it was a mixed-bag of influencers on the margins and shadowy forces that ran things.

"Cy" Vance, the man who oppose "Zbig's" incliation to go on moral crusades to fight Russia everywhere no matter what, was a a founding-stock American. I think with substantial ancestry tracing both to Virginia and the mid-Atlantic. He fit well in the long-standing tradition of neutral and magnanimous domestic-patricians holding the Secretary of State position.

Vance's tenure was one of the last incarnations of this sort of foreign-policy elite, an actual American (not like Blinken, the Holocaust-American who brags about his relatives being out in concentration camps in WWII). It was a symbolic of what was going on generally in late-20th-century America that the Vance vs Brzezinski feud ended with a victory for the immigrant, as he maneuvered Vance into first losing some control of foreign policy, and then having to resign entirely.
Tuesday - June 28th 2022 4:48PM MST
PS: Thanks for writing in, Sarcasmo. I'd go with "clueless horny dotard vulgarian" if it were that binary choice. No matter how much of a bullshitter and kind-of incompetent leader he was, I do think he cares about Americans and the country.

Ron Paul was marginalized by the Lyin' Press in the '12 primary.

I meant to write more on that J6 stuff, but it'll be in a humorous post.
Sarcasmo the Clown
Tuesday - June 28th 2022 3:59PM MST
PS He was excluded by the Uniparty long before comrade Tulsi (WEF-SPECTRE).
All he wanted was an audit of the private banking cartel which isn't federal or a reserve.
The light treatment compared to diabolical KGB mastermind Comrade Trumpski.
Trumpster is either a clueless horny dotard vulgarian or a 6-D chessmaster controlling everything with orbital mind lasers along with the Hitlerest Hitler ever Vlad Rasputin.
The J6 cure for insomnia kabuki hearings are revealing the weasels that surrounded Trump and the teevee prattles on about muh safety and muh democracy as the duped dullards drool and smell the Frankenfood buffet.
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