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Posted On: Saturday - June 25th 2022 10:34AM MST
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If you had been a subscriber to the Peak Stupidity financial newsletter, you too would have sold your holdings in the Wipes Sector in January of '20. Dammit!!

These curmudgeonry posts are easy, and this time we can cover a lot of topics in one shot. Long term readers may be familiar with Peak Stupidity's fixation with the exercise machines and the often erroneous electronics (for that, check the Artificial Stupidity topic key). The newer model consoles, at least Precor and Life Fitness, are better, IMO, and I've got no complaints about that this time.

The Kung Flu stupidity comes in here due to that very minor silver lining discussed already at the bottom of this post. The wipes shown above, from an industry that has been greatly blessed by the Kung Flu hysteria, have been at the gyms since they reopened* sometime slowly in late '20 or so (my recollection), and they make more sense than towels.

The "Save the Planet" environmental stupidity will come in for a minute here, as I just discussed this with someone who does longer workouts. Yeah, if you pour sweat on the weight bench, a towel will help you clean up after yourself. I go hard, but for a fairly short time on the machines - whatever sweat does fly around, it's pretty much evaporated by the time I get off this thing. (Hmmm, maybe I'm not doing this right...) I'm not worried about the planet here, but I simply do not like to waste anything - food, labor, energy, etc ... in this case, towels. As related in these pages in Green is the new sheap-ass**, that post specific to hotels, it's about money, too, and I respect that.

Then, a black family came into the gym. I imagine the Dad could have been serious about working out, but not really the wife or the kids. There was a very good chance it was fixin' to get loud in there. Luckily, I was only a minute away from finishing up my workout, so I didn't get to see. I was going to get one of those alcohol wipes or just the spray bottle and paper towels, to clean this thing off, as I would do any time.

Nah, no wipes were there, as the small pack was empty. Though I was glad to be able to use the exercise machine to begin with*** in this pretty fancy chain hotel, this was a black operated place through and through. The reader can get more of my point here from the 16-month-ago 4-part Hotel Haiti series of posts: Introduction -- on Competence -- on Caring -- and Conclusion.

It wasn't like I had a 5 minute debate in my head, but my 3 second thought process went quickly like: "OK, they've got towels only, but using a towel is really worthless and just plain a waste. It's not my problem that they won't replenish the wipes - Supply Chain problem, or competence/caring problem? Haha, I believe I know! These people are in here, but well, do I care what they think so much? Nah. I'm not your average virtue-signaling White guy. Eat my germs, bitchez!"

Whaddya' mean?! What attitude problem?

PS: Now that I've brought up the Kung Flu tangentially really, I would like to point the reader to E.H. Hail's latest post on his Hail to You blog: An “extremely wild” Corona-Reckoning may be coming in 2022-2024, Matthew Peterson of the Claremont Institute predicts. I hope a reckoning will come, but I'm doubtful. The ctrl-left Totalitarians haven't paid for any of their damage in a long time. I would like to see the day though and even be part of it.

* Yeah, now I did forget to mention that small, but possibly still significant, effect of the Kung Flu PanicFest in that latest Excess Deaths Revisited post. With the gyms all closed to keep the germs away, how many cardio patients let their vascular systems get weaker for that 1/2 a year or more? That CAN matter.

** See also Toward Sustainable Stupidity on the virtue-signaling reason for recycling vs. the actual, monetary one.

*** When these things go down now, they may not get fixed for many months. "The Corona", nah, that won't work anymore, so "Supply Chain Issues". Yes, it IS hard to get lots of parts these days, but it's mostly hard to get people who actually care ... to, like, order them and stuff...

Monday - June 27th 2022 5:42PM MST

Thank you for the link to my recent post on Matthew Peterson. He is one of those people who is no household name but has major intellectual influence on the Right, or one kind of Right.

Born about 1979, active in the 2000s and 2010s and taking a PhD in 2013. He has said that by 2014/15 he was on the verge of retiring from politics in all its forms, discouraged that so little headway seemed to have been made, and at least he could work at earning and saving large amounts of money; it would have been an abandonment of youthful idealism that often comes about that time anyway, I suppose, but then lightning struck in mid-2015, when the reality-tv guy "came down the escalator." Peterson was inspired and, one way or another, it kept him involved.

To take the word from this post, Peterson is not a right-wing "curmudgeon" in the mold of Paul Craig Roberts. To take a theme from this post, the thing that really convinced me that Peterson and others around him are right and worth listening to, is their angry, firm, consistent, public, uncompromising, and radical opposition to the Corona-Panic.
Monday - June 27th 2022 5:33PM MST

Mr Kinda Sorta wrote: "vibrancies still cling to the muh mask kabuki LARP more than any other demographic"

It must depend on what kind of area one is in. It still seems a signifier, symbol, signal of a "Deep Blue Team" commitment for Whites, along with those yard signs that list a manifesto of preachy beliefs.
Saturday - June 25th 2022 10:07PM MST
PS: That'll be the way we go, and nothing fancy at that, when we can, Mr. Alarmist.

I wonder if the general population will fall for COV-LARP again for that "Great Reset Leap Forward", AEWKS. (Great term, BTW.) Maybe they'll be creative, or have already been, and will have something completely different, in the words of Monty Python.
An Election Well Kinda Sorta
Saturday - June 25th 2022 3:58PM MST
PS Working out and sweat is a construct of the white male patriarchy.
You will work out extra because obesity is racist and the expended calories will be redistributed.
All clowning aside, you will notice that vibrancies still cling to the muh mask kabuki LARP more than any other demographic.
The COV-LARP returns after the midterm Dominion/SmartMatic (s)elections or the renamed monkeypox (racist!) can be used as part of the Great Reset Leap Forward.
The Alarmist
Saturday - June 25th 2022 1:17PM MST

So glad I built my own home fitness studio.
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