Update: Apple mystery solved. Still a bug, but there's a workaround

Posted On: Monday - June 20th 2022 5:23PM MST
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Ahhhaaaa! A picture of Gretchen Whitmer was in the storage of the Photos program on said device. I must have saved it for use in a post (shouldn't have to begin with, bug notwithstanding). There is another picture, near the beginning of the set of them, that also appears at the top. I should have checked this first.

I don't know why it's any of Apple's business to put small images from the Photos program on the main screen, but that's smart software for ya'. This is the easy workaround: Do not save pictures of nasty Totalitarians ANYWHERE on your own computers. They will appear again somewhere else, maybe in real life too.

UPDATE: OK, in the comments of the previous post, I found out that readers here can do better searches than the site owner, who WRITES THIS STUFF. Thank you, Mr. Hail, for finding the 2 posts here, the first of which has that picture of Gretchen Whitmer that kept bugging me: Governor Gretchen Whitmer - I wonder what her childhood was like. and Perspective vs. Hysteria

Tuesday - June 21st 2022 9:13AM MST
PS: Haha Mr. Giddy Liddy, nice handle! I do recall that I wrote a couple of posts about the FBI being what you expect from a 3rd-World government. They do the work of the powers that be - it's not at all about law enforcement anymore. You wonder whether it ever was.

Are you a Michigander?

Speaking of gander, Mr. Ganderson, yes, those were Mazdas. You may have gotten that info from the post here "Seattle Mazda drivers left stuck on NPR". We cover all kinds of stupidity..

Tuesday - June 21st 2022 6:35AM MST

Kinda like that bug in one of the Rice Burner models in which the radio only got the local NPR channel.
Lee Jordan Giddy
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 6:27AM MST
PS The Gretchenf├╝hrer of the glorious People's Republic of Michigan (CPUSA)!
That is the terrible awfulness.
Did the FIB round up all of her potential opponents yet or are they trying on the J Edgar Hoover lingerie selection?
I'll have to get my Blink 182 shirt at HotTopic and post up against capitalism at the Starbucks Wi-Fi on my MacBook to be an edgy rebel.
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