Apple users: Beware of the Whitmer bug

Posted On: Monday - June 20th 2022 4:55PM MST
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This post was originally to be titled: Who is this broad, and why can't I keep her off of my screen?!. You'll see why shortly.

There is a nice Apple iPad that I was given to use for work. I try to keep it "clean" and not do anything other than work-related tasks on it. Seeing as I'm still much more used to a pre-Windows-10* "desktop", without strange pictures and videos flying about, I don't know how to deal with the home screen stuff on these devices, other than to not put/have anything on there but the icons.

Usually, I just go straight to the 4 or 5 icons of the "apps" - programs, that is, that I use regularly. However, beside a weather report from Cupertino, California, pretty far from home** there are a few other blurbs, as I am wont to calling them, on the screen. One that keeps being on there is a picture of this older lady in a blue dress wagging her finger as if she's lecturing me. I didn't know who it was until I took my first guess about 10 minutes ago. That horrid scene, reproduced even larger above, is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

I'd first thought that this evil Totalitarian broad was continually appearing up there because Peak Stupidity had that picture up at one point, and, you know, the software is so damned smart that it just KNOWS I want to see her on my screen often. However, there are 2 arguments against this:

1) I use the browser on that device, as with almost other program on it, for work stuff only. Peak Stupidity hasn't been pulled up but a handful of times.

2) I looked for posts here that involve Governor Whitmer, and I only found these 2 so far: Michigan v Sweden in Corona Challenge and Michigan Totalitarian bitch exercises her Social Distancing Waiver

Hey, I don't have a TV so that I won't have to put up with being lectured by, or ever have to see, bitches like Gretchen Whitmer. I'm not in the Michigan State Legislature for that reason too, along with many others.

What is Gretchen Whitmer doing on the screen of my work tablet? I have swiped her off of it about 10 times, but SHE KEEPS COMING BACK! Is she everywhere? Is she in The Cloud now? That could be a good sign, meaning she's no longer on earth. Anyone else seen her? If I knew how, I'd report it to Apple. They must know, as is obvious to me, that this is a BUG, not a FEATURE.

* What goes on on that Windows 10 screen is unfathomable. I got it before then. Honestly, I'm partial to a ">" prompt with a blinking cursor, so, don't mind me ...

** Yeah, I know. It's the home of Apple, Inc.

Sunday - June 26th 2022 11:56AM MST
PS I really cant stand that cunt.
Thursday - June 23rd 2022 8:27AM MST
PS: Sorry, Some Guy, I just don't see any SILFiness or FILFiness, but then I have not seen here from the back - I may never get around to it. You've got me thinking about who else would be one. Of course, I try to avoid even seeing pictures, much less videos of lefty kooks. We should have a post on it though, nonetheless.
Some Guy
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 11:00PM MST


"Whitmer is at best visually interesting, and is likely a sociopath."

She's a SILF. Or perhaps a FILF - Fascist I'd Like to......
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 11:38AM MST

The Alarmist wrote: "Whitmer is a best visually interesting, and is likely a sociopath."

Exactly who you don't want in power. Justin Trudeau seems to be a male version of this, the modal response from female swing voters who backed him in Canada was said to be "because he is handsome."

One of the best critical articles or essays against COVID mania was one by Heather MacDonald I think titled "Will America Succumb to Safetyism?" which directly and primarily blamed feminization of institutions and almost an embrace of female sociopathy, for the Panic itself and the policy responses.
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 11:32AM MST

Try searching for the name WHITMER.

You may get the following paid Google-ad.




Gretchen Whitmer - For Governor

Gov. Whitmer has tackled big challenges with strong leadership and bold solutions. She will never stop fighting for Michigan families. Join us. Donate today.

(End quote)

Yes! You read that right. BOLD SOLUTIONS.

Lockdowns and virus-mania. Illegal suspension of semblances of decency and constitutional government. Endless China-style rule-by-decree. an extreme level of socially debilitating and civilization-deflating Safetyism. Angry mandates and coercions for experimental injections for all. The whole Corona-Panic package *is* bold, in a sense. But not "good bold"...
The Alarmist
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 11:30AM MST

I remember my mother commenting about one of my NYC neighbours being quite attractive, and I told mom that she was pretty, but not attractive. When mom asked what the distinction was between the two, I told her my neighbour was bat-shit crazy.

Whitmer is a best visually interesting, and is likely a sociopath.
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 11:29AM MST

Something on 2022 and the Virus Tyrant of Michigan's reelection bid:

Although I know Peak Stupidity neither tries nor wishes to do "horse-race political drama," I say it's worth keeping an eye on the Michigan governor race 2022, given the long-running Kung-Flu-PanicFest theme here and these multiple posts on the topic of this person under discussion.

The "pantsuit virus-tyrant" Whitmer not only remains in office today (i.e., has not been removed or impeached for violation of the law, nor forced to resign in disgrace for her political rape of our standards and tradition), she is also bold enough to run for reelection for a second term.

She was able to "sneak in" in the 2018 on anti-Trump wave. The smart-money now calls the race a "tossup." It would be a sweet victory against the remaining accumulated evils of the Corona-Panic if she loses.

The past three governor elections in Michigan:


In 2010 (Tea Party period)
Bernero (D): 17.1%
Snyder (R): 24.9%
Others: 0.9%
Did note vote: 57.1%
SNYDER (R) wins, +8.

In 2014:

Schauer (D): 19.5%
Snyder (R): 21.2%
Others: 0.9%
Did note vote: 58.4%
SNYDER (R) wins, +2.


In 2018 (near-height of anti-Trump mania period)

Whitmer (D): 29.5%
Schuette (R): 24.3%
Others: 1.6%
Did not vote: 44.6%
WHITMER (D) wins, +5.

In 2018, a lot of Nonvoters got around to voting during the anti-Trump mania of the time. Besides the usual crowd that votes as a civic ritual in off-year elections (17-20% of the total eligible-voter population voting "D" in these elections in the past twenty years), in 2018 another about 10-12% of people came out and voted for the D team (not for her necessarily), drawn from the usual Nonvoter pool.

In November 2018 no one was yet thinking at all about the potential of a CoronaPanic-like event, "lockdowns" over a flu virus, masks, forced vaccines, nothing like that. And it was pre-Mail-in-Mystery-Ballot-Extravaganza, of course. It was a more innocent time. In any case, the +10-point move toward D swamped a small bump towards R and it was done. Then, when the dark clouds of the Panic came over the sky, this person was in there.

It became fashionable in the late 20th century to bash the "Great Man" theory of history, the idea that single individuals can have decisive impact on their times rather than everyone kind of riding along on the winds of the time and all figures being replaceable. This case of Whitmer the Panic-fanatic, the Covid-zealot, the pantsuit-virus-tyrant, the witchhunter of Covid-heretics, the lockdowner, the forever-masker, the experimental-injector...well, if she had lost to the milquetoast conservative opponent in 2018, Michigan would have been nothing to pay much attention to, and it much more likely would have been a Florida than an even-worse-California.

Now, in 2022, with Biden the bonafide _least_ popular US president since the 1970s (and in competition with Carter for least-popular in modern times), conditions would all seem to be unkind to the Covid-pantsuit-dictatoress of Michigan. If anyone deserves to lose, it's her.

I am still puzzled why they "vanned" the Republican candidate Ryan Kelley two weeks ago (i.e., abducted by armed men and thrown into a windowless van on charge of terrorism; not sure if they actually subjected the candidate Ryan Kelley to this "vanning" tactic, but they have scooped up hundreds exactly like that, the "vannings" especially common in early 2021 arrests). It's not clear to me Ryan Kelley would have had the best chance of beating Whitmer even if he is the front-runner according to polls, but they arrested him anyway...
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 11:19AM MST

Reflecting on the importance of this person, Whitmer, both at the time (peak-Panic in 2020) and now (near-term post-Panic).
It seems to be this, anyone reading this and willing to read this much text, tell me what I have gotten right, or overlooked, or gotten wrong:

Virus-Tyrant Whitmer ruled a "purple" state as if it were an overseas satrapy of China (and she the satrap), or at least a deep-"blue" state of the kind that embraced the Red Guard-ism of 2020 targeting symbols of all White-Christian Male Oppressors. Michigan is not that kind of state outside a few localized areas.

Her going the way she did violated the implied contract between governor and governed, but not only did nothing become of it, she was effectively rewarded by the Regime with this ridiculous staged "kidnapping" plot almost entirely directed and orchestrated by FBI and other agents. (If you are 18 and someone you think is a good friend begins talking in radical directions, and you nod along but take no proactive action of your own, that seems a deeply immoral way to run so-called law enforcement, which is why a fair jury acquitted the saps involved).

Unaccountable rule by fiat or diktat but with support of a rather distant and rather hostile elite and large swathes placated by hysterical drumbeating about a flu virus, all almost lifted directly from dystopian fiction of an earlier era. (We should add that Whitmer herself tightly embraced the Panic with the zeal and fervor usually only displayed by religionists on behalf of their faith; the Corona-Panic as a religious mania I am as confident as ever will hold up, but we already know that.)

Virus-Tyrant Whitmer's style of "government" during the Corona-Panic, in "purple" Michigan, was only otherwise readily found in the deepest-"blue" places in the USA and often not even there. Here it was in Michigan, a "purple" state that shifted to Trump in 2016.

The importance therefore lands us somewhere about here: At the critical period in 2020, if even reasonable moderate-state governors are taking the Wuhan Flu Virus Emergency as seriously as this person Whitmer did, it's GOT to be something real after all! It was a lot easier to dismiss South Dakota, because none of the agenda-setters in the USA ever much go there, it has no real elite institutions on national scale. Michigan seems a class above to the agenda-setters.

They'd also have LOVED to have Florida in the Extreme-Panic camp but unfortunately for DeSantis emerged form the mists and became the people's champion against the Corona-junta regime. But as for Virus-Tyrant Whitmer, she got heaped with praise by the "Regime."

That was 2020, that worst year of this century so far. Her style of diktat-rule broke the implied political-social contract, and basically no one respectable said much about it, because there was "a NEW virus," and "we've never seen ANYthing like this!" (according to loyal Panic-true-believers and the sundry supporters of the Panic for all reasons). Suspension of common sense, decency, cost-benefit analysis, and moral principles and political traditions was not ONLY 'okay' because of the catastrophic flu virus apocalypse many deluded minds embraced, it was even a positive good.

There was enough of a critical mass of "red" people (meaning right-wing , organized dissidents, gadsden-flaggers, "gun people," outdoorsmen, and the like) in rural and non-urban, non-college-town Michigan that they were willing to protest openly in May 2020, and the makings of a protracted, Canada Freedom Convoy-style movement had begun, until the Regime got a protest movement it supported with the George Floyd Riots and the anti-White political mania of mid-2020 carrying into 2021, which formed a symbiosis with the still-strong Corona-Panic itself.

The Michigan protestors against Covid-Dictatorship in spring 2020 got called white-extremists and dangerous domestic-terrorists, we may recall, foreshadowing the treatment given
a year later to "Biggo" and the gang of protestors who trespassed in the U.S. Capitol building during a rambunctious protest. "Biggo" is the man I mentioned in a comment earlier in this thread, the intruder whose bold contempt is immortalized in his grin and body language in that iconic picture of him at the Pelosi desk in January 2021.

Similar protests to the Michigan protests of spring 2020 likely would have happened in a typical "red" state, if any governor in such a state had been (some combination of) deranged or evil enough to try to do what Whitmer did for very long.
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 11:10AM MST

As the forces of the universe conspired to get you thinking about the Pantsuit Virus Tyrant of Michigan again, and as I doubt you've written much about in almost two years, it's worth some more thoughts on what she means.

She is not only still in power today, she is running for reelection this very year.
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 5:50AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, I meant to add to that last comment of mine that I remembered reading your posts, when I pasted in the links you just gave us. I kept up with all of your posts on the CoronaPanic, though I did go to your site before that. (I remember reading your biographical post and wonderment about the way you get people like the one woke woman whose name escapes me ... hey, I was just going on your site to see if I could get the name, and I see you have a new post up! I'll read it in about 5 minutes - looking forward to that.

On the attempted set up of the patriots in Michigan, that effort was definitely related to the PanicFest. People in Michigan had had about enough of this Totalitarian dictator/governor, so I suppose that was a great time for that effort by the agents provocateurs. The big shots wanted to demonstrate what would happen if people questioned this dictatorship. Or was it a test-run for January 6th, '21?

As to your last paragraph in that post, about Peter Navarro (a story I had read about) and then Ryan Kelly (one I had not), things are really going 3rd world here, both in society and in government.
Tuesday - June 21st 2022 5:40AM MST
PS: Mr. Hail, that was sad that I could not find these 2 posts right away on my own site via an admittedly cursory search. Now I see where the picture came from - the "wonder what her childhood was like" - #1448 - post, (via that other tablet, as I noted once I figured the bug out). I need a search function very badly, When I will get to the software is still up in the air.

Michigan CongressPanicker Haley Stevens and the hysterical meltdown in front of the House of Representin' that you mentioned, was featured in a post here too: "Paranoia Will Destroy Ya'" (no Kinks music,, unfortunately, but isn't it the same tune as "All Day, and All of the Night" anyway?)

"... the like which, in a previous era, likely would have only been heard on certain big-city street-corners, in the lower grade of mental asylum, or from unusually moody children or agitated teenagers who get worked up over some silliness." AGREED!

Monday - June 20th 2022 10:20PM MST

You had several posts on the odious virus-panic-tyrant Whitmer in spring 2020, two important ones you overlooked I believe are:

1448 ("Governor Gretchen Whitmer - I wonder what her childhood was like," and mentioned again in 1453 ("Perspective vs. Hysteria").
Monday - June 20th 2022 9:33PM MST

By the way, it's interesting to mehow much the U.S. "Regime" backs and seeks to make a show of protecting the Virus-Dictatoress of Michigan, and/or of playing up her victimology, loading her up on the political currency of our time, victim-points.

The two biggest such cases, of national-scale attention, are these:

They concocted an elaborate but farcical "kidnapping plot," in which 12 or so of the 18 or so individuals involved were paid informants or agents provocateur, the other six being young idiots nodding along with the agents' suggestions, a cynical and cruel and immoral use of both taxpayer funds and government power.

And more recently, about two weeks ago, they arrested the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Ryan Kelley, and charged him with domestic terrorism. Candidate Ryan Kelley was at the election-integrity protest in Washington in January 2021, hence he is the latest to be arrested. That arrest came shortly after they arrested former top executive branch official Peter Navarro at an airport (as he was boarding a plane to Tennessee, arrested and hauled off like a South American druglord), charging him with similar offenses and with "contempt of Congress."
Monday - June 20th 2022 9:23PM MST

In early May 2020, I profiled the odious virus-dictator Whitmer, alongside a particularly shrill Panic-fanatic Congresswoman named Haley Stevens, as two case-studies or profiles in Panic-fanaticism active at the time. Their ignominy of the moment in 2020 may be forgotten now, which is one reason the accounts of the time are (I hope) of value to us now and beyond.

(Haley Stevens was an extreme Panicker who losts emotional control and delivered a non-rational rant from podium of the United States House of Representatives, one worthy of the eternal disgrace of that institution, and of the like which, in a previous era, likely would have only been heard on certain big-city street-corners, in the lower grade of mental asylum, or from unusually moody children or agitated teenagers who get worked up over some silliness. Haley Stevens' reality-detached efforts to enforce loyalty to a crazy and destructive Virus Panic are worthy of being remembered, as a warning to free men, or men who would be free, everywhere.)

Here is my post on the odious G. Whitmer and H. Stevens, Panicker-priestesses:


May 5, 2020

(Against the Corona Panic, Part IX:) Character studies in “Corona-Paranoia” in America, the cases of Pro-Panic Congresswoman Haley Stevens and virus-dictator Gretchen Whitmer

(This link should go directly to the Whitmer section):
Monday - June 20th 2022 9:09PM MST

This woman Whitmer was one of the most crazed of the Corona-Panickers in 2020.

She suspended constitutional rule; she violated, in some viscerally political sense, basic standards of Western decency; she staged a coup d'etat against normality and sanity to rule as pantsuit dictator; she was a zealot or a self-appointed high-priestess of the Corona-Panic Cult; so bad was she that she triggered the first, organized, large-scale Anti-Panic protests in North America that I know of.

She was much in the news in April and May 2020, those dark months of the Peak Panic, when the Virus-demagogues set the tone and ran the show.

Two years later, we are now, and many have forgotten. The guilty remain unpunished. Will they ever be subject to serious investigation for abuse of power? For violation of the social contract be enforcing a deranged and immoral form of Panic-extremism? Or are all investigative resources tied up with the quasi-show-trial events for such like that one guy with the silly viking cap, or the redneck known as Biggo from Arkansas who put his feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk and then called her rude names to told tv cameras.
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