Ann Coulter on 2,000 Mules and 10,000 Maniacs

Posted On: Saturday - June 18th 2022 6:42PM MST
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To be clear, Miss Coulter did not mention the 10,000 Maniacs, but that's just the latter part of our post here.

I do get behind on these "current events" (what we used to call the news when I was a kid). Commenter Dieter Kief pointed out the Dinesh D’Souza movie 2,000 Mules that is coming out, as an investigation of the '20 Presidential election fraud, and I didn't even know what "2,000 Mules" was until his explanation.

Ann Coulter's latest column has what one might call a quick review, which also contains a quick review of the failures of the Donald Trump Presidency. You may be able to tell whether her thumbs are up or down for this movie by the title - see , On 2000 Mules: Dinesh D’Souza’s Stupid Movie. I haven't watched this movie yet, but I disagree vehemently with Miss Coulter* on her contention that the election wasn't stolen based on what I have already seen. There was so much suspicious activity, there were so many opportunities CREATED for irregularities, and there was too much "coincidence" in the reversal of the vote in those last few States** that I don't see how it couldn't have been.

That doesn't mean I disagree with Miss Coulter on her discussion of how stupidly President Trump acted to lose votes. You can read how he screwed his voters in the column, including even something about alleged swindling of donor funds. . She then gave 3 errors she saw in the movie. Finally, she tells us why she is really pissed at Trump, as if we didn't know. She calls out many instances of Trump's contradictions (he's a bullshitter some of the time, face it) as President vs. Candidate, but I'll just paste in this last part:
Most stunningly, Trump blew off the signature promise of his campaign: the wall. While he was busy sucking up to Wall Street, Kim Kardashian, RINOs, Silicon Valley, the gun-grabbers and illegal aliens, not one mile of wall got built.

He finally got around to the wall his last year in office. Total new wall across a 2,000 mile border completed during the entire Trump presidency: 47 miles.

Yeah, it's a total baffler how a president who spent four years ignoring his base could have lost.

Imagine if Ronald Reagan, after running in 1980 on winning the Cold War and slashing taxes, had gotten into office and started bleating about our "inordinate fear of communism," instead of opposing the Soviets at every turn and driving the New York Times to fits of apoplexy? What if he'd left the top tax rate at 70% and suddenly started releasing criminals recommended by Kim Kardashian? And, for the cherry on top, suppose he'd turned his presidency over to his bimbo daughter and nimrod son-in-law?
I really, really, liked the comparison to President Reagan.***

Well, I don't know about the 2,000 mules, but I do know about the 10,000 Maniacs. They were what was called an Alternative Rock band 30 years ago, and no, you didn't say "alt rock". Peak Stupidity has featured the music of this great band from Jamestown, New York, fronted by the great Natalie Merchant, a few times. 10,003 Maniacs features Hey Jack Kerouac, God's acre is a fenced-in hallowed ground features Lilydale, and Music for the depressed features Like the Weather.

I like the whole Our Time in Eden album. Though it was the song most played on the radio, it's been a long time, so I don't mind hearing These are Days again. This goes 30 years back!

This is a really upbeat song too with the lyrics of the chorus going:
You'll know it's true
that you are blessed and lucky.
It's true that you are touched by something
that will grow and bloom in you.
Yeah, likely I am. It's hard to feel this upbeat, though, at 30 years older, but more than that, in a country that's 30 years older and now contains 10,0002 maniacs!

OK, that wraps up Immigration Invasion Fest week, a "concept week" of blogging, with only 1 post out of 7 that didn't discuss this topic. We'll get back to our normal mode of interspersing various flavors of stupidity in with each other next week. There are plenty of posts built up at this point. Thanks to all of you for reading and writing! Happy Sunday.

* She also had another recent column, The Great Replacement Switcheroo—Replacing Blacks With Immigrants, with which I don't disagree with her basic point, but sure do with her pandering style. (Yes, that's normally unheard of out of Ann Coulter, but that's what I'd call it.)

** See
Is it all gonna come down to Philly or Carson City?? Send lawyers, guns, and money ....

*** Peak Stupidity has a 5-part series from Nov-Dec '18 on Ronnie vs. Donnie after Mr. Trump bragged "I blow Ronald Reagan away." Yeah, right - here: Intro. -- The Personalities -- Foreign Policy -- Domestic Policy -- and Conclusion .

Sam J.
Monday - June 20th 2022 7:52PM MST

"... I always figured Trump was beyond blackmail. We all knew he was a wheeler-dealer NY real estate guy who had to deal with corruption. We all knew he was a playboy coming into this Presidency. What could they say? "Donald Trump found to have have cheated on his 2nd wife and charges of bribery are coming in NY!..."

Not saying any of this is true but there is more than one allegation of this and they involve Epstein. If it IS true then you know they have photos. In Trumps defense it’s said that Epstein was trolling the young girls at Trumps club and he threw him out and banned him.

Notice several lawsuits that went nowhere were represented by Gloria Allred, Jew. She would be there to keep a lid on things and find out all the data to control the situation. This s a long consistent pattern with them. Control both sides no matter how odd it seems. An example. Did you know in the seventies and eighties, the Nazi Party was controlled by a pedophile homosexual Jew? It’s true.

Sam J.
Monday - June 20th 2022 6:44PM MST

I’m fully understanding that some of the stuff I say seems tin foil bat shit crazy BY ITSELF. But it does not if you look at the long term behavior of the Jews and their corresponding textbook behavior as psychopaths. I mean these people went into Russia with bundles of cash, a few tens of thousands of Jews, got together, took over the country and murdered millions of people under the name of the "the working man". That is pure psychopathy. There are books written about this by psychologist that snuck out the manuscripts hidden all sorts of ways before they had the name psychopath. One is called

"Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes"

Read the reviews on it. The book itself is hard to read and not lively but covers a lot of stuff that no one talks about.

The biggest problem people have is they believe that all people think, just like them, and some do not. The Jews tell you they are different all the time. Blatantly, but no one believes them. I mean what do you think about a person who says things like this,

"Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves." - Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset [Israeli Parliament] quoted by Amnon Kapeliouk, "Begin and the Beasts," New Statesman, June 25, 1982

"Tell me, do the evil men of this world have a bad time? They hunt and catch whatever they feel like eating. They don't suffer from indigestion and are not punished by Heaven. I want Israel to join that club. Maybe the world will then at last begin to fear us instead of feeling sorry. Maybe they will start to tremble, to fear our madness instead of admiring our nobility. Let them tremble; let them call us a mad state. Let them understand that we are a savage country, dangerous to our surroundings, not normal, that we might go wild, that we might start World War Three just like that, or that we might one day go crazy and burn all the oil fields in the Middle East. Even if you'll prove to me that the present war is a dirty immoral war, I don't care. We shall start another war, kill and destroy more and more. And do you know why it is all worth it? Because it seems that this war has made us more unpopular among the civilized world.We'll hear no more of that nonsense about the unique Jewish morality. No more talk about a unique people being a light upon the nations. No more uniqueness and no more sweetness and light. Good riddance." --Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

“We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
— Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

It was essentially a Jewish regime in the Soviet Union that between 1917 and 1953 managed to exterminate 66 million Russian Christians and destroy their churches
Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli minister, Democracy Now, August 14, 2002

Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.

Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, reported in Jerusalem Post, October 10, 2010. Yosef was the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi in the Jewish state, and later the spiritual leader of the Knesset party Shas. He was known to be an important authority on Jewish law. When he died last year, hundreds of thousands of Israelis attended his funeral.

If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA.

If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value. There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.

Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, Jewish Week, April 26, 1996

"At Peak Stupidity club, YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! 9/11!"

OK either I did not see this or I could have and just mentally blanked it out, (not on purpose). The reason for that being that it's such an important data point proving that these people are psychopaths. I mean who the fuck, other than psychopaths, would buy up major buildings in the in NYC, smash planes into them so that they could blame the Arabs, use the US military to destroy THEIR enemies and DARE ANYONE TO SAY OTHER WISE. Who could do that but a bunch of psychopaths??? No one. No one could but psychopaths and the Jews have a very, very, very, very long, thousands of years long record of doing things just like this and are continuing to do so as we speak.

The reason I focus on building 7 is, as you've said, there are a lot of smoke and mirrors bandied about on the other buildings. This is on purpose. Look at a lot of the wild ass theories, baby nukes, ray beams, fake planes, it goes on and on, and you will find it’s Jews mostly pushing this stuff to confuse people. If you notice though, they don't talk much if at all about building 7 because, it’s impossible. They’ve tried and they only look like fools. They made a site about it and I crushed them like a linebacker playing football against kindergarteners until they banned my comments. The ONLY explanation for that building is demo. We even have people in building 7 that said the lower floors were demoed while they were in the building.

Now you say,"At Peak Stupidity club, YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! 9/11!"

Ok it's your blog so I'll follow your rules or try to. But let me play out a similar scenario. You have a daughter and she says, "Dad I can't sleep in my room there a monster under the bed". Now of course there is no monster under her bed so you tell her,"I’ll look and remove it if there is one". You look under the bed and there's a vile fire breathing slobbering horny vicious monster under her bed and you recoil back. There's no way you are going to grab a hold of that vicious thing it will tear you to pieces. Then you calmly tell your daughter. Go to bed, don't worry, I don't know what’s there but it’s not a problem.

There's no point in me commenting if I can not point out what a huge psychopathic attack the Jews did on us because I just sound like a nut. People just can't believe that others can be so rash and evil. It’s just unbelievable to them. I understand that. I’m not blind to that fact. The only way you can make them believe is to show them directly that there's an instance where THERE IS NO OTHER ANSWER but that these evil Jews are playing us and the WHOLE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT is too afraid of them to do anything about it.
The Alarmist
Monday - June 20th 2022 7:35AM MST

@Moderator said, “I have heard that DeSantis won't run if Trump does. Trump won't play second fiddle to anyone, of course, so the best thing for us is if he somehow faded away.”

The fact that two older men (Mr. Trump and Mr Bai Den) are not already pushing up daisies lends credence to the suggestion that neither received a real dose of the Clot-Shot. That Mr. Trump still has the wits he brought to the race in 2016 might seem to argue for him, but he showed us what he is really made of, and while a bowl of Jello®️ can be President (all it has to do is wiggle one way or another in response to its advisers), that doesn’t mean we should elect or re-elect him.

Nevertheless, I feel like I’m back in the ‘80s with everyone wondering who’s who in the Soviet Gerontocracy known as the politburo. It is time for both parties to put up younger, fresher blood, unless the deep state counts what they have been transfusing from all those Milk Carton Missing Children to keep Nancy, Mitch, Joe and all the other US gerontocracy rolling on as that very fresh young blood.
Monday - June 20th 2022 5:59AM MST
PS: Thank you for the info on General Flynn also, Sam. I made an effort NOT to follow the whole Trump admin. drama, as ALL I wanted to hear/see was real immigration control and the end of the warmongering. But, nope.

Yes, Trump could have been Neo-Conned, as I put it. As Miss Coulter wrote about a lot, his taking advice from his daughter and brother-in-law was stupid. Maybe only immediate family members, wife and kids under 18, should be allowed to stay at the White House. It's my freaking money anyway!

You can blackmail legislators, but I always figured Trump was beyond blackmail. We all knew he was a wheeler-dealer NY real estate guy who had to deal with corruption. We all knew he was a playboy coming into this Presidency. What could they say? "Donald Trump found to have have cheated on his 2nd wife and charges of bribery are coming in NY!" "Yeah, so..."
Monday - June 20th 2022 5:53AM MST
PS: About the gold: Let's talk Weimar and then Nazi Germany in the 1920s-'30s. Many Jews get in powerful finance positions here, just like then. It's indeed a big thing for them. One might say that it's about greed rather than evil, but then I suppose pure greed at the expense of society is a type of evil.

During the time of hyperinflation in Germany, historians contend that it was the ridiculously onerous Reparations (hey, where've I heard that recently) put on the country by the Treaty of Versailles that screwed the German economy. Creating money, well currency, to be accurate, out of thin air may have been a Jewish thing, but I don't know. I do know about "our" Federal Reserve though.

There are always good people of all types who see what's going on and want to hold onto their wealth. I believe that part of the reason the Jews there in Germany ended up smelling like roses is that they did know what REAL MONEY is. That does not at all discount your contention that many assets were bought at bargain basement prices, and the rest of the Germans were penniless (in real money terms). There are the greedy and evil, and then there are the wiser people who see what's coming and just want to make it through.

There are always the good people that get dragged down by the bad. It's happening here. Unfortunately, as one can often see in the Unz Review comments (not Steve Sailer's much, but others) that are pure anti-Americans - note the plural - people on the outside often don't make an effort to distinguish them. I am not the US Feral Gov't. I would like that organization DEAD. However, to a Conservative under the thumb of the US Globohomo program in the Ukraine, say, I am the problem.
Monday - June 20th 2022 5:43AM MST
PS: Sam J.: I agree with that there are so many different "programs" of destruction of this country, many that most people don't look into. As for 9/11, I don't say that things this nefarious couldn't happen. I would believe the US Feral Gov't is up to all sorts of things that I would not have believed 20 years back.

However, I ask you to read:

"At Peak Stupidity club, YOU! DO! NOT! TALK! ABOUT! 9/11!"

That's not at all saying I have a problem with comments about it - that's just the title, but please read that one.

As for Jews as a whole, I have a different take. It starts the same though - they are involved much more than proportionally in many cultural destructive organizations and ideologies. Regarding the latter, I'd say Communism has been the big one of the last century (a little over a century by now). I may have written a post on this, but what I believe is that genetically, Jews are just plane prone to having a "save the world" complex, not every single person, but more than in the other populations.
Is it not genetic but cultural, seeing as Christianity has us looking to the next world rather than trying to, in some way, save this one? (I DO have a few posts on this for sure - check the Bible/Religion topic key.) I don't know.

The problem is that this tendency to want to change things, often the whole culture or "system", "for the better" usually goes in the wrong direction. It doesn't always. I would bring up the "young man who is a Conservative had no heart, and an old man who is a Liberal has no brain" thing, but even many of the old guys, like George Soros and countless others, have no wisdom even in their old age. They still support the destructive stupidity.

I would think Israel alone would be a good place to prove out these ideas, rather than spreading them everywhere and insisting their way is better.

Where I differ greatly is that I truly think many Jews who are behind the feminism, Socialism, racial BS, wokeness, and general Communism really do mean well. That doesn't help a whole damned lot though!

Sam J.
Monday - June 20th 2022 5:23AM MST

"Ann Coulter' Americans in which I also wonder if she really meant what she wrote. She's wishy-washy on the subject of blacks in America. She courageously writes about their violence and dysfunction, but then she supports AA and, well..."

I understand Ann's views on Blacks exactly 100% or at least I think I do, Ann is a Northern Yankee. She has not grown up around Blacks. She feels sorry for them. She genuinely hates they have such a hard time in life. She thinks that slavery was and is a big reason that things are the way they are for them. Now there's some truth to this but mostly Black people have problems because they are problematic. It’s not that there are no good Blacks it’s that their average IQ is 85, they are impulsive and a lot of them's lives because of that are a disaster. Dumb Whites have the same problem there's just not so many of them and they tend to, even if just as dumb, not to be as impulsive. Ann really wants the best for Blacks and is willing to give them AA or whatever needed to help them. But she is honest enough to see that frequently they are a disaster.

I say blacks would be a lot better off if a lot more of them were put in jail, school, work camps, so at least they would learn to read and realize that it's better to work outside of jail for money than in iut for nothing.
Sam J.
Monday - June 20th 2022 5:07AM MST

(I don't know all the details about Flynn that you brought up.)

They had to get rid of Gen. Flynn. Gen. Flynn was the head of the DIA Defense Intelligence Agency. The DIA is not filled with as many Jews as the CIA which the Jews completely control. The NSA maybe 50-50, just a guess. Flynn knows all about all the blackmail the Jews are doing to our legislature and possibly where that data is. Now look at it this way. Say you get a ruthless Man into office. Total super US Nationalist. All that blackmail material could be used just as easily to make the blackmailed Representatives to do stuff like I mentioned. State regional based Senates in all the States. No voting or jury duty for anyone not having a high school diploma or not paying taxes. You could completely, totally, utterly ruin the Democrats AND you could literally take over the whole country, expose the Jews, it would be easy it's all on record, and throw them the fuck out like has happened thousands of times before. If you were ruthless, you could decimate the left. Arrest all their anti-fa. Jail all the crooked bankers. You could completely clean house and not break any laws except maybe lean on those already corrupt.

Trump utterly abandoned him. I think, though I can't prove anything, that Trump was talked into running by Flynn, (this was said to be true by some), and other patriots who knew about 9-11 and lots and lots of other horrible things and Trump, went to the Jews, told them and the Jews played Flynn and all the others. And us.
Sam J.
Monday - June 20th 2022 4:43AM MST

"...Did you mean that they "gave" us Trump so we wouldn't get Hitler?..."

I want to add I’m not saying "I KNOW" that Trump is a fake Hitler put up by the Jews. I am saying that his behavior, the timing of his rise and how it all played out, especially with "Q" chiming in and Trump seemingly being aware of and pushing the idea that "Q" was real, (Trump got in the habit of making Q gestures at odd times seemingly to correspond to his agreement that Q was real), makes me super damn suspicious that Trump was a Jew ringer the whole time. There is no doubt at all that some of "Q's" post showed he had access to the White House and high level areas that boosted his credibility. Yet in the end "Q" did not one damn thing.

Here's who I think "Q" is, Dr. Steve Pieczenik. Dr. Steve Pieczenik worked for the CIA and the State department doing color revolutions, admittedly, for many years. He said on Alex Jones,(and no I do not even remotely believe everything Jones says but like all disinformation agents he MUST tell some truths), that around the elections,"they had everything", that they were setting up the Democrats so that when they stole the elections they would arrest them all. He said that the military was fighting the CIA in overseas vote changing locations… I mean all kinds of crazy shit but...there's no doubt the guy was high level and has done all he has said earlier and he is guaranteeing that the elections WILL NOT be allowed to be stolen. That they had the whole thing under control. Don't worry. Done deal, then...he just ghosted. Nothing. Nothing else. His whole stick was nothing so much as exactly what Q said over and over that it was all being handled, don't worry, calm down, trust the plan (over and over). Let the experts handle it and now...we have a fake President and they are starting to vax children even though people are falling out on TV after being vaxed. Can't prove it but it’s got to be him.
Sam J.
Monday - June 20th 2022 4:24AM MST

"...Did you mean that they "gave" us Trump so we wouldn't get Hitler?..."

Yes EXACTLY. Planned.

Look I know some of the things I say sound moon bat barking madd. It can't be helped because the people who are our nemesis are in large a bunch of psychopaths. I've studied them a good bit and they do absolutely barking moon bat mad stuff all the time.(I'll give a link and an explanation below. If you read them then you will get a far better understanding of psychopaths than probably 99.9% of most people) So when you point this stuff out then you look like your just pulling this stuff out of your ass. My perspective is someone who has looked at the Jews behavior over thousands of years and it’s amazing "exactly" how consistent they are. They keep doing the same stuff over and over. Now I would be hard pressed to prove large scale Jewish malicious behavior presently, except, they screwed up. I can prove no doubt 100% large scale Jewish malicious, genocidal behavior towards the US.

On 9-11 building 7,not hit by a plane, and with fire only on a few floors, 3 or 4 (there is video of one hour before it fell), fell the same speed as if only "air" held it up for over 100 feet. This is impossible. For it to fall as it did all support must have been removed. All of it. No columns, no concrete, nothing. There is no way to do this but demo. No one can tell me that all these Jews can not see this also. The Jews owned the building. Fired all the old security and put in new. We're not even talking about all the other building with molten metal pouring out of the corners before they fell. I’m sticking to 7 which is IMPOSSIBLE to explain as they did. The Jews own all the newspapers, TV, magazines, book publishing and radio stations and they have not said boo about this except for the Jew Geraldo who after covering it had his show canceled shortly after.

Now once you realize this, I mean really internally realize just how fucked we are that they could do this and get away with it, it doesn't seem so crazy that they could put up a Presidential candidate that had a lot of the attributes of a Hitler. No comprise, get rid the aliens. I’m not saying Trump or his points were Hitler just that it had that sort of strong Man going to make things right. And it worked. He was elected and he did NOTHING that stopped the long term degradation of the country. Everything just rolled right along. It's amazing how the take down of the US is so sychronized to thngs they have done before. Ever heard of "Q". What was "Q's" message, "the military will take over...the deep State will the plan, (a lot of that trust the plan shit), lots of cryptic accounts of secret groups that will fight the deep State FOR US (meaning we don't have to do a thing). Well has this ever happened before?

Oh Shit. Russia/USSR when the Jews took over.

Every single thing the Jews are doing right this minute they did in other countries before. In Germany they did their best to push, race mixing, homosexually, transgender, child sex. It’s carbon copy of Germany. They took over the banks and produced massive amounts of cash they gave to their buddies who bought EVERYTHING. Same in the US. Where do you think all that trillions, far over $16 trillion, went in super low 1% interest loans from the FED to the banks? They bought everything. They own the food, the fields, the houses, the apartments, the land, everything and now they are raising rates and they will squeeze the hell out of us. They are cutting back on food. A total farce because the US by itself could NEVER run out of food. Only if forced.

The Jews did the same to Russia in the Soviet Union. They murdered an extraordinary amount of people. Every single place they go they attempt to do this.

All the way back to ancient Egypt, the Jews say themselves,"...Exod 3:21 And I will give this people favour in the sight of the Egyptians: and it shall come to pass, that, when ye go, ye shall not go empty: 3:22 But every woman shall borrow of her neighbour, and of her that sojourneth in her house, jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment: and ye shall put them upon your sons, and upon your daughters; and ye shall spoil the Egyptians...."

So the Jews say they were slaves in Egypt but they "borrowed" all the gold, silver and raiments and then ran off with it. Ripping people off from time immortal. You ever heard of slaves that were allowed to borrow all the Masters gold and silver???

In Spain they let the Muslims in the city gates overthrowing the Spaniards and it took the Spanish 700 years to get their country back.

On Psychoapths.

Now have psychopaths totally destroyed societies in the past. Absolutely. A super clear example is Alcibiades. One such case that destroyed a whole civilization is Alcibiades of Athens. Alcibiades was almost certainly a psychopath(not a Jew). Some had an intense hatred for him, some great love. It was Alcibiades that pushed the great idea of attacking Syracuse on the Athenians. The failed Syracuse attack was THE downfall of Athens. The failed attack destroyed them completely. The same Alcibiades went from city to city in the ancient world. In Sparta he was more Spartan than the Spartans. Changing his chameleon skin every time he moved somewhere else and betraying everyone he came in contact with. Alcibiades killed Athens with risky schemes to glorify himself.

What did Plutarch have to say about him.*.html

"...He had, as they say, one power which transcended all others, and proved an implement of his chase for men: that of assimilating and adapting himself to the pursuits and lives of others, thereby assuming more violent changes than the chameleon. That animal, however, as it is said, is utterly unable to assume one colour, namely, white; but Alcibiades could associate with good and bad alike, and found naught that he could not imitate and practice. 5 In Sparta, he was all for bodily training, simplicity of life, and severity of countenance; in Ionia, for p65 luxurious ease and pleasure; in Thrace, for drinking deep; in Thessaly, for riding hard; and when he was thrown with Tissaphernes the satrap, he outdid even Persian magnificence in his pomp and lavishness. It was not that he could so easily pass entirely from one manner of man to another, nor that he actually underwent in every case a change in his real character; but when he saw that his natural manners were likely to be annoying to his associates, he was quick to assume any counterfeit exterior which might in each case be suitable for them..."

One thing not widely known is King Agis of Sparta hated Alcibiades because Alcibiades had a child by the Kings wife.

here's one idea that describes the Jews perfectly. It describes their parasitism, their lying, their chameleon like behavior, their sense of superiority and belief that they are different from everyone else. There's a simple explanation for why the Jews are hated so much that also explains their behavior and success. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all, maybe not even the majority, but a large number. All of the Jews ancient writings are nothing more than a manual for psychopaths to live by. The Talmud is nothing but one psychopathic thought after another. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they're Jews and their lives don’t matter. A psychopathic religion for a psychopathic people.

Even if I'm wrong thousands of years of history show a bunch of Jews moving into your territory is in no way distinguishable from a tribe of psychopaths moving into your country

They've been thrown out of every single country that they've been to in any numbers.


Psychopaths having no empathy themselves can only go by the feedback they get from the people they are exploiting. So they push and push to see what they can get away with. The normal people build up resentment towards them. Thinking “surely they will reform or repent” like a normal person who does wrong. Of course the Jews do not. They don’t have the mental process for reform. Then in a huge mass outpouring of hate for the Jews, fed up with the refusal to reform their behavior, they attack and/or deport them. In this stage of the cycle the Big/Rich Jews escape and the little Jews are attacked.

Start over.

Even if it's wrong if you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you will never be surprised and Jew's behavior will make sense.

In order to predict Jews behavior read the great book on Psychopaths by Hervey Cleckley, "The Mask of Sanity". Here's a chapter you should read. It's about the psychopath Stanley. Who does all kinds of manic bullshit and spends all his time feeding people the most outrageous lies. Look at the astounding array of things he's able to get away with. Maybe it will remind you of a certain tribe. New meme. "They're pulling a Stanley". The whole book is on the web and worth reading.

Here's another link but the graphics are a bit odd. Excuse them but they keep deleting links to Chapter 19 in Stanley. Reading Stanley is very important.

"...In the course of his European Graduate School lecture, Žižek comments that “the real mystery of anti-Semitism is why it is a constant..."

This is not a mystery at all. NO ONE can stand psychopaths over the long term. They're fucked up. You even hear Jews leaving Israel because the culture is so fucked up. Even psychopaths don't want to live with psychopaths.

The only know recipe to living with psychopaths recommended by psychiatrist is...don't live with them at all. The sooner we realize that the Jews are a damaged, evil, twisted tribe of psychopaths and there's no reasoning, dealing, co-opting or living with them the better we will be. The only 100%. guaranteed, tried and true, tested with 100% satisfaction of dealing with the Jews is to get rid of them. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means necessary get them away from you and leave them no control of any sort over your country or any other aspect of your and your countrymen's lives.

Now I know a lot of the things I say seem absurd because,"no one would do that", but if you look at the past behavior of psychopaths and of the Jews specifically you will see they have done everything I’m claiming they are doing AND MORE. It’s all been done before. Every single place the Jews have been in their whole entire history they have been thrown out of because of their behavior. Everywhere. There is nowhere they have ever gone that people eventually have not decided to throw them out.

All Jews may not be psychopaths but there is no distinguishable difference between a bunch of Jews moving to your territory and a tribe of psychopaths. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths.

The only known cure for psychopaths in your lives as related by the top psychologist in the world is to get rid of them. Completely thwart any means they have at all to interfere in your life.

If you will keep this in mind that the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths then you will never be surprised at their behavior and many times be able to predict it.
Mr. Anon
Sunday - June 19th 2022 4:30PM MST

On that popular vote issue: John Derbyshire pointed out that Trump won the popular vote in 2016 if you exclude California. I.e., all of Hillary Clinton's popular vote edge came from one state. This ties into a theory I have. Or rather a question. What if the Democrats are engaging in massive vote fraud in what are considered to be safe states like California? I won't go into it in detail here; I'll just link to a recent iSteve post where I discussed it:
Sunday - June 19th 2022 10:47AM MST
PS If were a wagering man, I’d wager a small amount that the election—i.e., the Electoral College vote—was jiggered by fake ballots in a few cities in a few key states. But it doesn’t matter all that much. Totally Legit Joe received seven million more votes than Mr Trump received. A few tens of thousands here and there is a drop in the bucket. Now the Left have to govern, although what the Left do is more aptly described as destroying rather than governing. And destroy they shall. Mr Trump did little to stop the destruction. At best, he slowed it down a bit. Whether slowing it down a bit is a good thing is a matter of opinion. I believe that it would be best for everyone if Mr Trump just went away. He’s a sideshow that distracts from what is actually happening. It’s not about him. It’s about whether or not anything of Western civilization can be saved in North America, and, if so, how.
Sunday - June 19th 2022 10:26AM MST

A commenter says “the odds are” the election was not stolen. However, way back, I got into of the statistical analysis of aberrations, and as I recall the objective bottom line was that the odds were that the election WAS stolen. The aberrations consisted of two types. Prior election versus this election, and early returns versus late returns. Conservative quants said it was something like a billion tto one that the curiosities would occur legitimately. Dem quants argued with the 1 billion, and said, relax, there’s a 6% chance that the curiosities could occur legitimately. Thus, the Dem bottom line was that there was a 94% chance statistically that the election was stolen.
Sunday - June 19th 2022 5:57AM MST
PS: To Sam again: I don't see why the Deep State, who I see as Globalists who don't care beans about real Americans, would have wanted a Hitler though. I think even Trump, who didn't accomplish so much besides getting Americans focused on the immigration issue, was too much for them. (I don't know all the details about Flynn that you brought up.) Maybe I misunderstood you. Did you mean that they "gave" us Trump so we wouldn't get Hitler?

It's funny how the ctrl-left will make anyone, even a Trump or Bush, Jr. out to be a Hitler, when they really wouldn't know what to do if they got a real tyrant who took charge and did run over what's left of rule-of-law and stuff. I do think we will not be voting our way out of this, but then if Ron DeSantis were President, I'd still have some hope.

We'd need some real Conservatives in Congress too, like a few hundred - not very likely - that are actually ready to fight rather than just fit in, in Washington FS.) The Swamp would have to be ACTUALLY drained. Someone in power on our side would have to have a trusted friend at the NSA who could get him the (blackmail-ready) goods on evil bastards of the left at a moment's notice.
Sunday - June 19th 2022 5:47AM MST
PS: On Dinesh D'Souza, I agree with Mr. Hail and Mr. Anon about him. I'll read this and that from him and think he's a real Conservative, but I've also read otherwise about him.

Why did he make this movie? Was it that he likes Trump so much? That can't be it, so one might think he is just for fair elections and "justice". Does he just want to make it big in this circle of Conservatism, Inc. that he lives in? It's probably the latter.

I'd forgotten about his having dated Ann Coulter. Between that and her being spurned politically by Donald Trump after being pretty much his biggest fan - remember her saying he would win the nomination on some TV show with some cackling women that all thought she was so wrong? - through at least the Syria bombings (only a few months into his Presidency) she may be writing this stuff from emotions. I'd thought she was a much cooler character than that, but she is a woman nonetheless.

For Sam J, I inserted a link in the first *footnote that I forgot about yesterday to one of Ann Coulter's recent columns. There's also a previous column from the week before that on black Americans in which I also wonder if she really meant what she wrote. She's wishy-washy on the subject of blacks in America. She courageously writes about their violence and dysfunction, but then she supports AA and, well see these 2 columns:

On VDare, all of her columns are here:
Sunday - June 19th 2022 5:37AM MST
PS: "Counting votes is one of many things the USA seems unable to properly do (anymore). Failure to do so in a timely or transparent way seems a demonstrable way in which the USA of circa 2020 is behind what it was in the late 1800s."

Agreed. Computers and the internet supposed to help things become more efficient, but for voting, they seem to have been creating more ways to cheat. The system we have where I live, ballots being printed by the machine with the touchscreen, then being scanned and dropping into a receptacle (wait "receptacle" doesn't sound so good!) would be fine. As much as I have used the early balloting due to being out of town, I think anything involving mailing-in anything should be scrapped.

Anyway, I'm not just talking fairness but incompetence too. Even in business now, where computers and the net are supposed to help us, the incompetence of employees (perhaps a function of AA, but more than that) overcomes those benefits.

"I'm getting the feeling the energy has shifted to DeSantis and talking about the Orange Buffoon is like talking about Soviet politicians in 1990. It's over...(?)"

I have heard that DeSantis won't run if Trump does. Trump won't play second fiddle to anyone, of course, so the best thing for us is if he somehow faded away. I really wouldn't mind it at all if he all he did was hold big MAGA rallies to keep the new wing (against GOPe) going, but, again, he would only do it on his own behalf.

I would work on behalf of Ron DeSantis. Maybe I'd be disappointed, but so far, I think he's been great.
Sam J.
Sunday - June 19th 2022 4:50AM MST

I like Ann and agree that Trump is not really our man. I’m not sure if he was or he never was or he was but was threatened such that he just did what he could but no more. A distinct possibility.

I have had something on the back of my mind since the day that Trump let Gen. Flynn fly about in the wind due to lawfare attacks on him that Trump could have stopped. If anyone were able to do a serious slam dunk on the deepState, seriously round them up and hang the lot of them, Flynn could. I bet they were really afraid of him. I bet he knows where the vast majority of the bodies are buried. After that time and adding in his betrayal of Bannon and Sen. Sessions I have thought this terrible thought. What the country needed was a Hitler. Not his politics or anything like that but an uncompromising totally honest guy who has the will and force of personality to run over anyone in his path to straighten the country out. People forget the real Hitler turned the whole damn entirety of Germany around in few years by cutting the Jews out of looting the Treasury and old-fashioned putting everyone he could, back to work. He saved their asses for real. People were dying in the streets from starvation, and children were being openly prostituted so people could eat.

So the deepstate sees it’s the US's time for a Hitler and so they give us one...Trump.

I often wonder if Ann really believes all she writes. I don't think so. I think there are some subjects that if she touches them, like the vote steal was not real, then she could at the least lose all influence and at the worst be killed. So she doesn't talk about some things or lies.

I haven't seen the movie yet but the odds that the vote was not stolen from Trump, even as big an ass as he was, are too high to contemplate. There seemed thousands and thousands of illegal things going on the whole time. Just too damn many.
Mr. Anon
Sunday - June 19th 2022 12:36AM MST


"Dinesh D'Souza is a species of suave political con-artist. He has had a lucrative career plying his trade."

I agree. I don't trust him. He used to be a member of Con Inc. before they read him out of thier ranks, for whatever reason.

Fun fact: D'Souza and Coulter once dated. So there might be some ulterior motive in her criticism of him (and, then again, maybe not). Generally, I like Ann Coulter, and what she says. But she's still caught up in all that Reagan-era BS. It was no Golden Age. The GOP was rotten then too.
Saturday - June 18th 2022 11:06PM MST

A point that deserves to be made directly:

Dinesh D'Souza is a species of suave political con-artist. He has had a lucrative career plying his trade.

To be more direct: Dinesh D'Souza is fundamentally dishonest, even if calling him outright a "liar" might be too far. His instincts are a form of anti-Western, or immigrant-supremacist. He is a kind of character I expect empires probably always end up attracting. I can imagine versions of this man in the decadent latter periods of the Roman Empire.

When we deal with characters like this, Ask first what his "angle" is; ask second what his information is. Consider the two together to form an understanding of what's going on.
Saturday - June 18th 2022 10:39PM MST

A big reason people thought there was fraud was the mystery ballot dumps late at night that went 95-100% for Biden, in some case entire batches numbers of votes without even one vote for Trump. Then followed a long trickle of more ballots they found in following days, putting Biden ahead just enough in just the key states.

The media declared Biden the winner on the Saturday following voting day, a bit more than 3.5 days after voting closed.

I can tell you this: If you read through 19th-century newspapers, you'll see that when elections came up the result was generally known by the time the next day's edition was printed. Even the famous "Dewey defeats Truman" was I think corrected within a day, an example of some editor jumping the gun but being proved wrong within hours. Newspapers of old (as in, printed words on low-quality paper for mass distribution), are flashes of moments in time. If the paper is printed and distributed daily, they have to get it on paper and out to printers by x time, so we know that the Wednesday morning early, they knew the result of Tuesday's voting, and nearly 100% so, even printing the exact number of votes as they knew it at press time. The printed numbers (being set in stone, as it were) are not quite 100% of what would be certified as final, but nearly so. The contrast with the bizarre 2020 US presidential election is obvious.

Counting votes is one of many things the USA seems unable to properly do (anymore). Failure to do so in a timely or transparent way seems a demonstrable way in which the USA of circa 2020 is behind what it was in the late 1800s.


I'm getting the feeling the energy has shifted to DeSantis and talking about the Orange Buffoon is like talking about Soviet politicians in 1990. It's over...(?)
Saturday - June 18th 2022 9:47PM MST
PS: Great comment, Mr. Anon, as in, I agree with all of it. Regarding "Maybe a lot of white guys in my position just didn't bother to vote.", I'm sure that's the case. Then again, how do you get the enthusiasm to get that many people to vote for Biden with his Basement campaign? The worst was President Trump's pushing of that Platinum Plan of money for blacks. We're not talking $500 million. It was to be $500 BILLION. (I'm not about to find out how much of that crap got made into law.) That had to have gotten plenty a poor White guy to stay home.

With your last paragraph, you reminded me of something similar. Trump only started getting serious about the Communications Act and the "TECH Totalitarians" (VDare's term) a few weeks or so before the election, because it was affecting HIM.
Mr. Anon
Saturday - June 18th 2022 9:06PM MST

Coulter is right. Trump was/is a moron and a con-man who betrayed the people who elected him to office. I haven't seen "2,000 Mules" but from the criticisms I've heard it isn't conclusive evidence of vote fraud or even especially compelling evidence. I fully expected Trump to lose, and I wasn't surprised when he did. Some fraction of those who supported him in 2016 (myself included) had written him off as a blowhard and a fraud. In the end I voted for him, but with no enthusiasm. Maybe a lot of white guys in my position just didn't bother to vote.

That said, there was a lot fishy about the 2020 election. There was outright election tampering - like the Pennsylvania Secretary of State ignoring the states election laws. Like all those poll-watchers kicked out of counting rooms after having been told that counting was done for the night, but the counting continued. Like the $ 400 million in "Zuck-Bucks" that Mark Zuckerberg gave to (exclusively Democratic) jurisdictions for election operations. Like all the dead people who were found to have voted.

So, yes, I believe their was election fraud, substantial fraud. Maybe not enough to throw the election to Biden, but does that matter? If you cheat - even if it later turns out that you didn't need to cheat to win - you're still a cheater.

And that said, I think that Coulter's vitriol toward the Donald is justified. He did raise a lot of money for his bogus "Stop-the-Steal" effort which has gone - where exactly? He left the J6 defendents hung out to dry. And even now he harps on election fraud, not because it was an offense against the people or the Republic, but because it adversely affected him. He's a narcissist and a phony. He needs to just go away. If conservatives pin their future to him, they will only be disappointed again.
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