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Posted On: Wednesday - December 7th 2016 4:04PM MST
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I've wanted to write a long post about the human and environmental tragedy that is called California for a long time. I'll have some more tomorrow, but what got me thinking about it again was this comment from this article on

Who Me? Xanthippe2 • 11 hours ago

"Why is California so interested in keeping the millions of non-citizens living there? I realize they vote D when they bother to vote at all, but other than that they are nothing but a drain on public funds and services. The removal of some of them would be a relief to the rest of the population who would have more room and more resources available. Not to mention, safer."

This guy gives part of the answer to his question right away, about the Dem. votes. The immigration is indeed a net big drain, and in more ways than just financial. The last sentence is true also. Yes, this is all true and nothing is being done. The second part of the answer to why the state is being demographically (and this will mean, eventually environmentally) destroyed is that the 50-75% of actual (not illegal alien) good decent Californian's are of no concern to the state/feral government elites, the ag-business elites, the software-tech elites.

The big wigs of today, as opposed to those of a century ago, do not give a whit (I cleaned it up, Edit.) about their countrymen or, in this case, fellow Californians. They are "Men of the World". If they fuck up what was once the freest people, the most beautiful state, and the best lifestyle the world has ever seen, the'll just go globaltrotting to somewhere else better (so they think) and try again to fuck it up. It's what they do, and there've been people like this around for centuries but they never had a more beautiful place to destroy before.

Chuck Berry wrote it, but you can't do it better than Bob, Jerry, Phil, and whatever keyboardist had not OD'd yet by 1976.

By the way, for extra credit, what two states did our traveller cross on the way from the Tidewater, Virginia to the Promised Land that are not mentioned in the song?

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