Excuses ... when will they ever learn?

Posted On: Tuesday - June 7th 2022 4:51PM MST
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If you're Walking in Memphis you'll be on the famous Beale Street at some point, downtown:

(It's probably OK in the daytime, but still, watch out.)

I almost didn't recall that above-linked-to Walking in Memphis post with the memorable Marc Cohn song. This post could be a continuation of that 1/2 year old one, though, or a continuation of a conversation that I only overheard the last time. This is about people that have the same excuses for black people's violence and dysfunction as a 1965 Civil Rites marcher. That was 57 years back, but as the Pete Seeger song from 67 years back said "When will they ever learn? When will they evvvverrr learn?"

Most of the guys I work with are of a Conservative bent, so this was a little bit different from the norm. This 27 y/o, best I could calculate from something he said, seemed to know it all, so I don't think he was ready to "ever learn" a thing. OTOH, he's a very decent guy, and the conversation didn't start out about the racial stuff, but just about his home and living arrangements. That home is Memphis, Tennessee.

Now, I didn't start this racial talk, but this guy noted how dangerous Memphis could be. He didn't use the word "sketchy" (as in the other post), but more like "bad"* and "dangerous". I agreed. He told me "We have to pay a good bit more to rent our place in order to be in a good area." [Uhhh, yeah...] Well, later on, while talking about geography a bit, he noted that he liked Chattanooga**, on the eastern side of the State. For those not at all familiar, Tennessee seems to get linearly Whiter from the west to the east, and it's a LONG LONG way west/east across it. (Nashville is north/central, so it's not so great.) Oh, and then the young guy said he liked Knoxville and also the Tri-Cities - that's Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol, in the very northeast corner.

"Yeah, well western Tennessee, especially Memphis, has got a whole lot of black people." That was my most polite version of "no duh!" Well, now the excuses came out. "It's a lack of jobs there." "The schools are bad." (One wonders why...) I let some of this go, but then, yeah, he went there: "redlining", "not selling them houses in good neighborhoods", and there was more.

Though nobody was listening, I didn't want to really get myself in trouble, so I didn't mention natural causes. I brought up "half a century of the Welfare State, so the Moms have the State as their husbands, and do you know that 3/4 of these people don't have Dads at home? That doesn't work out well for the boys." He just plain blew that off as "that kind of talk is just discouraging to people..." or something like that. OK, "well did I mention that, no kidding, Detroit was called the 'Paris of the West' back in the 1950s and then when the White people got their businesses and houses trashed and burned, they had to get out to the 'burbs, so there was nobody left to supply the tax money?"

Well, "the banks wouldn't lend to them", "nobody would give them them good jobs", man, again with that stupidity.

Memphis ghetto - that's lots of the place:

It kind of tailed off there, which was good, because I like the guy. I was so miffed after this conversation that these half-century old excuses are still being brought up. Well, not everyone, not even CLOSE, unfortunately, to everyone, reads Steve Sailer or listens to Jared Taylor. Even more importantly, not everyone is honest to himself***, such as when he walks down Beale Street at night and won't think about what the root cause of what he sees may be.

Yeah, and he is only 27 years old. At 27 years old, was I the same way? Not exactly, but I probably did bring up a few of those excuses occasionally, really believing them. On the other hand, the excuses were nowhere near 55 years old then, and we hadn't learned as much of the real problem. Maybe the Welfare State would solve all this. Nahhh, actually I never bought that crap. I guess that was just my growing up with a Dad who believe in honesty over fitting in.

We can't go on as a country if we won't freaking learn anything. It doesn't help when one can get in trouble for explaining the truth. It's an endless cycle of poverty and ignorance for some of us White folk.

Instead of that old Pete Seeger folk song or another great old Memphis song, how about some blues, as a great contribution by the black contingent of musicians long ago? This is what Beale Street celebrates - the Blues, with museums and live music, but first, Is it safe?!!**** It's safer with White people playing it, if you're gonna go live. Hey, lots of White musicians appropriated this stuff, and I like it. This is yet another blues song that got its history from the black blues guys that were up and down the Mississippi River. I guess they didn't get as far north as Bemidji, Minnesota, where the river's already big.

Jesus Done Left Chicago, at least the ZZ Top version that I really like, doesn't mention Memphis, except for "all points in between" Chicago and New Orleans, where The Son of Man was bound.

The thing is, Jesus Done Left Chicago must always follow Waitin' for the Bus (all Day) which I don't like that much. However, I'm not like one of those DJ's bound straight for DJ hell who split up Journey, Zeppelin, or Queen songs like that. So I got both of them but starting at the song I do like:

These 2 songs are from ZZ Top's 1973 album Tres Hombres.

ZZ Top:
Billy Gibbons – guitar, vocals, and harmonica on "Waitin' for the Bus".
Dusty Hill – bass guitar, backing vocals.
Frank Beard – drums, percussion.

* My old boss long ago used to use the phrase "balance due area". It took me 2 months and asking someone to find out that stood for "black and dangerous".

** Yeah, I know, I read about the very recent shooting there, by black people, at least from my calculations using both Sailer's and Coulter's laws. (Not quite the same as using Newtons' and the 1st Law of Thermo, but at least there's a little logic one can use there.) The thing is, this country doesn't really divide up black/White by State. There's an urban/rural divide too. On a county level, the rural places up the Tennessee River NE from Chattanooga are extremely White.

*** This was not about his being honest or not to me based on a fear of getting in trouble, either. I brought up the western Tennessee has got a LOT of black people first.

**** Without knowing the movie Marathon Man, you won't get that one.

Monday - June 13th 2022 9:49AM MST
PS Ganderson - to your last point - I thought I had coined a phrase when I saw some branches of my family sinking into Gov't dependency - "Obama has made it acceptable for whites to act like joggers"...I suspect the pundits don't have much contact with the Great Unwashed Masses, especially lower class whites, can't score any virtue signaling points there...
Sam J.
Monday - June 13th 2022 4:54AM MST

My attitude towards blacks. I'm from a few places in the deep South. Lots of blacks. When younger I tried to get along with them even felt that they had a raw deal and tried to be kind to make up for it. This never worked well.

The defining moment for me was a horrible thing that happened. In the town I lived in there was a one way street that dead ended with public housing at the end on both sides of the street. Somehow a little white girl of 7 or 8 years old ended up down there. They took her to an abandoned house down past the dead end. Multiple people raped her, then they killed her.

Not one damn person came forward and gave any evidence on who did such a heinous crime. Not one. Must be at least a couple hundred people down there, likely more, and there's no way possible no one saw her. No one helped her in life or death. Whenever I hear black people saying I owe them this or that or anything, I think about that little girl being raped and murdered in that abandoned house.
Adam Smith
Thursday - June 9th 2022 5:55PM MST
PS: Good evening, y'all...

"It feels good to have done some good work with your hands. I hope that wasn't too frustrating, though, Adam. Did youtube have a video of anything close?"


Well, I haven't done the sun roof yet. I looked at it on Tuesday to see what kind of parts I need, and I removed the broken plastic pieces and put the glass back in and adjusted it as best as I could so it won't leak if for some reason it gets caught out in the rain. I ordered the parts yesterday, so this will be a project for next week. I did find a few sun roof videos for different cars that use the same repair kit, but I don't have a good diagram yet. (The shop manual doesn't show anything about it.) It looks like the head liner has to come out, and so does the "sunroof cassette" which is the whole frame that holds the mechanism and glass to the roof. I haven't done one of these before but it looks like it will be an interesting project. I'll let you know how it goes.

“But it's not that! It's the weather and the good schools! I swear!”

Lol... But what is it that makes the schools so good?

Wednesday - June 8th 2022 1:41PM MST
PS: Yeah, Alarmist, regular people will get pretty honest about it sometimes. Will anything change due to that? I think people in power have been making it all much worse for a long time.

That reminded me of my story (in an older post) of seeing these 4 black guys eating at the hotel breakfast area. They were all done with the COVID nonsense, so we had something in common there. They just had the pants hanging down, the usual... I had my pants barely in place, due to the fact that the breakfast was going to end soon and I had hurried so those pants had no belt on them. As I walked by them again, I had breakfast in one hand, and I was holding my pants up with the other, and I said, "man, I'm gonna be like you guys." They liked that one.
Wednesday - June 8th 2022 1:35PM MST
PS: It feels good to have done some good work with your hands. I hope that wasn't too frustrating, though, Adam. Did youtube have a video of anything close?

One time I found a guy taking off the door panel on my truck (same paint color even) on youtube. It was really a piece of cake anyway. However, the comments were a hoot.

"Hey, the camera is moving around like crazy. I couldn't see what was going on half the time!"

"This isn't Hollywood, man. The camera's on my head, and I'm just fixing my truck." said the videographer.

Yeah, it was pretty shaky. He was no Francis Ford Coppola.
Wednesday - June 8th 2022 1:30PM MST
PS: I finally got one of those round "to-its" at the store, so here:

Tri Cities, TN:

White Alone: 88.3%
Black Alone: 5.0%
Hispanic/Latino: 3,8%

But it's not that! It's the weather and the good schools! I swear!

Wednesday - June 8th 2022 1:23PM MST
PS: I gotta say, I don't get ALL of the references in Mr. Kief's comments, not being a man of letters so to speak. I only know the 26 of them, haha. However, the musical references are great, and Mr. Kief is on a different, more poetic, wavelength which adds diversity (heh, the good kind) to the site. Thank you too, Mr. Kief, for keeping us up on the Kung Flu politics, whether we agree with it all or not.

Oh, and Debbie Stabenow? Does she know anything about the production of electricity? Aren't all sources of energy rising in price? (It's not the products and services, but the currency that's the main problem.) I looked for just a little while, and no commenter on that twitter/youtube thing had mentioned that you've got to produce that electricity from other energy sources.

Then, yeah, there's the purchase of the Tesla to begin with. It's great to be King, errr, Governor, whatever she is...

Oh, I almost forgot: As to the point of this post, yes, most Americans would rather not "solve" this race problem that seems intractable - don't think about it, try to get yourself into a good area, don't get called names, get through life... this wokeness stuff has really put the pressure on, though. I think they- the left woke Commies - push too hard for their own good.
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - June 8th 2022 12:42PM MST
Adam thx back! - A lot - for your links 'n' thoughts too.
The Alarmist
Wednesday - June 8th 2022 12:08PM MST

You might try Sevierville, but the local hospital killed a majority of its COVID on-patients, so you might be safer in Memphis.

I went for a while to a city school where I was among the minority White students. I learned race reality at a very young age. Nevertheless, I also learned how to converse comfortably with your average non-gangsta African American, who unfortunately are the victims of some degree of Group Guilt from various institutions. I was on a bus from the airport to the rental car lot, and the black driver asked where I went to school, and when I told him, he said with a surprised smile, “Damn, you went to X and you lived to tell about it? Respect!” Much to the surprise of my European wife and the other White folk aboard that bus.
Adam Smith
Wednesday - June 8th 2022 10:23AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

Completely off topic, but, does anyone know how to replace the sunroof track assembly on a 2006 dodge dakota?
Just kidding... I'll figure it out.

Also completely off topic...


Hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday - June 8th 2022 9:03AM MST
PS Some people—a lot of people—will simply never learn. The chap that you talk about could be mugged, have his house burgled, and his wife raped, and still never learn. It took me a long time to learn. It wasn’t until well into my second residence in Hyde Park—the University of Chicago neighborhood that is surrounded on three sides by some of the worst ghetto in the country—to finally twig to the reality. And the first residence, when I was a student, was pretty bad. Things are going to get a lot worse before they have a chance of getting better.
Wednesday - June 8th 2022 6:30AM MST

I’d guess one indication of whether your neighborhood is going to shift is % of rental property- places like Manhattan notwithstanding.

What I never understood was why so many renters, (and to be fair. you often see this in high % of white people renting areas) don’t lift a finger to keep their living areas nice. In my youth as a renter we always cut the grass, shoveled the walk, didn’t leave trash all over, etc…

As an aside, one thing that I’ve observed in my 35 years as a teacher is what I call the negroization of the white lower classes. Not often remarked upon by the right wing pundit class.
Adam Smith
Tuesday - June 7th 2022 11:03PM MST
PS: Good morning, Dieter,

I just wanted to thank you for your last few comments, esp. "Sailer's mistakes" and "Doomsday predictions".
I also enjoyed your info about the Gypsies fondness for the (pearlescent) golden perl-effect brown w126.
(You're my favorite historian and philosopher.) I always enjoy your comments.
Very interesting and insightful comments, as always. Cheers! 🍺

I hope you're doing well and I hope you have a great day!

Thanks again,

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - June 7th 2022 10:04PM MST

This is anohter example for an "excuse" in just another important context - by Michigan Democrat Governor Debbie Stabenow explaining why the high gas prices don't matter much any longer - because she now drives Tesla (or some such):

Dieter Kief
Tuesday - June 7th 2022 9:47PM MST
It's hard to look at the mess around here without sounding like a Pete Seeger song yourself. -

- This is one of the - for me - most striking lines of P. J. O'Rourke (pinned down here from memory) I ever came across. - P.J. O'R. had just about the same idea you expose here, Mod.: That it is about learning too, if you want to - overcome... - violence. P. J. O'Rourke - after having said that  to the ex-Yugoslavians, who were still killing one another when he visited them (on the frontlines too - very funny part of his essay...), went on: It is not about owning land in your strip of the world any longer, you fools! What good is it for you Serbs, - ask your Lord, in the heavens above (if you don't trust me, ...for God' s sake...), to own a bit more of Kosovo - and vice versa...

So Mod. - your example of the young lad coming up with "explanations" seems to tell this version of the US-story now: - Most people in the US still think, it is easier for them to ignore - lets call it The Question, we look at here, to ignore this ominous question would still look more promising for them than to - one way or another: Look at it (= face it).

Now - Ivo Andric, the quite capable Yugoslawian essayist and novelist (The Bridge On The Drina*, 1945), did sense in the first half of the twentieth century, that there were very destructive tensions, running through the Balkan. - But it took more than half a century after his (published...) insights before something reasonable happened. The funny part of what happened (and what indeed did away with a whole bunch of the ethnic troubles there) - is still not acknowledged as a proper solution by lots of Europeans / Balkanians (even though it most likely is...).  
*google: The Bridge on the Drina - Wikipedia

Bottom line, as written down by 16th century intellectually supercharged Paracelsus (Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombast von Hohenheim (= of Highhome (!)). So: This was his birth name... - his parents kinda saw him - materialize...): Now: This is one of the (for me) most important lessons Parsacelsus taught: Ignorance is 1) the resistance to understand things As They Are (intellectual laziness). And that such laziness (or intellectual sloppiness) - comes at a price; - and it: 2) denigrates those being ignorant***).
***The first part of Paracelsus' thought is a grwoing intellectual attitude nowadays; as is the second part (the first part is easier to grasp, methinks, but the second part is important too).
Von Hohenheim = a character in the manga series Full Metal Alchemist

Tuesday - June 7th 2022 9:13PM MST
PS: Thank you, Census.gov, and sorry I didn't have much to say to you the last 3 cencae (?) other than how many people and/or pets live in my house. That was not very friendly, but people with clipboards, you know ...


Kingsport, TN
Population: 55,582
White Alone: 91.3%
Black Alone: 3.6%
Hispanic/Latino: 1.9%

Johnson City, TN
Population: 71,278
White Alone: 84.8%
Black Alone: 7.1%
Hispanic/Latino: 5.9%

Bristol, TN. (part of the city is in Virginia, though):
Population: 27,530
White Alone: 91.7%
Black Alone: 2.6%
Hispanic/Latino: 2.4%

Getting late here, but I'll crunch the numbers for the totals for the "Tri Cities" in the morning.
Tuesday - June 7th 2022 8:42PM MST
PS: From census.gov

Memphis TN
Population: 628,127
White Alone: 27.9%
Black Alone: 64.4%
Hispanic/Latino: 7.4%

Nashville (Davidson County) TN
Population: 703,953
White Alone: 65.5%
Black Alone: 27.4%
Hispanic/Latino: 10.4%

Chattanooga TN
Population: 182,113
White Alone: 60.7%
Black Alone: 31%
Hispanic/Latino: 6.9%

Knoxville TN
Population: 192,648
White Alone: 75.6%
Black Alone: 16.9%
Hispanic/Latino: 5.4%

Atlanta GA
Population: 496,461
White Alone: 40.4%
Black Alone: 49.8%
Hispanic/Latino: 4.9%

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