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Posted On: Thursday - May 26th 2022 11:17AM MST
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(See our original field trip report - Part 1 and Part 2 along with a virtual revisitation.)

I've read of these 10 guides in the list (in 8 languages) on the big monument in Elberton, Georgia that many have written and speculated about being called "Commandments". I won't use that word, as nobody has claimed they are the Word of God, and I don't think they are more than the pie-in-the-sky ramblings of a guy with good intentions but too much time on his hands. Hence, the title here is an allusion to the title of this Mr. "R.C. Christian's book, Common Sense Renewed along with our conclusion that the Georgia Guidestones are nothing nefarious, and we should use common sense in interpreting their 10 commandments guides.

I will discuss each of the 10 in order. However, if it gets boring, with nothing much to say (not usually a problem here at Peak Stupidity!), I'll combine a few in some posts. Here is the one that has caused the big, big brewhaha that at least ought to have brought more business to the BBQ joints of Elberton, Georgia than it seems to. I imagine the 50 to 100 parties - my estimate of an average it brings daily - beats having the world's biggest ball of yarn would, but probably not by much. Plus our "party" went to Taco Bell, lest we forget (not my idea!).

It tells the visitor to "MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE." That's 500 million people, for the visitors from Del Boca Vista.

Firstly, let me reiterate a little bit of my summary of the Common Sense Renewed book (the link above is to the PS review) which spends 125 pages trying to solve the problems of the world. Mr. Christian is a Libertarian at the beginning, then a Socialist, first a John Bircher, then a proponent of world army, a race realist then, well, he's knew his shit there at least. He was all over the map in that book because, though he understood the world's problems (with a slant toward the Cold War world), he didn't really have solid solutions.

So, 500 million people, huh? Even in 1979, when these stones were carved, the population of the world was 4,380 million*. It would have required a culling, the word some thing is apt, of 88% of the world population even then, to get to this goal of a proper population level for humanity. Now, the culling would have to be 93.5%, and I can think of just the ninety-three and a half percent to cull too!

OK, really, though I'm sure R.C. Christian just pulled it out of his ass, I kind of like his number, I'll admit. There are environmental reasons to keep the population reasonable, as this guide tells us, along with just a much less stressful world**. The world WOULD be better off with only 1/2 a billion people, be they the right kind. The only people who seem to want a continuous increase in America's and the world's population are the Big Biz clowns who want nothing but to be able to sell MOAR and MOAR toilet paper.

I go back to my Science Fiction reading days of the 1970s/'80s. I've written this before on Peak Stupidity, so I'll paste in this excerpt from the over 5 year-ago post Effect of Automation on Future World society:
Back to the science-fiction story, the future told by optimistic stories, in the 70′s and 80′s, during my enjoyment of this literature, looked more like a sparsely-populated world (along with other worlds we we might want to hang out) where we got around in flying machines, lived in our hand-picked beautiful environments far away from our fellow man until we wanted a change, worked a few hours a day at the work we loved, and worked on cool intellectual projects of all kinds with our copious spare time (due to the automation). It sounded great to me, though I never thought that much of the automation would come in my lifetime. That was wrong on my part. What was wrong on the part of the science-fiction writers however, was one big assumption about the people in this future world.

The future people were all intelligent, and even 50 years ago, one might still rightly assume that the intelligent people would get ahead in the world and produce the bulk of the people of this bright future. Well, I should say “rightly” only if one didn’t see the welfare state and the degradation of the culture coming. This assumption was way, way off. The bulk of the population of this world is not the intelligent and well-educated crowd, we all know that by now.
If the Globalist elites that people think are followers of the Georgia Guidestones had anything to do with it, why would they have implemented the Welfare State almost 6 decades ago in this country, have let Socialism grow in Europe, and have encouraged the aid to Africa that has done nothing but set it into an upward population spiral? That'd be stupid. Have they been working completely against their goals out of pure stupidity?

It's been 42 years since anyone could have dropped by the nice 5 acre site and read Guide 1. After reading it and taking it to heart, making a much different plan, one that incentivized the world to a lower and more intelligent population would have been my decision, were I one of the Globalist elite at the time. Alas, I wasn't, and alas, I'm still not.

One of the few things that Mr. Christian got solidly right in his book is his call for eugenic policies, rather than the dysgenic ones that are leading the world to the level of Idiocracy at a speed 10 x that in the Mike Judge movie. Eugenics don't mean culling, or killing people off. The best the world could hope for is for the increases in the worst parts of the world and the worst segments of developed societies to level off*** and the population to get down to that level of that nice Sci-Fi world in a couple of hundred years.

The Globalist elites of the world are a bunch of psychopaths, and they see things differently. I don't doubt that they would like to change things quickly, to a world in which THEY are those people traveling around the lonely planet in their flying cars, above the few remaining peons that they haven't culled. I would not doubt that there are some nefarious plans by people like Bill Gates out there. I just don't think that Georgia Guidestones Guide #1 was written by them or for them, is all. It's just a number pulled out of the ass of a decent concerned pie-in-the-sky would-be world saver.

PS: I did read the somewhat tinfoil-hat style writings of one Van Smith, as per a link from commenter Adam Smith (no kin, I assume) in the comments recently. After some interesting speculation about this extra cube of granite that seems to have been put in, removed, replaced, I don't know, I was turned off by Mr. Smith's disdain for the guy he claims is the actual R.C. Christian, he being a "White Supremacist" from Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Then, this Van Smith criticizes the Guidestone's creator's ideas on eugenics, which when it comes down to it, with some of that race realism, is what it's gonna take to fix all this, if anything does!

About the cube, though, I neither noticed its presence nor a conspicuous absence of it. This calls for a 2nd trip perhaps, subject to the Peak Stupidity accounting department's latest look at our budget.

* From the World-o-Meter site.

** I think of commenter SafeNow's experience in California, as he mentioned in a comment about 3 posts back.

*** America's population would have leveled off nicely at a quarter billion or so, had the immigration invasion not been implemented. Just these pure numbers, with no racial angle involved, are ones that most Americans are not at all aware of. They just think population growth is inevitable.

Saturday - May 28th 2022 8:52PM MST

GAnderson wrote:

"in our little online bubble of common sense we fail to realize how many people are in thrall to the panic- half the population, maybe?"

One of the biggest disappointments of my life (at least "public" disappointments, that is to say disappointments in our fellow man) was when there was no "Sorry, we overreacted!" in mid-2020.

There are a lot of reasons there was no "Sorry! Let's not do that again" sometime in spring or at latest summer 2020. The most important is that "Covid" was not what it seemed, was not about a flu virus per se, being rather a decadent, techno-dystopian New Religion. It ended up getting 'Regime' endorsement in the West.

The many cultures around the world lacking any firm tradition in freedom-of-conscience etc went along, their governments all too willing to issue mandate this, mandate that, and laughably are still ordering mask mandates and even lockdowns in PRC-China, the world's worst large-and-rich country government. This continued to reinforce the Panic in the core-West, the political-cultures with the "agency" to have said "NO!" and defected to the Sweden camp and opposing the Panic. So this is part of it, a negative international feedback-loop.

So why no successful Anti-Panic breakthrough in mid-2020? What I recall is there actually WERE real signs of people trying to apologize, trying to get back to firm-ground and away from the cliff's edge of suicidal Lockdownism and Flu Virus worship. In the end they were kind of shouted down, especially by the US agenda-setting media and the strong US-based Pro-Panic coalition as it existed in 2020 and 2021. Individual countries tried to get out, to defect from the Panic camp, but were kind of blocked and had to tiptoe their way out rather than simply "flip" (as Italy did twice in world wars in the 20th century).

Part of what happened in 2020 is that other social movements in 2020 (some such as BLM-George Floyd clearly caused by the lockdown stresses, i.e., caused by the Corona-Panic itself) coalesced with the increasingly-reality-detached Corona-Panic. A synthetic whole was formed. It helped the believers, the cowed-adherents, the fanatics, and the bitter-end loyalists stay with the Panic. At some point, the coalescence of things made it clear that the Good People were Panickers and that the Anti-Panickers were deranged, cruel, insanely selfish, or just somehow morally impure. This explains a lot of behaviors of people in 2020 and into 2021, but not all.

What hurts most seems to me that people not normally (we thought) susceptible to "moral panics" ended up flying the Panic banner high and clear. I don't think Steve Sailer has personally ever admitted, in open terms, that he was wrong to propagandize in favor of the Panic as he did, that he personally may have done real damage to the nation, culture, even civilization, as a fairly important (if seldom cited) commentator.
Friday - May 27th 2022 9:23PM MST

I’ll admit that “ Clocks “ is catchy.
Adam Smith
Friday - May 27th 2022 10:16AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, Mr. Ganderson,

Glad to hear you're feeling better and that you didn't succumb to the most sinister of viruses.
Sounds a little like you caught some sort of flu.(?)

A couple months back I was at work where my friend and I were working in somewhat close proximity. He was sneezing and coughing a little and he told me he had some allergies. Plausible enough as the pollen was coming out.

Anyway, I must have caught his allergies because 2 or 3 days later I had a sore throat, a very mild fever and then spent the next day or two filling up a box of kleenex with snot. (Where does all that snot come from?) Mrs. Smith made me some chicken onion vegetable soup on day 1, which cured my sore throat, and otherwise, except for the somewhat constant blownose, I felt fine.

She asked if I wanted to take one of those free "government" at home Kung Flu tests to which I replied, "There is no way I'm sticking that swab up my nose. I don't know what kind of contaminant might be on that thing."

Then, a couple days later, like clockwork, Mrs. Smith caught my friend's allergies from me. She had the same sore throat, mild fever, and lots of snot, but she also had a headache. (She's prone to headaches, I'm not.) So, it was my turn to make chicken onion vegetable soup to cure her sore throat. Again, she didn't really feel bad, just not right for a couple days mostly because she was tethered to a box of tissues. (Seriously, where does all that snot come from?)

I guess we caught the omicron, or some other variant of the week that was going around.

So that's my ramblings about that.
Glad you're feeling better.
Sorry you had to change up your plans.

And I hope you have a great day and an even better weekend!

The Alarmist
Friday - May 27th 2022 9:10AM MST

Del Boca Vista = Of Word of Mouth, not to be confused with Boca Raton, the heavily NY-Jewish-transplants-full Mouth of the Rat. Interesting choice of names.

Rush also made fun of Port Saint Lucie, just up the road a hundred miles or so from Boca. The last time I drove through PSL, the localradio had ads for black cow manure ...despite that, they even had an ad for Congregation Eitz Hayim, “your welcoming inclusive spiritual and joyful jewish home in Port Saint Lucie” voiced by a woman who sounds a bit like Mrs. Seinfeld and who tells us they “welcome you to renew your inner jew” (literally their tag line), which suggests the moderately downscale Treasure Coast might have been the setting for Del Boca Vista.

Friday - May 27th 2022 7:52AM MST
PS: Mr. G, to save you a minute or two on youtube, if you want to check out the music:


"Speed of Sound":
Friday - May 27th 2022 7:41AM MST
PS: Regarding Coldplay. I'm not a fan in any way, but I'd heard the VERY catchy song "Clocks" and then "Speed of Sound" back 20 years ago or whenever, say at the grocery store (as I recall one time). This was well past the point of my fandom of groups in which I'd really keep up with them. At some point, I asked and was told the songs were by Coldplay.

It's not Led Zeppelin, Rush, or Lynyrd Skynyrd, but I think I would at least somewhat enjoy a show by this band, Mr. Ganderson.

Even if I REALLY like them, as I said, I'm just beyond the stage of wanting to know who's the lead singer (guy named Eno) and all that. This reminds me that I bought 3 CDs of the band Collective Soul - also from a little over 20 years back - but I just didn't care to learn band members, even song names anymore. It's just a really great sound.

I featured those 2 Coldplay songs on this site, Mr. Ganderson, and maybe 2 or 3 Collective Soul songs. I'll put another up tommorrow.
Friday - May 27th 2022 7:35AM MST
PS: Quite to the contrary, Mr. Ganderson, I am glad to hear from you, and I enjoyed your multi-subject comment here. I'll have a few more replies later on some of the other subjects your brought up, but re: the "rona":

I am glad it was mild. We got the thing too, about 1 1/2 months back - OK, that was just the first round back then. No, it's not been any kind of near-death experience. We had no throwing up, no respiratory problems, just sore throats for a day, but then over a week of not feeling well. That means no appetite (for me, anyway), and STILL it's not really back. My kid and I stayed inside, in bed for a day or two, and we just felt weak. Partly that was because I ate almost nothing for a few days. The chicken soup was good - we stayed in bed partly for the chicken soup.

It came back a couple of weeks ago too. Now, I cannot say I'm POSITIVE, as in, none of us went to get a test. For me, it'd have been nothing but a legal liability due to the deal with my workplace. I'm just pretty sure we got this Omicron deally, or whatever Greek letter they're on.

Anyway, unlike with your golfing buddy, no friends were concerned in any way, but we didn't visit relatives 4 hours away like we had planned, as one would freak out if she knew. My wife thought this better anyway.
Friday - May 27th 2022 6:16AM MST

Coronadoom doom update, (and other observations ) from the 413:

(mostly just random musings from your friendly coronapanic panicker)

Finally got the ‘Rona, most likely- got chills, a fever, coughing, inability to sleep for a night. Took a home Corona Chan test- positive. I was pretty sick for a day, and after 2 days am on the mend. What interested me was people’s reactions- I exaggerate only slightly, but people were almost asking me what time the funeral was going to be. My wife had two people cancel dinner on her (just her- I hadn’t been invited). I was supposed to babysit the grandson in Chicago on Saturday so my son and daughter-in-law could go to see Cold Play (don’t get it myself, but “de gustibus non est disputandum”) - Mrs. Ganderson will be handling that alone, subject to the results of the pvc (or whatever) test she took yesterday. Sorry Mr. Blanc- I’ll stop by another time. My wife’s not a severe Corona panicker but she’ll often go along with modern idiocies; it’s most likely the result of 40 years working in higher education- Severian, you listening?

One of my golf partners has decided to self quarantine for 10 days because we played on Sunday- we walked, mind you, did not share a cart, but…. It seems nuts, but he’s been a panicker from day one.

I think here in our little online bubble of common sense we fail to realize how many people are in thrall to the panic- half the population, maybe? The City of Northampton announced today they are reinstating their indoor mask mandate city wide- they already did that in the schools- I’m sure my town will not wish to be left behind.

In other news: the other night in Edmonton, before the continuation of the “Battle of Alberta” they had some phony in a Sitting Bull type headdress remind the assembled throng that the game was being played on stolen land- surely correct, as the Crows stole it from the Cree, the Cree stole it from Blackfeet, the Anglo-Canadians stole it from all of the above… it’s just so tiresome.

I notice in the news there was a shootout on the east side of St. Paul, which used to be a Scandinavian ghetto back when Grandpa Ganderson was a kid- Sailer’s law suggests blacks- lots of bullets, few injuries. I get to check out the mayhem for myself next weekend when I attend a reunion of all the Catholic schools in my part of town- Catholic high schools in my day were mostly sex segregated (a good thing, in retrospect), so we get to see the girls we hung out with.

Anyway thanks for letting me ramble- and Mr. Mod, if you wish to tell me to shut up and/or get my own blog…
Thursday - May 26th 2022 8:20PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Smith. I agree with your entire assessment.

Back in the day, I listened to Rush Limbaugh a dozen times or so. He had this fun thing about his possibly slower listeners, as he'd say "for those of you in Rio Linda ..." I assume it is a suburb of Sacramento, CA where he had much of his radio career.

Peak Stupidity has gotten to occasionally doing that for fun, but I'll pick various Spanish-named towns, made up or not (there are thousands of real places, especially in California). Del Boca Vista is the TV show fictional condo complex where Jerry Seinfeld's parents lived in Florida. I assume that's where the meme and the sticker that you linked to come from.

Sorry, if you already got all that. It might help other readers. We do have some inside jokes here.
Adam Smith
Thursday - May 26th 2022 5:21PM MST
PS: Good evening, Achmed,

As much of the developed world (dare I say first world, or formerly first world) has fertility levels that have dropped below replacement, we could just let nature take it's course. No culling needed. It's almost like (some) people realize that we could do better with fewer, higher quality people. Imagine an America with 200 million mostly trustworthy, mostly white (pre '65 style) people, or a Japan with half the population.

I do agree with you about dysgenic fertility. The people masquerading as “government” really should not be subsidizing such nonsense. (“No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man.” - Darwin)

Even if we could get our numbers down to about one or two billion (maybe more) high quality, intelligent, industrious people, that alone would solve many of the problems that an overwhelmingly dysgenic, overly populated world creates.

We could have our flying machines and leave room for nature.

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