Immigrant non-Assimilation in Germany and 2 more items

Posted On: Friday - May 13th 2022 6:25PM MST
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Canadian alt-right youtuber* Lauren Southern showing the 2 more items:

OK, look, I just read VDare for the straight scoop on all things immigration-invasion, that's all. As a digression right from the start here, let me just say that there have been many very good posts there lately on the specific politics of the Bai Dien Administration's purposeful open borders treason and what's going on within the Border Patrol and other related Feral Gov't departments. Besides the usual Washington Watcher II, Federale, and occasional Former Agent posts, a writer named A.W. Morgan has been all over this story, with 17 posts already in May, more than one per day! (Allan Wall, as always, covers the Mexican politics.) I urge anyone who really cares about this issue to read and support VDare, as Peak Stupidity does.

The story in this post is of my reading of the latest from VDare's resident assimilated Latin American immigrant writer Pedro de Alvarado. (He wrote a lot about Venezuela early on, so I am under the impression he is from that country.) This is about a point that is not brought up specifically very often, though it's probably in mind by those worried about the immigration invasion as an inherent problem. That is the "diaspora" of immigrants from countries or areas of the world that are powerful and/or worriesome and where there loyalties lie.

Mr. De Alvarado tells us about this problem in Turkey, China, Demonstrate Political Dangers Of Mass Migration, Diasporas. Please read the article for the important points he makes, but then my post here will fixate from here on out on the video embedded therein, by Canadian alt-right activist Lauren Southern.

Produced by RebelMedia, "I thought I was in Germany" is an ~3 minute long story on Mrs. Southern's experience in the Marxloh District of the German city of Duisburg. The video is worth watching for two or more reasons. Here:

Well, there's nothing at all I can find wrong with Lauren Southern's opinion on the problem of non-assimilation of mass numbers of immigrants,made worse when they are foreign in religion, culture, and every damn thing. However, as I watched the parts (~ 1/2, I guess) of the video in which Mrs. Southern appears, as a POP - Person Of Pole-larity - I could not help looking at these 2 other items worthy of mention. I mean that my eyes were focused a little over a foot lower than this alt-right pundit's eyes or mouth, or wherever we're probably supposed to be looking during her talk.

This video was something else! It was enjoyable in its agreeable political opinions and its, errr aesthetics(?). There's a good case to be made that showing one's assets in a black dress with a black background without distractions will keep the viewers' attention, or I guess half of a random set of viewers, statistically.** I was listening intently, almost mesmerized, one might say, but just focused a bit lower than I would be for other videos. I don't NEED to read lips. Even with the Canadian accent, that reminds me of Jordan Peterson, I heard everything.

Showing off one's body is a thing only a young woman pundit or activist such as Lauren can take advantage of. Maybe a few people will be turned off and figure she is not a serious person, but from her background, I know this one at least is definitely serious about her politics. She is alt-right and conservative and a great asset to the anti-invasion and anti-White cause.*** The ctrl-left has a real disadvantage in this regard as do they even have ANYONE who is pretty, or hot, and could keep men watching her in a low-cut black dress? Anyone? anyone? Racheal Maddow? (I'm back. Oh, man! Stomach acid is hell on a touch screen.)

Back to what was supposed to be the real subject here for a minute, I read a few of the comments under this video on youtube. I couldn't read 3,500 of them, but the big objection I saw to the video in the first few had nothing to do with the distraction of this anti-invasion activist's nice boobs but that "Hey, the Turkish flags were hanging out the windows there in the Marxloh District because the big soccer match was on, and the people wanted to, you know, support the team". I can believe that. So, the Turkish flags may not be hanging there all year long (though the burkas, non-German food, and lack of any concern for German history and heritage will be). That doesn't negate Mrs. Southern's point at all. Why wouldn't these people root for the German soccer team? Are these people German or not? That's the point made in the video - they aren't.

PS: I'm not sure if the viewer caught this, but there is an artifact in the short duration between 02:24 and 02:25. Lauren Southern's breasts move apart about an inch. This is one of those cuts that videographers love so much, I guess to shave a few seconds off of the length of their videos. It was weird, as I realized how much I'd been watching them. I'm sorry, it's just the way it is.

I do want to write a post soon about a few things I don't like about the youtubers, this quick cutting and splicing being one of them (not in this instance - it was fun to watch). I have at least 3 different complaints about these videographers.

PPS: One more thing, about the Female Stupidity topic key. I've written this before, but just to reiterate: Unlike for the previous post, I don't use this topic key necessarily to point out stupid women. It's just for stupidity that specifically involves women only. I like Lauren Southern, and I don't think her video is stupid. This post was specifically about a women thing. (Not many guys will get viewers mesmerized by their chests, but what do I know ...)

* Our software didn't know how to spell this, and then I almost wrote it as you-tubetop-per. Peak Stupidity is hopeful we can show something like that in another post.

** It's not a random set though. Those really politically aware lean male by a long shot.

*** Wiki is so biased on its page on Lauren Southern that I'm not even going to link to it. She has a background of activism all over the English-speaking world and has been banned from a handful of countries. That's a very good sign. (OK, well the bans were temporary, but then she got protested and shut down afterwards, so she's good people ...)

Sam J.
Tuesday - May 24th 2022 9:44PM MST

A big problem with immigrants is that as best as I can tell every single one of them thinks we need more immigrants.
Monday - May 16th 2022 11:13AM MST
PS: I liked the comment, A-G. I don't know what you meant by "hair fails" though.
Monday - May 16th 2022 11:06AM MST
PS: Adam, thanks for the link on the encouraging signs. I guess "German" is not a race, per se, so they can't pull out that criticism.

A.M., thanks for that info. I know you came here for 2 reasons, primarily, haha! Yes, it works!

That's my attitude, too, Mr. Ganderson.

"Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain." Nice picture, Dieter, and anyone who is a "The Office" fan I figure is good people.
Dieter Kief
Monday - May 16th 2022 10:00AM MST

Gentlemen - I'm inclined to remark that I did run .o.c.c.a.s.i.o.n.a.l.l.y. into this Twitter-account.

Brazilian Boobs 'n' Scientific Stupidity

Sunday - May 15th 2022 6:36PM MST
PS Good assets. Solid, tight fundamentals.

Also, I suspect the lower third of her hair is actually "hair falls." Happy to be proven wrong. Happy to undertake personal investigation to prove wrong.
Sunday - May 15th 2022 2:32PM MST

Alarmist- my basic attitude is "if you're gonna show it to me, I'm gonna look."
Almost Missouri
Sunday - May 15th 2022 12:44PM MST

Re Turks in Germany:

They may become like the Turkic Tartars in Russia. While there was medieval warfare between Russian and Tartar, and open combat as recently as WWII, most Tartars are pretty well assimilated today as Russia's largest minority. Modern Tartars in Russia have a big Slavic admixture, and a Turkic admixture in Russians is not uncommon.
Adam Smith
Sunday - May 15th 2022 10:15AM MST
PS: Good afternoon, everyone,

It’s OK to be German...

Mr. Moderator,

“That National Vanguard guy - each of the 2 articles have a different "writer" who is The Editor, but I can't believe there is more than one guy with that same high level of sarcasm and wicked humor.”

I don't know why the editors of National Vanguard changed the name of the author on those two pieces.
Who ever that guy is, he used to blog as ModernHeretic3000 until his blog got memory holed.

You can still read his old stuff on the wayback machine...*/

I know he, at least occasionally, reads iSteve.

Sunday - May 15th 2022 8:10AM MST
PS: Also, Dieter, I don't know if Ron Unz can partner with ANYBODY. He's got a Trump-like ego. Also, he doesn't seem to want to branch out and see the big picture of the Peak Wokeness, Peak Dumbassedness, and Peak Diversity, rather than just fixate on his very specific topics of interest. I hope he is learning things from the better of the writers on his own site, but I don't know ...
Sunday - May 15th 2022 8:07AM MST
PS: Mr. Kief and Alarmist: Yes, I know that immigrants can assimilate. Those Turk families that came when this work program was started 50 or 60 years ago may be Germans in terms of their participation in society and political activities too, but then their genetics are not German.

Sure, this can work. There are many Hispanic people in TX and NM whose families have been here for more than a century. It's the same as you say - they are against the immigration invasion too. They want to live in America as it was, just like the rest of us. That Akif Pirincci is getting treated the same as a Clarence Thomas would, if he weren't 1 of 9 members of one branch of government. He's not down with the program, and, Turkish or not, he as been un-personned I guess. A boob and cat expert, haha!

It's all a matter of numbers, and especially numbers arriving in a give time period. Thank you for your take on the German political parties and that "deal" and also the Joe Rogan link.
The Alarmist
Sunday - May 15th 2022 5:40AM MST

I’ll just note that last night’s Eurovision outcome (Ukraine got >400 public votes to propel them to the top of the rankings and thereby win) provides a useful example of how the mass of Europeans can be led by state-sponsored propaganda (the MSM in most Western European countries) to support the “Cause of the Week” even if it is leading to their own destruction.

To Dieter’s point, I know more than a few Turks in Germany who have assimilated reasonably well despite German government pressure to keep them ethnically distinct in the past ... yes you read that right. Like many Italian diaspora, they keep and cherish their heritage, but for the most part assimilated over the past six or seven decades. If they are found in AfD, it’s acsign of shock and alarm that they are still held at arms’ length while new arrivals who have überhaupt no interest to assimilate. It is in any case not a good thing that only 60 million of the 80 million or so people in Germany; but the inflow in the past was lagely for cheap labour has been transferred by the two decade rule of the Ossivergeltungswaffe into a Brechtian replacement of the population at large. And all the while, the heritage Germans are proud of their sacrifice and tolerance, both offered for the greater good of humanity. I’d put a few “It’s OK to be German” signs up on lampposts, but I’d no doubt be ratted out as a hater.

The rest of Europe isn’t much better, just not as self-loathing as the poor Germans, whom seven decades of US occupation have indoctrinated them into feeling like they don’t deserve to be a nation.

I can’t wait to see how Europeans on the whole deal with a very cold and dark winter later this year. The elite of the EU are literally engineering the new dark ages, ostensibly for Mother Gaia.

Forward, Soviet! Into the darkness !
Dieter Kief
Sunday - May 15th 2022 12:06AM MST


Duisburg Marxloh is a .p.a.r.t. of Duisburg. The German ex-Twitterer Goodnight has the secret eye, I say with an (a little bit ironic) smile. He is some kind of independent business advisor (not poor, too) and - he knows the world from up close (lots of parts of the world) and he comes up with the simple destiction, that it is pleasant to walk around at night at some places, and rather unpleasant at others (quite a few of those in the US...). will it stay pleasant in Duisburg Marxloh? - Could well be.

- There are some Turkish immigrants in the AfD btw. and there is the regional election in North Rhine Westphalia (15 million inhabitants)(NRW) today and - the party of the established middle ground that is willing to accept at least to a degree that immigration causes social problems could well win (and the immigration-critical AfD will return into the NRW parliament as a permanent reminder that: Oh yeah, there are problems with immigration (and: Wokeness! (see below) - . The deal is thus: The AfD gets a real chunk of money from the state for being in parliament. And they get no institutional power at all (always marginalised in decision-making) and they get loathed all the time as fascists. That is the deal. - No easy fate (or, in the words of the gentle giant Max Weber: No easy role... - but -my humble remark: A useful/necessary role).

The fiercest immigration-critic in North-Rhine-Westphalia I know of is - - - - a German writer with Turkish roots. A boob - 'n' cat***-expert: Akif Pirincci. - He has a webside: Der Kleine Akif - for those knowing German: Go check him out!

*** he made quite some money with a series of cat (!) crime-novel bestsellers he wrote, before he got canceled and thrown out of the book mass-market... Now he is a rather marginalized figure a the brink of scoiety... (think of Linh Dinh - or Howard Kunstler (?), or ... Thilo Sarrazin...).


Peak this 'n' peak that - Wokeness Gendere-Craze - communism in the US & Canada (Trudeau as the example of a nice liberal turned .e.v.i.l. - in the eyes of an - - - immigrant and a marial-arts-man...:

II ctd. / or: applied (= explained)

Gad Saad, another one of those immigration critical immigrants (that is an interesting species - maybe, maybe - Ron Unz should / might even? team up with him - - -) - the social psychologist turned economist Gad Saad, a nice 'n' bright guy, is musing about - - - - Peak Dumassedness and Peak Diversity Craze and - here he comes closest to the concept or the header, lets say of this blog not least - Peak Wokeness quite often lately.
Not least while speaking to Joe Rogan, who - as a Bernie Sanders supporter - is rather outspoken not only against Justin Trudeau (an evil guy, this is such an evil person!), but also against woke communism.

Look here, not least around 1:19:00 ff.
Saturday - May 14th 2022 7:40PM MST
PS Mod: I think that she was just sending up the Canuck bureaucracy.
Saturday - May 14th 2022 3:59PM MST
PS: Alarmist, I've seen T-shirts on women that say that. They are obviously wanting attention focussed there. It's one of those paradoxes, I guess. "Hey, if I didn't look there, I wouldn't have known you want me to look there." Good way to short-circuit a Star Trek era robot... or flirt with plenty of guys...
Saturday - May 14th 2022 3:55PM MST
PS: Good (next) evening, Mr. Smith. Thanks for the videos and links. That National Vanguard guy - each of the 2 articles have a different "writer" who is The Editor, but I can't believe there is more than one guy with that same high level of sarcasm and wicked humor.

Lauren Southern is a real firebrand. Mr. Blanc, I take it that Mrs./Mr. Southern was using the globohomo wokeness system to get into the country. Is that what you think?

Mr. Kief, the Dalai Lama already has his own set-up and acolytes there in Tibet (or did he leave to escape the Chinese?), but, with that attitude, he is quite welcome. here, along with Lauren Southern... in a black dress. Come to think of it, the only difference is brown vs. black dresses on them.

Yeah, maybe it is peaceful there in Duisberg, but if Lauren Southern walks around there like this, it won't last. As Alarmist notes, the Moslems do know how to deal with the females more firmly. I see Founding-to-1960s America as a fine middle ground

Mr. Ganderson, OK, Lauren Southern, the hockey players, and the legy supermodels, but that's it!
The Alarmist
Saturday - May 14th 2022 8:20AM MST

I once had a babe wearing a tank-top like that scold me by saying, “My eyes are up here.”

My reply, “Yes, but your breasts are down there, and if you didn’t want me to give them so much attention, you wouldn’t showcase them in a top like that.”

My wife commented that one of her young colleagues, currently on maternity leave, was depressed because she wanted to have both a successful career and a happy family. Modern Western European women have no idea what they really want and how to distinguish that from what they merely covet because they’ve been indoctrinated with inflated expectations of what defines success.

There are vast swathes of the Western world that are learning that cheap labour comes at great costs.

The one thing you can say about the Muzzies is that their women know how to dress to not inflame unwanted attention from strange men, and the men know how to deal with strange men who attempt to inflict unwanted attention anyway.
Saturday - May 14th 2022 7:58AM MST
PS I’ve not watched much of her stuff, but I remember one YT video in particular. She recounted going to a doctor and convincing him that, despite her decidedly feminine appearance, she felt that she was actually male. Accordingly, the doctor provided her with an official document stating that, again, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding. the named individual was actually male. She then took the document to wherever one acquires official Canadian identity documents, whereupon she was issued an official identity document stating that she was Lauren Southern, Sex Male. Canada, home of some of my ancestors, is lost. Most of the US is lost. Will we be able to save anything?
Friday - May 13th 2022 11:02PM MST

I’d like to say that Ms Southern is welcome to immigrate to my neighborhood. I’m not sure Mrs. Ganderson would be so welcoming.
Dieter Kief
Friday - May 13th 2022 10:42PM MST

The Dalai Lama says, he almost weeps for the Germans when he comes to Berlin. It is important to live in friendship with other nations, but you can overstretch this ideal to the point where it becomes self-hurting, and he thinks in Germany that is the case.

The rather tough and quite anti-immigrant German blogger Goodnight quit Twitter, but before he did he visited Duisburg Marxloh and frequentlywrote about his vivsits. What he did not encounter was hostility. Just indifference. and, he says, it is a rather peaceful place, as is Dusiburg in General...

If the GAB link above does not work - the Dalai Lama post is also linked at the Unz Review Newslinks.
Adam Smith
Friday - May 13th 2022 7:34PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Moderator,

Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation, By Lauren Southern....

Lauren Southern touches down in Brisbane wearing ‘It’s okay to be white’ T-shirt...

Why controversial YouTube star Lauren Southern was banned from coming to Australia...

The death of a nation has a dignity all its own...

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