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Posted On: Friday - May 13th 2022 8:36AM MST
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Here is the quick excuse from the 3rd of 3 of writer Lionel Shriver's close British women friends who didn't want to have children. She, and then we, first featured the excuse of Gabriella and then Nora. Keep in mind that these are all from '05, as taken from Mrs. Shriver's well-written Guardian article, No kids please, we're selfish , and those are not the ladies' real names.

As I wrote the last 2 times, I won't comment too much on this one (younger) lady's excuse either. Peak Stupidity will have a post next week* that will try to explain what the root problems really are here, in general.

We hear from purposefully childless woman #3, Leslie::
At only 26, Leslie will have to stand in for the staggeringly numerous younger British women who have shared with me their lack of enthusiasm for the familial project. Leslie is a publicist for a small literary publishing company, to which she is devoted. She's very good at her job. Her sunny, perky quality provides a welcome counterpoint to my jaded older friends, and she's optimistic about the future - hers, that is.

Leslie does not want children. "When I think about my future, I envisage the fulfilment of ambitions such as travelling and furthering my career, not having babies. I can't imagine I will be able to give up the lifestyle I lead to become a parent. I would like to spend time working and travelling abroad. Financial independence is very important to me, as is retaining my own independence in any relationship. Something would have to give in order to properly care for a child, and unfortunately it's most often the mother who has to forego some aspect of her life."

When I ask her, an only child, if it matters to her whether she carries on the family line, she says, "It's not really something I've thought about."

On the other hand, Leslie offers evidence that Be Here Now - living for the present - is not always morally arid. "I certainly don't see my purpose as being to perpetuate the human race. What makes my life worth living for me - and what, I think, redeems my life - is my relationships and interaction with others, be they family, friends, lovers, colleagues, total strangers. I think what redeems individuals is their acts of humanity."

Like most of her generation, Leslie isn't concerned with maintaining the Anglo-Saxon identity of Britain. "Is there any true British race now, anyway? I think it's far too late to start worrying about its preservation at this stage." She has embraced multiculturalism, and faces the prospect of western cities going majority-minority with cheer. "Most of my friends are from different ethnic backgrounds, and I feel lucky to live in London, a city full of such diverse cultures, religions and races. I think diversity adds to British culture rather than destroys it."

As for whether she worries that she might regret giving motherhood a miss, Leslie would subject the decision to one test only: whether she might be "discontented" in future. "But then who's to say that I would feel more content if I did have children?"
On difference between Leslie and the other 2 women, Gabriella and Nora, is that at the time of Mrs. Shriver's writing the article she was much younger, 26 y/o vs. 44 and 46, respectively. 26 is a nice ripe age to have a few babies vs. the ripe old age of the other 2 and Mrs. Shriver at this point. Now, this Leslie would be 44 and the whole discussion would be NEARLY a moot point for her personally.

As a younger woman, she is less honest with herself, and the readers of her excuse along with that. I can't say whether that is due to her age or the age. With all the indoctrination they get now, probably more so in Oceania (and this one was still in '05, mind you), the young people may have to lie to themselves just to keep themselves from inadvertently committing thought crimes out loud.

Here is the one particular part that is BS:
Most of my friends are from different ethnic backgrounds, and I feel lucky to live in London, a city full of such diverse cultures, religions and races. I think diversity adds to British culture rather than destroys it.
OK, I can believe that she believes the first part, but not that last sentence. Diversity IS NOT British culture to begin with, it's multi-culturalism. At some point, this Leslie chick, probably by now, will have seen the social and personal costs of diversity there in London. Is it possible she doesn't know how safer and more secure she would feel in a London full of Englishmen and women? Can she just not imagine that? I don't think so - likely she takes mini-vacations** to other parts of her country and can see the beauty in the LACK of diversity. The chances are not small that one of these women will get not so lucky after all and get her diversity good and hard.

Were there not this diversity in London, and the place felt safer and more secure, a BIG deal to women especially, Leslie might feel much differently about having children. Maybe she really can't imagine that, though.

As with the other 2, "furthering my career" and traveling are the biggest things in life to them. Then, she wants "independence" in her relationships. It doesn't sound like she wants a REAL relationship, such as exists in families, of any kind at all. Things don't work like this. The brainwashing is strong in these women, and they no longer know what they were made for.

Well, stand by till next week for more ranting on the subject of evil feminism...

* As usual, I've got plenty of posts in mind, but tomorrow - Saturday- will be too busy for anything much, I think. Hopefully, I'll have time for another one on a different subject this evening.

** She likes traveling. She writes about traveling abroad I'll have more in my general post on this regarding this fixation with travel of all of these women.

Saturday - May 14th 2022 7:47AM MST
PS Agreed, Mod. The guys who came back from Europe and the Pacific (at least those who did come back), after having gone through a living Hell, couldn’t seem to find in themselves what was required to keep the little ladies from getting out of control. I suppose that letting them work in the war plants gave them a taste of “freedom”, and they just weren’t going to let it go. A couple of generations on, and the West is starting to circle round the drain.
Saturday - May 14th 2022 3:27AM MST
PS: Yeah, that one is from before your time, Adam. (Not that much of a great tune, but it was a fun song.)

Mr. Blanc, yes, but this goes back to your comment under that last (I think) post about woman #2. The men have not been doing their jobs in defining the roles of the sexes for the last 60 years. Letting them get their way on it all was the easy way out. But, I'll write about this in the concluding post.
Friday - May 13th 2022 7:58PM MST
PS It’s not me that you have to convince, Mod, it’s the ladies. And a lot of them just aren’t buying it.
Adam Smith
Friday - May 13th 2022 7:53PM MST
PS: Lol...

Never heard that song before, Mr. Mod.
The video kinda reminds me (a little) of this song...

My how things change...

Friday - May 13th 2022 7:04PM MST
PS: Adam, but, but ... the guy said the future is so bright he had to wear shades. That was 36 years ago though ... It may have looked that way then. Better take off those shades and look at Steve Sailer's graph.
Friday - May 13th 2022 7:02PM MST
PS: Mr. Blanc, sure it's hard work. It's hard work for Elon Musk to run all his businesses too. However, most men would like to be someone like Elon Musk (in the business and power sense that is), but not most women. They are happiest when raising babies, or maybe I should say the most fulfilled they will ever be. Can they really think they are fulfilled from traveling to 35 countries on 5 continents? It's not what they were made for.

I put the problem on over a half century of brainwashing. The problem is that every one of those 4 women (counting Mrs. Shriver) and I mean by now (as "Leslie" is now 43 y/o) will never know how it could have been.
Adam Smith
Friday - May 13th 2022 5:58PM MST
PS: Good evening, Mr. Blanc, Mr. Moderator,

The Black Race is the chosen race.
The Black Race was supposed to rule the Earf.
But now Blacks gotta work at colleges and do all this uder stuff.
All the best boxers were black.

The future is going to be amazing!

Friday - May 13th 2022 2:37PM MST
PS Bearing and raising children has got to be damned hard work, with some very uncomfortable moments. Would you want to do it? I wouldn’t. Well, a lot of women don’t, and, given a chance to weasel out of it, a lot of women won’t do it. It looks as if the white and East Asian populations are going to crater, because a lot of white and East Asian women are declining to participate. I wish that I could think up a good rational argument that might, just possibly, be convincing, but I can’t. So the world will belong to whatever populations have enough women to step up and bear children.
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