The Climate Crisis™: Kitties hardest hit

Posted On: Wednesday - May 11th 2022 5:48PM MST
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The Climate Crisis™ must have caused that recent cool spell we had. It was very pleasant for us, as the summer approaches, but then, I kept in mind that temperature upheavals™ like this can only be a bad thing. I wouldn't dare to just hang outside or enjoy the free air conditioning (doors and windows open for a couple of hours in the mornings) without keeping Greta's dire warnings in mind.

The cat doesn't know what the hell to do with all this. He was transitioning, no, no, not that kind of thing... he was transitioning from his winter daytime schedule to the summer nighttime schedule. Then the cold air came in. He ended up inside when he should have been out, and vice versa. It's messing with his 18 hour sleep cycle and don't even ask him about Daylight Savings Time!

In the long run, it is supposed to get warmer, so the cats must adapt. It's not like they don't know how to handle the heat though. They will just have to bone up on their heat transfer foo.

Worried feline perusing the literature on "free convection from furry surfaces", Meow Zedong, Wang Fang, et. al.:

Obviously you want to stay out of the sun, even if you're not a black cat. Heat transfer analysis tells us to find surfaces with low radiative absorptivity and high reflectivity, such as white sidewalks, on materials with high conductivity, such as natural heat sinks like the soil. Failing that, we, well, if we are cats, should find smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors, with their low contact resistance, and keep as much of our surface area in contact with the other surface - some cats get up to 70%.

See? Now this guy gets it!:

The Climate Crisis™ is real, alright, but let's not get our backs all arched up about it. We got this, together, OK? Cats can work together to deal with this ... OK, maybe on our own. We sure don't need to be lectured about it by one of those 2-legs.

The Alarmist
Thursday - May 12th 2022 12:40PM MST

How about a little Motor City Mayhem?

As for Greta, she will no doubt find herself servicing Russian officers in a Stockholm brothel.
Dieter Kief
Thursday - May 12th 2022 11:38AM MST

A Cat Café & Greta in Australia

(a tale from the internet - it goes like this:)

Something completely different now Balthazar:

A cat café opened down the road.I believe it is the first one of its kind in town. I did some more research and also discovered the existence of cat trim saloons and cat hotels in modern-day society. Cat aficionados can even send their beloved furry pets to places where they get messaged and polished up with manicures and pedicures. It’s crazy Balthazar, it makes me wonder whether there are cat brothels, you know, places like a cat café but with more privacy, where cats can enjoy themselves away from curious owners who are starting to laugh hysterically each time they are caught in action. Anyway, I am allergic to cats so I couldn’t enter the cat café myself to do more field research for you, Balthazar, sorry about that.
(... - right before these lines the allergic wrote:)

Dear Greta Thunberg, this is the year 2035, you are 32 years old now. So please tell us, what happened to your career and fight against global warming? Did you contribute to a change in international policies and commitments affecting climate change or are you just hanging with moose in Swedish forests these days?

And here are the Australian scenes with Greta -who still is not looking like a cat, unfortunately

Mr Smith - thx for your kind remarks - I hope Black & White is doing fine - 'n' you ('n' Mod.) too!

I think it sould be very easy to make Greta look like a cat... and I'm astonished tat nobody seems to have performed this transition on her. Maybe caricaturists shy away from that task not only because of the possible arousals in the Church of Greta, but also because it would be .f.u.n.n.y.. The second reason would be a Great Greta Mistake though, just because Greta The Cat could be funny...

Adam Smith
Thursday - May 12th 2022 9:03AM MST
PS: Greetings Mr. Kief, Mr. Moderator,

That white cat has high blood pressure. (You can see it in his eyes.)
He must be really worked up about The Climate Crisis™.
(or something)

Thursday - May 12th 2022 4:50AM MST
PS: Re the caricature, Dieter. I didn't make up that meme (the 4th picture), but it fit very nicely! (I looked up "Greta cats".)

I was being facetious about the Global Warming (Dieter, you are about 3 terms behind - very old-fashioned, haha) itself, and I'll check out your links.

They are right in telling us "weather is not climate!", but I went over that in one of my old posts from '17, when I got into this subject. Weather is just too chaotic a system to be able to predict accurately more than 4 days out (depending on season and location), but climate modeling is flawed for different reasons. Without getting into Climatology details and the physics, let's just pick out an easy flaw: The Ice Ages

If the exact causes of the Ice Ages are not known, and there is no very accurate predictability for them, how in hell can you model all the rest without that huge element? El Nino/La Nina are smaller versions. "Wait, so you can only tell me we are in El Nino year 3 months after it started? OK, so how does that get programmed into your model?" "Well ...."
Dieter Kief
Wednesday - May 11th 2022 10:03PM MST
PS - Greta is a WEIRD cat -a nice job for a gifted caricaturist, Mod!

God article:

"The Global Warming Scare is Most Certainly Overheated"

Here is the shortest possible version of this article = 1 graph!,multiday%20heat%20waves%20in%202021.

And then there's Dr. Steven Koonin for all those who want to hear somebody talkk 3 hrs+ with Joe Rogan about the global-warming scaremongering
And here is Statistician Bill M. Briggs claiming that the climate models suffer from- statistical flaws and thus don't (=can't) work properly

Seen from a socio-psychological standpoint, the weather forecasts are interesting, because they are - daily mass rituals (encompassing high and low IQ people)!Cats don't care though, if I'm right. For details, see Joseph Henrich's fabulous book "The WEIRDest People in the World" - about the West's path to becoming rich and - peculiar... (I'm just into its 900+ pages).
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