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Posted On: Friday - March 10th 2017 7:51PM MST
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A Warren Zevon song played on the radio today, and it brought back memories of some good times. The thinking was along the lines of the stuff, with an attempted explanation back in the very first post of this blog, about what it means to be a "curmudgeon"? Is it that everything seems to be much better at a younger age, just because on hasn't experienced so much BS from people yet, or things really have gone downhill bigtime. Of course, it could be some of both.

The song "Werewolves of London", though popular almost a decade earlier, happened to remind me today of a Halloween music concert in the early 1990's. That time, in my mind, was before I started noticing, by the middle of that decade, that every single step change to society via law, was a step away from freedom. Though nothing like the 1970's, even in the early '90's I remember that the police state mentality in this country had not taken hold much yet. I think we may have gotten driver's licenses glanced at going into the concert hall that night, it wasn't made into a serious deal. You could smoke in there, and though I don't, I didn't see a problem with it. Nobody searched through anybody's stuff! Nobody was automatically photographing license plates of cars in the area. Whatever phone calls you made, from the pay-phone, were nobody's business and not snooped by Big Brother.

I realize in writing this just now that I can not give all the details of just the various differences that would show the freedom we had back then. Also, what does all that have to do with that particular fun Halloween concert/party? I don't know. I had a home-made costume that I made while we had a party earlier on the porch, and then, one guy in there was dressed like a woman with curlers and kept doing the "I've fallen and I can't get up!" routine from a current TV commercial - that was his costume, and it was a riot. We were fairly drunk.

I can't get the thoughts from my head during the time this afternoon listening to Warren Zevon into any kind of coherent writing to explain to anyone younger what freedom felt like. So sad ....

I know, some of the stupider Trump tweets (he needs to quit that shit) say this "so sad ...." thing, but this is no tweet. It's so sad, what we have let happen.

Warren Zevon is gone from the world too, but he wrote some great stuff; we have featured his "Excitable Boy" already.

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